10 ACTIONS TO STOP DANGEROUS 5G SMALL CELLS  from being placed IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME and throughout your community:

“There have been certain points in our history where people have stood up to strong destructive forces against what often appeared to be insurmountable odds. Those people are THE most honored people in our history. The people who failed to do so are among the most despised people in our history. I am not at all sure we will have historians to record us 100 years from now or even 30 years from now, given the direction in which we are heading. But if we do, rest assured that these are the standards by which we will all be judged.” (Martin Pall PhD, EMF researcher, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University; 2018)

  1. LEARN about 5G concerns – NEW! SUMMARY of all issues concerning 5G for activists and the public

a. The dangers of high frequency rf radiation and 5G. 5G small cells, high frequency microwave-emitting components like mini-cell towers, are planned to be placed in front of our homes, by the street, in the very near future, in your City and County, throughout the United States. The federal government is pushing 5G on a “fast-track”, which could happen by summer, in San Diego County and wherever you live! There is vast consensus that 5G wireless emissions will be dangerous to humans, your pets, animals, insects, and plants – but that hasn’t stopped the federal and local governments from continuing to plan the installment of 5G. The driving force seems to be the greed and clout of the telecommunications industry. Click here to learn more.

b. NO SAFETY TESTING FOR 5G TECHNOLOGIES! Industry leaders, in a Senate hearing on Feb. 6, 2019, admitted there’d been no health or safety testing for 5G technologies that they knew of.

c. WHAT THE FEDERAL GOV’T and INDUSTRY IS SAYING ABOUT 5G: WATCH A U.S.SENATE COMMERCE, SCIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY MEETING HELD ON FEB. 6TH, 2019: “Winning the Race to 5G and the Next Era of Technology Innovation in the United States“.

It is clear that the plan is to saturate the environment, both rural and city, of the entire United States, with hazardous millimeter microwave RF radiation, without consideration for actual public health and safety, though “safety” is used often by speakers as a reason to install 5G across America, and even is stated as a “#1 priority”. Glowing descriptions of “equal access” to wireless completely ignore the warnings of scientists about the hazards of microwave and millimeter wave RF radiation for all biological beings, based collectively, on tens of thousands of studies. Use of all possible places to install 5G in a vast network, including federal lands is also presented. Here is a MUST-READ description of the hearing by an anti-wireless activist, Dafna Tachover.  She says Senator Blumenthal (CT) asked questions about health and safety of 5G and revealed the FCC has not satisfactorily responded to his Dec. 2018 demands for FCC’s 5G health and safety data. Blumenthal begins speaking at 2:04:00 into the hearing and continues for four and a half minutes. Listen to his questions about 5G health and safety and the response from industry. In that short time, Senator Blumenthal got industry leaders to admit they’d not spent one penny on health or safety testing of 5G technology, even while investing $25 billion just last year (as presented earlier in the hearing by Mr. Gillen). TELL YOUR LOCAL GOV’T THAT! NO HEALTH AND SAFETY TESTING AT ALL FOR THIS TECHNOLOGY THAT INDEPENDENT SCIENTISTS INSIST IS UNSAFE. NONE BY GOV’T EITHER.

d. 5G will cause millions of trees to be cut down or severely pruned, [impacting our cities and towns, and your landscaping, in addition to worsening global warming /climate change] in order to allow the 5G signal to have a line-of-sight clearance to operate successfully. Old trees, new trees, the canopy of the trees – cut down to make way for 5G, a concern of the Washington DC Sierra Club. 

More Sierra Club testimony transcript and links here.

NEW! SUMMARY of all issues concerning 5G for activists and the public

2. WRITE letters to all your elected officials – including your Mayors, City Councils*, and County Supervisors. Tell them you don’t want what is basically a microwave-emitting cell tower, in front of your home or on your street! You may not want millions of trees along our streets or potentially, those bordering your yard, cut to allow 5G signals to get through. Express your concern and what you want them to do about it. Educate them about what the scientists are saying about 5G, that the industry admits it did no safety testing, and tell them it is their responsibility to keep your family and the public safe and healthy. That 5G installations are unacceptable in your community.

*Be sure to check with city councilmembers AND city planning departments. City councilmembers may not yet know that these new FCC orders will impact the city’s wireless policies and ordinances. If you want to see if your city has a wireless ordinance, go to your city’s website and then running a search for “wireless”. You should get a department or a document outlining your city’s wireless guidelines/rules. It is important not to wait till your City Council or County Supervisors are voting on ordinance changes. Find out what your current wireless / cell tower ordinances are like now, and educate all the elected officials about the dangers of 5G and options they may utilize to protect the public and keep it out of your municipality.

