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so there is a theory that states dna has all the building blocks of life for any creature to exist any any realm and when dna lands in a realm it unfurls a body to fit in its niche its called top down evolution instead of the common view that most ppl believe was darwins only theory of bottom up evolution he actually said in his book (darwin) that if they couldnt find a source for the  Precambrian explosion we might have to serious-ally consider top down as a viable theory .... the reason i am saying this is i have a gut feeling that there was race of beings that were on thier way out of the physical exsitence and they sent dna strands out into the all for the next wave



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Comment by Rune. H on August 23, 2011 at 3:09pm

My reseach say; Correct Lord Enlil. Its a unpleasent truth that Anunnaki/illuminaty damage our body DNA/RNA, and we have to experience living in a limited conscious body. The soul is not limited, but the house(body) is. Because of that it became easy to bring upun karma..Ascension is a way back and we will be full conscious being in a new lightbody, well grant and fair.




Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on August 23, 2011 at 4:23am
Hmmm makes sense.  Jibes with everyone I've learned so far :)

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