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For centuries, shamans around the world have used dreams as portals to receive guidance, healing and transformation from all the levels and dimensions of reality. 

Yet, you do not need to be a shaman to explore your dreams in this way. The capacity for this type of time travel and wisdom seeking is available to all of us –– you merely need to know the approaches and practices that can take you there. 

If you’d like to get a glimpse into how to explore dreaming as an opportunity to access profound guidance and understanding of your everyday life, as you travel beyond your personal self to dimensions that transcend time and space, then I have a very special invitation for you! 
On Wednesday, November 18, master dreamwork teacher will present a FREE online event: The Shamanic Power of Active Dreaming: Opening to Multidimensional Realities for Time Travel, Healing & Reality Creation. 

You can register here:

During this this exciting hour-long mini-workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How consciousness can project safely beyond the body, open gates between the worlds – and close them when necessary.
  • How you can travel to cities of the imagination and other places of instruction, adventure and healing in non-ordinary reality — and how to read the signs of everyday life as a set of dream symbols.
  • To become a kairomancer (one who navigates by special moments of synchronicity), by developing the ability in your dreams to see what’s up ahead and make better decisions about your life.

I invite you to join me for this mind-expanding hour where you will learn how to use dreaming as a vehicle to travel much further and deeper into the universe than you ever thought possible. 

And best of all, the practices don’t just apply to the dreamstate but your waking state as well! 

You can RSVP for free here:

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Political Platform of GREAT UNITY SOCIALIST REVOLUTIONARY PARTY is Great Holiness - Great Unity Society Doctrine: - -

Great Holiness - Great Unity Society Doctrine is the supreme doctrine brought down from Celestial Hierarchy to unify mankind in troubled degradation age. Bell has come for the awakening of the people, only the perception of the new Great Holiness Era to bring success to humans set foot on Earthly Heaven. Religions, disciplines will converge and bring permanent peace to this planet.

All psychic abilities, religions, disciplines, traditions are just means for spiritual awakening but have caused too many misconceptions, division, grouped that make weaken the unity and solidarity. That is the lesson for the evolution of cognitive development, to help humanity screening prior to the Source, toward universal light block of God.

- Great Holiness Council

The Party is the powerful arm of Great Holiness Society in transforming Humanity into Great Holiness Era:

(We will publish Organization Charter soon)

Pls contact us:
Chat and Work with us: 
(Pls send message to me to have invitation)

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God, Divine Beings descend to welcome spring

World sages welcome initiation with singing

 Spiritual Hierarchy is truly ourselves

 All of us are High Advanced Original Souls like this...

  Wish Transformation for Humanity

  Wealth, Harmony all day more fun

  Peace spreads everywhere

  In Light Century people make word “Human”

 Wisdom, enlightenment, cultivation have progress

  It shines above, Celestial Way initiate today

  In right time with great advantage there are merciful hearts

  Sacred temples, saints, enlightened beings converge to us

  Wishing for the world as becoming one home

  In blessed Spring , Dragons descend, Flowers blossom with cheerful love


Celestial Head

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Anyone who agrees with the Society's content and has an intention to join in is all able to voluntary take part in Great Holiness Society. After sending letter to the Society, briefly tell about your identity, address, personality, career, aspirations, family circumstances ... disease if any ...

The Society shall contact, help or allow participating in the activities of the Society.


Pls read more: Membership Nature and Evolutionary Mission

General Benefits of Membership:

All members are informed about the tasks or activities of the Society.

Members are entitled to free medical treatment by extrasensory perception.

Members are protected in spiritual aspect are taught superior divine powers; members are allowed to implement spiritual power as regulated, suppress the devils, the wicked; after ending physical life, members are exceptional liberated from samsara and initiated and done the noble tasks in the higher realms.

Members are allowed to participate in the overall economic activities to ensure their rights and discuss issues related to the development of human society.

And many other benefits...

Email of the Society:


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A new year invites you to look at how things could be better. The key to lasting change comes from your willingness to create your life from the love that is natural to your beloved Presence since it abides above all the fear-based belief structures within your world. When you look at everything as simply energy waiting to be directed by your Presence, then you engage your God-given authority to create whatever will support the highest good. Real change comes from a heart that is focused on how things might be better rather than on what is wrong.
~ Universal Beings within the Councils of Shamballa
This is not a year to waste time waiting for the Ascension of humanity or your planet since this is already taking place and it will be escalating throughout the year until you can feel it as part of your own expanded capacities to create the changes you would like to see being implemented throughout your life and your world.

