For those that do not know. I am an incarnational representative of my higher self. a Paa-tal/old draconian hybrid called Crai'riain, or Crethis liun, a being who is almost a trillion years old.


Crai'riain, or Crethis Starflower Liun as he was originally called, was formed when the draconians and the paa-tal (elves) wanted to bridge the gap between them and form a binding of royalties to create a child that could act as ambassador for both sides.

It was well intended, but it didn't go so well. From what I have gathered, the paa-tal represent more the fae elemental spirit, while the dragonians more the wild chaotic dragonic energy. The paa-tal evolved up through a desire to be stewards of the universe, treating the entire cosmos as their enchanted forest, while the draconians evolved out of a desire to conquer and control everything they came across and rule it or assimilate it into their way of thinking. Both had a desire to guide life, it's just the paa-tal believed in guiding and free will, whereas the draconians did not.

The draconians that Crai'riain, (or crai for short) was descended from are not the same draconians that exist in our local universe - those draconians were taken and created partially from the dna of the "old world draconians" by one of the angelics I believe who did not want to cooperate with what the paa-tal were doing, (lucifer I believe), who they then worshipped as their god.


These "old world draconians", which came from a universe outside of our own, were much more powerful, having both dragon forms, humanoid forms and draconian forms - a race of shape shifters. They were also on a much much higher evolutionary and dimensional level than the draconians of this universe. Most of the proto-dragon beings that these draconians evolved out of were collosal beings that mostly slumbered and explored the cosmos through their "dreams" - astral travelling. Over time a desire to engage more in reality led to an arrogance that they could do a better job of structuring things, which led to them coming at odds with the paa-tal, which led to them clashing often with them on an ideological level.

Originally both had a common goal - keep structure, but while the paa-tal did it out of benevolance, the draconians, due to their chaotic energy, began to get more "pissed" and just decided it was better if everyone followed the way they did things, and became dictators, whereas the paa-tal still tried to be diplomats. The paa-tal and the draconians were not the only species in the universe - there were others, and gradually these got caught in the crossfire.

The paa-tal began to form a sickness of their own though - a superiority complex - blinded by the light, believing they knew what was best to guide beings. Which is when the heaven and hell realms started to form - the paa-tals ultimate control for the sake of stability, vs the draconians ultimate dominion for the sake of power. The 2 superpower races of the superuniverse.

If the stories I have read are correct - many of them tried to rebel against the angelics and the paa-tal under a draconian king called satan, and were banished away into a separate part of reality. I am not too sure about that though.


When the paa-tal began to be incarnated onto this plane, it was the beings that lucifer recreated, those draconians, that had an issue, because the paa-tal were in a sense their "father race" - but the old world draconians were also their father race - both races being very different. These draconians, through constant warring, eventually degraded far beyond what the old-world draconians did, to the point where they could no longer evolve up and ascent into 12d even if they wanted to.

They had also been told by lucifer that they were the first in this universe, and that under that edict, that this universe was theirs to rule. The old world draconians became like their "revered ancestors" whereas the paa-tal became the hated and feared enemies of their ancestors who were mucking about in their reality.

As the paa-tal were creating their own races who were steadily multiplying in their own area of the universe (lyra, vega, sirius etc) the draconians were multiplying in the alpha draconis/orion area. The paa-tal's races were peacefully existing on planets, while the draconian "descendants" were busy gobbling up resources and causing a trail of destruction in their wake. Eventually the two clashed and the draconians started to persecute and devour these new "creations" - the draconian descendants having invented interstellar travel billions of years before the paa-tal descendants. 

So the paa-tal descendants invented ways to protect themselves while the draconians, like the wraith, or Goa'uld from stargate, pursued them across the galaxy, slowly devolving as they went.


They started to have to rely on absorption of living energy from those beings directly connected to source to maintain their existence and long lives. They tricked humanity into thinking they created them, when in reality all they did was help dilute the oraphim human race, which was meant to be a god-like race of planetary stewards that could evolve up to 12D in a period of 44-50 years. They hated the humans because they were the ultimate creation of the paa-tal.

