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A New Cycle of Courage

By Norma Gentile

I'm excited about a few things that I see arising from the ashes of fear. I keep reminding myself that fear can be either my own sense of disconnection from Spirit, or my own body telling me that something is very wrong and needs to be addressed. I have been finding a bit of both happening lately.

As you may suspect, I do live in this world. I make monthly mortgage payments. I have an electric bill. My aura may glow in candlelight during my meditation healing concerts, but I need more than that to power my computer! Perhaps you will not find it odd then that I had a strong encounter with the fear that is permeating the world, especially around money, right now.

One morning I was awoken with a sensation of a spear penetrating my third chakra. Asking, in only a moderately awake state, if it was really mine, I felt a strong "yes". At that very moment a particular credit card came to mind, and I knew something was very wrong. I dragged myself out of bed and logged into the website for the card. Indeed, I nearly fell out of my little computer chair when I saw the monthly payment suddenly equaled my mortgage payment.

I had officially joined the ranks of people whose credit ceiling on their home equity loan dropped and whose interest rates soared, despite having done everything right! It took me a few minutes to re-enter my body (literally, shock will cause your emotional body to rise up and away from the physical body).

I could have easily channeled the victim / victimizer energies that were being offered to me. I could blame the company. I could be angry with the company. I could be angry with myself. After I did all of that and a bit more, I felt my spiritual guidance opening back up to me. Once I was integrated and felt all of myself grounding back into my body, I meditated, and knew what to do. I had to make a motion of stepping forward boldly. I called the company.

Despite being told there was nothing to be done, I persisted. Again I felt the victim / victimizer energies that were being offered to me by the service representative. She was firmly locked into them. But that is the old pattern. Moving out of fear means moving into new patterns. I kept feeling my lower body and breathing into my hara and navel chakra. They remained firmly set to my newfound energy of boldness. And in this case, the new pattern was also one of questioning, listening, and asking more questions. And then I asked to speak with a manager. At that higher level, the credit problem was clarified and resolved.

Looking back, this situation gave me two gifts. The first was to encounter and experience the expression of my own courage and boldness. The second was to remind me that a problem cannot be resolved by diving down into the mud and muck that it is creating. I cannot clean up a mess by swirling my hands around in the dirt that is the mess itself. I need to bring a tool from outside the mess, and keep my vision broad, so I can see the entire situation that needs attention, and direct my efforts accordingly. I can reach down to clean up the mess, but I must keep my attention on the larger picture.

I find that fear can be either my own disconnect from Spirit or my body telling me that there is something dangerous to my wellbeing. Fear will intensify the energies moving through our body's endocrine system. This causes imbalances that might have remained slight to become quite noticeable. Anger arises because we know that we can no longer control our world the way we used to. This is our nervous system on overload, trying to "keep it all together" when we know we cannot. Violence is our inner child, unable to cope, raging against inevitable change. For most of us that rage turns inward and flows through the meridians, causing organs to miss cue each other.

Again, I live in this world too. I have found a renewed sense of clarity around what activities, places and nourishment serves my new cycle, because the old way of doing things just doesn't work well. I find feel an underlying nervousness in many situations when words or outward aspirations don't match someone's inner intentions. This outer and inner world mis-match causes my own body to feel out of synch with itself. For this reason I'm drawn to create sacred space more and more clearly and cleanly. As I invite people into the sacred space I'm creating, in Meditation Concerts or individual healings or workshops, I want for there to be an ease and openness between the inner sacred space and the outer world.

The additional energetic flow of our current astrological situation moving in to 2012 is showing where we need to clarify our lives and our systems of functioning. Think of it as a black light, illuminating what cannot be seen under normal light. It will fade, and it is up to us to remember what we have experienced and what we ourselves know, deep down within our own beings, is ours to change.

And as I was reminded tonight while cleaning…beginning a new cycle means taking some time to complete the old cycle. This is also a window of completion, amidst the birth into form of new cycles. You may notice an urge to clean out the closet because you have already purchased things you need to put in it! This part of the cycle is difficult, as most of us would rather toss everything out of the closet into the garage, to deal with it all later, and enjoy our new stuff now.

But putting off the sorting and completing of cycles means your energies are still wrapped up in those old cycles and around the people or things that pertain to that past cycle. We will need all of our energies to step fully into these new cycles. Whatever you have been putting off completing, the time is now. Whatever issues are hanging, tie them up. And as I was finishing, I felt the presence of the Three Marys behind me. Here is what I was given by them to share:

"The heart is a tender instrument, designed not only for love but to carry the power of the universe into the human form. Know that we imbue these words with our own power, that all who read this may know and remember that we stand with each of you. Your very cells vibrate with the remembrance of your angelic ancestry. We live with you in the space between your breaths. We embrace you in your empty places. We know you as our own."

Blessings to all,

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