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                                                                       THE THREE BRAINS


The revolutionary psychology of the new era affirms that the organic machine of the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL falsely called man, exists in tri-centered or tri-cerebrate form.


The first brain is enclosed in the braincase. The second brain corresponds concretely to the spine with its central medulla and all its nervous branches. The third brain does not reside in a defined place nor is it a specific organ. Actually the third brain is constituted by the sympathetic nerve plexuses and in general by all the specific nervous centers of the human organism.


The first brain is the thinking center. The second brain is the center of movement, commonly called the motor center. The third brain is the emotional center.


It is completely proven in practice that every abuse of the thinking brain produces excessive expenditure of intellectual energy. It is therefore logical to state without doubts that the asylums are true cemeteries of the dead intellectuals.


Harmonious and balanced sports are useful for the motor brain, but the abuse of sports means excessive expenditure of motor energies and the result is usually disastrous. It is not absurd to say that there are many dead of the motor brain center. These deaths are known as patients with many funtional disorder.


The aesthetic sense, the mystical, the ecstasy, the superior music, are necessary to cultivate the emotional center, but the abuse of said brain produces useless waste and waste of emotional energies. The existentialists of the "new wave", the morbid passionate of sensuality, etc., abuse the emotional brain.


Even when it seems incredible, death is certainly processed by thirds in each person. It is already proven over and over that every disease is based on any of the three brains.


The great law has deposited wisely in each one of the three brains of the intellectual animal, determined capital of VITAL VALUES. Saving up said capital actually means lengthening life, squandering said capital produces death.


Archaic traditions that have come down to us from the terrifying night of the centuries, affirm that the average human life in the Old Continent MU, located in the Pacific Ocean, ranged between Twelve and Fifteen Centuries.


With the passing of the centuries through all ages the wrong use of the three brains was shortening life little by little.


In the sunny country of KEM ... back in the old Egypt of the Pharaohs, the average human life was only one hundred and forty years old.


Currently in these modern days of gasoline and celluloid, in this epoch of existentialism and rebels of Rock, the average of human life according to some insurance companies, is just fifty-sixty years.



In the center of ASIA there is a religious community made up of old people who cannot even remember their youth. The average life of these elders ranges between four and five hundred years.


All the long-lived Secret of these Asian Monks consists of the wise use of the three brains.


The balanced and harmonious functionalism of the three brains means saving of the VITAL VALUES and as a logical consequence, prolongation of life.


There is a Cosmic Law known as: "EQUALIZATION OF THE VIBRATIONS OF MANY SOURCES". The Monks of the Monastery know how to use this law through the use of the three brains.


The extemporaneous pedagogy leads the students to the abuse of the thinking brain whose results already know Psychiatry.


The intelligent cultivation of the three brains is FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION. In the ancient mystery schools of Babylon, Greece, India, Persia, Egypt, etc., the students received direct information, for their three brains through precept, dance, music, etc., intelligently combined.


The theaters of ancient times were part of the school. The drama, the comedy, the tragedy, combined with special mimicry, music, oral teaching, etc. They served to inform the three brains of each individual.


Then the students did not abuse the thinking brain and knew how to use their three brains wisely and in a balanced way.


The dances of the mysteries of Eleusis in Greece, the theater in Babylon, the sculpture in Greece were always used to transmit knowledge to the disciples.


Now in these degenerated times of low vibrational music, students confused and disoriented walk the dark path of mental abuse.


Currently there are no real creative systems for the harmonious cultivation of the three brains.


The teachers of schools, colleges and universities, only address the unfaithful memory of the bored students who anxiously await the time to leave the classroom.


It is urgent, it is essential to know how to combine intellect, movement and emotion in order to bring complete information to the three brains of the students.


It is absurd to inform a single brain. The first brain is not the only one of cognition. It is criminal to abuse the thinking brain of the students.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION should lead students along the path of harmonious development.


Revolutionary Psychology clearly teaches that the three brains have three totally different kinds of independent associations. These three kinds of associations evoke different kinds of impulses of being.


This gives us in fact three different personalities that have nothing in common either in their nature or in their manifestations.


