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Because New Age books cover such a diverse field of related subjects, I felt it was important to create a list that would give the Truth Seeker an opportunity to indulge in a smorgasbord of eclectic tastes. When these subjects are explored without bias and contempt prior to investigation they often reveal a hidden truth that simply cannot be denied.

It is important to understand my reasoning behind compiling such a list. This will give my readers and other seekers of the truth a starting point to explore their own truths. My own research has lead me to the startling conclusion that our ancient past is being hidden from us, on purpose. The Powers That Be simply do not want the general public to recognize our true legacy, our awesome potential and even the technology that exists today that has derived from our ancient ancestors.

Compiling a Top Ten list on any subject can be a daunting task, however creating such a list on a genre of books that defy a common classification can be even more of a challenge. Many such books rely almost entirely on channeled information which is such an abstract medium that it can be difficult to reconcile the information completely. I feel that to truly give this list Top Ten New Age Books For Truth Seekers merit I will have to discard conventional thinking, and rely on experience and intuition to guide my criteria.

1. The Source Field Investigations (2011) by David Wilcock

Is without a doubt the best book for anyone just beginning to seek the truth, as it compiles a vast amount of scientific data, abstract ideas and unconventional thinking, not known in the West. In this book he outlines in an easy to read format how our fundamental education process has lead the public and mankind in general, away from the teachings of our ancient ancestors, that are only now being recognized by among others Russian scientist but has been known by those that embrace Eastern philosophy for millennia.

2. Gnosis And The Law written by Tellis S. Papastravo (1972)

Is essentially the spiritual history of the human race starting about 7 million years ago to the present day. This book basically tells the story of how a newly passed edict in our Cosmos required all planets to Ascend to a higher evolutionary state, this edict was passed in what we would refer to as the year 1952. At that time there were 49 planets in our Cosmos that would require divine intervention, our planet Earth is one of those planets.

3. Fingerprints Of The Gods by Graham Hancock (1995)

Reveals through careful research and profound inspiration mankind's hidden past by showing that a sophisticated, technologically advanced and scientifically superior civilization existed in antiquity. He shows that this civilization flourished for thousands of years before a cataclysmic event roughly 12,000 years ago, of global proportions decimated the globe.

4. The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, (1999)

Was original written as a sequel to The Templar Revelation but morphed into a detective/research book, building an incredible convincing case for a world wide conspiracy of twisted disinformation. However what it also does is introduce the reader to a wide variety of information exploring the New Age Movement, that allows the reader to explore a diverse knowledge base in one book

5. Cataclysm by D. S. Allan & J. B. Delair, (1997) 

While this, relatively unknown book, about exactly what the title implies, could very well have been made into four or five books because of the incredibly vast amount of research, references and material it covers, it is used by many authors to base their own conclusions and books on, such asCatastraphobia by Barbara Hand Clow.


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The Flower Of Life

8109235662?profile=originalThe Flower Of Life

I wrote this article only after I conducted a private poll of everyday ordinary people (30) and simply asked the question "Have you ever heard of The Flower Of Life?" Of those included in the Poll only a handful (five) had and of those only two could accurately describe what it is. I was more than a little taken back by this and decided that I should write an article that described exactly what it is.

Without exploring the more profound aspect of this symbol, I set about just keeping to the facts and what is more commonly known. This symbol that not only describes the cycle of life but includes sacred geometry, known as the Platonic Solids. It also includes the Golden Ratio or Golden Means by showing the Vesica Piscis.

I also found that it in essence includes 22 circles of various sizes, 19 of the same radius and three that encompass the entire shape as well as one shape embedded in the overall design. As many of you may know the Pythagoreans held the number 22 as a sacred number as it relates to our DNA and musical theory, what is known as the Infinite Harmony.

It has two embedded designs that pertain to our spiritual enlightenment the Seed of Life and the Tree of Life, which describe the cycles of all life. The Platonic Solids, also included in the design by connecting straight lines to the points where the circles cross each other, are known as the building blocks of our Universe.

It is a relatively short article (less than 1,500 words) and simply describes the basic facts, for more on the subject one can go to and purchase The Secret Flower Of Life by Drunlavo Melchizedek parts one and two.

