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When viewing our planet from an evolutionary standpoint, one should sense a fundamental glitch in the panorama.  The present mindset supports the assumption that something exists that cannot be identified.  This something, grandiose and macabre, lends a feeling of helplessness and eventual doom to an otherwise tranquil existence.  What is it that pervades our world like a vast vaporous monolith evading detection?  Centuries of pondering appears almost to aid in camouflaging it from the human psyche.  A great evil, although "evil' is an inappropriate term, lies at the cornerstone of all human endeavor, a formidable foe to our understanding of reality.  Will the coming enlightenment turn the tables on this epic proclivity towards error and superstition, or will we simply ignore this opportunity and succumb to another dark age?

      Mankind thinks in linear terms, bound to an ageless mindset that has served to keep his feet firmly rooted to the earth.  We invent mechanisms to measure time ever more accurately, while possessing an instrument that, if used correctly, would negate this necessity.  Our hidden potential as galactic citizens has been triumphantly denigrated by our inability to see ourselves as such.  With heads pointed downwards, slow, plodding steps move us in ever increasing circles, mindlessly unaware of any similar destiny.    A small, unregarded segment of humanity has been shown to possess an ability to mimic another reality.  Thought of as primitive and banal, this portion of mankind seems lightyears ahead of our highly technological dreamworld.  Seemingly rooted to the earth, their more natural lifestyle allows them a vastly different ability to transcend materiality to uncover new worlds and vistas.  Peoples untouched by education and `a convenience mentality show our society to be quite vain and superstitious.  So we are not controlled by a governmental body who meets in secret, so much as by our egos and vanity.  Why has it not occurred to us that we have traveled nowhere in our discoveries, and unlocked no mysteries until we have overcome this fundamental flaw?  And again, what has created this flaw that seems a sure harbinger of our eventual annihilation?  A Great Secret.


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