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Dream about ufos

I remember that i had a dream of ufos changing a random town. There came a lot of water and all of the sudden nature began to grow, out of nothing. I saw alot of ufos also. 

Now i think about it, i've dreamed alot about ufos. Never about beings though

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Wanted: Salusa

Just a few minutes ago i went to the tree of the golden light site, and i noticed that salusa hasn't spoke for almost a week. Does somebody know why salusa his/her updates aren't on the site? For the record, i do not particulary believe in salusa. Im

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Strange dream..?

I had the weirdest dream last night. Altough i use the term dream, im not sure wether it was a dream, maybe a astral travel? Anyway, i was looking at this moving light, similair to a moving star. Out of nothing this star changed in a transparant ufo.

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Did i ascend?

Okay, this is hard to explain, even in my own language. Since a year ago, i expierence everything i see as not real. Or at least, it feels like a dream. Everything i see. I really expierence that im in a body instead of im in MY body, and i am the bo

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