The Energy of the Storm

Have you ever noticed a change in the energy when a storm is rolling in?  I used to think that each storm had the same kind of energy, but recently i have begun to wonder.  I seem to be sensitive to the energy of storms. Some storms have a very soothing effect on me and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with their size.  One of the worst storms to hit my area was one of the most comforting to me.  It was Hurricane Fran.  I had a 6 year old son and one about 4 months along, still in the oven.  Our neighborhood was very wooded and our lot (about 1/2 acre) was no different.  When she started to reach our area I became very relaxed.  I stood on the front porch and soaked in this very powerful, but calming energy.  As the night went on, I went to sleep.  I woke up to my husband jumping out of bed.  It was the middle of the night, the wind was howling, the house was being pummeled with rain and branches.  He reported that a neighbor's enormous oak had landed across our drive-way.  I went back out to the front porch and looked up in the night sky.  It was surprisingly light in the sky, so much so, that even in the middle of the night, in a neighborhood with no street lights, the dark trees were silhouetted very distinctly against the light sky.  They were bending and swaying in the strong winds.  The rain was coming down sideways and it was amazing!  I could hear trees in our neighbors' yards snapping, but i was still very comforted.  She was showing us that, as powerful as we thought we were, she was more powerful.  She held our fate that night in her hands and I felt safer there than in that of our so-called "humanity."  I knew then that she wouldn't hurt me.  I turned away and went back to bed.  I slept like a baby the rest of the night.  People around us sustained quite a bit of damage and we lost 21 oaks and maples in our yard alone.  But our house was untouched.

Then there are storms that send a kind of electric energy before they even reach me.  It's like the very air is getting ready to burst. It's a fun kinda energy that makes me want to run and dance.

Then there are storms like Sandy.  She's off the coast of Georgia right now and isn't even projected to head inland until after it passes North Carolina.  But I'm already picking up her energy - and it is different still.

I also seem to be sensitive to old trees and the mountains.  So, my question would be. . . . are there others out there who have had similar experiences?  Perhaps with other elements?  



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  • glad you liked it louise.  thanks for the feedback.  it's the first blog i've posted on here.  maybe it's not so scary after all.  lol

  • wow.  it's nice to know i 'm in good company.  those two words, "awe and humbleness" are the perfect way to describe all the underlying emotion light warrior.  i can't ever remember being scared by a storm like so many other children.  and tabithaleigh, i too have been able to speak to plants.  the first time one actually answered me was only within the last year.  it shocked the stuffins out of me!  the little imp actually interrupted me!  i was wondering what kind of plant it was and it interrupted to tell me.  i should confess that i have since forgotten it.  but suffice it to say, that when i checked it out on line, the name was correct.  it was a botanical name and i can count on one hand how many botanical names i know.  i so rarely get a chance to get into nature alone, so i can actually "listen."  i miss it.

  • Not sure about feeling the energy but all my life, i seem to get "excited" when storms approach or when I am in it! My family picks at me as I am checking the weather channel, looking outside and listening to the weather warnings on my scanner. There is no laughter within me, just awe and humbleness.

  • Yes I am very much in touch with the elements and and very sensitive to change in the weather. I get headaches before thunder low pressure really cripples me and I have a dry patch of skin on my finger that itches and sometimes hurts when the weather is going to really change quite suddenly. I even asked the doctor about it and they just said oh it's just a rough patch of skin lol. It is now called my weather finger :D I love standing face on in strong wind or walking through the woods by me with the dog. Nice topic thanks for posting. 

  • I have always been able to sense the energy of storms and weather. Ever since I was a child... I would talk to the wind and it would blow in response to my questions. I was tormented by the other children i went to school with. they called me a witch and wouldn't play with me.

    when i am very angry it seems to storm. i know its the energy of the story getting to me, as i am a highly sensitive empath and feel just about every tiny thing ever...

    I live in alabama.. and the day of the tornado out break on april 27th was something that i had felt coming for a week in advance. i felt it building. i told people it was coming. of course they didn't believe me, naturally. or they did, just didn't take it as seriously as they should've.

    there is still parts of Tuscaloosa that are levelled... i dont know if it will ever be built up again. 

    right now i am watching the weather channel constantly, as i tend to do... when these things happen. =/

    but yes, i am with you on this.. i connect with plants and talk to them a lot. i also have this yearning for the ocean all the time -- with the tide and the winds off the sea... but i cannot relocate to the beach unforunately... atleast not yet. maybe someday!

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