TRANSFORMING THE BODY FOR REBIRTH The most luxurious frequencies for listening at night


The most luxurious frequencies for listening at night are my latest album,48DNA-Gaia Ascending and Candle Levitation Set, however ETERNAL LIFE WATERS is going to take you to a place that you need to go to activate the pre-plasma liquid light of the Universal Life Force Spiritual Waters.

I have included the H202HE3 HYDROLAISE Water Currents in many albums. The Eternal Life Waters Journey actually takes you beyond this Cosmic Matrix back through the Eye of God Birthing Chambers to soak in the TRYPOLAISE Water for Spiritual Rebirh. The albums are in two parts- The music and the Journeys. You can listen to music only at night and then do the journeys in the morning.

ETERNAL LIFE HEALING WATERS SET ONE AND SET TWO Our most recent KIT comes in two sections. Section One of the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS contains the Frequencies of the Journey into the Cosmic Eternal Life Waters and the detailed explanation of who these ETERNAL LIFE WATERS are, what frequencies they carry, their atomic structure and their Power of Life potential. The Journeys lead the listener into the waters and teaches them how to use the magical waters for frequency activation. The Section Two of ETERNAL LIFE WATERS contains the magical coded frequencies from the Streams of Light and Sound from the Cosmic Sun 8, who is the New Sun born from the Seven Suns reuniting as One. The Frequencies come from the Cosmic Inner Earth Domains of Aquafaria where the Cosmic Water Elementals send their flames of Atomic Radiation to create the Fire Vehicles that will allow the Listener's Plasma Body to ride the Space Ship beyond the Earth's Matrix and then pop into Orb into the Sun 8 Core. This set also teaches how to use the Magical Light and Sound to TRANSFORM THE NEURONETS of the Body. The Neuronet system of the body is what runs our engine.

The neuronets tell every organ in the body what to do. Our bodies are not running on the Eternal Life Engine of the Mind of God, like they are supposed to. This set of Journeys was created for the SPECIFIC PURPOSE of wrapping the physical neuronets into the Spiritual Plasma Neuronets that contain the Divine Template of Eternal Reality. That template is within a Drop of Water. That drop of water is the nucleus of Plasma Energy. That Drop of Water contains the Code of the Mind of God Eternal Life Template. That MAGICAL ETERNAL LIFE CODE is in this music. Love, Crystalai The Manifestation Merkaba was created this way as well. The Frequencies are actually taken from the place that my consciousness goes to when I'm doing the journey.

The Manifestation Merkaba Journey is riding my Cosmic Body MErkaba into the Sun and then Connecting into the Heliotalic Frequencies of the 14th Dimensional Transformation. This is the place, the Consciousness, the moment of transformation when manifestation takes place. That is why it is called the Manifestation Merkaba. The Over the Rainbow and Emerald Cities Set was also created this way. Music at night and journey in the morning. Each time I create a new album of frequencies I'm tuning in to the NEW FREQUENCIES that have been created within Earth's Consciousness Field from all levels of Consciousness. This means that every time a make an album it is BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE.

That is just the way it is. After I created the ZERO POINT album the entire STANDING WAVE PATTERN of the Earth's Matrix COMPLETELY SHIFTED into a new Time zone. So, the 48DNA Gaia Ascending has much higher frequencies of Consciousness than anything I created before. However, yesterday, I created another new album that will be released as a CD titled 48DNA GAIA SYMPHONY. I would like to take a moment to explain the difference between an album that I title 12 DNA or one I title 48 DNA. 12DNA is the original genetic coding of the original human angelic dating clear back to Terra Firma, Gaia and the Oraphim Suns. There are no other race lines in the Cosmos who were created with the 12 DNA genetic coding. This is what has made our race line so coveted by our neighbors. The 12 DNA is like a passport that allows us to travel to all 12 StarGates of the Omniverse and to return back to Source as a Rishi Cosmic Self to move on to a new Cosmos at the completion of the Cosmic Cycle.

Since we have not been in a normal cycle of evolution, the Guardians created gifts for the Earth to help speed up her ascension process by about 2000 years. The did this by arranging the births of Indigo Children who carried a 48DNA template. That template means 12 DNA in the Physical Body reconnect to 12 DNA in the Spiritual Body PLUS since their birth originated from their Spiritual Body they are also connecting their Spiritual Body to it's Parallel 12 DNA Body, So there are 48 DNA all together in each DNA strand. The 12 Subharmonics mean there is the future Path that connects all of the way to the 12th Dimensional of the Universal Consciousness. Most other Race lines only connect to 8 Dimensions of Consciousness. They only know and understand Galactic Consciousness. This is where the problem of our evolution came in. We became locked inside of a Consciousness that only understands Galactic Consciousness and established that as the criteria for our Ascension instead of the Ascension of the Universal Teamplate. All of the Teachings in the 'New Age Movement are based on teachings that would lock us inside of a Galactic Matrix instead of a Cosmic Matrix that allows our Omniversal Freedom.