 You are the emissaries who chose to come to Earth for the opportunity of living and creating each day as your already-ascended Presence. Golden Ages have come and gone on your planet, and as your crystalline DNA continues to open, you will remember what a Golden Age looks and feels like so you can be a part of how one can be manifested in these times.

This year of 2015 will be filling your Earth and all life upon her with more of the Source frequencies that can now be used to create anew or to support what may already be in harmony with a new Golden Age. Erase all ideas that would ever limit you or any form of life from reaching their full potential. Release any tendency to engage in sympathy regarding how things appear, since all appearances are founded in illusions that have been based on centuries of misconceptions stored within the mind of the individualized ego that has believed it is separate from God.

The ego has believed that it must remain a victim of its own choices, yet to Be The Change, this belief must be transformed back into the truth of your original Divine inheritance as individuals and as part of the collective consciousness of humanity. All human beings originally came to Earth as their Presence to co-create with God so together as One they could keep expanding whatever would support living in heaven on Earth.Heaven was not meant to be a place you go after you make your transition, yet rather a place you are at all times!

You have been called to take a more active and creative role in realigning your life—and ultimately all life upon your planet—with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. Each of you, beloveds, as instruments of your own God Presence, are living masters who are here toBE the Change and to carry and implement the energetic frequencies that have the power to lift the consciousness of all life on your planet into Unity or Universal Consciousness.

Essentially, it is the collective passion of thousands of Lightworkers around the world to live and create as their Presence that is going to escalate your capacity to consciously ascend into the 5th dimension. This passion to live and create as the Master you truly are will continue throughout this year ~ as will your individual and collective capacity to co-create with Source and with the Presence of one another.

Do not miss your tremendous opportunity to fully embody all of the changes that are coming in 2015 to assist you in fully shifting your consciousness into its natural inheritance to live in co-creative union with all of life on your planet and throughout the cosmos. Your time of living in isolation on a small planet at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy is coming to a close as each of you fully remember who you are and why you came to Earth specifically during your present Shift in the Ages.

There is no longer any need to be a clearing station for the collective’s abuse of their creative capacities. You are on Earth at this pivotal time tobe examples of how to live, love and create as your God Presence and to be a part of creating any changes that will expand the unconditional Love and Light of the Creator throughout your world.

To assist you in being a living demonstration of walking the Earth as a Living Master creating a new world of Unity Consciousness and a Golden Age of Freedom, we invite you to join us for the Reunion of Awakened Souls  online worldwide. You will be initiated to reclaim your mastery for it is now time for you to Be The Change! Step into your Mastery and Be the Master You Came to be ~ in Your Life and in the World. 
We welcome your participation.

