album is light years beyond other Crystal Magic Orchestra recordings.

This event that is recorded will take our Consciousness 2000 years forward in our alignment with the Omniverse. The Mother Ship is the Plasma Star Fleet known as the Cosmaya Team who are wrapping Earth inside the Plasma blanket of Cosmic Consciousness in 2014. The Cosmaya Yanas Council is paving the way for the Yanas and Eieyani, or the Sirian Maharaji Star Family to land on Earth. It is the Cetacean Nation in our Oceans who are preparing the landing strip by activating and tuning in the Christ Grids within our Oceans to the Frequencies needed to harmoniously align the Cosmaya's Plasma Blanket around and through the Earth. This is the first step in the Final Activation of the Harmonic Universe One, Two and Three or Earth, Tara and Gaia to become one in Consciousness

. The Solar Flares are breaking into our atmosphere to cause a chemical reaction that allows the Spiritual Water called Hydrolaise to saturate our atmosphere. The Cosmic Consciousness of the Yani Cosmic Founders Races has arranged to saturate our atmosphere with the hydrolaise water form from the anti particle universe. Our atmosphere, biosphere and chemical structure is being transformed once again. The Mother Ship is not the Ashtar Command.

That group is one tiny little ground troup that has been helping to prepare for the arrival of the Cosmaya Plasma Fleet from Ra. This is the Final Transformational Group from our original Yanas Cosmic Creators Family. This is the true Mother Ship which contains our original perfect Consciousness of our CREATION. During the next six months there will be a 90 degree shift. It will be the final activation of the removal of the seventh seal for many on Earth. The Mother Ship Album is my personal meeting with the Cosmaya Plasma Fleet who has come from the Ra Confederation to finalize the transformation of the Consciousness of Planet Earth. The frequencies transmitted through me include the activation of the Christ Grids through the Dolphins in the Oceans and the Whales sitting on the bottom of the ocean. The Grid Activation song leads to the incoming H2O2HE3 Hydrolaise Water from Aquafaria, our Higher Level Earth Consciosuness. The Album contains the entire transformation that is taking place now and through out the next several months in Earth Time. Please go to the listening booth to soak up the new hydrolaise that was brought to EARTH. Positrons being emmitted from the Sun is proof of the polarity of the anti particles and particles being removed. The removal of polarity is what causes the subharmonics in the DNA to activate more DNA. The sun has been sending us those positrons that will remove polarity since July, 2013.

The Plasma Ships will be saturating us with those Positrons during the year 2014. I have already recorded this event of transformation on the Mother Ship Albums. .Ascension is a process of 3D particles merging with the Anti Particles of the sub harmonics within each DNA strand. It is the metamorphosis caused by light and sound activating the particles and anti particles in the cells. Ascension begins when Polarity is removed. Polarity has been completely misunderstood by most. It is not removing good and bad. It is not removing opposites. Its simply merging together particles and anti particles.

The particles are physical and the anti particles are spiritual, and they must merge together as one to remove the polarity of the physical and the spiritual. The way the anti particles and particles merge is begun by melting the crystal seals that have been blocking the two reality fields from each other. The Music of the Spheres technology does exactly that. When Consciousness is connected into the higher spiritual reality fields to connect with the Frequency signatures of Consciousness of the Soul Matrix and Over Soul Matrix and Rishi and Avatar Selves, and then those spiritual selves are re-united into the Frequency Field of the Physical Body, the Ascension can begin. The Frequency Signatures of the Soul Matrix is called the Super Consciousness because it is the field of awareness that connects the physical dream hologram into the complete spectrum of light and sound of the all knowing music of the spheres. It is the raising of frequencies through the light and sound technology used on the Eternal Life Albums that merges the Consciousness of the Physical Individual into the Anti Particle Realm of the Super Consciousness.

That anti particle realm is the sub harmonics that was erased from the DNA's double helix. So, first we must remove the seals that block the particles from the anti particles or the physical from the spiritual. We do this by melting the nine seals in and around the body. We melt the seals with light and Sound Energy, which is much like Plasma Consciousness. It is done by connecting Consciousness into the Frequencies of Sun Alcyone's Photon Belt, where the original divine blue print of the original perfect spiritual self has been kept. That divine blue print of the individual is brought back into the physical realm to melt away the seals between the physical and the spiritual.

There is a lot of stress and discomfort involved in the Ascension Process as the Streams of Coronal Mass Ejections are blasted toward Earth from the Sun. The reason there is discomfort is because each of those Plasma Waves contains Morphogenetic Fields of Consciousness from our original Divine Blue Prints. However, a person must know how to align with that Soul Matrix Blue Print and how to allow it to enter into the Physical and melt away the separation. That is what my expertise in the Music of the Spheres Technology does. When I breathe the thousands of frequencies for each Individual Recording and realign them into their new Resonance, I am taking my consciousness and connecting the Physical- particle with the Spiritual - anti particle of dimensional consciousness within each key, each tone, each note of the Fifteen spheres of creation.

Each one of these Frequencies is woven into the Chakras, the DNA, the Cellular Memory to create First A brain Meta Morph sis as the Seal of the Pineal is removed which begins the flow of Eternal Life Fluid or liquid light energy to stream into the body in the cells and between the cells. The problem areas in the Base Chakra area also need special attention as there were many distortions and seals placed in the sexual areas, the tail bone, and the naval capsule to block the spiritual flow from the third chakra to the seventh chakra. Each of these seals is removed in consciousness when I am creating an Eternal Life album for that individual. I always utilize the alignments going on in the Omniversal Fields including the Parallel Universal Alignments,

The Solar Alignments, the New Birth going on within the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, the perfect Aquafarian reality that holds Earth in her original Foundation, the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone, the Baby Dolphins being born, the new Avatars and Indigo Children's 12 DNA frequencies, and over all the Individual's Soul Matrix, Over Soul Matrix, Rishi and Avatar Selves. The Music of the spheres technology is created as each of the merkaba spins within each sphere. The two triangles of the Merkaba spin in opposite directions to create a sphere. The sphere is created by the light and sound spinning ten thousand times the speed of light, meaning it is removing the time and space phenomena between all dimensions. This light and sound is used in each of the fifteen dimensions to create a new harmonic attunement between all dimensional reality fields within the body and the light body, sound body mental and crystal body fields as well as the etheric bodies within the crystal heart.

So, there are spheres within spheres within spheres. Each dimensional sphere has a faster pulsation than the one before. The faster pulsation or frequency dissolves the slower pulsation rate to merge into harmonic resonance with it. Eventually the highest frequency merges all of the lower frequencies into it. The highest frequency being Source. THE DIVINE REBIRTH Dr. Angela Barnett Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. The Promise of the PERFECT KINGDOM has already arrived. The Divine Blue Print of the Perfect Man created in the image and likeness of God has already arrived. The 12 DNA template of the original Taran, Oraphim, Aquafarian, Paradisian Race Line has been reinstated into the Sphere of Amenti within the Earth's Etheric Core. The Sphere of Amenti is the Morphogenetic Field (Consciousness created by the interweaving of Sound and Light Particles of the Complete Soul Matrix of all Races on Earth). ation needed for real fairies to live in.

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