What do they want to transmit through me now?

- You are on the ray, you are in Presence, you are in the vision of the Divine plan, in the vision of what is happening, in the vision of the spiritual processes, which are happening with the Earth – with the newborn Earth, and with the old Earth, which is under transformation, not an easy transformation but a heavy transformation, and with the New Earth, which is so clean, newborn, new, and exists above all this.

In essence, each one of us, people, is repeating the path of the Earth, when a light person is born out of him and old shells are falling off, - this is what is happening with the Earth, i.e. in that sense the processes are very similar.

- What do they want to transmit regarding the new system of the world, about the new spiritual schools, about the New Earth?

- Listen to yourselves, listen to those processes, which are happening inside of you, because these processes are deeply and finely spiritual, they are not double natured, they are sublime, and with your inner attention you speed up and make them more active.

- What are these processes, and what is involved here?

- It is a growing out of you, of a new spiritual human being.

-And what is he like, who is he and what is he?

-Much has already been said about this topic.

-And what do they want to transmit to us now, new human beings on the New Earth?

-Learn to receive light, learn to listen to light, learn to take information from the ray of light, learn how to be from light, learn unconditional existence from light, learn how to be invulnerable, how to be on the one hand straight and simple-valued, and on the other hand totally unattainable.

-The unique properties of light are now being given to you as something to which you need to open up to, to receive in you and to absorb in you, and through this absorbing to learn from the property of this light: to be one-character with light, one-quality with light, to be the same in your vibrations, in your qualities, as light.

- Now the Light itself, I think, will speak…

-No, - he smiles. He says that he does not speak in words; he speaks individually in each person in a language understandable to him.

I have a question:

- Life, it’s generally hard and it continues to be hard, and even though we talk about all this, life continues to remain as it was. What does light want to say to us about this, what does the Source want to say to us about this, our Heavenly parents do?

- Really it’s not true, because life turns with the side that you choose yourselves, i.e. you choose the direction, then in your chosen direction, life starts to open its doors and opportunities.

That’s why, trust your right to choose and choose light in your life, and do not display a half-hearted position, because it is very hard, this I say from my own experience, that it is very hard to choose a half-hearted position, when you are both here and there; choose pure light, so that light will show itself to you in any situation, in any person, in any circumstance.

Therefore, this thought that life remained the same as it was, is incorrect, it’s not functional, it’s not real, and it’s not life-like.

Continue that with which we started this work: to learn from light, because light is universal, it is unattainable, it is universal and at the same time always open and always is in everything until the end, it displays itself always and in totality, but our vision, our level, is open to the degree that it is open; therefore, we take in as much as we are able.

Simply now we are offered to open our eyes wider and to fit in more light.

-What other characteristics does light have? What does he want to say to us?

- On the New Earth, Light is the formative beginning, it is an actively formative beginning, and on the old Earth it is the formative, but on the old Earth it is hidden by our notions, it is hidden with all kinds of our mental constructions, but on the New Earth it is all manifested, it is all open.

This is studied at school, each being knows this, that Light is the basis of everything, light is formative, light is the main actor in what’s happening, and light is individual in each one, and light, which comes from the Father…

- And what do they want to tell us about building a new life on the New Earth by light?

- It is all very individual, light works within each one individually, especially on the New Earth. Light forms new forms, creates new spiritual arteries, new organs of perception, which a three-dimensional person, that we were before, had all of this, but it was hidden, packed in a such way that we could not even guess of its existence. On the New Earth all of this is opening.

- What are these organs?

Immediately, wings appeared. It seems that it is figurative, but what are these wings?

- It is the ability to move through space.

I see arteries and veins inside a person with light, with spiritual light.

- And what is it?

- It is a new light circulatory system, which allows a new human being to exist comfortably and well in different surroundings and in different conditions.

Since he will be moving across the Universe and will be sociable, then he will need the means and such structure which will come in mutual relationship with other beings – different other light beings, so that he will feel well everywhere, spiritually comfortable and correct.

Therefore a new light circulatory system is needed, which will allow him to feel comfortable in any conditions, as guests of different beings and in different environments; now I will not list them, because different conditions may arise, different situations may be arising.

They are saying that this light system is not new, and on the old Earth it was known. But now – I feel it in myself, how strongly it is activated - it will allow us to more actively take part in different events of the light life and will allow us to be more mobile, more light weight, more agile, so that we can participate in other events of spiritual life, from which we were closed off on the three-dimensional Earth.

- And what else does light form?

It forms a new heart, which will not be on the left side, but I see that it will be more in the center. Do I see that correctly?

- Not, not exactly.

- And what is correct?

- It is not important where it will be located. This heart is not from flesh and blood, but is a spiritual heart; it is a transparent light organ, in which all the information about Creation in general is gathered.

