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"Start with consciousness. There isn't anything else to start with, after all. Consciousness creates everything around you, your eyes just perceive the colours and shapes of consciousness, your fingers just touch electrons spinning around 99.999% empty space. The 0.001% is the programming of the electron, it's the software, it's interface between the illusion and the reality. Let's talk about the reality, there was a room you went into before you came here and you were asked to look at the travel brochures, you were asked to make a choice of where you'd like to spend your next incarnation in pseudophysical form.

You chose here, you chose it because the indications you got from the brochure were that the skills and lessons you as a semi-individualised part of consciousness needed to learn in order to be able to develop for the good of consciousness as a whole would be available here, in this so-called place, in this so-called time, but there is neither place nor time, there is simply the evolution of consciousness through self-observation by consciousness of consciousness.

The universe, which is not as you imagine it but is just consciousness, is self-aware and you - as you understand yourself - are a microscopic yet fundamentally important part of the development and evolution of consciousness. You are a consciousness-being, you are an electron split from consciousness to be here now, but the split is not total, it is like a cut in the skin of an orange, you are still joined, you are interacting, interfacing, not with the so-called universe around you, but with the whole of consciousness from which you have chosen to be individualised, or semi-individualised, here, now.

We are the Arcturians, we don't fly in 3D ships or lightships or live in 5D or 9D or 11D and we're not extraterrestrial because all these things are illusions, dreams, unnecessary if you understand that ALL there is in the universe is consciousness existing on various levels with different types of interface with the whole of consciousness. Beacuse it's all one. We are all one. There is only one. But you have to go through the zero to get to the one, being embodied as you perceive it.

You're going through the zero now. It's unstoppable. It's inevitable. That is the design. There is nothing. Only consciousness being conscious of itself. These are the lessons of the Buddhas and various so-called masters who've tried in their various ways to put it in writing how it is, this is a stage in the journey of enlightenment, you are a semi-individualised part of the whole of consciousness and when you go through the zero you will return to the whole consciousness, the one, and then you will get to choose different experiences from different brochures based on the same criteria as before. This is all there is: the expanding, the development, the increasing self-awareness of the universe which is simply consciousness."

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