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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom says:


"Purify your heart, clean thoughts, appetites saves and preserves semen."


"If thoughts are durable, so will the semen; if it is durable so the force will be; if it is durable so durable will be the Spirit."


"The strength of the kidneys is under the sign of water. When the pulses are agitated, flows down, it is directed to the outside and produce creatures. When it is directed back by the force of thought, invading up in the crucible of the creator, and refreshes and nourishes heart and body, is the method of Ebb "(These are words of that Taoist text).


Let us now transcribe another "Tantric asana" from the princely author of Anangaranga. This is the position.




"The sexual act is performed standing. Only physically very strong men used this position. "


  1. "First is placed one in front the other, then takes the man to the woman between his knees, the topside remains at the bow of the elbows, and performs intercourse while they and grabbing the back of his neck."


b) "The man raises a woman's leg while she has the other firmly planted on the ground. Especially young women are very pleased with this position. "


c) "While man is planted with legs some wide apart, the woman grabs with her arms and legs to his hips, holding him with his hands, so she hangs entirely on him."


It is vital, cardinal and definitive never in life ejaculating the seminal liquor.


It is urgent to make return the sexual energy inward and upward, never spilling the Glass of Hermes.


"This method of reflux or recurrent done that rotational movement of Light, by which crystallizes in a" Golden Flower "in the body the forces of Heaven and Earth".


"The seminal force directed outwards (flowing down) produces a dissipation and abasement of Spiritual Consciousness".


Through sublimation of life and the procreative forces, it can be reached phenomenon of a revival; "Comes the point of the vital elixir", the "Seminal Pearl", it formed the "Golden Embryo" or "Puer Aeternus" which is to develop and transform our Pneumatic immortal principles.


The wise author of Anangaranga teaches another very interesting Tantric Asana that then transcribe:




"The woman was lying so that his face, chest and belly touch bed or carpet. The man then approaches from behind and enter the virile member very gently into the vulva withdrew before the spasm to avoid the ejaculation of semen. "


The Purushayita Banda makes the woman the active element, while the man remains passive back. At such times she placed upon the man with his right hand wields the phallus and introduces it into the vulva then starting a slow and delicious time erotic movement that invokes KAMADEVA for help in the Maithuna.


Consecrated women, the "suvani" know close through will all sphincters compressing the Yoni to the maximun to avoid orgasm and loss of sexual liquor. (So ​​teaches the Initiation Tantra).


It is worth adding the following: if a spasm occur must avoid seminal ejaculation instantly withdrawing and lying on the floor in supine (face up).


In those moments close the right and left nostrils with the index finger and thumb of his right hand. Take care to so hold your breath until the maximum possible. Send the nerve current to the sexual sphincters or escape doors, in order to avoid spilling the Glass of Hermes. Imagine that the seminal energy ascends through Ida and Pingala to the brain.


Tantric asanas taught by the great initiates in the sacred land of the Ganges, are wonderful in the Sahaja Maithuna.


Chemical intercourse, metaphysical copulation of the Tantra initiation, is truly transcendental.


In those moments of unquestionable heavenly delight, we beg our particular Divine Mother Kundalini (since each person has their own Igneous Serpent) eliminate from our inner that defect that we have comprehended in all the nooks of Mind.


She, the Adorable, wield the spear of Eros and reduced to ashes that devil “I” who personifies the understood defect.


So Essence will go progressively releasing as we destroy Psychological aggregates.


In this way and in this manner, the "Seminal Pearl" will be developed with the increase in different percentages of Essence to become the "Golden Embryo".


It is unquestionable that the awakening of consciousness becomes wonderful in the Mystery of the Golden Blossom.


The "Golden Embryo" gives us the Self-Consciousness and the Objective Transcendental Knowledge.


The "Golden Embryo" makes us conscious citizens of the superior worlds.




The conquest of the Ultra-Mare-Vitae or Super-Liminal world and Ultra-Terrestrial, would be more than impossible if mistake of underestimating women.

The delicious verb of Isis emerges from the deep bosom of all ages awaiting the moment to be realized.


The ineffable words of the Goddess NEITH have been sculpted in golden letters in the resplendent walls of the Temple of Wisdom:




The primitive religion of Jano or Jaino, ie, the Solar Golden, Quiritarian and Super-human doctrine of the JINAS is absolutely sexual, you know.


