Chapter 5 #  anti-christ  genocide # FINAL


Now back to the story of SSG’s genocide plans. For over sixty years now they have departmentalize all there many bio-war chemical plant or labs., where they have been making all of these bad germs and bacteria, mold and fungi called micro-plasma. It seems the virus can mutate into a bacteria, mold or fungi and back again as it wishes. The chemtrails and the A/H1N1 are basically the same. And the new mutated virus that is in the three stage vaccine that they will use to kill us off soon, was all created in there 75 to 100 labs around the world with there main labs and headquarters in the US.


Note here in the last five years or so they have been killing off all the top scientists who where the only ones who knew what the bigger plans were with the entire deadly virus they were making since every thing was departmentalized. So far over 75 of these scientists have been murdered and some were made to look like suicide or accidents. All of this is done to hide from the public the monster virus that they have made in there labs. This is called covering your tracks.


Some of there more known plants are Nova Vox and Baxter and GlaxoSmithKline.. Who have been making Tama flu and other vaccines for the common flu but they have also been using it for the A/H1N1 but it was not very successful and now the CDC wants people to take both vaccines. Tama flu shot for the common flu and a nasal injection of live “bad A/H1N1” bacteria for the swine flu that they are spraying on us through the newly developed chemtrails. I believe they will start spraying the whole world heavily with the swine flu around 20th of Oct.09.


When they will again try to make us believe its coming from birds to pigs and other animals and now people and it was to become an epidemic is now a pandemic spreading around the world as the deadly chemtrails fall from the sky. And this is to get us to take the deadly mutated vaccine by the last week of Oct. Ukraine was hit by the swine flue and the low spraying chemtrails right before!!

By last month only 600 people has died and 300 has died from the vaccines since it began in 2002. But the CDC and the WHO websites and controlled media propaganda only show the possible deaths of those that died from the A/H1N1 and not the vaccines. They are really pushing the fear buttons. They lie about how many die from the common flu each year, which is 250,000 to 500, 000. And they lie about how many has actually died from the swine flu because the CDC has stopped testing for H1N1.


They want to try to make people think its worse than the common flu when its actually much less but when there new A/H1N1 Chemtrails start, then yes it will be much worse. At this time (late fall) they will push for the two part vaccine which is the next stage. And the one following that which will start around (12-21-010) .will be the really big one they have been warning us that is coming soon (with the deadly 3 stage vaccine). The SSG believes they must push this time slot while the winter is still in season and they can use it as a excuse for there man made pandemic!


Baxter and Nova Vox tried to pull a fast one in Jan.09 when they sent there deadly swine flu vaccines to there other European laboratories by train. And of course there was two separate train “accidents” and as intended the glass jars that held the new A/H1N1 to make new vaccines broke and released it onto the public. Both killed over 140 innocent people! And just as in the US, the EU said or did nothing much about it. But it did set the stage for yet another incident .This time in Austria back in Feb.09. Baxter sent out 72 kilograms of live “bird flu “virus supplied by the World Health Org. to 16 laboratories in four EU countries.

Baxter is facing court charges in several countries for sending out contaminated swine flu viruses. The charges, filed by journalist Jane Bugermester of Austria, claim that clear evidence exists that the pharmaceutical company(Baxter) and “WHO” conspired in producing , developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bio weapons on earth in order to trigger a pandemic and cause mass death (Genocide).


Last December, the Austrian branch of Baxter sent a batch of ordinary human H3N3 flu, altered so it could not replicate, to AVIR Green hills Biotechnology, also in Austria. In February, a lab in the Czech Republic working for AVIR alerted Baxter that unexpectedly ferrets inoculated with a sample from the shipment had died. It was to be used by Baxter to make vaccine. Baxter claims it was a simple “accident”. World-renown virologist Ab Osterhaus from Holland stated that the accidental release of the mixture of live H5N1 and H3N2 virus subtypes could have resulted in extremely dire consequences. Although N5N1 does not easily infect people, H3N2 does. Anyone exposed to the mixture of the two strains and simultaneously infected with both could serve as a human incubator for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to other people and their communities !. This is the outcome feared by many scientists for the autumn flu season, and the stated reason for the push to get everyone vaccinated, even if by force!