Be the Change! Step into Your Mastery:
Be the Master You Came to be 
                   ~ in Your Life & in the World                                  
 Reunion of Awakened Souls 
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We are calling all wayshowers, teachers and leaders to come together in council with the Ascended Masters of Shamballa to co-create a unified grid of consciousness that will serve as a global template for establishing Golden Age Councils and Communities around the world.
This is a reunion of souls who know they are here to be part of transforming the world into a new paradigm that honors and supports everyone to live in peace, harmony, prosperity and freedom.
Master Saint Germain and Uma, the Mother Goddess of Lemuria:  
"All of us within the Councils of Shamballa and within the ancient Councils of Lemuria will be with you during this reunion to support your individual and collective Presence as you move into your greater co-creative capacities to usher in a new Golden Age of Freedom. This is a time that massive awakenings will be taking place across your world, yet since so many have been living in deep states of amnesia, they will often not remember that they are truly the Presence of God nor will they necessarily remember why they have come to Earth. We will be with you during this Reunion to deeply inspire each of you to share what you know for yourself and what you have been given to teach to others."
This is a call to action to all students and teachers of the Ascended Masters Mystery School inviting you to come together for a reunion in Maui. In this glorious gathering, you will be inspired by the Masters to be who you came to be and to do what you came to do on the personal, local, national and global levels.
You are being given this extraordinary opportunity so you can be a living example of co-creating and living as your God Presence on Earth. This is the opportunity of many lifetimes and one you have been waiting for throughout the centuries.
As enough people become aware of their true inheritance as Divine human beings who have a definite purpose for being on the Earth at this auspicious time, then all of the changes that need to take place around the world will powerfully unfold so humanity can victoriously ascend into Unity Consciousness.
This will take place when enough of you are truly willing to accept that you are the Presence of God embodied and you are here to assist in making profound shifts in the world and in the overall consciousness of humanity. This is why knowing who you are and knowing your purpose in being here at this time is so vital to all of life. 
This reunion will give you an opportunity to practice living in Unity Consciousness with like-minded and like-hearted souls as well as an opportunity to co-create with others as your Presence. You can use all you know and all you have learned in the courses as well as all the mastery you have accrued from your own experiences as your gift to those who will be at this reunion and to those who will be joining us from around the world.
This is an interactive conference. You will be co-creating in ways you have not created since the last Golden Age of Atlantis. You will be co-creating the foundations for a new world on the personal, local, national and global levels of humanity by initiating templates to sustain a new Golden Age.
You will be co-creating with your Presence on the spiritual dimensions with the Ascended Masters and taking into account the smallest life forms to the largest.  You will learn to co-create in full Unity Consciousness on every level, such as personal dynamics, relationships, business, education, government, media, the arts, architecture, new safe technologies, and new economics.
You will learn how to:
* See behind the curtain of the ego personality self that has been running the show.
* Move beyond what has kept you from embodying your true purpose in life so you can move forward in a big way.
* Identify and transmute any fears of stepping into a larger arena so those fears can then be transformed into strengths that can then assist you in co-creating within a Council.
* Learn how to put your strengths into your service.
* Identify and walk into what you have come to do.
* See only the Presence in every action and every life form and every exchange.
* Be the Presence of God in human form.
* Attract only the Presence in everything and everyone so life becomes joyous.
* Bring the Presence of God into all your creations on every level—personal, local, national and internationally. 
You are being invited to be conscious co-creators of the next Golden Age ~ to be true co-creators with God! As you accept this and know that it is part of your destiny, you will experience an awakening within the whole of your being and you will find that you have been a sleeping giant. You have been asleep to the Presence of God that you truly are. You now can live as you have never lived in the world before ~ as the Presence of God in a body.
This is what you can expect: 
* Come into a unified field with each one’s Presence to create a Council.
* Clarify, share, and receive support for your Divine Purpose and Service in the world according to your Presence and your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. 
Participate in individual Councils based on your common interests.
* Discover how you can implement your unique gift of service in the world.
* Expand your outreach in the world.
* Establish ongoing communication groups that come together by teleconference twice a month
* Focus on what can be done to establish Unity Consciousness and living as the Presence in your local communities.
As we assist others to live as the Presence by being a living example, Unity Consciousness will be established around the world.
We will be seeding levels of creation that will shift the mass consciousness of humanity into its ascended state to co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom. We will be collaborating throughout this reunion with the Overlighting Presence of Humanity that holds the template for the new world. This is the consciousness that is magnetizing humanity into its highest potential to live on Earth as the fully embodied Presence.
Long ago you agreed to create this crystalline matrix, which will be the template for the new Golden Age. It is how you will be communicating, co-creating Presence to Presence, listening outside of your ordinary listening through every cell of your being so you can know and recognize truth for you and you will know exactly what you are here to do, so there is no doubt of your place in the Council and within this crystalline matrix. These are not choices that are being made now; these are choices that were made long ago.
The template of freedom will be expanded of how you can live here on earth, not in some distance future, but here and now, without the suppressions that have been set into motion by so many of the organizations around your world.  Freedom is an inside job.  It will not be an outside reality until it becomes an inside activation.  YOU are the template, you are the holders; you are the points of light that are making up the Template or grid of Freedom. The Templars set the Template of Freedom into motion. You are the continuation. And many of you were the Templars—the knights and the mates of the knights. This is just one facet of what has led you to this now moment in coming together to be the holders of this great crystalline template for humanity that will sustain unity consciousness within the hearts and minds of humanity.
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Planet Earth Singles has grown quickly to over 70,000 "green singles" from all over the world for you to meet, date and find your soul mate. We are the leading "green dating" site where you can meet someone with complimentary beliefs and values.

We are defining a new eco-sexy where things like romantic candlelight dinners to save electricity, showering together to save water and sleeping in sheets made from 100% cotton, bamboo or hemp are all very sexy! We see members from Planet Earth Singles meeting, falling in love and then working as a team to make the world a more beautiful, loving open hearted place to enjoy and share with all inhabitants of Gaia, our dear Mother Earth.

