8109099685?profile=originalThis Event described on such sites as lightworkers.org and other sites, is a precursor to the ascension process and is designed to awaken the human race to the fact that we are not alone and never have been. It is designed to level the playing field and reveal once and for all, the Alien/UFO phenomenon.

It is a way for the Council of Worldsto enlighten the entire human race all at once, to reveal long buried secret information hidden by our Governments and to allow humanity to decide their spiritual orientation. Although it will be an Event many have been waiting for, many may panic as it will shatter their current paradigm or world view.

The whole purpose behind the events unfolding now in our lives is to propel mankind into a spiritual awakening that will eventually lead us to ascension. Our planet has already begun this process which is causing most of the geographical and weather events that are so common now. The Mayans new this, as they kept a detailed calendar, that allowed them to recognize when our planet would align with the Galactic center.

What I choose to call the Keepers of the Garden but many others call the Council of Worlds has maintained a stringent control system on what information the public is allowed to become consciously aware of about our solar system those that live in it. They are now allowing more and more Alien contact to be made through channeling, conscious contact, videos and pictures as means of awakening the populace.

This article The Event, Is It The Sign We Have Been Waiting For? will expose the simple facts that the entire human race has been denying themselves for thousands of years.

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  • All I ask is that read the entire article before posting comments, which you obviously didn't or you would have realized that I'm not endorsing this 'Event, merely researching the veracity of it. Sorry for misquoting you, but since crying about humanity and caring about humanity is pretty close to the same sentiment, let's get real.

    If you want to be negative feel free but read the entire article first so that your comments are at least credible, thank you.

  • "have you been paying attention to all the Banking 'suicides', you don't really believe that is mere coincidence, do you?"

    Since all of them were under official police investigation there's both names and proof in the system-works for those cases. If they are part of the texts here then the prosecutor have broken the law on several occassions and may report to Haag immediately for internationally leaking information about an investigation before arrests have even been made.

    But, all that is a distraction. Like most salesmen, you disregard my practical and useful lines and go straight for those that divert the discussion from inner guidance and ascension, and that's not why we're here.

    "If you have grown tired of caring for humanity,"

    And here come the famous misquote of what I originally said.

    I said i'm tired of CRYING for humanity.

    "seeya on the otherside."

    I've met your clone. He is a fantastic person. Scary, but utterly potentially wonderful. :)

  • I laugh at your cynicism and interesting logic, the whole point of my article which you obviously didn't take the time to read was that to find the truth of any 'Event' you must look inside yourself, not at a screen. Had you taken the time to read the article you would then realize that your comment is not appropriate.

    Comparing an operation that is taking place throughout the Universe by beings that live in higher dimensional plane than our lowly 3rd dimension to a police bust only shows that you have been watching the TV 'screen' for way too long (and much), now that kind of logic is funny.

    Obviously, if they are willing to share these plans with the general populace, it is far too late for the guilty Cabal to do anything about it, have you been paying attention to all the Banking 'suicides', you don't really believe that is mere coincidence, do you?

    I have been taken no where and bought nothing, handbooks or otherwise. If you have grown tired of caring for humanity, perhaps it is time to move on . . . seeya on the otherside.


  • Is this the sign we've been waiting for?

    No, definitely not.


    Because signs aren't something you'll find on the internet. Many people in the world don't have the internet so the galactic "players" would obviously choose something more tangible for the important sign-production. Especially when it is intended to affect everyone.

    I have said this before but it obviously needs to be said again: You  will  not  find  the  future  on  a  screen.

    The screen is all illusion.It'll take you nowhere but into it.

    Forget the websites and go within for guidance on this one. You'll not regret it. Watch out for the "4D-decievers" though. They like to pretend to be AA's in channels now so if you're chanelling, ask whoever you connect to to swear oath to God that he's telling you the truth and nothing else before you believe anything that comes out of that entity.

    Personally, and since I've lived so long (and much) I've many times before encountered the salesmanship used in the advertisement of this "The Event" (why do all fortunetellers have to copy the names and ideas of famous TV-shows that have recently aired?) so I'm sorry to say that I don't believe a word of it.

    This is one long tease that would have tipped of the guilty criminals (so called cabal) long ago so that they would have gotten ample time by now to secure their freedom anyway. Have you ever heard any police brag about a bust before it actually happens?

    No, of course not. That'd blow the entire operation in advance since the criminals would know you're coming and therefore be prepared.

    You're being taken on a wild ride of illusion while professional rethorics get to sell you handbooks and tips. ;)

    I don't know about you, but I'm having fun watching this charade. Sort of tragycomic in a suicidally spiritual sort of way but still.. I've grown tired of crying for humanity. Nowadays I laugh at everything. The more brutal it is the more I laugh and I can tell you this: I could break bullet proof windows with the power of laughter from "The Event"-scheme alone. ;)

  • It is always a pleasure to be able to communicate with others that speak the same language, meaning ones where no explanation of principles are necessary. Thank you for the comments and artwork it provides inspiration and acceptance.

  • This is a very good blog. Much of the same things are happening to me, so I understand it. The main point is that the Event is happening ! I too thought it would be the Photon Belt, maybe this energy beams that are being sent down to to us to awaken us is the Photon belt but coming through the sun instead of outside of it as we had heard it would. Most important is that the awakening is now finally happening and there is more to come in this month and July the final one, the Ison Effect. Its like a dream where you know you are dreaming and you wont to wake  and so you do only to find that you are still dreaming, so we were just half awake until now which seems to be the real awakening, huh, indeed my friends for we are all one and the awakening must extend out to all of mankind, so it is declared. When the 0.1 % awakens then all will awaken just like in the hundred Monkey effect, remember that. Adonai

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