THE MATURE AGE


Mature age begins at thirty-five and ends at fifty-six.


The man of mature age should know how to govern his house and guide his children.



The ego of greed goes to extremes and wants to accumulate rich fortunes. The human being needs bread, shelter and covert. It is necessary to have bread, a house of your own, clothes, costumes, coats to cover the body, but you do not need to accumulate enormous sums of money to be able to live.



It is necessary to have a modest fortune, that is, a beautiful house with beautiful gardens, a secure source of income, to be always well presented and not to go through hunger. This is normal for every human being.


Misery, hunger, disease and ignorance should never exist in any country that boasts of cult and civilized.


Still democracy does not exist but we need to create it. While there is only one citizen without bread, shelter and covert, democracy is practically no more than a beautiful ideal.


Family heads should be understanding, intelligent, never, gluttons, drunks, tyrants, etc.


Every mature man knows from his own experience that the children imitate his example and that if the latter is mistaken, he would mark absurd courses for his descendants.


It is truly stupid for the mature man to have several women and live in drunkenness, feasting, orgies, etc.


About the mature man weighs the responsibility of the whole family and it is clear that if he walks the wrong way, he will bring more disorders to the world, more confusion, more bitterness.


It is necessary for parents to fight wholeheartedly to promote a vital change in every school curriculum.


The woman must learn to read, write, play the piano, knit, embroider and in general all kinds of female trades.


The woman must be prepared from the same school benches for the sublime mission that corresponds to her as MOTHER and as a wife.


It is absurd to damage the brain of women with complicated and difficult studies for the male sex.


It is necessary that both parents and teachers of schools, colleges and universities are more concerned about bringing women to the femininity that corresponds to them. It is stupid to militarize women, to force them to march with flags and drums through the streets of cities as if they were males.


The woman must be very feminine and the man must be very masculine.


 The young ladies who dedicate themselves to long and difficult studies become old and nobody marries them.


In modern life it is convenient for women to do short careers.


Normally the woman should only be dedicated to the home life, but due to the cruelty of this time in which we live, the woman needs to work to eat and live.


In a truly cultured and civilized society, women do not need to work outside the home in order to live. This work away from home is cruelty of the worst kind.


The current generation of man has created a false order of things, and has made women lose their femininity, has taken her from her home and turned her into a slave.


The woman turned into a "tomboy" with the intellect of a man. 

The woman turned into a modern spy, the drug-addicted doctor, the champion woman of sports, alcoholic, denatured who denies her children's breast for not losing her beauty, is the execrable symptom of a false civilization.


The time has come to organize  with men and women of good will who are truly willing to fight against this false order of things.


The time has come to establish a new civilization, a new culture in the world.


The woman is the fundamental stone of the home and if this stone is badly worked, full of edges and deformations of every kind, the result of social life will be catastrophe.



A militarized school of men is not absurd, but a militarized school of women, besides being absurd, is frightfully ridiculous.


It is disgusting to see the future wives, the future mothers who have to carry the child between their chest, marching like men on the streets of the city.


This not only indicates loss of femininity in the sex but also puts the finger on the sore signaling the loss of masculinity in man.



We need the woman to return to her home, to her femininity, to her natural beauty, to her primitive ingenuity, and to her true simplicity. We need to put an end to all this order of things and establish a new civilization and a new culture on the face of the earth.


Parents and educators must know how to raise new generations with true wisdom and love.


Male children should not only receive intellectual information and learn a trade or receive a professional degree. It is necessary for men to know the sense of responsibility and to follow the path of righteousness and conscious love.


On the shoulders of the mature man weighs the responsibility of a wife, children and daughters.



It is necessary that the mature man knows how to live his time correctly. It is urgent that the mature man understand that the youth has passed.


It is ridiculous to want to repeat in the maturity the same dramas and scenes of youth.


Every age of life has its beauty, and you have to know how to live it.


The mature man must work with great intensity before the old age comes as the ant acts in a predictable way carrying leaves for his anthill before the harsh winter arrives, so the mature man must also act quickly and foresight.


Many young men miserably spend all their vital values, and when they reach maturity they are ugly, horrible, miserable, unsuccessful ones.


It is truly ridiculous to see many mature men repeating the same clumsiness of youthfulness without realizing that the youth is gone.


One of the greatest calamities of this dying civilization is the vice of alcohol.


In the youth many give themselves to drink and when the mature age arrives they have not formed a home, they have not made a fortune, they do not have a profitable profession, they live from canteen to canteen begging liquor, frightfully horrible, disgusting, miserable.


Family heads and educators should pay special attention to young people, directing them with the healthy purpose of making a better world.