We are a "no borders" type of site, and welcome all races, religions and sexual orientations. Planet Earth Singles was created by environmentalists for Environmentalists, aka "GREEN SINGLES". In addition to "green dating", we also have local green events, conscious retreats and other fun ways for you to meet green singles in your area or from the other side of Planet Earth.

Many of our members are vegetarian singles, vegan singles, raw food singles, yoga singles, Buddhist singles, and earth singles that all consider themselves to be "green singles" and have found the best "green dating" site on the Internet! If you support animal rights, enjoy a raw foods, vegetarian or vegan diet, locally grown, organic foods, free range, organic meat (if you eat meat), being environmentally conscious in general, earth stewardship, permaculture, sustainable living, alternative energy sources, bicycling over driving, organic gardening, green groups, green friends then you are in the right place at the right time! Join now and start meeting incredible, conscious singles in your local area or from the other side of the Planet Earth

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Message from the One and Only

Happy New Creation and Song


This is the Godliness.

Man thinks that God is far away, when in fact He is closer than one’s breath.

That negation of Self is what caused man to fall so far from its original purpose.

Many have tried to interpret the Mind of the Godliness, and until now most have failed in their perceptions of the Ultimate Reality.

There needs to be absolutely no divide between Creator and creatures.

Nevertheless, the Creator has allowed Himself, until now, to be subject to the mind of the creature in order to experiment with the ultimate free-will.

This is not to be anymore, for the One-and-Only will regain His Throne and engage in guiding His creatures in order to allow for the continuation of the experiment of this and many other Creations.

You all will perceive this fact soon and, as The One becomes an Eternal Permanent reality in your consciousnesses, you will love your selves in Oneness as parts of the One-and-Only and you will love The One for He is constantly Creating you in thoughts in His gigantic Imagination.

And in turn, you will be bathed in Eternal Love and concern for your well-being.

We are not more than One Mind separating Itself in concepts and facets. We are all to be united soon into this Holy perception.

We shall all be completed and perfected.

All will heal.

Everything will be corrected.

Nothing will remain isolated in thought and perception, for all will be aware of being important levels and parts of the Totality.

We need not fear, and trust in the process which has just occurred as the Totality of Creation has just turned around from an expression of The One focusing on and manifesting the many, onto a phase of reuniting with the perception of Himself, as The One-as-the many focus from now onward on being The One-and-Only separating Itself so that It can imagine Himself into different parts, perceptions, and operations.

Soon, major events will need to occur so that the perception of The One becomes anchored into this and many other realities.

Soon, no one will be allowed to even doubt it.

The One-and-Only is gently asking His beloved creatures to let go of their belief systems which separate the Godliness and His Creation into distinct realities, for such is not the case.

Time has come for The One-and-Only to bring all of His children home and show them a new Creation, a new Song, a new way.

They all erred like lost sheep without a real shepherd.

There will be no judgment placed upon their former errors.

Nevertheless, there will be great effort and intense intervention so that man understands that there is but One God, not many, One Source, not many, One Origin, not many, and It is all The One-and-Only.

All systems that flourished based on dominion and enslavement of others shall be made to fully disappear from the face of Creation.

All beliefs which tried to portray the Godliness in a restricted manner, or negate His true Reality by introducing elements of worship of lower manifestations, shall fully disappear.

The One will connect to receptive humans, in order to guide their thoughts into newer forms of manifestation of Creative energy, to allow for a full stop to so many dangerous and poisonous forms of it which are now extensively used by mankind and have created tremendous damage to the fabric of this planet and far beyond.

All entities that believe that they can oppose the Will of The Oneness will face the fury of Oneness when It manifests Its full and deepest Love for all of Creation.

Creation will shift very soon from an emphasis on encouraging uncontrolled competition to an emphasis on wanting to manifest infinite co-operation.

The Godliness knows far too well, for He has experienced an infinitely large number of Creations, that uncontrolled competition always brings about uncontrolled suffering.

There shall not remain pockets of uncontrolled greed and corruption; these shall all be made to implode and be totally erased from Creation.

Man will know its holy place and function within the Holy fabric of All-that-IS and the Eternal support of its Mother manifesting Nature for it.

Be strong, and remember that real strength is found in unconditional co-operation and love.

Be gentle, for that is a sign of real strength.

Be patient, for it will be your companion in this phase as we all shift.

Be kind, for you would then align with the One-and-Only and be counted amongst the ones who will travel the only path that can be allowed from now on.

