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                                                                     THE AMBITION

AMBITION has several causes and one of them is what is called FEAR.


The humble boy who in the parks of the luxurious cities cleans the footwear of the proud gentlemen, could become a thief if he were to feel fear of poverty, fear of himself, fear of his future.


The humble young woman that works in the lavish store of the potentate, could become a thief or prostitute overnight, if she were to feel fear of the future, fear of life, fear of old age, fear of herself, etc.


The elegant waiter of the luxury restaurant or the grand hotel, could become a gaster, a bank robber, or a very fine thief, if unfortunately he came to feel afraid of himself, of his humble position as a waiter, or about his own future, etc.


 Cases of a poor clerk who attends to the clientele and patiently shows us his tie, shirt, shoes, making many bows and smiling with mock meekness, ambitions something more because he is afraid, very afraid, afraid of misery, fear to his somber future, fear of old age, etc.


AMBITION is multifaceted. The AMBITION has the face of a saint and the face of a devil, the face of a man and the face of a woman, face of interest and a face of disinterestedness, the face of a virtuous and the face of a sinner.


There is AMBITION in the one who wants to get married and in that old and in that old hardened bachelor that abhors marriage.


There is AMBITION where you want with infinite madness " being somebody", "figure", "shin up" and there is AMBITION in the one who becomes anchorite, who does not want anything of this world, because his only AMBITION is to reach HEAVEN, to be liberated, etc.





Who does not ambition this wretched  world, ambition the other and who does not ambition money, ambition PSYCHIC POWERS.


The ego, loves to hide AMBITION, put it in the most secret recesses of the mind and then says: "I AM NOT AMBITIONING ANYTHING", "I LOVE MY FELLOW ONES", "I WORK UNINTERRUPTEDLY FOR THE GOOD OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS ".


THE FOX POLITICIAN, and who knows all, sometimes astonishes crowds with his seemingly disinterested works, more when he leaves his job, it is hardly normal that he leaves his country with a few million dollars.


The AMBITION disguised with the MASTER OF THE DESINTEST and sacrifice, usually deceives the most astute people.


There are many people in the world who only AMBITION is not to be AMBITIOUS.


There are many people who renounce all the pomps and vanities of the world because they only Ambition their own INTIMATE SELF-PERFECTION.



We admire truly religious men and women, but we regret that they do not love their religion with all DESINTERÉST.


The holy religions, the sublime sects, orders, spiritual societies, etc. They deserve our UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


It is very rare to find in this world any person who loves his religion, his school, his sect, etc. disinterestedly That is regrettable.


Everyone is full of ambitions. Hitler launched into war because of ambition.


All wars have their origin in fear and AMBITION. All the most serious problems of life have their origin in AMBITION.


Everyone lives in struggle against the whole world because of ambition, against each other and against everyone.


Every person in life ENJOYS BEING SOMETHING and people of a certain age, teachers, parents, tutors, etc., stimulate children, girls, young women, young people, etc. to follow the horrendous path of AMBITION.


The older ones tell the students, you have to be something in life, become rich, marry millionaire people, be powerful, etc. etc.


The old, horrible, ugly, outdated generations want the new generations to be ambitious, ugly, and horrible like them.


The most serious of all this is that the new people it is left “dizzy”" and also let themselves be led down that horrible road of AMBITION.


Teachers must teach PUPILS that no honest work deserves contempt, it is absurd to look with disdain on the taxi driver, the counter employee, the farmer, the shoe cleaner, etc.


All humble work is beautiful. All humble work is necessary in social life.


Not all of us were born to be engineers, governors, presidents, doctors, lawyers, etc.


In the social conglomerate all jobs, all trades are needed, no honest work can ever be contemptible.


In practical life every human being is good for something and the important thing is to know what each one is for.


It is the duty of the TEACHERS to discover the VOCATION of each student and guide them in that sense.


The one who works in life according to his VOCATION, will work with TRUE LOVE and without AMBITION.


LOVE must replace AMBITION. VOCATION is what we really like, that profession that we joyfully perform because it is what pleases us, what we LOVE.


In modern life, unfortunately, people work in disgust and ambition because they work in jobs that do not match their vocation.


When you work in what you like, in your true vocation, you do it with LOVE because you LOVE your vocation, because your ATTITUDES for life are precisely those of your vocation.


That is precisely the work of the teachers. Know how to orient their students, discover their aptitudes, guide them along the path of their authentic vocation.






From the school's own banks, the students must comprehensively understand what is called LOVE.


FEAR and DEPENDENCE are often confused with LOVE but it is not LOVE.


The students depend on their parents and teachers and it is clear that they respect and fear them at the same time.


Children, young people and young ladies depend on their parents for clothing, food, money, shelter, etc. and it is clear that they feel protected, they know that they depend on their parents and for that reason they respect them and even fear them, but that is not LOVE.


To show what we are saying, we can verify with complete accuracy that every boy or girl, young ones, has more confidence in his/her friends of the school, than his/her parents.


Really the children, young people and young ladies talk with their companions and little class-mates, intimate things that never in life would talk with their parents.


This is showing us that there is no true trust between children and parents, that there is no true LOVE.


It becomes URGENT to understand that there is a radical difference between LOVE and that which is respect, fear, dependence.