                                                                               THE OLD AGE


The first forty years of life give us the book, the next thirty the comment.


 Most men at twenty, is a peacock; at thirty, a lion; at forty, a camel; at fifty, a snake; at sixty, a dog; at seventy, a monkey, and at eighty, only one voice and one shadow.


Time reveals all things: he is a very interesting chatterbox who speaks for himself even when he is not being asked anything.


There is nothing done by the hand of the poor INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL, falsely called man, that sooner or later time does not destroy.


"FUGIT IRREPARABILE TEMPUS", the time it flees cannot be repaired.


Time brings to light all that is now hidden and conceals and hides everything that at this moment shines with splendor.


Old age is like love, it cannot be hidden even when it is disguised with the clothes of youth.


Old age lower the pride of men and humiliates them, but it is one thing to be humble and another to be humiliated.


When death approaches, most of old ones disappointed in life find that old age is no longer a burden.


All men harbor the hope of living long lives and becoming old and yet old age scares them.



The best thing that old age has is that one is very close to the goal.


The PSYCHOLOGICAL EGO, does not improve with the years and the experience; it becomes complicated, it becomes more difficult, more laborious, for that reason the vulgar saying says: "GENIUS AND FIGURE UNTIL THE SEPULTURE".


The old know very well that old age is a very terrible tyrant who forbids them under pain of death, enjoying the pleasures of the mad youth and prefer to console themselves giving beautiful advice.


The "I" hides the "I", the "I" hides a part of itself and everything is labeled with sublime phrases and beautiful advice.


A part of ego hides another part of ego. The ego hides what does not suit it.


It is fully demonstrated by observation and experience that when vices abandon us we like to think that we were the ones who abandoned them.


The heart of the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL does not get better with the years, but worse, it always becomes stone and if in the youth we were greedy, deceitful, angry, in old age we will be much more.


Most of the old ones live in the past, the old ones are the result of many yesterdays, most of them totally ignore the moment in which we live, the old ones are accumulated memory.


The only way to reach perfect old age is by dissolving the PSYCHOLOGICAL EGO. When we learn to die from moment to moment, we reach the sublime old age.


Old age has a great sense of calm and freedom for those who have already dissolved the ego.


When the passions have died in a radical, total and definitive way, one remains free not of a master, but of many masters.


It is very difficult to find innocent elderly people who no longer have even the residues of the ego, that kind of elders are infinitely happy and live from moment to moment.


The man graying in the WISDOM. The old man in knowledge, the lord of love, becomes in fact the beacon of light that wisely guides the current of countless centuries.


In the world there have existed and there are currently some MASTER ELDERS who do not even have the last residues of the ego. These GNOSTIC ARHATs are as exotic and divine as the lotus flower.


THE VENERABLE ELDER MASTER who has dissolved the PLURALIZED ego in a radical and definitive way is the perfect expression of the PERFECT WISDOM, DIVINE LOVE AND SUBLIME POWER.


THE ELDERLY MASTER who no longer has the EGO, is in fact the full manifestation of the DIVINAL BEING.


Those SUBLIME ELDERS, these GNOSTIC ARHATs have illuminated the world since ancient times, remember the BUDDHA, MOSES, HERMES, RAMAKRISHNA, DANIEL, THE HOLY LAMA, etc., etc., etc.


Teachers of schools, colleges and universities, parents must teach new generations to respect and venerate the elderly.


THAT which has no name, THAT which is DIVINE, THAT which is REAL, has three aspects: WISDOM, LOVE, VERB.




In the Family Father is the symbol of wisdom. In the Mother of home  LOVE, the children symbolize the word.


The old Father deserves all the support of the children. The old Father cannot work and it is just that the children keep and respect him.


The Adorable Mother who is already elderly cannot work and therefore it is necessary that the children see her and love her and make that love a religion.


He who does not know how to love his Father, who does not know how to WORSHIP his MOTHER, walks the path of the left hand, on the path of error.


Children have no right to judge their parents, no one is perfect in this world and those who do not have certain defects in one direction, we have them in another, we are all cut by the same scissors.


Some underestimate PARENTAL LOVE, others even laugh at PARENTAL LOVE. Those who behave this way in life have not even entered the path that leads to THAT that has no name.


The ungrateful son who hates his Father and forgets his Mother is really the true perverse who abhors everything that is DIVINE.


THE REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS does not mean INGRATITUDE, to forget the father, to underestimate the adorable Mother. THE REVOLUTION OF CONSCIENCE is WISDOM LOVE and PERFECT POWER.


In the Father is the symbol of wisdom and in the Mother is the living source of LOVE without whose pure essence it is really impossible to achieve the highest INTIMATE REALIZATIONS.


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