It was also in our heart, but it was there on the account of the density of matter, on account of blood, on account of density of material and it was hard for us to see it and it was hard to reach. But now the light heart is simply built inside us, an organ of active light work, which includes in itself codes of the Father, all creations and the whole Universe in microform.

And it is a reflection of a thought of the Father - simultaneously a projection of the whole Creation and at the same time a projection of the Father.

And the new lungs, which breathe a spiritual air is also a light organ. The stomach will not exist.

-What will be in its place or how can it be understood?

-- Because the food is spiritual, then physical food will not be needed, and the lower chakra will unite with the throat chakra, it seems.

Unfortunately I do not see a visual form of a new human being.

What do they want to say about the structure of a new human being?

- There is no sense in listing, because there will be many changes on a visual plan, but this is not important, now we are not talking about that, we are talking about the essence.

Love as the main energy, present on the planet will form necessary organs, which will be able to perceive it, i.e. love as defining, as a dominant, will form that which is necessary for her expression, for her realization, for her manifestation on the level of the New Earth.

- I see that from above a kind of a planet Saturn with orbits is descending on the New Earth.

- What is it I see?

It is a space ship and from it some kinds of beings are descending.

- Who is this and what is this and what is happening?

It is in confirmation of that thought, that I saw it correctly, that love is the defining and dominant thing on the planet, and with the confirmation of this a ship with beings now already descended to us.

- What do they want to tell us?

Somehow I see them as white, like in films, in space-suits. What is this?

- Visually so far you cannot imagine everything; you are using the models that your brain gives you.

- But what is this in essence?

In essence they are spiritual beings, which came to greet us and to mix with us, because having determined on our planet as dominant, our planet immediately attracted them with her vibrations.

They came to greet us and to thank us for that movement, which we made, that love is dominant on our planet, and to receive us into their embrace, so that we will receive them into our embrace, as a sort of a spiritual fraternization, I see, is happening.

They are not talking about themselves, because it feels that it’s too much, some kind of information is extra.

Simply that this strong vibration of love attracted them here.

This is such an exciting moment, that there is not even some kind of information, no words, which may be transmitted, because for everyone who is listening now to this work and at least to some degree trusts to this, it is happening. It is happening through love, this uniting is happening with other light beings, which came to our expressed intention, to our expressed love.

And what is so interesting, I see, that each is fraternizing exactly with that being which is close to him, which is accessible. That is how I see it.

This ship is ascending and these beings remained on the New Earth. Who is it?

They are saying that they will help us. They came here for the purpose of helping us get up on our feet.

They are saying that long time ago they took inside the ray of the Father and took inside love as formative, but also it was not so simple, and also many changes were happening to them and they lived through many difficulties, but now they are preoccupied that they are like a team, which helps their light brothers.

They are helping in their development, in their becoming. They, as I see, are encamping somewhere here, as a camp, near to us.

They will help us in our building; they will help us in our creation of ourselves.

And by that, they are creating themselves, i.e. they are also learning from this, from this helping.

And again, in the meaning, that love is formative, which will form those organs, which are necessary for us, that will form those light forms, which are necessary for love’s perception, they, with their coming, again confirm that it is very precise, very correct; because that - where love is not involved, that will not exist, that will not be.

And this is why, with some common matrix, when there is the light heart, there is a new light system; each being is very different spiritually, of course with some common characteristics, but many parameters are very different.

This is because light is individual, and light forms that vessel, which is necessary for it. Love creates those forms, in which it can maximally manifest itself.

They are smiling, because we are all so different.

They are saying:

- Let’s return to our children.

To our light children, which are near us and inside us.

- What do they want to say about this?

They are saying that in some meaning, any being of light is a child, and you know this, and all of Creation is a child of the Father, but learn to be good children, learn to be attentive children, learn to be a vessel, I get, not a prodigal son..

They are saying:

- Your new light organism, it has not grown strong yet, it, of course, needs a huge amount of love from its Heavenly parents and from its brothers, like us, and from the whole system of the world; therefore, collect, breathe deeply, feel yourselves free, feel calm, feel yourselves in the arms of your Heavenly parents, and of course do not be afraid of anything, it’s strange to say it, but still, do not allow to you any measure of the energies of fear or the energies of mistrust, it has all been left behind, it’s strange for them to say it, but still they consider it correct to say.

They are saying that the building of your spiritual life already exists, as a project, but it is still not realized on the New Earth, it only exists as a project; it exists at some distance away from Earth.

With your intention, you will create it, enter it and build it.

There is a lot of work, the work is large, and Creation awaits your labor; therefore, take care of yourselves, love yourselves, live by love, live by giving.

And give thanks to the Father, to your Divine Father and Mother, for creating you the way that you are. Send them your love in the same way as they constantly send you their love.

And we are with you, our Divine brothers. Amen

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