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                                                                                       Chapter 55

                                     Obstinate throws his emanations and again oppresses Sophia

And Jesus continued in his speech saying to his disciples: "It happened then that I came to chaos, shining extraordinarily, to snatch the light of the lion's face power. As I shone in excess, he felt fear and called in his help to obstinate god.

Immediately the Obstinate god looked for the thirteenth Aeon and looked into the chaos, extremely angry and wishing to help the lion-faced power. Immediately the lion-faced power and all its emanations surrounded Pistis Sophia wishing to snatch away all the light that was in her. It happened then, when they oppressed Sophia, that she screamed loudly, asking me for help and then, when she looked up, she saw Obstinate extremely angry and feeling fear, expressed the twelfth repentance regarding Obstinate and her emanations. I shouted saying:

(The power of the Lions of the Law uses the same dark elements to punish the sinner.)

(For example, the great dictators of history were used to punish the world.)

(Within each human being there are psychic aggregates linked to the Law of Karma.)

(Psychic aggregates linked to the Law of Karma can be used by the Lion of the Law to punish the offender.)

(The ego wants to bring down the Initiate who marches towards the Thirteenth Aeon.)

(The power of the Lions of the Law oppresses Pistis Sophia.)

(The obstinate ego and the powers of darkness mortally hate those who march towards Aeon Thirteen.)


                                                              Twelfth repentance of Pistis Sophia.


- Oh! Light, don't forget my song of praise.


- For Obstinate and his lion-faced power have opened their jaws against me and have acted cunningly against me.


- They have surrounded me wishing to take away my power, and they hate me for singing you praises.


- Instead of loving me they have defame me. But I have sung praises.


- They have machined against me to take away my power, for having sung praises to you, Oh! Light, and they hate me for loving you.


- Let the darkness fall upon Obstinate and the ruler of the greater darkness remain at his side.


- And when you pass sentence, take from him his power and annul the acts that have plotted to snatch my light.


- And that all his powers and that his light on him be over and another of the three triple powers receive his sovereignty.


- That all the powers of their emanations, lack weight and that their matter runs out of light.


- That their emanations remain in chaos, and do not dare to go to their region.


- That the Receiver, the Purifier of the lights, purify all the lights in Obstinate and remove them from their emanations.


- That the rulers of the lower darkness rule over their emanations and do not allow any to dwell in their region; and don't let someone attend to the power of their emanations in chaos.


- Let them take away the light in their emanations and erase their name from the thirteenth Aeon, or better yet, withdraw their name forever from that region.


- And let them put the on the power of face of lion , the sin that he emanated, before the Light, and do not erase the iniquities of the matter that produced it.


- that their sin is eternally before the Light and not be allowed to look at them more than chaos and remove their names from all regions.


- Well, they have not sympathized but oppressed all those whose light and whose power they have taken away, and me, in agreement with those who placed me there and wished to take away my light.


- They wanted to descend to chaos; Let them stay there and don't leave. They did not want the Virtue region as a dwelling place and will never be taken to it.


- He put the darkness  as a garment and entered in it as water, also introducing into it, like oil, their powers.


- Let him wrap himself in chaos, like in a garment and wrap the dark like a belt forever.


- That this happens to those who, in the name of the Light, brought me here saying: Let us take all power.


- But you, Oh! Light, have mercy on me for the mystery of your name and save me for the goodness of your grace.


- Well, they took away my light and my power, and my power collapsed internally, so that I cannot be erect in its center.


- I've come  to be like fall matter, thrown here and there, like a demon in the air.


- My power has perished because I have no mystery; and my matter has diminished due to lack of light, because they have taken it from me.


- And they made fun of me, looking at me and moving their heads in mockery.


- Help me according to your mercy. "


Now and therefore, that whose spirit is prepared, come and express the solution to the twelfth repentance of Pistis Sophia . "


(Obstinate and lion-faced power always act against Pistis Sophia .)

(Initiates are hated for singing praises to the Great Light.)

(The Initiates sing praises to the Great Light even though darkness hates them.)

(Pistis is hated for loving the Great Light.)

(May darkness cover the animal ego.)

(The administrator of the greater darkness is the prince of this world, the wicked one.)

(The Antichrist is the wicked one.)

(Everyone who speaks against the Intimate Christ is the Antichrist.)

(False materialistic science has been created by the mind of the Antichrist.)

(The Machiavellian mind of materialistic scientists, who performs miracles and deceptive wonders, is the Antichrist.)

(The evil mind of the inhabitants of the Earth is the Antichrist.)

(The humanity of the Antichrist, today's people, will perish between fire and water, so the Antichrist will lose his power.)

(The same happens within the Initiate who wants to return to Aeon Thirteen.)

(The Antichrist succumbs within the Initiate and he returns to Aeon Thirteen.)

(All the powers and false light of the Antichrist will succumb within the Initiate.)