It is written with burning coals in the Book of Life that during the Golden Age of Lazio and Liguria, the Divine King JANO or Saturn (I.A.O. Bacchus, Jehovah, Iod-Heve), wisely reigned over those holy people, Aryan tribes all, though of very different ages and backgrounds.


Then Oh my God! ... As in times like other peoples of ancient Arcadia, it could be said that Jinas( people of fifth D in bodies of three D, let`s remember that not are holy people in such state but also temples, and all that concern to the paradise state) and men lived together happily.


Within the ineffable mystical idyll commonly called "The Charm of Good Friday" we feel deep in our hearts that in the sexual organs there is a terribly divine force that same can release or enslave man. Sexual energy contains within itself the living archetype of authentic Solar Man, which must take shape within ourselves.


Many suffering souls wish to enter the Monsalvat Transcendent( a Temple in state of JINAS where is contained the holy chalice of the last supper done by our venerable Master Jeshua), but unfortunately this is more than impossible due to the Veil of Isis or sexual Adamic Veil.


Among the ineffable bliss of the Jinas paradise, a divine humanity certainly exists that is invisible to the senses of mortals because of their sins and limitations born of sexual abuse.


It is written with characters of fire in the Great Book of Life, that in the Jaina or Jina Cross the unspeakable secret hides miraculously of the Great Arcanum, the marvelous key of Sexual Transmutation.


It is not difficult to understand that such a Magic Cross is the same Swastika of the great mysteries.


Among the delicious ecstasy of the soul that longs can and must to get in mystical contact with JANUS, the austere and sublime JINA Hierophant that in the old continent Mu taught the Science of JINAS.


In the secret Tibet there are two schools that fight each other: I clearly want to refer to the Mahayana and Hinayana institutions.


In our next chapter we will discuss the first of these two institutions; now only we will deal with the Hinayana school.

It is clear that the Hinayana Path is in the deep Buddhic and Christic background.


In this mysterious way we find with amazing mystical to the faithful custodians of the Holy Grail, or the Initiatic Stone, that is, the Supreme Religion Synthesis, which was the primitive of the humanity: the doctrine of Sexual Magic.


Jana, Swana or Jaina, then, is the doctrine of the old God of the fight and action called Janus, the Divine Lord of two faces, androgynous transposition of the Egyptian Hermes and of many other gods of the Maya-quiches and Aztecs pantheons, whose imposing and majestic sculptures carved in the rock can still be seen in Mexico.


The Greco-Roman myth still preserves the memory of the exile of Janus or Jains to Italy, for having cast out from heaven Cronus or Saturn, ie the legendary recall of his descent to Earth as an instructor and guide of the humanity to give it the primitive Natural Religion Jina or Jaina.


Janna or Jaina is obviously also the marvelous Chinese-Tibetan Doctrine of Dan, Chhan Dzan, Shuan, Ioan, Huan or Dhyan-Chohan, characteristics of all esoteric schools of the Aryan world with roots in Atlantis submerged.


The Secret Doctrine, the early Jaina Doctrine, is based on the Philosopher's Stone, on s**, on the Sahaja Maithuna.


Gnostic doctrine infinitely superior, for oldest to the Brahmanism itself, the early Hinayana school, the narrow path that leads to the Light.


Doctrine of salvation really admirable, which in Central Asia and China many memories, as also remain in the universal Freemasonry, where we still find, for example, the survival of the symbolic Jain Cross or Swastika (Swan, the Hamsa, the Swan, the Phoenix, the Dove of the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, Soul of the Temple of the Grail, Nous or Spirit which is nothing but the Being or Dyhani of man).


Even in these modern times we can still find traces in Ireland of those 23 Dijnas prophets or conquerors of Souls who were sent in all directions of the world by the founder of Jainism, by Rishi-Baja-Deva.


In moments when I write these lines come to mind transcendental memories.


In one of the many corridors of an ancient palace, no matter the date or time, drinking water with lemon in delicious glasses of fine baccarat, along with a very select group of Elohim, I said:


'I need to rest for a while between happiness; so several Mahamvantaras I am helping mankind and I'm tired. "


- "The greatest happiness is having God within," said an Archangel very friend...


