A channeling: The way forward


we come to make some sense out of several nagging questions, and shed some light on the path before you.

Channeling, as it is becoming known, is not an accurate process. Both because of dark spirits that hack into the channeler's mind, and because we of the light do not wish any channeler to seem too close to the mark. You may familiarize yourself with those that, as our channel has noticed, died trying to get too close to the mark to making cars that so much as were 100 MPG efficient. It is no different than with those who seek to provide information to the public. We can protect you to a certain extent, because of limitations on us that have nothing to do with practical means, but we chose the strategy of making everything a bit fuzzy so there was no channeler etc. that was true and surely true. That would make them far too much of a target. But still the ideas we want in the collective consciousness and subconsciousness are making their way there slowly, which means more safely than were it to be fast.

But let us get this out of the way. As our channeler has mentioned, for all practical purposes we could push the 'paradise button' and all your problems would be solved. It would be safe, none would die, and no more people would die of starvation or any of the other causes of death. So why don't we do it. We don't really know exactly. We follow God, and HeShe does not divulge everything to us. We could say karma plays a role, we could say you all chose to undergo hard lessons, and we could say that other galactic areas are affected by you, namely places under similar slavery and death, and that we have to be careful of all that. We do not see it all, and we will not be told it all, and you are to be told even less and see even less than we. Our channel has been inspired by a most obvious thought : God HerHimself has not stopped all the suffering already, so clearly God has reasons to keep it going. Yes the torture and the death, for it is what SheHe allows. We would point out that you do not die for forever, that is reserved for those that go so far afield that you now call them the cabal, almost. For they have their way out, it will just seem like it takes forever to reach it much of the time. Rest assured that if God wanted suffering for suffering's sake you would not be in so painless a state. That is harsh, but it shows that there is a balancing act God plays between suffering, those that harm others or things, love, wisdom, pleasure, happiness, and many other things we will not express at the moment.

But we will say you are not called to complete love of everything and everyone. No, there is that which you must hate. Our channeling watched a Christian pastor say he loves life therefore he hates abortion. This makes sense does it not? Much of the flowery language in other channelings serves it's purpose in our strategy to confuse and confound the dark, which is a large part of how they are controlled, whereas we cannot and should not lean on you to be taking an active role because of the situation the Earth is in. At least, not yet, for it is not safe to and you do not have the means to protect yourselves. What's more is we cannot protect you if you decide to try to free the Earth outside of God's will, and there is a will God executes in moulding people through all these trials and yes comforting them at long last after all the pain is over with, assuming they are not demonic you could say. Yes our channeler thinks there is much truth in the Christian religions, and many lies too, and this is the case, and we hope he keeps trying to sort out which is which without too much error in the meantime.

So what is the path forward? Well, many are choosing subconsioucly mainly to carry out a clearing of their karma, trying to purify their auras for the life to come, hoping against hope they don't have to suffer through another 3d experience, even if it is less demanding than this one. You in the US forget the rigours of 3-d life, war, famine, anger, hatreds, poverty unspeakable at your dinner tables, yes you are ones that did not choose to clear a lot of karma for now by and large, and it is not your fault that others have chosen to clear karma and thus purify the many faults that litter the characters in your history, whether written about or not. Oh yes, down through the lifetimes those of lower lifestyles have been excoriating the negativity from their beings, and they will be richly rewarded for it. It is a main attraction to such a place as Earth. Yes all must accrue an amount of gentile and loving character before it is responsible to let them enjoy the pleasures of what has been called heaven, though it is not as it is described in many religions exactly or in many cases at all. But it is glorious, and it is what awaits those who are not serving those stuck i nthe lower vibrations at the time if they pass muster in terms of not wanting to do people harm.

We do not wish to continue on this not for now, but we will leave you with the knowledge that mainly you need time and patience, and your sending out love and energies of balance and harmony, peace and upliftment are greatly needed now to the degree you are asked to send them out in your inner selves. Do take care, and we are sorry you find yourselves in what may seem an unbearable position, but both we and those on Earth that will come to realize what you've done thank you or will thank you for your suffering service to all on this globe.

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