(In replacement of the Antichrist and his power, the Initiate manages to crystallize in himself the three superior forces of nature and the Cosmos.)

(The three superior forces of Nature and the Cosmos are: Holy Affirm, Holy Deny and Holy Conciliar.)

(Positive, negative and neutral forces.)

(Father, Son and Holy Spirit.)

(The emanations of the prince of this world are the red demons of Seth.)

(The mattery of the prince of this world must be devoid of light.)

(The emanations of the prince of this world fall into the lower chaos.)

(The lights or percentages of Essence bottled between the ego must be released by annihilating each part of the ego.)

(The Divine Mother Kundalini must purify all light and remove it from between each psychic aggregate.)

(In the Underworld, the aldermen watch over the dark ones and do not allow them to leave Pluto's abode.)

(Similarly, within each of us, the aldermen, upper parts of our Being, must watch over their emanations, the red demons of Seth.)

(The essence, embedded in the dark ones, cannot escape until the supreme death of those.)

(The power of demons in chaos must be nullified little by little.)

(The light that is inside the red demons of Seth must be removed in a revolutionary way.)

(The name of the lost is erased in the Thirteenth Aeon.)

(The Lion of the Law projects the felony before him to be known, and never erases the iniquities of the one who produced them.)

(Only by patiently destroying the psychic aggregates and based on forgiveness or negotiation does Karma disappear.)

(However, the projected crime continues in the Akasha as a movie until we annihilate the teleoginooras tapes.)

(In the teleoginooras tapes the felony is always visible and tangible.)

(The dark ones must live in the lower chaos and are not allowed to look beyond Pluto's abode.)

(Seth's red demons have not sympathized, but oppressed everyone whose light and power they snatched.)

(The dark ones always want to snatch the light from Pistis Sophia.)

(The wicked defend the lower chaos; so continue in the Tartarus.)

(The tenebrous never want the abode of virtue and therefore continue among the bowels of the Averno.)

(" Demonius est Deus inversus ", the devil is God in reverse.)

(Hell is the womb of Heaven.)

(In the Averno is the other side of God.)

(The Averno is the shadow of the Light.)

(The Light of light must save us by the mystery of his name and the power of his grace.)

(Pistis Sophia cannot stand until she goes through the Buddhist Annihilation.)

(Only with death comes the new; if the germ does not die, the plant is not born.)

(The fallen Initiate suffers the unspeakable.)

(The power of the Initiates decreases when they do not possess Mystery, that is, when they do not work in the Ninth Sphere (s**).)

(The Mystery Magnum of the Universe resides in its seed, in its "Iliaster " and especially in its " Limbus Magnum".)

(The "Mystery" of a tree resides in its germ.)

(A man's "Mystery" resides in his seed.)

(Who does not work with the Misterium Magnum fails in the Great Work.)

(The Initiate who does not have an airtight vessel must get it to work in the Mysteries.)

(Understood by Hermetic Vessel, the female Yoni.)

(The Mysteries of Lingam - Yoni must be cultivated in secret.)

(The laws of number six teach that when an Alchemist does not have a Hermetic Vessel in good condition, he should look for another that is in perfect condition for laboratory work.)

(However, no Alchemist could successfully use an Airtight Vessel without the will of the Father who is in secret.)

(The Magnum Mystery of s** is terribly Divine.)

(Many are the illustrated ignorant who do not know the rules and procedures of Arcane Six.)

(The "ego" Pharisee of the illustrated ignorant who do not know the rules and procedures of Arcanum six, slanders and reproves the Alchemist who takes a new Hermetic Vessel.)

(The defilers ignore the Mysteries of Arcane Six.)

(Fools are the Adepts who, for obeying to the illustrated ignorant ones, renounce their laboratory work.)

(Those Adepts who are bottled between moral prejudices and codes of ethics, renounce a Hermetic Vessel and fail in the Great Work.)


(Airtight glass destroyed does not work for laboratory work.)

(Due to lack of light, Pistis Sophia's human matter inevitably languishes.)

(An Alchemist who renounces the S** Mysteries of Lingam - Yoni, in fact ceases to be an Alchemist and fails.)

(The dark ones tease the sexual abstemious by mocking his head.)

(Sexual abstention causes terribly perverse "Veneniooskirian" malignant vibrations .)

(The "Veneniooskirians" vibrations are terribly evil.)

(The Veneniooskirians vibrations originate the development of the abominable Kundartiguador organ.)

(The abominable Kundartiguador organ is the sexual fire directed from the coccygeal bone down towards the atomic infernos of man.)

(The abominable Kundartiguador organ is the tail of Satan, the tempting snake of Eden, the horrible Python snake that crawled through the mud of the earth and that irritated Apollo struck with his darts.)

(The tempting snake is the antithesis of the bronze snake that curls into the generating Lingam.)

(Moses in the desert healed the Israelites with the wonderful power of the bronze serpent.)

