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A Pleiadian perspective on crop circles

A Pleiadian perspective on crop circles
Source: Welcome to Planet Earth, a guide for walk-ins and starseeds by Hannah Beaconsfield

Crop Cirlcles (February 1994)

Crop circle designs have been placed on your Earth surface as images of communication from otherworld cultures. The extraterrestrials whose collaborative creation of these propotionately huge markings on the Earth are tripping deep memories for you of having seen these symbols in other times, places and dimensions. These images are bypassing your intellect and reaching your deep psyche with a greeting that is recognized on that level.

Another element of this form of artistic expression is that it is intended to be viewed from the air. In intergalactic communities where space travel is common, this form of expression is often seen. These images also act as signposts or points of recognition. This type of creative expression was practiced on Earth in your ancient past and recently by Earth artists.

The overriding reason extraterrestrials are contributing these markings to your world is not so much to communicate some complex messages, but to prepare you for entry into the intergalactic community. These geometric shapes trigger deep intuitive feelings of having seen these images somewhere before, and there is an element of comfort in this.

Crop Cirles Update (July 1996)

The new harvest of crop circles represents more refined and complex communications than some of the earlier ones. They are an exciting indication of progress in interaction between the ET groups and the mass consciousness of this planet. The earlier markings were ET creations to get your attention. When the markings had the attention of your conscious perceptions, a co-created project began in which you shared in the input. These images are intented to communicate messages through sacred geometry or geometric chord, not translated to verbal messages directed to the intellect. These messages are intended to be perceived by your conscious minds in the way you view art. That is, they create a feeling when viewing them: delight, awe or admiration for the beauty and design.

Riding this feeling, the geometric message is carried into the deep psyche, which accomodates reality on its most basic level. This includes the shape, form and relationship of geometric figures. These elemental symbols define your reality. Different intergalactic species can be represented by different combinations of basic geometrical shapes. You can communicate with each other the distinctions of your world realities by translating them into geometrical forms.

This is a simplified explanation. Remember that crop cirlcles are multidimensional symbols. We are simply giving you another dimension to consider. There are other symbolic aspects included in some of the different figures, such as sonics mathematical equotations and celestial configurations. You might try creating your own images to get a firsthand feeling of the process.

Crop Circles and vortices in the UK

Crop circle glyphs are created by an ET technology using vibratonal energy that on Earth translates into sonic patterning, though beyond the range of Earth-human hearing. However, some animals and humans in a heightened or altered state can register such an auditory signal.

There are craft equipped to create this phenomenon, much like your skywriting planes. The craft operate under the banner of the united intergalactic organization that is like your United Nations. In the simplest terms, they create a computer image that becomes a stencil for the glyph. The location is entered into the computer and the image is stamped sonically on the surface vegetation. The effect is like a gentle, whirling breeze that swirls the stalks into a clear-cut pattern, bending them without breaking. The whole glyph is usually created in one burst of sonic energy.

Your visit to Avebury was for the purpose of re-activation. This site has been a welcoming place for craft landings from the time it was still part of Atlantis, and it might be so again. The Avebury energy is a powerful vortex where dimensional membranes are very thin and where outer- and inner-Earth energies often break through the barriers and meet.

The entire British Isles - it was a single land mass for a while after the fall of Atlantis - has always been a portal for Inner Earth energies. There have been times in history when the right elements converged and the doorways on either side of the dimensional barrier became aligned. For brief periods outer- and inner-Earth realities mingled. Some of the tales believed to be about the devic kingdom were either about or influenced by these interactions.


The center point of the Stonehenge circle, with its quaking vibration, is a coordination point on the circumterra grid, aligned with an Inner Earth vortex and potentiated with energy reflected and re-directed by the great stones. The stones act as mirrors to intensify the energy , as a mirror intensifies and directs sunlight. When the stones had a full complement of lintels, they also acted to ground the energy. In addition, some stones were arranged to align with natural Earth forces such as polar directions and seasonal energies.

This energy used a conductor in the form of a human priest or priestess (determined by the season in which the energy was generated.) to complete the circuitry. Those who acted as conductors for this energy trained intensively to handle the power. Through their conductivity they made the energy available to all participants in much the same way that electricity is conducted by touch until it is gounded.

The orginal purpose for the energy/structure that is Stonehenge was for travel in time, space and dimensions. This energy source was able to merge physical matter and counsciousness - that is, convert physical matter into consciousness units - for the purpose of freely accessing other dimensions. This is a bit more complicated than astral traveling. Your scientist Tesla had memories of using energy in this way and tried to replicate it with the available technology.

The culture that created this energy center precedes anything within your historical concepts, and its source was extraterrestrial. They were a colony of Sirian consciousness units that took up a quasi-humanoid form and worked on the creation of some of the animal species. This translates as an artistic group project. They had no need to work with highly developed mechanical technology, for their command of consciousness/energy technology served all their needs.

The original Stonehenge was not the physical edifice you see today, but an energetic model for the present structure. If you were there at the time and had auric vision, you would have seen a light structure in shimmering colors closely resembling the current image. However, this light structure indelibly stamped the site with the "power center" energy that inspired later civilizations to create the stone arrangement you now see.

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