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Shift of the Ages

for those of you who may not know, the mayan grand council has been working with a documentary film maker for a number of years, to release a film based on the mayan message concerning the upcoming shift.  the film is due to be released online this c

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2013 - Year One of the New Earth: The Magnificent BeginningNew Channel Lord Metatron via James TyberonnGreetings Masters !We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the fieldof self empowerment, for each of you are truly M

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The Ascension - AA Michael

For those of you who would like to see a similar set of predictions, but in a much more detailed fashion, Read "Earth Ascension" according to Metatron.Building Illumination: A message from Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy6 November, 201

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BOO! Charleston, SC Ghost

if you know anything at all about "The South," (United States) you probably know that we cherish our history. Two hundred years ago, life in "The South" was very different from the rest of the U.S. Some of it was wonderful while other parts were damn

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So, What Does One Do?



i have 2 amazing sons and another "adopted" son.  however, the one i am writing about today is 15 years old, going on 25.  he has always presented a challenge for my ex-husband and i, but recently it has begun to take a toll.  the long-and-the-short

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Nice to be here

greetings everyone.

i am really looking forward to settling in here.  i am looking for a new online home where members prefer to walk in the Light rather than the shadows.  i'm not really sure what would interest you about me, but i will give it a sho

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