I didn't expect anything to happen on 21/12/12, but something did happen. It felt like a great deal of heaviness had left the planet.. or in our area, at least. People said they felt a lot calmer the next day, quieter, more relaxed, and happier. I felt like we could breathe again.

I'd watched a Drunvalo Melchizedek video on what to expect and although he didn't know exactly what, or when, he knew that it was going to be good. He described Source or God/Goddess energy as like a black hole of an outpouring of love and creativity. It is a black hole because nothing has yet been created there. I know black holes in astronomy are supposed to suck in energy so it's not quite the same thing. Anyway, apparently we also have these sources of love and creativity throughout out bodies, on a subatomic level. 

We were talking to our very artistic and creative friend the next evening and she said that every night when she goes to sleep she is taken on a wild journey of creativity that seems to pour out from her. She said that she is not in control of it, so she just goes along with it. I hadn't heard of this before. Last night the same happened to me, all night! I just watched it, without trying to get involved, because whenever I did, it would stop. It happened on and off all night. I can't remember all of it but it was something else, and I have never experienced this before.

I'm feeling that these things will continue to happen, more and more, for each of us who allows it. I believe that we are witnessing a 'miracle' (from our perspective) and that it is happening at whatever pace that each of us is comfortable with.

As for the problems in the world, this will not stop me from being an activist. We will not rest until the world is fixed, but the world needs a miracle, with the way things are...

I KNOW that we are surrounded by guardian angels. I met them 12 years ago, and have been speaking to them ever since. They introduced me to God and to Jesus, even though I had reservations about the existence of both... as I was only interested in meeting my guides. They are the ones who control all of our dreams. They have woken me up from dreams with a physical hand on my shoulder, gently shaking me from sleep, saying "What do you think of that one!? Go get your dream book and look it up!" It was always between 3 and 4 am. It was intimidating to realise this! But we are safe in their hands. They really do love us, and they follow the rules that we agreed to.

The only problem with them is that they play games with us, so I couldn't trust their predictions, ever! I got set up so many times... but it was harmless. Other people have said the exact same thing about their guides. "I love them to bits, but I would never trust what they tell me!" , said with a smile... for example, convincing someone where a dead body was buried, so he tells the police, or that Saddam Hussein was dead, so she writes to John Howard... anonymously this time, lol..and so on.

But the one thing I could trust was that they truly loved each one of us. They never judged anybody, except in jest, as they mimicked us, and they also give us a new nickname for each day.

Therefore I knew that they could do this for the planet, it was just a matter of whether they would!

And now I really think they are.

So, Merry Christmas! or Happy Holidays! Enjoy the experience :-)

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  • Good to hear, Peter! SIblings can be very challenging indeed. That is an understatement. I'm so glad that you are finding some peace at last. I wish the same for everyone.
    Your story is timely! I was feeling really sentimental about my sisters the other day, and last night got rudely shocked out of my love bubble when instead of Merry Christmas, I love you they paid out on me about space ships, putting the boot in. I've decided that they'll keep, because after the phone call I picked an AA Michael card about disclosure, and got A Favourable Outcome. Now that's a really good card.
    So now I'm imagining turning up in a space ship
  • I've always had a very difficult relationship with my sister.

    I've always had an underlying fear of her.

    And a lot of the work I've done over the years in addressing and making peace with my dark side has involved finding memories pertaining to her.

    And then, as if by magic, over the last few days, my relationship with her has changed. 

    It has admittedly been on the improve of late.

    Since the alignment however there has beens a profound shift in the way we interact.

    And that has to be a good thing.

    She, like a number of people that spend time on this site questions my beliefs practices. Is very stoic and old school in her beliefs, which is ok.

    So I finf it interesting that she would choose this moment in time to start opening up to me. To have a generally brighter demeanor and approach to life than I've ever known her to have.

     This in my opinion, always has been the essence of the ascension. The discovery of the love that exists inside the self. Of the divinity that exists within the DNA. 

    And as more and more people are now awakening to this the understanding that we are all one is going to become undeniable. Because It is our dna, via our hearts that connects us all.

    And it is this connection to each other that is driving the ever growing feeling of compassion that is engulfing the planet.

     Stay focused on your heart space.

    It is there that the magic is happening.



  • PS when they wouldn't rescue me in a space ship 10 years ago, they said "Do you want to know why?" I said yes, and they said "Because it has such a happy ending that you would KICK yourself if you missed it!"

    So is that why you are all here too? :-D
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