San Diego County Unincorporated areas map with communities list

San Diego County proposed ordinance changes to fast-track 5G (AKA “draft ordinance”)

Note: this ordinance is for the unincorporated areas of San Diego County, about three-fourths of the County’s area, but it may become a model for the incorporated cities in the County. It is important to have this important initial ordinance become protective of the residents, rather than of the interests of telecommunications companies. That is why EVERYONE in San Diego County, in an unincorporated area or within a city, should write your County Supervisor (or all of them), using your own letter or personalizing one of our examples below.

PRIORITY: Sample Letters A (for use with local governments)

For San Diego County only: 1. (San Diego County Letter to Board of Supervisors)

For Any City or County, Anywhere, USA:

1. Generic, more detailed letter to use with your local County or City government

2. Basic Letter for use with City or County officials – (may be used in San Diego County also – use with County Supervisors AND your City elected officials)

3. More Sample Letters about 5G ordinances for use with local municipalities

Sample Letter B (use with all your elected officials: the White House, your members of Congress, and your state legislators) [Modify a Generic or Basic Letter Above]

Note: San Diego County cities residents click here to get contact info for your State Legislators

Click here to find contact info for the White House, Members of Congress, Governors, State Legislators, and Local Officials

More Sample Letters about 5G ordinances for use with state and federal elected officials

Sample Letter C (post for your FB friends) Copy and paste:

Dangerous 5G cellular antennas are coming to your street and in front of your home, very soon, if not already there. Learn more about 5G and see the CEP “Stop 5G” campaign, complete with ready-made letters to send to your elected officials to wake them up to the dangers. Share this widely! http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/category/stop-5g-action-plan/

3. SHARE what you learn with everyone you know – discuss with friends, family, your child’s school, the PTA, at your church, with your doctor & workplace (if indicated), your entire email list, and through all your social media.  Give them an electronic or print brochure or flyer about 5G dangers and these action steps.  Ask your contacts to share this info with all they know.

4. FIND City or County meetings where they will be discussing “5G” or “small cell wireless” or “wireless ordinances” or “revision of ordinances”.  All may be in preparation to fast-track local laws to usher 5G small cells to be placed on street poles by your home. Better yet, go to the next City or County meeting to tell them about 5G and your opinion. The elected local government officials may think 5G will be great and they must comply with the federal government’s push to force 5G into your community. Tell them they were elected by the local community – and that they have a mandate to maintain the public health and safety.  Consider voting them out if they don’t listen!

ATTEND these meetings with as many of your family, friends, and neighbors as you can.

SPEAK at these meetings to express your concerns, citing what scientists and physicians are saying about the dangers of 5G and insist that these small cells not be placed in your community. Tell them that the new FCC small cell orders are being challenged and that any permanent changes in local ordinances to streamline for 5G can be a mistake.

HOLD PROTESTS OUTSIDE THE MEETINGS – INVITE MEDIA – HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE – CONSIDER SAFE, PEACEFUL, CREATIVE “DIRECT ACTION” *, which certainly helped gain peace and justice for many important issues, during the past sixty+ years).

*Direct Action (definition): the use of strikes, demonstrations, or other public forms of protest rather than [only]negotiation to achieve one’s demands. May include boycotts.

FOLLOWUP the meetings with letters and attend other related meetings.

5.  TALK TO MEDIA – write local “letters to the editor” and opinion articles; post on local blogs such as the local Patch (online news for small towns); organize and hold press conferences; call national, state, and local media and give interviews to tv and print and online newspaper and magazine reporters in your area. Be prepared with printed documents to prove scientists are saying 5G is dangerous.

6. ADVERTISE: Take an ad out in local newspapers and magazines to inform the public about what you have learned and give them actions to take. You may wish to cite this page.

7. OBJECT if anyone tries to install a small cell near your home, your children’s school, or wherever you are concerned about in your community. Tell the company you have the right to be healthy and you don’t want it there. Take photos and post them. Record what is said; make a YouTube video and share it.

8. BOYCOTT all 5 G products and services. Encourage others to do the same. Tell your wireless companies you plan to do this. Don’t fall for the ads, which don’t mention the dangers and the loss of privacy. Without the public buying 5G it can “go away”. You are in the driver’s seat as a consumer. We don’t need “smart cities” or “smart cars”. We need smart actions! “Smart” usually means unhealthy wireless, so it really is “dumb”!

9. TAKE LEGAL ACTION if indicated. Consider a consultation with local attorneys to ensure your family’s rights to health and safety. See your doctor for a note if anyone in the family is disabled or has a medical condition that might be aggravated by rf radiation.  Write the County or City to demand an accommodation under the laws of your state and the federal government, if applicable. Consider seeking help from an attorney if needed.

10. JOIN CENTER FOR ELECTROMOG PREVENTION to help prevent electrosmog pollution in our communities .

Additional Resources:

The EH Trust has a section called Action on 5G and Doctors’ Letters on 5G Small Cells

[Note: the above is for educational purposes only. These are not to be considered legal or medical advice. Any use of this information falls under our Disclaimer, below.]


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