It is URGENT to know how to respect our parents and teachers, but not to confuse respect with LOVE.


RESPECT and LOVE must be INTIMATELY UNITED, but we must not confuse one with the other.


Parents fear for their children, wish for them the best: a good profession, a good marriage, protection, etc. and confuse that fear with true LOVE.


It is necessary to understand that without TRUE LOVE it is impossible for parents and teachers to guide the new generations wisely even when there are very good intentions.


The road that leads to the ABYSS is paved with VERY GOOD INTENTIONS.


We see in the world known many cases of “rebels without cause” This is a mental epidemic that has spread throughout the world. Crowd of "GOOD CHILDREN", supposedly beloved by their parents, very spoiled, very dear, assaulting defenseless bystanders, beat and rape women, rob, stone, walk in gang causing harm everywhere, disrespect teachers and parents, etc. etc. etc.


The "Rebels without cause" are the product of the lack of true LOVE.


Where true LOVE exists, there can be no "REBELS WITHOUT CAUSE".


If the parents really LOVE their children, they would know how to orient them intelligently and then there would be no "Rebels without cause".


Rebels without cause are the product of bad orientation.


Parents have not had enough LOVE to really dedicate themselves to guiding their children wisely.


Modern parents only think about money and give the son more and more, a last model car, and trendy outfits, etc. but they do not really love, they do not know how to love and therefore "the rebels without a cause".


The superficiality of this time is due to the lack of TRUE LOVE.


Modern life is similar to a puddle without depth, without depth.


In the deep lake of life, many creatures, many fish, can live, but the puddle on the side of the road soon dries with the hot rays of the sun and then all that remains is the mud, the rot, the ugliness .


It is impossible to understand the beauty of life in all its splendor, if we have not learned to LOVE.


People confuse respect and fear with what is called LOVE.


We respect our superiors and we fear them and then we believe that we love them.


Children fear their parents and teachers and respect them and believe then that they love them.


The child fears the whip, the splint, the bad grade, the scolding at home or at school, etc. and he believes then that he loves his parents and teachers but in reality he only fears them.


People are that depend on the job, on the employer,  fear the misery, to be without work and then  believe that love the employer and even watch over their interests,  take care of their properties but that is not LOVE, that is fear.


Many people are afraid to think for themselves about the mysteries of life and death, fear of inquiring, investigating, understanding, studying, etc. and then exclaim: I LOVE GOD, AND THAT'S ENOUGH!


They believe that they love GOD but in reality they do not LOVE, they fear.


In times of war the wife feels that she adores her husband more than ever and yearns with infinite anxiety for his return home, but in reality she does not love him, only fears to be left without a husband, without protection, etc. etc. etc.


Psychological slavery, dependence, dependence on someone, is not LOVE. It's only FEAR and that's it.


The child in his studies depends on the  TEACHER and it is clear that he fears the expulsion, the bad grade, the scolding and many times he thinks that he LOVES him but what happens is that he fears him.


When the wife is in labor or in danger of death from any illness, the husband believes that he loves her much more, but in reality what happens is that he fears losing her, depends on her in many things, such as food, s**, washing clothes, caresses, etc. and he's afraid of losing it. That's not love.


 It is very rare to find someone in life who knows how to LOVE TRULY.


If the parents really loved their children, if the children truly loved their parents, if the teachers truly loved their students there could be no wars. Wars would be impossible one hundred percent.


What happens is that people have not understood what love is, and all fear and all psychological enslavement, and all passion, etc. they confuse it with what is called LOVE.


People do not know how to LOVE, if people knew how to love, life would in fact be a paradise.


The LOVERS believe that they are loving and many would even be able to swear with blood that they are loving. But  they are only PASSIONATE. Satisfied the PASSION, the house of cards comes to the ground.


PASSION often deceives the MIND and the HEART. All PASSIONATE believe he is IN LOVE.


It is very rare to find in life a couple truly in love. Couples of PASSIONATE abound but it is very difficult to find a couple in love.


Many artists sing to LOVE but do not know what LOVE is and confuse PASSION with LOVE.


If there is something very difficult in this life, it is NOT to confuse PASSION with LOVE.


PASSION is the most delicious and subtle poison that can be conceived, it always ends up triumphing.


 Sexual Passion it is also very refined and subtle. It is always confused with LOVE.


Teachers must teach students, young students and young ladies, to differentiate between LOVE and PASSION. Only in this way will many tragedies in life be avoided later on.


Teacher missions is to form the responsibility of the students and therefore they must prepare them properly so that they do not become tragic in life.


It is necessary to understand that which is LOVE, that which cannot be mixed with jealousy, passion, violence, fear, attachment, psychological dependence, etc.etc. etc.



LOVE must BE BORN in us and  BORN when we have thoroughly understood what the HATE, FEAR, SEXUAL PASSION, psychological slavery, dependence are within us.


We must understand what these PSYCHOLOGICAL defects are, we must understand how they are processed in us not only at the intellectual level of life, but also in other hidden and unknown levels of the SUBCONSCIOUS.


It is necessary to extract all these defects from the different recesses of the mind. Only thus is it born in us in a spontaneous and pure way, that which is called LOVE.


It is impossible to want to transform the world without the flare of LOVE. Only LOVE can really transform the world.

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