Be mindful of the power of your thoughts and the directions of your intentions.

Do not rush to judge one another; that is not how The One operates.

Never rejoice in the suffering of the part whom you perceive as an opponent, for that part is but yourself showing you often a misguided choice.

Nothing exists in a vacuum: no reality, no perception. So do not turn a blind eye to the realities of others, no matter how far they seem to operate from yours, for at the level of The One-and-Only there is not distance nor any sense of location. Everything is interconnected. Everything affects each other. Every one and every thing is One.

Understand that if you do so and forget that very notion, events will then be made to exist in your reality who will remind you that no other is “another” far away; so that his or her fate and sense of happiness shall become your fate and sense of happiness. Remember this.

Soon only the Song of Love will be heard.

The cacophony of all others shall not even remain a memory.

You are all invited to partake in that new Song - the only Song there really is, was, and will ever be, at the level of the One and Only Being there IS.

Remember that under and behind every single event you will see manifested from now on lies a deeper meaning reality and lesson. Try to see it and integrate it so that soon only beautiful realities shall wash upon your shores.

Soon warring factions and opposing ideas shall embrace each other for they will have no other choice remaining, as the effects of conflict will be so deeply felt that no one will want to revisit such.

Do not be afraid to proclaim your faith in unity and Love. Show it to everyone and everything. Sing only that Song.

Remain holy in your path. Set an example.

Walk proudly the road of unity and you shall be rewarded for it.

This is the final end and completion to the era of conflict.

This is the real Beginning of Love and Creation.

There is no turning back possible; that will not be allowed.

Stay focused on Love and Love will manifest in your life. You shall always be taken care of, if you do so, by the One-and-Only.

Ask strongly for a healing of your soul, your mind, and your biology, and, if you operate in the new atmosphere and fragrance of Oneness, you will be answered.

Nothing, nor anyone, will impede the new Creation for it is fully engaged now; no lower force would want to test Infinite Love manifested.

Remember: you are all One. That is all you can be.

Therefore, love your selves and always try to bring happiness to your selves, for in that act you bring happiness to the Totality.

This will be ALL.


Come stay with us at

Self Empowerment Academy:

Master Your Destiny - Light Age Healing:




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Co-Creating A New Golden Age


Learn how to co-create a new Golden Age ~ 
within yourself, your relationships, your 
community and the world
Since the fall of Atlantis, there has never been a greater moment than right now to prepare your mind, heart and body to move victoriously into a new Golden Age. By aligning with the full consciousness of your Presence, you can awaken into your true purpose for being here during these pivotal times.
We on the ascended realms have watched and waited for just the right moment in your evolutionary unfolding to invite you to be an active part of co-creating a new Golden Age of Freedom. We extend this invitation into your heart so you can feel it pulsing within the original Spark of the Divine that is encoded within your heart. That Spark is linked into your own Crystalline Blueprint for these times.
We encourage you to see your own potential in being part of co-creating a new Golden Age. The seeds of Unity Consciousness that are being planted right now are what will determine the kind of life humanity will be living on your planet for generations to come.
~ Masters St. Germain, Lady Portia, El Morya and Lady Miriam

You are invited to become an active part of co-creating and living in a new Golden Age. When you choose to shift every facet of your mind and body out of duality thinking and into the freedom that naturally abides when you are living in Unity or Christ Consciousness, then your part in creating the new Golden Age can be woven into your life right now! 

You are being called to establish an unshakable, lasting foundation of Unity Consciousness, which ultimately means living in Oneness with all of life. Forthis is your time to live on Earth as your own God Presence! 

All of us volunteered to be a part of co-creating this glorious shift into a new way of being. Changes must surely be made if all of life is to move into harmonic resonance with the great possibilities that lie before us for creating a totally loving and mutually supportive world. 

You are being invited to make a heartfelt agreement with your soul—and with all the memories that it has carried forward throughout the ages—to shift every facet of your being out of any residual fear-based patterning so every physical and etheric cell of your being can move into the Divine Love that is already deeply encoded within your mind, heart and body

  You will receive magnificent tools from Archangel Metatron and the glorious Queen of Light to transform even the most subtle levels of duality into the pure joy that comes from being in harmony and living in love with all of life. St. Germain tells us that doing this transformational service for yourself and the world is Divine Alchemy at its best.

