This codons when is activated looks,feels & sound like this what we know as RAINBOW.

In truth it is a spectrum of light hologram open in front of YOU.Light being information personality and life force.Light as in rainbow light being source within.When the rainbow DNA codons are activated the individual is one we would refer to as organic human being.This is the true BLUE PRINT the accurate design for the human being.

the system setups in place on our planet Earth serve to block the activation of rainbow DNA.Those who created the systems set-ups did not account for the great many organic humans what are incarnated with MEMORY INTACT.

Memory intact remain the rainbow DNA codon on precursors,this is a certain pattern lying not dormant not burried but seeded.This isthe closest methapfore what we can get for this process.Seeded embedded within the agent crystalline structures within the human physical matrix.All it takes is a little SOIL,SUN & WATER to bath in a crystalline landscape for the seats,the rainbow seats to flourish and grow this activating the rainbow DNA.

No system,no setup,no mind waves all broadcast can prevent organic rainbow technology when the precursor,the seed be intact memory is in place at all point of incarnation.A great many of you,for many many years,upon our Earth, are incarnated with the rainbow seed in place.Many souls did not find the SOIL,the SUN and the WATER yet your children,following the genetic BLUE PRINT.That you held incarnated it with thedoor to seed in place.

A perfect holographic copy of yours.

And those souls who find the SOIL,the SUN and the WATER, they activated the RAINBOW DNA.8109365289?profile=original

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