Wanted: Salusa

Just a few minutes ago i went to the tree of the golden light site, and i noticed that salusa hasn't spoke for almost a week. Does somebody know why salusa his/her updates aren't on the site? For the record, i do not particulary believe in salusa. Im open for his information.

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  • ...Hmm I Know....:)......It Gets Around.....

  • Actually , SaLuSa is a she.

    She has stopped giving messages as they got corrupted by false channels - just a hint

  • "Ah, I'm not the only one that does that! Cool."

    Lol, well, there's a limit to what behaviour I can accept from beings who wants a free ride on my energies. :)
    Once in a while you simply gotta electrify the roof of the train to teach the stow aways that there's no such thing as "free rides" ;)

    "Attacking a spirit following a shaman that's aware of said spirit can be akin to an attack on the shaman itself or an insult at least."

    I would never attack anyone who haven't proven to be a serious nuisance for me, and I usuallty only resond with ruthless'ness on the 3'rd or 4'th time they do harm to Me.

    I'm not here to blow up the world, but I will if it gives me a good enough reason.
    I do count on the fact that the world will never give me that reason tho ;)
    I prefer Forgiveness before Strike.

    I'm quite sure a Shaman would accept that I have the right to remove roadblocks on the path to ascension tho, and if a spirit would choose to be such a thing, then the following bulldozer would be a part of that spirits intended path, as a rule. :)

    But, spirits that likes to hang around Shamans do not do such things anyway, so.. There's nothing to worry about there. It's in fact impossible for a Shaman-"hangaround" to get harmed by friendly fire in this case. The frequency of the blast would only taste like a good meal to them :)

    "I've found a heart in some pretty dark spirits."

    I've found some pretty dark spirits in My own heart. Identifying them in myself was the first step to learn to understand them properly :)
    I do supress the worst ones tho, since their likings and preferables are things not even Vlad Tepes would touch with a 10 inch pole. ;)
    But of course everyone has a heart, and are also free to use it as they wish. :)

    "In the end, we all go platinum ;)"

    I'm an alchemist so I went Gold, but .. There's probably more destillation needed because it still ain't a Crystal and it's a crystal I see in my inner mind which of course have to be evoked so that it also can exist where I'm focused Now.  :)

    "I've had to teach myself a lot of it by heart, so feel free to expand my vocabulary on the subject if you could :)"

    I've tought myself all the important things I know by myself. Trust me, teaching yourself thru your HS and going thru the genetic memories is the best way to go if you wanna truly evolve Fast on this earth. :)

    "I will always pronounce it "shah-man" rather than "shay-man" though"

    phonetic: [Shah-maan] is how I've always spoken it. :)

  • its because the channler is at sedona i beleive 

  • Mike Quinsey is in Sedona...

  • To ALL the cynics, critics, haters & members of AC who rally around the Troll flag with pride...

    ( ( ( Let Go, Let God! ) ) )

    Continuously flocking to sites that contain data that doesn't resonate for you merely to feed on creating conflict & lower vibrations says a great deal more about your lack of Integrity than anything else.

    Information is simply information... until it isn't. Shooting the Messenger is one of the primary reasons the turbulence of duality is still front & center for Humanity. This isn't about 'belief'... it's about the Spiritual Practice of Respect. The Truth as it pertains to Mike Quinsey is best measured through his character... that he has shown himself to be a Humble & Loving individual seems quite clear. If his 'information' leaves you cold, so be it. But tearing him down seems... well... I'll leave that for you to decide. ~InLight555   


    *& yes, Quinsy is currently speaking at a Conference in Sedona with people who are interested in engaging these type of ideas with an Open Heart rather than a closed mind. 

    • Yes, life is a team game, interesting and offers a lot of entertainment, but an examination at the end of the game for each Idividualny. The only chance to ascend, the mind is finding your soul. Just for this purpose, and is given by you the body, is excellent biological analytical engine. One can tell the body teaches soul analyze events, and not just feel them.

    • what about other people like petra margolis who channel salusa as well, with a TOTALLY different vibe.  quinsey is part of the fraud squad of nidle, quinsey, ward.  or what about laura tyco, she channels him too.

      what about 2 or 3 years ago when quinsey computer was supposedly dead, yet he released a "channeling" and then apologized saying it wasnt to be released yet.  alluding to the fact that all his messages are written by a team, which is why the 3 messages a week sound different.

      You guys gave us the flag and the name, blame yourselves for following and promoting liars and frauds and then attacking us for it.

      there are plenty of articles and information here we all resonate with, we believe in aliens and things as well.  we do not however fall for lies and disinformation like so many "believers" do.

      people with closed minds are people who ignore obvious lies and misinformation, so this really makes the closed minded people the believers and the always skeptics, ones who despite brining the APPROPRIATE evidence before them still deny it.  like saying it was swamp gas if the sighting was in the desert. 
      being skeptical of a claim and asking for verification is not the same as being handed the keys to the enterprise and the person still saying they dont believe.

  • "I'm so glad people are noticing what they do."

    I'm quite educated in mental conditioning, mind control and pure brainwashing/slavetraining so I can spot such behaviour a mile away. I posted some stuff about this when I came here so if you look thru my posting history in the beginning you can probably find it. I explain many forms of mental conditioning in those posts so that other people can also easily spot them hereafter.

    "Yes, they STEER our futures in such a manner."

    Once you understand the mechanics of human psychology and emotional patterns you can manipulate humans with one hand while stirring a cup of coffee with the other. ;)

    "and my real goal here was to show you how your thoughts actually steer this big ship."

    I've lived by the law of attraction and used quantum mechanics (i.e Thoughts) to control my life since "Bleep" :)
    It's not an easy transition tho, since the moment one accept that this is the reality, one loose the ability to ever again blame someone else for something that happens in their life and what emotions one choose to create for oneself as a bodily response to that. :)
    It's not easy to let go of "the blame game", but very liberating when one finally does :)

    "we killed his spirits"
    Can you explain what you mean by this?"

    I FELT that the ones that were being channeled in his posts were a faction I dislike VERY much. They tried to pull some plans off and they way they did it pissed me off severly. They threatened good lightworkers and would have killed them and subjected their souls to immense horrors should the events described have come true.

    During that time I focused a lot on those beings and didn't realize they began to focus a whole lot on me as well.
    Some beings came to me one night and installed a "thing" in my right side of the head and didn't realize I were conscious and when I projected a thought into their heads asking them to present themselves, they took off.
    Then weeks later, a connect attempt thru what sounded like an astral connection where 4 distinct masculine voices in sync asked me to "connect with us". I have heard the astral world before and this sounded more mechanic than living so I refused the connection. As thanks, they harrassed me during the night thru suggested thoughts and unsynced dreams so I woke up, mad as hell and decided to shut down all connections for the night so I could get a good night sleep.

    The "implant" or whatever it was were pretty useful tho, since I learned how to reverse the connection and blast light into the realm where those beings were at and, boy I did. ;)
    I launched everything I have into that realm.

    Suffice it to say, I haven't been bothered since.
    I think those beings went back to Source. ;)

    "Do you realize that shamans regularly redeem lost souls by entering a battle of hearts? Spirits help shamans because they can reach the hearts of dark ones easier and they actually grow fond of these shamans. We teach them humanity."

    I think you and I have completely different definitions on many things in this universe. A spirit to me is slang for any kind of being that exists above the direct 3'rd dimension. I do not mean a specific kind of entity or polarity when I call something "a spirit".

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