A New Banking System Comes Forth...

A New Banking System Comes Forth...
by Darla Ken Pearce on Friday, February 11, 2011 at 8:52am

A new banking system will be announced and brought forward ~ that will change our world by bringing prosperity through global settlement packages; with new money distributions to be handed out throughout the world by way of local banks. Since Friday night, in a sequence of interlocking events, Chinese took over (bulldozing) power and authority from dark forces who have been withholding them by foot dragging and endless delays.

Although all has been in readiness for these settlements ~ delays ensued that have now been removed. Further delays made it necessary for the Chinese to take over processing authority to see that deliveries are made of these packages and this was done to prevent further interference from other levels. The interference was to withhold these programs indefinitely. What is needed and coming forth now ~ is a level economic playing field ~ not based on debts nor a debtor system such as that which enslaved us. A way has been provided for us to go forward into the light of a new era.

The new system comes forth and is being manifested with the approval of 140 nations who want this done immediately if not sooner. Chinese negotiated and funded this recovery operation in good faith and are calling the shots to ensure it is brought forward successfully. All indications so far are that banks are loaded with the new currency and ready for business. Our economic prospects have taken a new economic turn for the betterment of all and with it comes free energy that was long withheld from all of us.

And with abundance comes prosperity and sovereignty ~ and with prosperity and sovereignty for all comes peace ~ so that love may prevail over the whole of the Earth and all beings who dwell upon her. In this new reality comes responsibility for each and every one to honor, respect, encourage, and bless all others.

Brothers loving brothers ~ sisters loving sisters, the lost tribes being reunited and an enlargement of families and tribes working together ~ united ~ for the well being and prosperity of all. And so it is... xoxox

Let love and prosperity flow over all the Earth in ascension and peace from this day forward into the dawn of a new day. xoxox
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  • Wow this sounds wonderful.  Though I confess I am a little concerned that the western media is portraying China as overlords and something to be feared... let's pray for personal freedom and love for every man, woman and child on this earth :)  Peace be with you, thank you for sharing your positive vision. 
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