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An Indigo in Need!!

I am now sure that I am an Indigo especially after reading the discussion 'are you an indigo or crystal'.

I have always known that I was a different kind of person than almost everyone I ever met and always managed to help other's with their problems

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11 11 Everywhere

I have been seeing 11 11 absolutely everywhere I go. Even when we took a camping trip 11 11 popped up in the most unlikely place ! I have always known that it is a spiritual symbol and whenever I see it that I am on the right path and am where I am s

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Where are my origins?


I am new to this group and have been wondering for a long time "Where do I come from?" I will list some of the characteristics which I have and think are very deep rooted.

I have an extraordinary memory, I can remember as far back as 1yrs old. I re

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Birth date/sign information

Hello, I am looking for anyone who can help me understand my birth date/sign better. I would really like to learn something new as I have looked into this before. 28/09/1983 Libra/female. I would be very grateful for any input you may have.


Love and

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Feeling Distant

I have been awakening for many years and have always had lots of signs and guidance through my life. I have always had very lucid dreams which were exciting,frightening and insightful. Recently though I have felt very cut off to my connections in the

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Hi, I am Leanne,I have recently joined as I believe that I have been spiritually awakened over the past couple of years. I have known from a very early age that there was so much more to life than what is taught through religion,education and science

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