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John Jancar
  • 32, Male
  • St. Jean, Quebec
  • Canada
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John Jancar's Discussions

The MJ syndrome - The Desire to be Normal

Started this discussion. Last reply by John Jancar Jun 14, 2013. 37 Replies

I've always felt sort of out of place. I've always felt different than other people, and no matter where I  go, I always seem to stand out. I get attention that I don't always want....sometimes I…Continue

The Changes And Why They're Taking So Long

Started this discussion. Last reply by Stick Feb 23, 2013. 31 Replies

We all want these changes to happen. We want to get into the new age already, and have all the benefits...and do our part to make it happen. I'm sure alot of us, and me too, have moments when we get…Continue

What's your dream?

Started this discussion. Last reply by In Betwena Feb 13, 2013. 44 Replies

What's your dream. Everyone has dreams....I hope lol So what's yours. If you could do and be anything right now, what would it be? What would be your dream life, your dream job, your dream fun, your…Continue

The Human Story: Our Path to Ascension and to the Stars

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lori Scott Kaiser Jan 24, 2013. 139 Replies

I'm gonna get intellectual for a bit lol This is gonna be pretty long,'s worth the read I think.I was thinking about how people say there is no ascension.....and I don't understand it…Continue


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Latest Activity

John Jancar posted a status
"Hey everyone. I’m back lol"
Sep 2
John Jancar liked James McConnell's discussion Sananda, One Who Serrves and Shoshanna - THROUGH LOVE YOU WILL SEE THE ORDER THAT IS COMING OUT OF THE CHAOS. Via James McConnell
Sep 2
Ara left a comment for John Jancar
"Jancar .... :))"
Sep 4, 2019
John Jancar replied to the discussion 'Blue Avians Fake Or Demonic? (David Wilcock Corey Goode) Occult Unmasked'
"Well what are you experiencing then, tell me. Maybe I can shed some insight, I guarantee I've experienced similar attacks over the years. I too was at one time in a "battle for my soul" with some very dark force made its way to me.…"
Aug 22, 2019
John Jancar replied to the discussion 'Blue Avians Fake Or Demonic? (David Wilcock Corey Goode) Occult Unmasked'
"I know more than I ever cared to know. And I know from EXPERIENCE, I don't just watch stupid videos on Youtube and propagate crap. I can tell you things I've experienced that you'll never believe. I assure you, you have NO CLUE what…"
Aug 21, 2019
John Jancar replied to the discussion 'short message from Colleen and Sheldan'
"Been waiting for the RV and currency reset for 15 FRICKEN YEARS. Where is it. Are these dark ones so scrupulous, they can't be taken out, even though they number in not even the thousands. Just whenever the silly humans decide to get off their…"
Aug 21, 2019
John Jancar liked amparo alvarez's blog post THE SECRET TO TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION by ARCHANGEL GABRIEL through SHANTA
Aug 21, 2019
John Jancar liked amparo alvarez's blog post INTERDIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATION
Aug 21, 2019
John Jancar replied to the discussion 'Blue Avians Fake Or Demonic? (David Wilcock Corey Goode) Occult Unmasked'
"No such thing as Fallen Angels. Angels CANNOT FALL. Because they're not endowed with free will the way the humans are, they're direct channels and conduits of Divine Light and Will. They wouldn't even think of trying to fall, their…"
Aug 21, 2019
John Jancar posted a status
Aug 5, 2019

Profile Information

About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
Im interested in connecting with my fellow lightworkers around the world to help unite us, so we can better this world, counter the darkside, and further the evolution of humanity towards our Ascension back into Oneness, as we create our galactic society. I submit my energetic space as a warrior of the light and love of truth in my service to God, the Creator.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
Ive been taught by the best, so I can't take much credit. The credit I will take is having the curiosity and courage to find the truth about life by exploring all avenues of knowledge, and the discernment to distinguish fact from fiction.

My principal teachers have been Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Alex Jones, Alex Collier, Malcolm X, Michael Jordan, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Hetfield, Tupac Shakur, Will Smith, Muhammad Ali; All the great spiritual leaders like Jesus, St. Germain, Master Hilarion, Master Kuthumi, the Buddha, Muhammad; People like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama; All my spirit guides and visitors who assist me; All the angels and archangels surrounding me like Archangel Michael and Metatron; several off world beings such as the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans, specifically Salusa, Matthew, and Hatonn, among others.

I must also mention that I've been taught by people like David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard ''The Iceman'' Kuklinski, Adolf Hitler, as well as all the Illuminati and other dark figures, who have taught me how the darkside operates, where I've learned to have compassion and sympathy for darkly inclined people.

But I do feel that I've been taught directly by God, so all praise goes to God, the Creator. Only the mistakes have been mine.

John Jancar's Blog

An audio voice recording for you, my friends on Ashtar Command Crew

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 9:59am 3 Comments

Here I hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry my voice sounds hoarse, I was talking and singing all day....and it was late, like 2:30 in the I haven't slept much the past few days, so I'm a little bit slow....but this is for you guys....

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev Claims Extraterrestrials Live Among Us

Posted on December 9, 2012 at 7:22am 1 Comment

This is pretty big news....I can't believe nobody's posted this yet lol

Russian Prime Minister claims extraterrestrials live among us…


What do you guys think of this

Posted on August 24, 2012 at 1:00am 0 Comments

I remember watching this a few years ago, and I thought it was pretty performed...there wasn't enough authenticity in the way the people were acting, it seemed too much of a production. It's pretty well done though. Maybe it's just a reenactment...or...maybe it's absolutely real. Whatever it is, it's pretty compelling to watch....I thought I'd share it with…


I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson

Posted on June 1, 2012 at 5:31am 5 Comments

What can you say's love :) Hope you guys enjoy it.

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At 8:07am on September 2, 2020, Richard Levison said…

Welcome back John!

At 3:18am on September 2, 2020, amparo alvarez said…

Welcome back...All are welcome, new or returning ones...Blessings...

At 2:13pm on September 4, 2019, Ara said…

Jancar .... :))

At 1:26am on March 19, 2016, Marique said…

Hi John, long time since I have seen you.  I stop in here from time to time.  Just saying hello!  Have a great weekend.

At 1:25am on March 19, 2016, Marique said…

At 3:11am on December 20, 2015, Luke said…

John ... Lonnnng long long time .. how are you, brother?

At 8:03pm on December 18, 2015, Ara said…

At 11:42pm on February 15, 2014, Ara said…

it's good to see that you are alive, but you are suspiciously quite ... ;)) How is life?

At 12:58am on December 21, 2013, Ara said…

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May your holiday be merry and bright as well as the rest of your days, lots of love this Christmas season!

At 4:14pm on November 26, 2013, Ogdoo said…

Hi John, I saw you are back visiting ACC. I hope everything is good with you :)

Hugs brother. 


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