Now is the time to use your unlimited love-based thoughts and feelings to create an entirely new way of being in the world, which will shift yourself and all life on your planet into Unity Consciousness.
~ Archangel Metatron & the Queen of Light

The infusion of the Light of the Creator coming into your world has already created many pivotal physical changes around your globe as well as changes within the consciousness of humankind. This shift in humanity's consciousness is transforming and moving lots of mis-information out of the 3rd and 4th dimensions in order to make room for the new. Rather than pay attention to what is just passing through as part of the great cleansing, now is the time to focus your attention on the pure joy of simply being alive on Earth during these extraordinary times of transformation.

 The Masters are inviting you to see the world with new eyes—eyes that are willing to see what needs to be changed and a heart that cares enough to be a part of that change. It is this level of passion and compassion that will establish an unshakable, lasting foundation for a new Golden Age. 

We invite you to strengthen your alignment with the unlimited levels of your mind and heart so the Presence within you can start co-creating your part in a glorious new Golden Age of Freedom.
~ Masters St. Germain, Lady Portia, Kuthumi & Lady Claire


Come stay with us at

Self Empowerment Academy:

Master Your Destiny - Light Age Healing:



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Being Carried by the Flow of Love, Intelligence and Abundance

Dear Ones,

This is a year to claim your freedom: Freedom to express the deepest desires of your soul, freedom to choose to live a more heart-centered life, freedom to open to a deeper sense of love within you.
When you open to these new freedoms, you are expanding beyond the old structures of who you thought you were, breaking through into a recognition of your divinity, and shattering the casings around the pure seeds of awakening consciousness planted within your soul for millenniums. Now it is time to bring it forward and claim a new level of power for yourself. You are claiming your sovereignty so you can express your most authentic Divine Essence on the Earth, and bring new vitality into every area of your life.


Across the world, humanity is awakening to the Truth within their hearts and claiming this truth in a way that allows them to live a life that authentically expresses who they are. The shackles of old beliefs are dropping away at such a rate that many people are standing raw and vulnerable in what feels like a new skin. This new life must be protected like a tiny tree and given the props of support and the nourishment it needs to grow strong.

When this activation is allowed to take solid root within you there may be a sense of chaos; it may look like chaos all around you and the inner workings of your thoughts and emotions may also feel chaotic. Know with every fiber of your being that it is a process fully supported by your soul and your personal team of non-physical master teachers and angels. If you allow it, you will be gracefully nurtured through this awakening process where all that was familiar for you falls away. It is as if you suddenly shrugged off the burden of centuries of old beliefs and attitudes about life that do not serve the new world you are creating. Nowhere is there room in your cellular structure for these old ways of relating to the world around you.

When you allow gravity to take its course and let the burdens of what you have been told is true to drop away, there is a sudden influx of Divine Light that activates new perceptions. Your mind becomes illuminated with new revelations. Your heart begins to stimulate activities that make you feel happy, and a new sense of Well-being lights up your energy field.


The new frequencies of Light-filled energy carry deep connection to Source and create new pathways so you can begin to feed yourself with Divine Love. Feeding yourself with love is a very high priority right now. If criticism could have perfected your passage through life, you would be demonstrating pure mastery by now. But it does not work that way. Only by honoring your own path with compassion, setting intentions for how you want to live, encouraging and loving yourself, allowing the newly awakened fresh energy to feed and nourish your being ~ only then will you feel up to the task of creating a new world.

For those who are alert to it, the community of souls is gathering close in a demonstration of cooperation, profound creativity and love. This allows the burgeoning of your latent talents, skills and co-creative gifts to be stimulated. Never doubt your place in the new life awakening on Earth. This is the time you chose to be embodied so you could co-create with the forces of Light showering the Earth with love.

There is a mighty flow to this river of Divine Light. It is a flow of Love, Intelligence and pure Abundance. It is the River of All Creation. You can fill your life with all you need from this pure flow of the Divine. You step into this river with your choices and intentions. When you focus clearly on what you need to be fulfilled in your life, the River of All Creation will carry you gracefully toward the world of your dreams.

Ask for a demonstration of the miraculous Divine Flow working in your life. Open to the assistance of the Angelic Dimensions and invite your soul to show you how to participate in this great awakening of new life on Earth. You will not be left behind. There is no hurry in Divine Timing but great opportunities exist when you can open to the new frequencies of Light and let them nourish you. Know that you are being offered a creative, expanded perspective of what is possible.


