Where are my origins?


I am new to this group and have been wondering for a long time "Where do I come from?" I will list some of the characteristics which I have and think are very deep rooted.

I have an extraordinary memory, I can remember as far back as 1yrs old. I remember looking out of the window with my mothers arms around me staring into the night sky and I said "Guess where I am going to go when I die Mum" She replied "Where?" and I said "The Moon" (I am sure this is relevant)

I was walking and fully talking at 7-8 months old and very small.

I am all about peace,love and tranquility. I wish that I could change the way the world is and how things are done. I help anyone in any way I can and am very caring, sometimes too caring but that's me.

I have a deep passion for music especially tribal drumming but also beautiful lyrics.

I feel strong connections with a lot of different star systems including- Lyra(vega),Venus, Pleiades and also Earth's Moon

I also feel very strong connections with native american tribes- I had my first astral vision whilst watching and listening to a street performance by authentic native americans, I had to sit down and close my eyes and in the vision I was one of them.

My taste in fashion,decor,art ect is quite dark, Black mostly with subtle bursts of color e.g blue,violet and I like to look presentable with smokey make up, I am not sure if this is relevant but this is a deep part of me.

If anyone has any ideas on any of this I would love you to leave your comments

Love,Peace and Unity to ALL xxx

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  • Lefevre is right.  Whatever star system you feel drawn to is most likely where you came from.  I would add you was a native american indian in your past life, as I was as well.  Many of our "inborn gifts" are talents we learned in previous lifetimes.  I will send you some links of people that helped me find out who I am in your inbox.  Talk to you soon, Darryl

    • Yeah I think Lefevre is wise.....I can sort of tell from within which connections are past lives and which are stellar.......Thank you for the links I will look at them and learn from them xxx

    • Thank-you Darryl for those kind words, and yes I also lived Native Indian lifetimes to as a Shaman Warrior actually and I'm still using what I learned from them to in this incarnation as I havn't been taught anything from anyone else its n my blood and DNA so I can only guess that's where my gifts came through from the all inner knowing..


  • Oh well you have answered your own question within what you have written above definitively a Starseed and cosmic traveler with connections to Lyra(vega),Venus, Pleiades and also Earth's Moon,own what you remember inside yourself these are your real truths instead of searching for whats not there,feel it from within your soul, it always has all the answers,they always lie within,meditate on it more..you sound like either a Octrine Indigo or Crystal though I'm not sure when you were born the fact you hold musical characteristics,walking and talking by 7-8mths old and have a full desire to help humanity in what ever way possible speaks for itself there...you like wearing black often hahaha join the club and blue and violet that's a hint or what..I bet your also forceful when you know inside someone isn't telling you quite the truth on many things and your most likely have high intuition and are psychic even if you havn't mastered it fully yet, and that you fight the system and are most likely sensitive and likely to be an empath also...beautiful souls the Octrine Indigo's,Crystal's,Rainbows they all hold such divinity and high hopes for this planet and will help many move into the new world dimension..they are already altering the electromagnetic rainbow bridge as we speak..

    • Lefevre,......... You just described the rest of my personality! That's never happened to me before, I've just felt very emotional reading your comment. I have done a little research on indigo's and have always thought that I was one but have not been in a societal position to tell anyone Thank you for telling me like it is......no one ever does that with me it's usually the other way around. And yes I am like a human lie detector!! I often put my foot in it because I just can't handle lies. I care so much about everyone and everything. I can't deal with the system, not because it's a system...simply because the system is wrong! Hehe. Anyway I will take your advice and meditate on it. I feel better already though so thank you again :)

      Love,Peace and Unity xxx

    • Inlakech Al akin Libralea..that's Mayan for 'I Am Another You', if you need to know more on Octrine Indigo's feel free to friend request me, I hold many keys yes you are right I'm wise beyond my 28yrs young... I've lived many lifetimes but the amnesia virus took half of my memories when I incarnated here this time,but I do know where I came from and where I've traveled and they have all been confirmed to me..and I'm using half my gifts without even knowing it, I'm a etheric soul seer and highly psychic.

    • Thank you Lefevre I have sent you a friends request. I am 28yrs old too! haha......I have looked more into Indigo's and I have to say I am never going to wonder who or what I am ever again. So much is falling into place in my head finally. I look forward to being at the stage that you are in now. 

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