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When the Spiritual Innate Self builds the bridge through consciousness to the corporeal self, the human being as you know it, will disappear and the one who comes to replace it will have eternal life. That human being will be able to have instant healing and a life time that reflects the excitement of each day. The life time only ends when the being has decided that there is no more excitement on this plane and wants to move to a new experience that can no longer be found on this plane.

Say to the cells I am done with the energy of the past. I drop the karma. I move forward. Take the energy into the Light of the Sun and allow it to melt into a new energy that only leaves behind the vapor of wisdom. Melt away all of the old karma. This means all of the old beliefs about what your life is, what your life span is, about diseases, fear, war, and all ideas that have come from the limited senses of the hertzian frequency. This is the only way that the new energy and the new human being can come forward.

The DNA goes through a long process of Initiation before it decides that the DNA is ready to begin to Consumate. This means all of the old ideas and beliefs that are in the 3 DNA template and 4DNA template must be removed, melted, disolved in the light energy before the 5DNA template which carries the perfected 12 dimensional consciousness can be born. And this new being can be born without dying first. The rebirth actually goes on in the DNA itself. The body does disappear and then reappear as a new body, but it happens in a nano second and no one will see it happen. We are actually disappearing every nano second already.

But, we do that just by having a thought. When we blip into the new Eternal Life Human Being, we actually turn the Seal between the 4th and 5th DNA strands into Plasma and it vaporizes. once that seal vaporizes, the new DNA is born. Interested in obtaining Eternal Life? Interested in not needing to die anymore? Interested in keeping your loved ones alive for another 300 years?

Learn how at life. Have your very own Individualized Eternal Life album created that aligns your infinite web of DNA strands that weave into all of the neuronets of your body to begin transmitting the message of Eternal Life into every cell of your body every nano second.

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"et hugger-its the Wef gang spread out all over-ex gov intel agents spying as you said and in the msm manipulating the truth and protecting the perps"
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