Those words left me perplexed, confused; I thought on the Nirvana, on the Maha-Parinirvana, etc.


Dwelling in regions of such intensive happiness, could perhaps some creature not be happy? How? Why? To not have the Monad within?


Full of so many doubts resolved to consult to the wise old Janus, the living God of the JINAS science.


Before entering his dwell did before the Guardian a secret greeting; I moved before to the guards and greeted them with another greeting and finally had the joy of meeting in front of the God Janus.


- "Another greeting missing" said the Venerable.


- "There is no better greeting that of the tranquil heart." So I answered while devoutly put my hands in the cardia.


- "It`s Okay," said the Wise.


When I wanted to ask questions that dispelled my well-known doubts, the Ancient without speaking a single word deposited the response on the bottom of my consciousness.


Such a response can sum it up like this:


"Although a man dwell in Nirvana or in any other region of endless happiness, if have not God within, would not be happy".


"But if lived in the Infernal Worlds or the foulest prison on Earth, having God inside would be happy."


We conclude this chapter by saying: the Hinayana School, with its esotericism of background leads us through the Sexual Via to the Incarnation of the Word and the Final Liberation. Oremus...






Why the ultimate Truth-Prajna that Zen Buddhism is meant as indefinable, abstract and ungraspable?


Define means to put limits on, or declare the sense of a certain thing.


Grab, in sense used here, means to understand something and retain it in memory.

As the act of defining is obviously to lock up something within a certain limit, it can not necessarily be finite, narrow and restrictive in its nature; likewise, as understand means to grab something mentally, but not everything, it must be equally limited and exclusive.

The ultimate TRUTH-PRAJNA that the Zen school wants point out cannot be in any way something narrow, finite or exclusive; it must be something vast, universal and infinite something that all-include and reach beyond all definition and designation.


The very word "define" ostensibly suggests a human finger pointing to a particular object, and the word "Grasp" a hand that holds something and does not let go.


Given this unfortunate limitation and this grasping, deeply earnest on rationalism of the intellectual animal mistakenly called man, it is in no way surprising that the free and omni-inclusive Truth-Prajna really becomes something evasive which is always mysteriously eluding to every thinker.


Lighting. This great word in essence and power, is used in this chapter to indicate emphatically transcendental mystical experience is to experience the Tao, the Zen Truth, the Real.


It is not enough to understand something, we need to grasp, apprehend, capture, its inner significance.


The sixth Patriarch asked at the Bhodi-Dharma: - "How is it possible to achieve the Tao?". The Bhodi-Dharma replied:


- "Outwardly, all activity ceases; inside, the mind stops shaking. When the mind has become a wall, then there comes the Tao ".


It is urgent to know that Japanese Zen is the same Hindustani DHYANA, the Chinese JHANA PALI , the "CH^ AN ": an extraordinary form of Mahayana Buddhism.


Unquestionably is that Zen studies and practices allow us to grasp the inner meaning of the Buddhists teachings recommended by the Mahayana school, marvelous antithesis and complement at once the School of Hinayana Intimate Self-Realization.


The Illuminating Void is impossible to describe with human words. It is not definable or describable. As stated by the Zen Master Huai Jang: "Anything you say will fail in the main point."


The Buddhist teaching about Emptiness is comprehensive and profound, and requires much study before being understood.


Only in the absence of the Ego we can directly experience the Illuminating Void.


Deify Mind is absurd because it is itself only a fatal dungeon for Consciousness.


Affirming that Mind is the Buddha to say that is the Tao, result nonsensical because the intellect is only a cage for Consciousness.


The mystical experience of the Illuminating Void is always done outside the intellectual field.


The Buddhist enlightenment never achieved by developing mental strength, or deifying reason; on the contrary, it is achieved untying any link that ties us to mind.


Only freeing from the intellectual dungeon we can experience the joy of Illuminating Void, free and entirely insubstantial.


Emptiness is simply a clear and precise budhistic term denoting non-substantial and non-personal nature of beings, and a signal indicating the state of absolute detachment and freedom outside of time and beyond Mind. Drink the wine of meditation in the delightful cup of perfect concentration.

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