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Wouldn't it be wonderful if mass UFO sightings began to appear over Occupy Wallstreet movements nationwide? To show that we do indeed have celestial back up that desire for the planet Earth to change into something more glorious. Imagine the prickly grins of the corrupt bankers and politicians and stock brokers then to see that we have our courageous Space brothers and sisters on our side backing us up! Imagine the absolute high strange weird of it all! After all UFOs have shown up over political rallies and Nuclear reactors and things to that nature to make an obvious point of positive change worth noting.

Align your intentions to the following prayer and let us pray it together so the message goes out to our Space Brothers and Sisters who are good and aligned with our intentions as well for Planet Earth to heal. For our planet to not be succumbed to greed and selfishness any longer but to be the Eden that we so deserve. For the hungry to no longer starve but for food to be plentiful. For the greedy 1% to help humanity out instead of hoarding money like bloated fat ticks stucks on a cow's arse. For sightings to occur over the protesters as a sign of protection from our allies the star people. Imagine it so and as is above, so is below. Anything is possible now during this strange time of change and revolution upon the Earth! Do you desire for our protestors to have celestial back up to make the ones against us all grimace with a worried frown? I do so here I am at least trying to see what happens and who knows maybe a media break out will happen of intense UFO sightings over these areas that are being filled with protestors for our very freedom in support of us the 98%! So lets pray it together no matter how goofy it may appear or humorous. With all seriousness let us come together and align our intentions for these mass sightings to occur over all Occupy Wallstreet protests!

Pray & Meditate upon these words and after wards let us keep an eye to the skies and on our media sources to see if indeed we have been heard. So here goes.

Invocation to the Star People

Dear Space Brothers & Sisters,

We ask for you at this time to bring your Ships to all Occupy Wallstreet Movements Nationwide.

Show the 1% who continue to hoard and be selfish with financial gains that we have celestial back up!

That we are the 98% and that you are our allies who desire the same intentions as ourselves.

To have an Earth free of starvation and to have an Earth where everyone is Prosperous!

For the Corruption to be exposed and brought forth for justice for the people!

Show your UFOs in our skies over the Occupy Wallstreet Movements!

We desire a better Earth ran by love and compassion and light not evil negativity!

Come forth as we align our intentions to have you manifest in our skies.

You are our family from the Universe known as the Star People!

Now is the time to come forth to manifest positive change in our world!

We can do it with your help and back up and support!

Please come to us with your guidance and support by showing glorious signs in the sky!

That are from the good beings who are aligned with the Source of all of Creation.

We ask this of you humbly to come forth and help empower us to make a revolution of change on Earth!

Thank you and So Be It!

Do you have a prayer you would like to write out in the comment below to help send a message to our Space brothers and sisters upon this great time of change on the Earth? Then please share it with us on the comments below so that we may read them as well in alignment with this prayer that I have just created and posted. What do you think would the UFOs showing up from our Star people help inspire the people to continue? Let me know by leaving a comment below and by sharing and liking this message! Thank you! Brought to you by The Church Of Mabus Radio Show hosted by Jeffery Pritchett & Guy Weddle!

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peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i totally believe in the law of attraction it works for me but for the one thing i truly need to happen i cannot get a gfl ship to fly by or pick me up or contact me in any way i have been trying since i came across them in early 2005 i have met dimensional beings of pure love and some of pure experience and even dimensional travelers like me so i am leaving this site i think its a tool of the global elite to bring about the nwo peace out ppl much love too you all! i will check back once in a while but not very often plus i am done watching yall fight


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being attacked

i have a dark entity invading my peace and love this entity showed up 5 days ago and is making me ill and testy its a very strong entity and very hard to get rid of it is even messing with the rest of my family and the animals on my farm i first encountered this being on this website so if you have encountered this being i am letting you know our not the only one i had to stick a crystal light amplifier in its third eye and hook it to the light grid

----love and light! 

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24-AUG-2011 00:04:3637.92-77.894.27.8VIRGINIA
23-AUG-2011 23:32:5437.12142.434.620.1OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
23-AUG-2011 19:53:30-21.74-176.855.0198.6FIJI ISLANDS REGION
23-AUG-2011 19:29:52-5.88147.485.230.8EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G.
23-AUG-2011 19:01:511.23120.504.844.9MINAHASSA PENINSULA, SULAWESI
23-AUG-2011 17:51:0337.97-77.975.81.0VIRGINIA
23-AUG-2011 16:52:056.70-73.044.7161.0NORTHERN COLOMBIA
23-AUG-2011 15:34:2358.99-150.894.047.3GULF OF ALASKA
23-AUG-2011 14:28:5536.4771.244.875.0AFGHANISTAN-TAJIKISTAN BORD REG.
23-AUG-2011 06:04:5642.10142.484.845.6HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
23-AUG-2011 05:46:1937.14-104.675.54.9COLORADO
23-AUG-2011 04:56:5212.0144.044.910.1WESTERN ARABIAN PENINSULA
23-AUG-2011 03:55:5714.32-90.064.421.6GUATEMALA
23-AUG-2011 03:20:01-56.17-27.084.9110.1SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
23-AUG-2011 01:23:0033.1576.845.141.6KASHMIR-INDIA BORDER REGION
23-AUG-2011 00:41:14-22.07-179.194.6519.8SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
22-AUG-2011 23:30:2037.05-104.774.65.0COLORADO
22-AUG-2011 22:24:5352.77-169.844.657.4FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
22-AUG-2011 22:18:50-18.29-177.735.0629.6FIJI ISLANDS REGION
22-AUG-2011 20:12:20-6.41103.996.031.3SOUTHWEST OF SUMATERA, INDONESIA
22-AUG-2011 17:39:38-18.33168.115.137.1VANUATU ISLANDS
22-AUG-2011 16:25:2138.5569.594.825.4TAJIKISTAN
22-AUG-2011 16:02:08-18.25-177.974.6628.5FIJI ISLANDS REGION
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so there is a theory that states dna has all the building blocks of life for any creature to exist any any realm and when dna lands in a realm it unfurls a body to fit in its niche its called top down evolution instead of the common view that most ppl believe was darwins only theory of bottom up evolution he actually said in his book (darwin) that if they couldnt find a source for the  Precambrian explosion we might have to serious-ally consider top down as a viable theory .... the reason i am saying this is i have a gut feeling that there was race of beings that were on thier way out of the physical exsitence and they sent dna strands out into the all for the next wave




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