What this article really shows is that our ancient ancestor were much more highly sophisticated intellectually and spiritually than they are given credit for and that a certain amount of esoteric knowledge has purposely been with held from our education system. 

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The Photon Belt was first discovered by modern astronomers in 1961 through the use of satellite technology. Original discovered and named the Golden Nebula with unusual anomalous properties it was recognized to be located in the projected path our solar system takes as it orbits the central sun in the Pleiades star system called Alcyone. In this article Photon Belt or Golden Nebula is Earth's Ticket To Ascension8109183666?profile=original we will discuss what is known about this region of space and how it will impact the Earth as it passes through.

Because the planet Earth only experiences a total of 4,000 years out of a 26,000 (Great Year) year cycle, enveloped in the Photon Belt, which consist of light particles related to the Christ Consciousness and spends a majority of its Great Year in darkness (negative energy), entering this region of space coincides with a spiritual awakening.

The planet Earth has now moved to the edges of this Golden Nebula and we are now beginning another 2,000 years of peace and harmony which is why the Photon Belt or Golden Nebula is Earth's Ticket To Ascension. When this occurs it allows those of us that are already living in harmony and peace in our hearts a chance to Ascend to the next level of human evolution. It will also be a time of great awakening on our planet in general and usher in a time in which we will move away from the current paradigm of misused power, warfare, famine and disease.

What this will mean for our planet and those that live on it will be a huge influx of light (photon) particles or Christ Consciousness as we pass into this belt. Modern scientist have now determined that our entire Milky Way Galaxy and everything in it is actually made up entirely of light particles that vibrate at different frequencies, this is why the Holographic Universe Theory has gotten so much attention recently.

Theorist have concluded and I agree with them, that this section of our galaxy is like a consciousness software upgrade, in which while we exist in it gives sentient beings an opportunity to raise our awareness of love and positive energy.

The Cabal has known that our planet would be moving into the Photon Belt for decades, if not centuries and have withheld this information as a way of controlling what we accept as true and to use the information to suddenly disclose it as an 'Event' that will cause fear.

In stark contrast to what they would like us to accept as the truth, this 'Event' should be welcomed with relief and rejoiced as an opportunity to finally awaken our true spirit. Humanity is on the threshold of the New Golden Age, where the choices we make now as a race will shape the future of mankind as whole.

Every person on this planet at this time in our existence was chosen to come here to play a role in the great awakening of mankind. we may not remember accepting the invitation to be here but make no mistake, we all have a role to play. So embrace the light and love flowing freely through your being and know that thePhoton Belt or Golden Nebula is Earth's Ticket To Ascension.

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8109099685?profile=originalThis Event described on such sites as and other sites, is a precursor to the ascension process and is designed to awaken the human race to the fact that we are not alone and never have been. It is designed to level the playing field and reveal once and for all, the Alien/UFO phenomenon.

It is a way for the Council of Worldsto enlighten the entire human race all at once, to reveal long buried secret information hidden by our Governments and to allow humanity to decide their spiritual orientation. Although it will be an Event many have been waiting for, many may panic as it will shatter their current paradigm or world view.

The whole purpose behind the events unfolding now in our lives is to propel mankind into a spiritual awakening that will eventually lead us to ascension. Our planet has already begun this process which is causing most of the geographical and weather events that are so common now. The Mayans new this, as they kept a detailed calendar, that allowed them to recognize when our planet would align with the Galactic center.

What I choose to call the Keepers of the Garden but many others call the Council of Worlds has maintained a stringent control system on what information the public is allowed to become consciously aware of about our solar system those that live in it. They are now allowing more and more Alien contact to be made through channeling, conscious contact, videos and pictures as means of awakening the populace.

This article The Event, Is It The Sign We Have Been Waiting For? will expose the simple facts that the entire human race has been denying themselves for thousands of years.

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Spiritual Awakening and the Freedom to Choose

Three frogs are sitting on a log and one decides to jump, how many are left?


The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions.

Making the commitment to change is the easy part, taking the action to change takes courage and commitment. In this article Spiritual Awakening and the Freedom to Choose I will discuss the facts one learns when they find the courage to change the course of their life and begin the journey of self discovery, truth and enlightenment.

