I believe we shared the following video a couple of years ago but it’s excellent and apropos for the current situation in America so more people will be interested at this point—and it’s coming from the militarywhich lends credibility.

Americans should have been given an education about such things but perhaps the new curriculums will reflect the tragic omission. It’s not solely the responsibility of the military to protect the nation; it is the duty of every citizen—regardless of what country. If you don’t honour, respect and protect what you have—you could lose it.

People may scoff when we use phrases like, “Nothing is what it seems” but that is the understatement of the century and the world is about to find out just how magnanimous it is to let them off the hook with those five little words because most people don’t want their paradigms shattered. That is why the Q Team went to work to shatter them in an intriguing, compassionate way. Even then, it took four years.

The unsuspecting public believe they have a democracy; a republic. Mob rule is going the way of the dodo bird and a restored Republic has been established on behalf of The People. It’s all done but the mopping up—and bringing the masses up to speed.

Donald Trump is still the legitimate Commander-in-Chief of the republic and still writing executive orders, Simon Parkes tells us.

The Complete History of The United States of America Service Corporation – USA Inc. – 1871-2021

The pedophiles are dying off, like old dinosaurs. They’re allowing them to say they died of COVID—the most convenient illness in the world. If we listed all the things this plandemic has allowed both sides to do without the masses cluing in it would be a long list indeed.

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