(The tempting serpent of Eden has suffering humanity submerged in the fatal state of collective hypnosis.)

(The bronze snake, the snake that curled on the rod of Aesculapius, the God of Medicine, must wake us up, get us out of the state of collective hypnosis.)

(Let us distinguish between Kundalini and Kundartiguador, between the snake that rises and that one that descend.)

(Never make the mistake of attributing to the serpent that rises through the spinal medullary canal of man, all the left and dark powers of the descending serpent.)

(Only he who is prepared can understand the twelfth repentance of Pistis Sophia.)

(Andrew, within us, is that autonomous and self-conscious part of our own Being that deals with the Three Factors of the Consciousness Revolution.)

(These three factors are: Born, Died and Sacrificed for humanity.)

(Andrew's Cross is usually terribly painful.)


(Mercury and Sulfur must cross incessantly if we yearn to continue the Great Work.)

(The sufferings of the Crucified Initiate on the Cross of Andrew are untold.)

(It is not possible to purify and perfect mercurial bodies if we renounce the disintegration of dry Mercury.)

(Dry Mercury is crystallized in psychic aggregates, live personification of our psychological defects.)

(The disintegration of psychic aggregates is only possible based on conscious work and voluntary suffering.)

(It is necessary to go through great emotional crises and intentional sufferings if we really want to disintegrate our psychological defects atomically.)

(Now we can better understand the unspeakable sufferings of our Inner Andrew.)

("Blessed are those that weep, for they shall receive consolation".)

(The supreme repentance necessary for the disintegration of any psychic aggregate demands crying and remorse.)

(Without tears, regret and supreme pain, it is not possible to disintegrate the psychic aggregates.)

(It would be impossible to understand Andrew without the transmutatory science of " Yesod- Mercury" and the disintegration of the undesirable psychic elements that we carry inside.)

(Drilling and selfish disintegration in the Burning Forge of Vulcan.)

(Supreme sacrifice of the inner Andrew is urgent, cannot be postponed.)

(The Alchemist who does not sacrifice himself for humanity will never become Bodhisattva .)

(Only Bodhisattvas of compassionate hearts, who have given their lives for humanity, can incarnate the Intimate Christ.)

(We must make a full differentiation between Sravakas and Budhas Pratyekas on the one hand and Bodhisattvas on the other.)

( Sravakas and Budhas Pratyekas only care about their particular perfection without giving a care about the poor suffering humanity.)

(Obviously the Budhas Pratyekas and Sravakas can never incarnate the Christ.)

(Only Bodhisattvas who sacrifice for humanity can incarnate the Christ.)

( Bodhisattva's sacred title is only legitimately held by those who have renounced all Nirvanic happiness , for love of suffering humanity.)

(Obviously, before the Bodhisattva is born, the Bodhisitta must form within us , it is worth clarifying that it is necessary to disintegrate the Ego, the I, for the Bodhisitta to emerge .)

(The Bodhisitta is formed with the merits of love and supreme sacrifice for our fellow men.)

(Within the Bodhisitta's psychological environment and climate , the Bodhisattva is formed .)

(So ​​let's not confuse the Bodhisitta with the Bodhisattva . The Bodhisitta is the superlative consciousness of the Being, awake and developed.)

(The Bodhisitta arises in the aspirant who sacrifices himself for his fellow men long before the mercurial bodies have been created.)

(Without the complete work of Inner Andrew we could never become Bodhisattvas .)

(Anyone can be a Sravaka or a Budha Pratyeca , with their mercurial bodies, but that is not enough to be Bodhisattva .)

(Only those who, through different Mahamvantaras have been sacrificing themselves for planetary humanities, deserve to be called Bodhisattvas .)

(Helena Petronila Blavatsky conventionally calls Bodhisattvas those who possess the superior existential bodies of the Being, or rather, mercurial bodies; however, in rigorous orthodox Buddhism , they can only qualify as Bodhisattvas to those who in addition to having the Bodhisitta itself , have renounced to all nirvanic happiness for the love of humanity.)

(The Cross of St. Andrew has the form of X  which is the extraordinary hieroglyph of the luminous and divergent radiations emanating from the Creator Logos.)

(In the center of the Cross of St. Andrew the rose shines, symbol give.)

(The Cross of St. Andrew symbolizes enlightenment ... revelation, after dreadful sacrifices.)

(The Greek cross and that of St. Andrew have the same meaning in Hermetic Science.)

(It is worth remembering that the " phallus " Vertical within the " Cteis " Formal make cross.)

( Phalus - Uterus connected, form a cross. However, cross in X  indicates the complete work in the Great Work.)

(If the rose on the Cross of St Andrew shines, the Work will have been victoriously concluded.)

(The wicked use their language to discredit the Initiates.)

(With words of hate the wicked slander the Adepts who work in the Great Work of the Father.)

(However, the Adepts answer the reproaches with love and bless those who curse them .)


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