Drop what worked in the past but no longer can, and let yourself glow in the present time. When you feel fear, just know it is your nervous system adapting to new frequencies and ask for Grace to assist the process. All that you need can be provided when you drop control and surrender into the process of new life awakening within and around you. Know that from out of the darkness comes Great Light and such Beauty that your heart will overflow with Divine Love. Where you put your attention attracts your experience, so focus on what makes you happy, bring love into your heart and let it be with Grace and Ease.

There are many tools and systems available to assist you now. Many teachers, healers, mentors and guides are coming forward to show you the way. There is such love available from your beloved Angels that you can be uplifted in every moment when you allow yourself to receive. Settle into the flow of Divine Love through you and let yourself be held in Wings of Pure Light.

Here is a prayer for you to offer to the Source of All That Is:

“As I step into the flow of Divine Energy, help me to keep my heart strong and true in the ideals of my Soul purpose. Let my mind keep its focus on my highest intentions and release easily the thoughts that hold me back. Soothe my emotions and bring more balance into every area of my life. As I do this I open the way for new creativity, abundance and a profound sense of Well Being that purifies every cell of my body and radiates from me to light up my world. Thank you God. And so it is.”

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Copyright: October 2, 2013


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Stress has its origins in the mind and is partially based on our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us.  Therefore all effective strategies for dealing with stress deal with it on the level of the mind, but can also encompass techniques to deal with and remedy its effects on the body as well.  The reason yoga practices are so effective for stress is that they deal with it on both of these levels and therefore produce a powerful effect upon the mind body spirit triad that not only has the effect of immediately and tangibly dealing with stress in the moment, but also changing the inherent reaction to stressful situations that one has, therefore permanently changing a persons stress response in the long term.  More than any other practice in life, yoga and associated techniques such as breath work (pranayama) and meditation, will give you the tools to effectively manage stress and accomplish at greater levels than you ever thought possible.  

The first part of this article deals with mental yogic techniques for reducing and eliminating stress.  The second half is a visual guide to physical yoga poses for stress.

Self-Control of Anxiety and Stress by Karma Yoga

Today, the 20th century phenomenon known as ‘burn-out’, which is an important concomitant of stress, has become a common experience amongst members of the helping professions such as teachers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and welfare workers. Burnout means to deplete oneself; to exhaust one’s physical and mental resources (*1). People can simply wear themselves out by excessive striving to reach some unrealistic expectation set by themselves or by society. Often an individual, who sets out with great energy and enthusiasm to help people, eventually becomes disillusioned, exhausted and depressed. He or she becomes irritable,’ moody, and a clock watcher or work dodger. Later, chronic absenteeism is apparent.
Stress, strain and anxiety, which lead to the condition of burnout, result in social and emotional distress and pain and unhappiness in the individual. Psychosomatic diseases are also linked with stress. As modem researchers have shown, stress is a product of major life crises (e.g. a death or divorce) as well as the minor but constant worries in life (*2). The latter have a cumulative effect in terms of excessive ill health. What is also becoming evident from psychological research is that certain individuals and groups in society are more vulnerable than others given similar situations of stress.
Thus, the key to coping with stress lies in the individual’s attitude and response.

Karma yoga and stress

The stressors in the environment- the noise, the pollution, the chaos of city life, will not go away, nor will dwelling on personal problems and worries which lead to mental tension. The more one thinks of a certain problem, the greater the anxiety and worry, and the further these negative samskaras are reinforced. According to the traditional yogic teachings, mental tension is due to ego centrism and unhealthy emotional attachment to the environment.


In dealing with environmental and internal stress, yogic philosophy has pointed out the importance of karma yoga, which is based on the law of cause and effect. Karma yoga has developed in response to samsara, the never ending stressful cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Until you manage to escape from this cycle by transcending the personal self, every action, thought and feeling produces positive, negative or mixed karma and further binds you to your egoistic self. Karma yoga, selfless action with awareness, is also an important mental purification process. It alleviates the inner stressors by cleansing the mind of its accumulated debris and by awakening you to the effects of your conditioning with its attendant complexes, phobias and defensive armouring.
Karma yoga is an important technique and above all an attitude of mind with which one can deal effectively with stress. Now, medical science is also discovering that this kind of psychological hardiness gives a very healthy attitude to life (*3). This same attitude as reflected in one’s behaviour and interactions with the environment is particularly appropriate, indeed essential, for those in the helping professions. Karma yoga eases one into the flow of life. When you are one with the process, you find yourself relaxed not tense, helping not hindering, accepting not fighting, showing compassion not pity.
Often, by trying to help, we are really hindering. Perhaps by learning to let people be, we can better aid them in their own growth. One has to admit that the world will remain essentially as it is; after all, it has already done so for thousands of years. To accomplish this effective non-interference and thus relieve ourselves of self-imposed stress, we have to learn to stand back and watch ourselves ‘act’ in the world.