The paa-tal had created many different types of humanoids all over the universe - lyrans, arcturians, syrians, andromedons, etc. All beings that walked on 2 legs they basically had a hand in creating. They then incarnated directly into these beings to step themselves down to be able to experience this "physicality". The paa-tal's ultimate goal however was to take the dna of all of these beings, who had all evolved separately, and combine them together into a super species that could have all the powers of the paa-tal above, but also below - a fitting vessel for the paa-tal downstepped race.

But the draconians, who had become master hackers, progressively dumbed down these creatures through cross breeding, warring, and through diluting their genetic template with their own, beings who were trying to help them fix their corrupted genetic template. So the draconians became stronger and the humans became weaker, gradually losing more and more of their race identity until they became what we have today, a species so mired in draconian thinking they no longer even know what they as the oraphim once represented, with a pale fraction of their powers and glory.

The draconians have never created a race. Unlike the paa-tal, who are considered "creator gods" - seeding life across the universe, the draconians just take their creations and either warp them or cross breed with them to create slave hybrids for them to use, or as a source of food to eat, like humanoid cows. They, like their ancestors, do not consider hybrids to be of any value, and look down on them. There is very much a caste system in the draconian world. To draconians the concept of love is alien, and is a sign of weakness, whereas the opposite is true for the paa-tal.


At one point I believe the ancient paa-tal were like angels in human form, and the draconians dragons in human form, and the two worked together, where the paa-tal references to ancient stories of "dragon riders" and paa-tal as "angels" - the original paa-tal, and those powerful enough, could use their power to grow wings - essentially "re-becoming angels in human form" -  Crai'riain was one such being.

He was old enough to far predate any of the drama happening in this universe up in orvonton (sp?), the superuniverse that this is a part of. 

Back in those days quadrants of the universe were split up into what were called "heaven" or "hell (twisted)" realms.

The heaven realms were based on a rigid structure of light. Anything that did not adhere to this was "fixed". 

The hell (twisted) realms were based on a survival of the fittest mentality, where beings rose to power by sort of absorbing the power of those around them - gaining dimensional height through the increase in quanta but suffering a karmic weight upon their decisions. These beings could not evolve up fully to 12d, which represents eternal life.

The paa-tal existed in the heaven realms, and the draconians the "twisted" realms. The war between heaven and hell was the war between the cosmos. Between angels and chaotic energy beings from "the void" - and between paa-tal and old world draconians, which those 2 sides "crystallized" as in reality, and then between all of the paa-tals created races, and the draconians the rogue angel lucifer created. Thus the karma has repeated itself over the eons.

When it was found that ideology was being used to harm each other on both sides, the decision to have free realms was created. Areas of the universe where beings could cocreate freely and make their own choices. If the "twisted" side tried to interfere too much the "heaven" side would oppose them, and thus many wars between "heaven" and "hell" were thus waged with "earth" in the middle - the neutral of "free" realms became the battlegrounds for heaven and hell.


Growing up Crethis was seen as an ideological failure. The draconians viewed the paa-tal as weak willed, allowing too much to be left to chance, and the paa-tal viewed the draconians as vulgar. Kind of like elves vs. orcs in lord of the rings.

His mother was what was called a realm lord - a being that was in charge of overseeing a specific quadrant of the grand universe - being an ambassador, a diplomat between various worlds, settling disputes etc. I believe each realm lord was in charge of overseeing a "universe" - a collection of worlds.

So she, being full draconian, was not around much. She was cold and distant. So crai grew up on the paa-tal homeworld, Valaris, with his father, who was pure paa-tal. His uncle was chief of the group of paa-tal there and they did not "approve" of tainted blood. They tolerated him because he was in a sense "royalty" but there was no love there. Crethis was mostly left to his own devices, finding comfort with the fae and the forests. His uncle wanted to keep him out of sight, out of mind.

Eventually though his mother came to initiate him into his true heritage - he was to take over her position as a realm lord of his own. He was given an area in the heaven realms, but watched in dismay as what he felt was an imbalanced approach to justice was used in the heaven realms. Being half and half he represented more of a balance between heaven and hell. 

He complained about this, and it was decided to try to make him an overseer of one of the "neutral" realms - an area I believe called "gran'gree"- where cocreation with source was paramount and focused on.  He found a planet In the casstrios region called Arkatrios. There were other planets in that region too. Krithos, triphilos, Arkaleptes, etc. He formed an empire here and worked hard to convince the people that he could be their leader.  (PART 2)

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