This is the first time in over Five Million Years that Earth will be returned to original Sovereignty where Spaceships from all over the Galaxies will land in order to return the same freedom of Omniversal Stargates to them. There have been other albums that focused on the 12 DNA. We always need to go back to the 12DNA coding which is the subharmonic harp strings that weave us back into all of our harmonic universes through the music of the spheres. The Third Dimension is woven into the Fifth Dimension and the 8th and the 12th. The 12th Dimensional Consciousness must be activated by the 14th Dimensional Consciousness. This is why I always bring that magical Transformational Frequency of the 14th Dimension into all Music for Activation of the 12 DNA. The 12 DNA Activation Album uses God Language or Star Language Codes to Activate the 12 Subharmonics within each of the 7 chakras.

The 12 Dimensional Frequencies come from outside of the body, at 24 inches above the head and 12 inches below the feet. The 14th dimension is 36 inches above the head. These distances relate to the Sacred Geometry that holds us within an entire Cosmic Structure. In the COMPLETE PERFECT DINA Album I went a step further to combine several genetic templates that are the Avatars who are activating the re-birth on Earth. The Six Avatar Children who were born to create our Pathways home have been combined with the Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions that also carry the Consciousness of our Complete Consciousness that we were originally born with. Those templates included 144 DNA, 36 DNA, 24DNA, 12DNA, 5-8DNA. Each of those templates is a part of our complete DIVINE IDENTITY. by Dr.Angela Barnett -- THE DNA DOCTOR First, we need to know that DNA is made from sub harmonics.

Sub harmonics are the spiritual or etheric substance of creation. That is the substance that is invisible to the five senses. But, that doesn't mean it isn't real. The sub harmonics are created from over tones, which are the electro tonal frequencies of the Spiritual Cloister Races, and the Base Tones, which are the magnetic tonal frequencies of the Root Races, who are the original Angelic Race Lines of Earth. Since Earth became Aurora Earth there has been a series of extremely important frequency upgrades. Those frequencies are on Zero Gravity, 48DNA Gaia Ascending, Candle Levitation, Eternal Life Water, THE SYMPHONY OF LOVE, THE VIOLET FLAME, PARALLEL UNIVERSE, MOTHER SHIP, DOLPHIN THERAPY, DOLPHIN DNA, COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION, and MANIFESTATION MERKABA.

Begin your Divine Rebirth by listening

ZERO GRAVITY and ETERNAL LIFE WATERS SET ONE AND TWO are TUNED IN to the Activity of restructuring our bodies from the inside out. It is the first time that I have attempted to design a Kit that is more in tune with the medical understanding of how the body works so that it might be made available to patients in medical environments. The new transformational tools of Eternal Life restoration are available on Earth now.

They are available for Healing the Body as well as Transforming the Body. They are available for tuning our Consciousness in to the New Reality that we are moving to. We cannot move to a new reality unless our Frequencies are already there. In the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS journey, the listener will meet their Ascension Mentors. They will meet Cosmic Entities who store the Frequency Signature Keys which allow us to return to these places in the Future. We will learn how every organ in the Body can be transformed through the correction of the Neuronets.

We learn how to tune in to these activations and set them in motion to continue all night long as we sleep. It is common to have nightly visits from Ascension Teams after these visits are set in motion. I recommend beginning with the MANIFESTATION MERKABA KIT because it contains a set of seven meditation journeys to teach you how to align consciousness into the Cosmic and Universal Streams of ASCENSION ACTIVATION that were prepared by the Cosmic Guardians.

The journeys have the listener riding in their Merkaba Crystal Space Ship down into the Cosmic Core through the Inner Earth Domains that extend into Median Earth, which is our new Ascension Earth. The Traveler absorbs the frequencies from the Cosmic Core that contain Divine Love, Divine Supply, the I AM GOD Principle. These are basic meditation journeys that were taken from the original Complete Ascension Process Kit that gives a complete introduction to how the ASCENSION FREQUENCIES are absorbed into the body and activated in the body. The PURE IN HEART KIT is another excellent set of Meditation Journeys that guide the listener in absorbing the frequencies from the Fifteen Dimensions of the Earth's Matrix and then aligning these into the Spiritual Perfect Parallel Universal and Cosmic Matrix.

All of the KITS contain a set of Frequency Music and a set of Meditative Journeys. The ASCENSION KIT the set of Music that goes with THE COMPLETE ASCENSION PROCESS. There are also KITS of Frequency Music that work together to help activate one certain process that was occurring on Planet Earth during HER progressive Evolution through Time out of the Phantom Matrix and into the Aurora Earth Field.

The COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS KIT is an excellent source of Frequencies to represent the Greatest Historical Event that has taken place in our Universe in 5.5 million years. The Cosmic Kit contains albums that tell the story of how the Earth and Sun realign so that the Light Energy begins to come from their Crystal Heart of Energy and spread up their Portals into the Atmosphere and braiding together to form more and more Eternal Life Energy.

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