The revolutionary Psychology of the new era teaches that in each person there are three distinct psychological aspects. With one part of the psychic essence we want one thing, with another part we want something decidedly different and thanks to the third part we do something totally opposite.


In an instant of supreme pain, perhaps the loss of a loved one or any other intimate catastrophe, the emotional personality goes as far as despair as the intellectual personality wonders why all this tragedy, and the personality of the movement just wants to flee of the scene.


These three different, distinct, and often even contradictory personalities must be intelligently cultivated and educated with special methods and systems in all schools, colleges and universities.


From the psychological point of view it is absurd to exclusively educate the intellectual personality. Man has three personalities who urgently need FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION.




                                                                             GOOD AND EVIL


Good and evil do not exist. One thing is good when it suits us, and bad when it does not suit us. GOOD and EVIL is a matter of selfish conveniences and whims of the mind.


The man who invented the fateful terms GOOD and EVIL was an Atlantis named MAKARI KRONVERNKZYON, a distinguished member of the Scientific Society AKALDAN, located on the submerged Atlantis continent.


Never did the old wise Archaic suspect the grave damage he was going to cause to humanity, with the invention of his two little words.


The wise Atlantis deeply studied all the EVOLUTIVE, INVOLUTIVE and NEUTRAL forces of NATURE, but this wise old man came up with the idea of defining the first two with the terms GOOD AND EVIL. To the forces of EVOLUTIVE type he called them good and to the forces of INVOLUTIVE type he baptized them with the term of bad. He gave no name to the neutral forces.


These forces are processed within man and within nature, neutral force being the point of support and balance.


Many centuries after the submergence of the ATLANTIS with its famous POISEDONIS of which Plato speaks in his Republic, there existed in the Eastern civilization TIKLYAMISHAYANA an ancient priest who made the grave mistake of abusing the terms GOOD and EVIL using them awkwardly to base upon them a moral The man of said priest was ARMANATOORA.


With the evolution of history through the innumerable centuries, humanity became afflicted with these two little words and made them the foundation of all their moral codes. Today these two little words find one even in the soup.


At the moment there are many REFORMERS that want the MORAL RESTORATION but that for the misfortune of them and of this one afflicted world they have the bottled mind between the GOOD and the EVIL.


All morals are based on the words GOOD and EVIL, that is why every MORAL REFORMER is in fact a REACTIONARY.


The terms GOOD and EVIL always serve to JUSTIFY or CONDEMN our own mistakes.


Whoever justifies or condemns does not understand. It is intelligent to understand the development of the EVOLUTIONARY forces but it is not intelligent to justify them with the term GOOD. It is intelligent to understand the processes of involution forces but it is stupid to condemn them with the term BAD.


All centrifugal force can become centripetal force. All involution force can be transformed into EVOLUTION.


Within the infinite processes of energy in the EVOLUTIONARY state there are infinite energy processes in the INVOLUTIVE state.


Within each human being there are different types of energy that EVOLVE, INVOLVE and transform incessantly.


Justifying one type of energy and condemning another is not understanding. The vital thing is to understand.


The experience of THE TRUTH has been very rare among humanity due to the concrete fact of the mental bottleneck. People are bottled between the opposites GOOD and EVIL.


THE REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY OF THE GNOSTIC MOVEMENT is based on the study of the different types of energy that operate within the human organism and within nature.


The GNOSTIC MOVEMENT has a REVOLUTIONARY ETHICS that has nothing to do with the morals of the reactionaries nor with the conservative and retarder terms of GOOD and EVIL.


Within the Psycho-Physiological laboratory of the human organism there are evolutionary, involutionary and neutral forces that must be studied and deeply understood.


The term GOOD prevents the Comprehension of EVOLUTIONARY energies due to justification.


The term EVIL prevents the Comprehension of the INVOLUTION forces due to condemnation.


Justifying or condemning does not mean understanding. Whoever wants to end their defects should not justify them or condemn them. It is urgent to COMPREHEND  our mistakes.


Understanding the Anger in all the levels of the mind is fundamental so that in us there is born the serenity and the sweetness.


