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The life of the human being begins as a simple cell subject, as is natural, to the extraordinarily rapid time of the living cells.


Conception, gestation, birth, is always the wonderful and formidable trio with which the life of any creature begins.


It is really surprising to know that our first moments of existence must be lived in the infinitely small, converted, each one of us in a simple microscopic cell.


We begin to exist in the form of an insignificant cell and we end life old, old and overloaded with memories.


The ego is memory. Many elders do not remotely live in the present, many old people live only by remembering the past. Every old man is only a voice and a shadow. Many elder is a ghost of the past, accumulated memory and this is what continues in the Genes of our descendants.


The human conception begins with extraordinarily fast times, but through the different processes of life they are becoming more and more slow.


Many readers should remember the relativity of time. The insignificant insect that only lives a few hours on a summer afternoon, it seems as if it almost did not live, but really lives all that a man lives in eighty years, what happens is that he lives quickly, a man lives in eighty years all what a planet lives in millions of years.


When the Zoosperm meets the egg, gestation begins. The cell with which human life begins contains three D.forty-six chromosomes.


Chromosomes are compound of genes, where the ADN are and in turn these area contained within those is certainly that which it is a Chromosome.


Genes are very difficult to study because they are each constituted by a few molecules that vibrate with inconceivable rapidity.


The wonderful world of the Genes constitutes an intermediate zone between the three-dimensional world and the world of the fourth dimension.


In the Genes are the atoms of the inheritance. The PSYCHOLOGICAL “I” of our ancestors comes to impregnate the fertilized egg.


In this age of Electro-technique and atomic science, it is by no means exaggerated to claim that the electro-magnetic imprint left by an ancestor that exhaled its last breath has come to be imprinted on the Genes and chromosomes of the egg fertilized by a descendant.


The path of life is formed with the traces of the hooves of the horse of death.


During the course of existence, different types of energy flow through the human organism; each type of energy has its own system of action, each type of energy manifests itself in time.


At the sixth week of pregnancy it is by sonographic start appreciating the heart and hear around the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy by Doppler. After two months of conception we have the digestive function and four months after conception, the motor force so intimately related to the respiratory and muscular systems comes into action.


The scientific spectacle of being born and dying of all things is wonderful. Many sages affirm that there is an intimate analogy between the birth of the human creature and the birth of the worlds in outer space.


At nine months the child is born, at ten the growth begins with all its wonderful metabolisms and the symmetrical and perfect development of connective tissues.


When the frontal fontanel of newborns closes at two or three years of age, it is a sign that the cerebrospinal system has been perfectly completed.


Many scientists have said that nature has imagination and that this imagination gives living form to everything that is, to everything that has been, to everything that will be.



Around the word IMAGINATION there is a lot of confusion and many confuse the IMAGINATION with the FANTASY.


Some wise say that there are two imaginations. The first is called MECHANICAL IMAGINATION and the second INTENTIONAL IMAGINATION: The first is constituted by the waste of the mind and the second corresponds to the most dignified and decent we have inside.


Through observation and experience we have been able to verify that there is also a type of SUB-IMAGINATION MECHANICAL MORBID INFRACONSCIENT and SUBJECTIVE.




The erotic images, the morbid cinema, the spicy tales with double meaning, the morbid jokes, etc., usually put to work in an unconscious way the MECHANICAL SUB-IMAGINATION.


Background analysis has led us to the logical conclusion that erotic dreams and nocturnal pollutions are due to the MECHANICAL SUB-IMAGINATION.


ABSOLUTE CHASTITY is impossible as long as the MECHANICAL SUB-IMAGINATION exists.


It is perfectly clear that CONSCIOUS IMAGINATION is radically different from what is called MECHANICAL IMAGINATION, SUBJECTIVE, INFRACONSCIOUS. SUBCONSCIOUS.


Any representation can be perceived as Self-elevating and dignifying, but the SUB-IMAGINATION of mechanical, infra-conscious, subconscious, unconscious, can betray us automatically functioning with nuances and sensual images, passionate, submerged.


If we want integral Chastity, total, of background, we need to monitor not only the CONSCIOUS IMAGINATION, but also the MECHANICAL IMAGINATION and the UNCONSCIOUS, AUTOMATIC, SUBCONSCIOUS, SUBMERGED SUB-IMAGINATION.


We must never forget the intimate relationship between S** and IMAGINATION.


Through deep meditation we must transform all kinds of mechanical imagination and all forms of SUB-IMAGINATION and AUTOMATIC INFRA-IMAGINATION, in CONSCIOUS, objective IMAGINATION.


The OBJECTIVE IMAGINATION is in itself essentially creative, without it the inventor would not have been able to conceive the telephone, the radio, the airplane, etc.


The IMAGINATION of the WOMAN in pregnancy is fundamental for the development of the fetus. It is demonstrated that every mother can with her IMAGINATION alter the psyche of the fetus.


It is urgent that the pregnant woman contemplate beautiful paintings, sublime landscapes, and listen to classical music and harmonious words, so it can operate on the psyche of the creature that carries in its entrails harmoniously.


The pregnant woman should not drink alcohol, nor smoke, nor contemplate the ugly, the unpleasant because all this is detrimental to the harmonious development of the child.


You have to know how to excuse all the whims and mistakes of the pregnant woman.


Many men intolerant and lacking in true understanding, get angry and insult the woman in pregnancy. The bitterness of this, the afflictions caused by the husband lacking charity, affect the fetus in a state of gestation, not only physically but psychically.


Taking into account the power of the creative imagination, it is logical to affirm that the pregnant woman should not contemplate the ugly, the unpleasant, the inharmonious, the disgusting, etc.


The time has come for governments to worry about solving the major problems related to motherhood.


It is incongruous that in a society that prides itself on being Christian and democratic, it is not possible to respect and venerate the religious meaning of motherhood. It is monstrous to see thousands of pregnant women without shelter, abandoned by their husbands and society, begging for a piece of bread or a job and often doing rough material work, in order to survive with the baby they carry in their womb.


These infrahuman states, this cruelty and lack of responsibility of the rulers and the people are clearly indicating that democracy still does not exist.


The hospitals with their maternity wards have not yet solved the problem, because these hospitals can only reach women when the delivery is approaching.


Collective homes are urgently needed, real garden cities equipped with halls and residences for women in poor pregnancy status, clinics and kindergartners for their children.


These collective homes are accommodation for poor women of solemnity in a state of pregnancy, full of all kinds of comforts, flowers, music, harmony, beauty, etc., would completely solve the great problem of motherhood.


We must understand that human society is a big family and that there is no other problem because every problem in one way or another affects all members of society within its circle. It is absurd to discriminate against pregnant women because they are poor in solemnity. It is criminal to underestimate them, despise them or corner them in a homeless shelter.


In this society in which we live there cannot be the children and step son/daughter, because we are all human and have the same rights.




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