Good afternoon to you. Please feel free to embark upon some further communication … Mmm! … that was rather formal … Hello chaps … you about?Congratulations to those of you on the earth plane who have ... suffice to say ... conducted the soulself in a fashion that is allowing the general consensus to be of a bright and sunny disposition. We, from where we reside for now … are immaculately composed in order to bring forth that which many of you for so long have been insistent upon.I have to say here … your first sentences whenever I first tune in are always rather long … and I find it interesting how it literally is word by word as opposed to the flow of a sentence. I have come to recognise this …and assume this is just our way of linking up more fully in order to continue on the rest of the channelling?This is correct. It is due to your Trust in this process that allows the entire anomaly (?) to take place. For indeed have we not progressed much in our communication and the way we have chosen to work together?Yes. When I look back to when I was ‘getting used to you’ and channelling ‘The Bridge’ … I used to get myself in such a pickle sometimes, not knowing if the whole thing was going to make sense, but it did. It made so much more than sense!And within that Trusting we have come to recognise that although you still very much allow yourself to be present during this integration time, that you also leave your questioning of words that you do not fully understand at the door, and allow us to continue with the flow of things. Indeed, as we say … Much progress has been made.It’s like with all things really … practise makes perfect.Let us speak now of that which it has been unprecedented to speak of.Sorry! I have to interrupt here. I am laughing because you have just said about me not questioning words and for some reason I have already looked up two, just to check the exact meaning and to make sure they fitted. (Anomaly and unprecedented), and as always to my relief they fit perfectly. Just made me laugh… hoping you are grinning too?Dear lady how could we not be uplifted by the gift of laughter?I interrupted you … you were saying?We have pondered upon our position within this fine atonement of your planet earth. It is without doubt to be an upgrade of the Highest degree. And although it is not the only ‘change’ taking place within planets … it is very much on the ‘mark with interest’ list. For as we have spoken in past days … what takes place upon your upliftment … very mush affects EVERYTHING ELSE.The days that are to present themselves will be of such high calibre that even your subjective missionaries (?) shall have to accept within themselves that indeed … that which is developed as we move into the Higher attunement is of a source that is present in order to fulfil the destiny that your earth required of itself. We have become increasingly volatile …I am so sorry to do this again … but that word ‘volatile’ … I’ve just got to check it out … so sorry!a) Flying or capable of flying; volant. b) Evaporating readily at normal temperatures and pressures. c) That can be readily vaporized. d) Light-hearted; flighty.Well they all fit the bill …. Surely you must have seen this coming? (me, checking all these words out) … otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned it … I usually wait till the end. Reason in all things. Ok … that’s it … no more checking up till the end … promise. Yet … just to be even more annoying …. Which one of the above were you referring too?That which you describe as a) b) c) and d).In other words ‘all of the above’.In other words … we are SO very close now to accomplishing feats which those upon your planet will be bemused and amused by. There never before has been such a high influx of stimulation to the mind’s eye and it is serving the correct purpose. Is it understood by those of you ‘down there’ that we ‘up here’ are often ‘down there’ with you … and yet we are ‘cloaked up’ shall we say? We would say to you that then the category c) would come into play. We are giving to you the words of ‘dummy runs’. Preparation for our visits are not to be taken with a pinch of salt and certainly not to be attained by any ‘fly by night’ assumptions that would put any one soul in danger … from our prospective.There are so many of you now gathered and prepared for the ‘Ascension Day’.Could you please elaborate on the term Ascension Day?Dearest Lady … for many eons of your time there have been contortions taking place concerning the Truths of WHAT IS. These contortions have come about through the manipulation of mankind’s generosity to serve. The pleas of the Brotherhood went unheard in an era that was to bring back some of the greatest Truths … for already and far too quickly had the knowledge of man become engrained within a quicksand that dragged the very capability of a souls KNOWING underground into the swamps of deceit and lies. Your world became a lie … a sham. And because of this … the downfall of the human heart has come to rest in a place that brought a sadness to those in other systems ... the energy of this misery … as a whole … cried out to the heavens … and it was decided that your planet could not be left to its own devices , which indeed would only continue down the path to total destruction.I am experiencing a minute particle of the energy and sadness that you speak, and believe me, that’s quite enough for me. And from what you have said before, because we are ALL part of the whole, you could not or did not want to let this take place.It would go against the grain dear one of who we are. And therefore, do you not see? Can you not feel the elation that many of us are experiencing … because our mission is succeeding? By the assistance of ALL THAT IS you have lifted YOURSELF and YOUR PLANET out of the mire. You have brought it into a place of Light in order for us to follow your leads, and offer to you that which we are able … so that your journey into the most glorious of days shall indeed be of a TRUTH.Oh souls of earth … bend in homage to yourselves and recognise that which you have done. And within that humility feel the strength inside your hearts, the determination inside your very Beings to undertake that which you came here to do. To lift this planet back into the Light from which it came. Together we are an army beyond all armies. For we have the force of the purest Love there is within us. And …IF YOU KNOW THIS AS A TRUTH THEN YOU SHALL KNOW THAT THE LIGHT SHALL BE GLORIFIED.Know in your deepest place of understanding … even when you cannot interpret many things within your human capabilities ... that the fear that has been spread throughout your lands shall dissipate almost at the blink of an eye.As you say that last sentence, my heart is telling me that there is more to it… in the sense that literally, it could be, by the blinking of an eye when one sees what we shall see, that the hearts of many turn around spontaneously because of the recognition within… that KNOWING that we all Know, that YOU ARE OF LOVE. The fear shall subside instantly for so many…As I write, as I sit here with you in this way … it all seems so fathomable, so TRUE! My heart ... in all that it can comprehend sincerely … oh so very sincerely ... desires this union with you to be. So many of us down here long to be with you once again … to be in our home territory, with those who understand who we are. To be in a world where everyone understands who WE are and who YOU are. To be in this place that you speak of … that we dream of … for in all honesty sometimes we feel very battle weary … and to see your Light above our heads would give us the biggest glow. We would become the brightest beacons for your landing lights … have no worries about that my friends. And there are many of us in place.May we be candid?You can.Do you think dearest Blossom … that we would simply spend all this energy and time on a topic that was only a ‘fairy story?’And you did!!!!Accept the segregation of ‘time’. For time within our space is only NOW and the next minute is NOW also, and so on and so on.Then how do you plan for the future?In silence. In the silence of the NOW that we are present within … we adjust our frequency to the Now of the space of ‘your future’. This topic is one of immense intricacy, and with all due respect it would not be advisable to begin at this juncture.Very cool about that right now! Just before we sign out … I just want to thank you from many of us … for all that you have done /are doing/ will do … in offering so much service to assist us down here. Truly … millions of us are so grateful. We Trust you know that. Through FEELING our energy.In the same we Trust that you understand the exact sentiments are reciprocated. We are brothers and sisters of ONE family. This is THE TRUTH.Ok … I know it’s time to say cheerho for today. It’s been lovely as always. Take great care until next time.And indeed our sincere gratitude to you of earth and to yourself dearest lady.My pleasure. In Love and thanks.
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