Understanding the infinite nuances of greed is essential for philanthropy and altruism to be born in us.


Understanding lust in all levels of the mind is an indispensable condition for true chastity to be born in us.


Understanding envy in all areas of the mind is sufficient for the sense of cooperation and happiness for the welfare and progress of others to be born in us.


Understanding pride in all its nuances and degrees is the basis for the exotic flower of humility to be born in us in a natural and simple way.


Understanding what that element of inertia called laziness is, not only in its grotesque forms but also in its more subtle forms, is indispensable for the sense of activity to be born in us.


Understanding the various forms of gluttony is equivalent to destroying the vices of the instinctive center such as banquets, drunkenness, hunting, carnivorous, fear of death, desire to perpetuate the Ego, fear of annihilation, etc.


The teachers of schools, colleges and universities advise their disciples to improve as if the "I" could improve, to acquire certain virtues as if the "I" could achieve virtues, etc.


It is urgent to understand that the "ego" never improves, that it is never more perfect and that the one who covets virtues strengthens the "I", the Ego.


The TOTAL PERFECTION is only born in us with the dissolution of the ego. The virtues are born in us in a natural and simple way when we understand our psychological defects not only at the intellectual level but also in all subconscious and unconscious areas of the mind.


To want to improve is stupid, to desire holiness is envy, to covet virtues means to strengthen the ego with the poison of greed.


We need the total death of the ego not only at the intellectual level but also in all the nooks, regions, terrains and corridors of the mind. When we have died absolutely, there remains only in us THAT which is PERFECT. THAT is saturated with virtues, THAT is the ESSENCE of our INTIMATE BEING, THAT is not of time.


Only by fully understanding all the infinite processes of the evolutionary forces that develop within ourselves here and now. Only by comprehensively understanding the different aspects of the involution forces that are processed within ourselves from moment to moment, can we dissolve the ego.


The terms GOOD and EVIL serve to JUSTIFY and CONDEMN but never to understand.


Each defect has many nuances, backgrounds, and depths. Understanding a defect in the intellectual level does not mean having understood it in the different subconscious, unconscious and infra-conscious areas of the mind.


Any defect can disappear from the intellectual level and continue in the other areas of the mind.


The Anger is disguised with the judge's robes. Many covet not to be greedy, there are those who do not covet money but covet psychic powers, virtues, loves, happiness here or after death, etc., etc., etc.


Many men and women are thrilled and fascinated by people of the opposite s** "Supposedly" because they love beauty, their own subconscious betrays them, Lust disguises itself with the aesthetic sense.


Many envious envy the saints and do penances and whip because they also want to become Saints.


Many envious envy those who sacrifice for humanity and then wanting to be great also, make fun of those who envy and throw against them all their defamatory slime.


Some people are proud of their position, money, fame and prestige, and there are those who feel proud of their humble status.


Diogenes was proud of the barrel in which he slept and when he arrived at Socrates' house he greeted saying: "Stepping on your pride Socrates, treading on your pride". "Yes, Diogenes, with your pride you tread my pride." It was Socrates' response.


The vain women curl their hair, dress and adorn themselves with all they can to awaken the envy of the other women, but Vanity also disguises itself with the tunic of humility.


Tradition tells us that Aristippus, the Greek philosopher, wanting to show his wisdom and humility to the whole world, dressed himself in a very old tunic full of holes, took the stick of Philosophy in his right hand and went through the streets of Athens. When Socrates saw him coming, he exclaimed: "Your vanity is seen through the holes of your garment, oh Aristippus."


Many are those who are in misery due to the lazy element, but there are people who work too much to make a living but feel lazy to study and know themselves to dissolve the ego.


Many have left Gluttony but unfortunately get drunk and go hunting.


Each defect is multifaceted and is developed and processed in a gradual manner from the lowest step of the Psychological scale to the highest step.


In the delightful cadence of a verse, crime is also hidden.


The crime also dresses as Saint, Martyr, Chaste, Apostle, etc.


The GOOD and the EVIL do not exist, these terms only serve to look for evasions and elude the deep and detailed study of our own defects.



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