Ultimately one learns that our lives our not our own, that we are merely actors on the World Stage here to play a role for the enlightenment of others. However before we discover this truth, we can only see life from our own perspective.

Make no mistake the road to this simple truth is painful, full of obstacles and once you begin you can never go back to being the person you were before you began. They say ignorance is bliss and from my own perspective I can say that I agree whole heartedly. I was advised to think long and hard about whether or not I wanted to become truly enlightened, that the truth can be a very powerful feeling but that once you discover it you can't undo the knowledge of it.

I didn't heed this warning and pushed naively to begin my journey.

I was told in no uncertain terms that I would be guided to the truth but ultimately I must decide for myself what to believe. At the time I didn't understand why this would be necessary, why not just tell me or give me the information I sought?

The reason of course is that the truth is so incredibly fantastic that no one ever contemplates it or can imagine it. People don't blindly stumble on it like lost treasure, it isn't whispered in your ear like in the movies, you don't just suddenly wake up one morning and realize it, you have to seek it.

You have to seek it with an open mind, you have to be willing to cast aside everything you have ever learned in school, you have to look for it from every angle possible and even when you think you have found it, then you have to dig even deeper.

To find the truth we must learn to 'think' with our heart, this takes practice and a willingness to listen with an open mind, while observing the synchronicity in our daily lives. We must cast aside any preconceived notions about what we have been taught is the truth and begin to look for it from a different angle.

We must embrace an almost childlike wonder for learning by seeking to open our minds to new ideas and concepts. We must not judge the messenger but rather listen intently to the message, honestly. This means that when we are learning new ideas or even old ones we must focus on the information, without distraction.

All that being said there is one place you can go to find it, In your heart!

Having a Spiritual Awakening and the Freedom to Choose is the key to unlocking the truth and learning to 'think' with your heart.

Your heart knows the truth beyond any doubt but because humanity has been conditioned to think with their minds, their logic, their reason, very few people recognize this.

Learning to 'think' with your heart takes practice and commitment. I only began practicing this method after I began my journey on the road to the truth.

One of the best tools to help anyone attempting to 'think' with their heart is to unlock the powers associated with the Pineal Gland. This little known, all important organ located just outside the brain blood barrier, is the key to unlocking and gaining access to information that has been systematically denied to us through conditioning, education and the introduction of fluoride into our drinking water.

The Pineal Gland is often described as the God Organ and although 'science' pretends not to understand its purpose the truth is that it is well understood but The Powers That Be on this planet have censored much of the information surrounding this mysterious organ.

This is because, when we begin the practice of using this organ on a daily basis, it will lead us back too being able to understand the true nature of humanity. The Powers That Be fear this because it will provide us with the truth of our existence, our purpose on this planet and in this Galaxy and will unlock many unanswered questions that have remained censored from our education.

Our ancient ancestors understood the importance of this organ and used it to communicate telepathically with each other, access other dimensions of reality, astral project on a daily bases and travel the stars to distant planets to communicate with our star brothers and sisters.

Using this organ on a daily basis provided the ancient cultures Atlantis and Lemuria to achieve such a high degree of spiritual sophistication, technology, architecture and communication and is one of the main reasons their culture existed for more than 4 million years. The activation and continued use of this organ is what will provide the current civilization with the needed information to move to the next evolutionary step.

Too read this entire article one can simply follow this link Spiritual Awakening and the Freedom to Choose is an attempt by this author to explain to my readers how I arrived on this path and where I hope it may lead.

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Hollow Earth Reveals The Truth

Learn why so many of the enlightened members of our society embrace the Hollow Earth theory in this revealing article that describes the true nature of mankind's existence. Delve into the mystery behind the Hollow Earth concept, how planets are formed and what happened to the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

This article Hollow Earth Reveals The Truth was designed and written to inspire readers to research, investigate and contemplate the truth behind this mystery. It helps to explain the many books written on the subject, offers links to to other books and websites and details the dimensions not commonly known about our planet.

This article helps to explain the myths about hybrids such as the Centaur and Griffen, the Aurora Borealis, Freemasons secrets, UFOs and such much more.

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