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if you know anything at all about "The South," (United States) you probably know that we cherish our history. Two hundred years ago, life in "The South" was very different from the rest of the U.S. Some of it was wonderful while other parts were damnable. But one thing we have always had plenty of was "ghosts" - both living and dead. In that tradition, i offer this next story and photo.


If you make a visit to Charleston, South Carolina you must take a ghost tour. Most all of the ghost tours seem to feature the story and ghost picture of Sue Howard Hardy. Below is the ghost photograph of a specter taken within St.Phillip’s Church cemetery. It is a wonderful ghost photo purportedly featuring the lady who is said to have died after child birth in 1888. (Her baby died too) Many in haunted Charleston believe that her ghost is crying over the grave of her baby pictured in the photograph. Both the mother and baby are buried at the site found within the ghost picture.
The ghost picture was taken in 1987 using a 35mm camera with high speed film. The photo was taken by an amateur photographer, coincidentally on the anniversary date of the death of the baby. He was not trying to take ghost photos that night, nor did he know the story of Sue Howard Hardy. The ghost was not seen when the photograph was taken. Later, the story about the lady of the grave and her tragedy was uncovered.

The attached photo was taken 99 years after her passing and 6 days after her child was stillborn. People have tried to recapture her image at the grave, but to no avail. A lab was used to verify the photo’s authenticity, not finding any tampering.


sue howard hardy.jpg

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  • thanks for sharing this, normally people capture things when least expecting ;)

    its so sweet that the image of the mum was captured,  a residual haunting i think so... she felt such sorrow, and pain.... what a loving mother... her baby and her are reunite.

    • i hope it is residual.  i would find it disturbing if, after all these years, she has been unable to re-connect with her child.  i do find that photo to be one of the most impressive ghost pics i've ever seen though.

    • yes i have a feeling its residual because what happens is intense memories get recorded on the etheric energy plate... i am aware this mother was incredibly heartbroken and she was at this grave everyday of her life. 

      As this photographer was about on the SAME day it happened... unaware he captured an image from a time long before... past.... but she is reunite with her child but of course on a 4d plane this old memory (as is all horrendous memory) is recorded there.

  • :'( I feel her pain, poor woman. know what that is like. Thanks for sharing though, much appreciated. 

    • it feels like there is something personal there lisafer.  i am sorry if you have had such a loss.  but thanks for reading.  i do feel like it's a pretty unique story.  walk in light my friend.

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