(Source:, 8 July 09, HTTP;//


This H1N1 or swine flu is not new; it goes back to at least 1969-70 when 30 cases of H1N1 appeared at Lack land AFB in Texas (two years after I was there). Its unknown if any deaths accrued. Again in 1976 an out break of the swine flu appeared in the recruits of fort Dix and two died. Then President Ford declared a national health threat. A mass vaccination program was initiated to target all the US pop. And 1/3 of the US pop .received vaccines most because of threats of new “Spanish flu out break” again. But it was so incompetent that it had to be halted 11 months after it began. And the reason for its failure was that many thousands of people received vaccines got the Guillain-Barre auto immune disease. Records were not released on how many people died from the bad vaccines!


And let us not forget the largest bad vaccine experiment ever done on man kind. And again it was done on US military in both gulf wars 1+2. A total of over 450,000 US troops were given deadly vaccines over a 10 year period. All of them became sick over time and in the end a large number died over 35,000, the exact number the US govt. won’t reveal. Today the 250,000 survivors are very diseased. The US, VA finally admits, after many years of court battles that the vaccines were bad, but wont admit that they knew it all along and refused to do nothing about it. They refuse to give VA benefits to these guinea pig soldiers or to there families. They claim that it was the fault of the drug company's and not theirs, I believe this will set the premise for the SSG to now move there bad and deadly vaccines on us, which is the final stage.


Now to summarize all of this I would say this,. We now know how they work and how they plan to create mass genocide by studying the way they have worked in the past. In this way we know that there next move will be. They need to convince the mass population of the earth, that there is now a pandemic of swine flu A/H1N1 taking over the world and many will die from it. And so to save us they will give us the (deadly) vaccines. They have there big propaganda machines rolling full speed and since they own most of the large media's they are hitting us hard from all sides at once.


At the same time I believe they will start the largest chemtrail spray ever done before. And the swine flu will be in the chemtrail so that it does look like the swine flu is spreading world wide. Also at this time they have stopped taking test's for the H1N1, so they can make up any number of sickness and deaths as they like. so far they have greatly blown out of proportion the amount of sick and dead people.


They are also including the false reports of the CDC and the WHO. The health and human services are putting the reports of common flu together with the swine flu to make there numbers look much larger. Today the 24th of Oct. the acting president Obama has declared a National Emergency because of the swine flu epidemic (same as they did in 1976) that they want to make into a pandemic.


This is one stage away from martial law. In the next two months they will push for forced vaccines as they continue to scare the public into believing there lies and scams and setting up vaccines tent camps, near hospitals. By or before X-Mass they plan to put in martial law and force the deadly new ‘3 stage’ vaccine upon the people of the US and the rest of the world will follow through the powers of the UN and the IMF and the W.H.O. plus there vaccines camps. If they fail they will try again each year til they succeed.


These new 3 stage vaccine is basically the A/H1N1 and the H5N1 which will be taken in the 1st. 28 days and then on the 29th or shortly there after the H3N2. Which Pro. Ab Osterhaus talked about before, that this combination will be deadly and spread rapidly by the people vaccinated. This could possibly kill 5 billion by the end of 2012 which is the genocidal goal of the SSG. Each person receiving this vaccine will be tagged with a metal wrist band with a RFID tag in it. People will think there safe but in fact they will become killing machines, spreading a new mutated form of the original A/H1N1.,we must refuse to take these new deadly vaccines and Europe is leading in the refusal to take the bad vaccines.

As of 28th Oct.09, 1/3rd of the EU was poled and 2/3rds of them said no to the bad vaccines. That’s the first positive sign I have seen yet. And half of the Americans don’t wont it. It’s going to be much harder to awaken the Americans up because the mind control and brainwashing runs deep. They have been programmed for many generations to believe the lies of the government and the media. And now they are sending the lies and propaganda out all over the world via the satellites. One of the latest tricks is to get public health programs. Not to help the people but to be able to soon enforce the new bad vaccine.

So if we don’t stop them or receive a miracle from our space brothers by intervention or receive divine intervention by the spiritual kingdom, then mass Genocide will take place. Everyone must do there part by releasing this very important information to all people around them. We are all one in this family of God. And it is our duty to help save human kind from this Diabolical Genocide plan of the Illuminati. It’s now or never! This may be our last chance to save humanity .Don’t take the deadly vaccine! This is truly the end times, prepare and choose wisely and pray that we are rescued in time!



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