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A good Message from my Friend Karin....Unified Heart Merkaba Activation.....

Unified Heart Merkaba Activation and 08-08 Gateway of Light - YouTube (Preview)
On July 29th, 2013, we experience a Unified Heart Merkaba activation through
the configuration of the Star of David in a Grand Sextile formation. As this
formation further expands into the star tetrahedronal shape, surrounding
Mother Earth and all Life in the Divine Blueprints of Creation, it amplifies
the Unity Grid of Divine Love in new encodings of Light.

In this holy trinity of configurations, two Grand Trines, one of water, one
of earth, a Stargate Portal of Light activates through the Sun and Solar
System, assisting all Life to complete old karmic lessons and to experience
Divine Love and Universal Peace in this Golden Age of Light.

We are further offered an opportunity to truly surrender our individual will
to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God. In doing so, we clear our lower
triad, which is the three-fold personality of the physical, emotional and
mental bodies, and begin to manifest our reality as a co-creator to the
Company of Heaven on Earth through the upper triad of Intuition, Spiritual
Will and Higher Mind. Furthermore, the Patterns of Perfection through our
original Divine eight-cell blueprint are cleared of the earthly ego
allurements and karmic patterns no longer necessary to be re-experienced as
the star tetrahedron activates within our original Divine-Eight Cell
Blueprint Overlighted by Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek.

In this Golden Age of Light, as the karmic and Christed Timelines merge,
many Light Workers have experienced deeper levels of initiations and
perceived challenges. For we have been clearing the karmic energies on
Mother Earth for not only ourselves, but for all Life, so together we may
truly experience the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

As we experience this Unified Heart Merkaba activation, we activate our
Light Body/Merkaba fields, and as One Heart, One Unified of Light, we clear
the karmic timelines by bringing a focus to those countries most needing to
experience the Christed Timelines through the sacred Cosmic Fire of Divine
Love and Universal Peace. Our Light Body/Merkaba is a living, organic Divine
Intelligence, powered by our Beloved I Am Presence working in alignment with
Mother/Father God. As we receive the amplified Light frequencies through
this Stargate Activation, we convert this Light energy into electrons and
spin the sub-atomic particles within our bodies in increased Light
frequencies. Lord Melchizedek further gifts us with the Melchizedek Platinum
Healing Flame, which spins off the density frequencies and can be used in
the healing of ourselves and others.

As we enter into the month of August, surrounded in the Copper-Gold and
Pink-Gold Flames of the sacred Cosmic Fire of Divine Love and Universal
Peace, and Overlighted by Helios and Vesta, and the Sirian Archangel League
of the Light, we experience the 08-08 Lion's Gateway as Melchizedek
Initiates of Light.

Through the Lion's Gateway, the Divine Feminine energy amplifies in its full
magnificence. We further bring a focus to the Golden Flower of Life and the
Golden Solar Sun Disc of Light within our hearts. We receive and transmit
the energy of Self Mastery through the streams of Christ Consciousness
accessed through parallel realities as the timelines merge and take us ever
deeper into the Christed Timelines with the knowing that we are already
these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

The energy of the Unified Heart Merkaba activation further amplifies through
the Full Moon on August 21st, culminating in a second Star of David
configuration on August 25th. And in this Now moment, we are given the
opportunity to integrate the new Solar Crystalline keycodes of Light and to
balance the energies of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Principles of
Light in Divine Love, Peace and Harmony.

Together we are co-creating our Heaven on Earth and over this next month, we
are offered an opportunity to deeper our service work, to clear old
discordinent energies and karmic ties for ourselves, all countries and all
Life. And we do so through our collective Light, as the Group I Am Avatar
Race, and as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. And so it is.

~ Anrita Melchizedek"" l.php?u="" qakdaqg7czai1c2c2kmhmr1hv-yz1cqc3f2ru40rgw&s="1">"">

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Unified Heart Merkaba Activation and 08-08 Gateway of Light
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~ The Sacred Cosmic Fire of Divine Love and Universal Peace ~ The Unified
Heart Merkaba a href=""> (Preview) >
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