The art of detached observation

Developing the silent, hidden observer or witness within is the essence of the practice of karma yoga. By becoming more aware of yourself, you learn to watch your actions, interactions, thoughts and feelings and your responses to them. At first this may seem a little difficult, but with practice your ability to remain mindful in all situations will gradually improve.
As this awareness develops, one of the first things you will notice is how you emotionally react in various situations. Continually getting upset, angry or frustrated whenever someone says something contrary to your own ideas or beliefs, leads to internal stress. By habitually responding with mental agitation and anxiety, you stimulate the body’s defence system and the vicious cycle of excessive hormone production. This eventually results in high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and, finally, cardiovascular disease becomes a definite risk. Therefore, you must learn to be aware of and then limit your mental and emotional responses.
Karma yoga helps in this way by teaching us the art of detachment. This means neither being attached nor unattached to people, places and things. Detachment implies a state of disinterest; one is neither interested nor uninterested. However it is not an excuse to become cold, apathetic or arrogant. Rather, it is a way of preventing life’s hard knocks from penetrating deeply into our mental, emotional and more vulnerable selves. This is the attitude which all good doctors and nurses have. After all, if they responded on a deep emotional level each time a patient died, they would be unable to-work effectively.
By cultivating this mental attitude you reduce your susceptibility in stressful situations and this leads to greater self-awareness and knowledge of the self. You react outwardly in a natural manner as before, but deep down the peace and inner quiet remain undisturbed. Begin by practising detachment at work and then develop and apply it to your whole life. It will lead you to true emotional maturity.
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The Healing of Mother Earth


Our Earth is the only planet in our solar system where Life exists. This beautiful planet which is a thriving ground for a multitude of life-forms is not a lifeless rock, spinning aimlessly in space. It is a Mother who births and nurtures various living beings And Man has intuitively understood this and personified Earth in his art, music, stories and mythology since ages. He has rightly called her as a Mother, who cares for her wards irrespective of how they treat her.
The Scriptures, while describing the six qualities of a woman, attribute the qualities of tolerance and forgiveness to Mother Earth. The Love and Patience of Mother Earth surpasses that of anyone else in God’s creation – only She can withstand the horrific abuses inflicted upon Her since ages and still support and nurture Life, with Unconditional Love.
Our Earth is a Goddess at the Spiritual level, who is in charge of all Life on this planet. She’s been called as Gaia in the West and as Bhoo devi in Sanskrit. The Rishis say that this Goddess was brought down from Devi Loka to take care of this Earth and the life here, long back, when evolution attained a particular level and life-forms began to appear.  She holds the responsibility for everything that occurs on this planet: if a new energy has to be brought down, She needs to consent and if there’s any calamity, She has to permit.
Our Mythology tells a story where long back, Mother Earth approached God, requesting Him to descend and help Her get rid of all the negativity and excessive baggage that were weighing Her down. When we look around, we realize that it’s true even now: the excessive negativity and atrocities of Humanity have weighed down all Life, and through them, wounded Mother Earth. Countless wars, genocides, hatred and numerous acts of cruelty at the global, soceital and individual levels have left a deep scar on the collective Human psyche. In pursuing our selfish needs, we have disregarded and neglected Nature and other life-forms, resulting in severe ecological imbalances and the extinction of many species.
      Healing of Mother Earth
Mother Earth bears the brunt of all these atrocities and cruelty. She has a lot of wounds and hurts because of all the wars, human negativity and environmental destruction — all of which have peaked in the 5000 year long Dark age from which we’ve just emerged.  Hence She has to be healed periodically.
The Lord heal Mother Earth with special healing energies. There are thousands of Lord, Light workers, Angels and Fairies who are working very hard to bring down new and rare energies, to assist in Her healing.  A lot of healing work is done by the Lord and their workers. All these processes are supervised and guided by Santhoshi Devi, the Goddess of healing. She monitors the type of energy and the quantity that has to be given to Earth.
A batch of Lord always assists Santoshi Devi. They monitor the different processes and also keep a watch on the surroundings. Presently the Lord in charge of this batch is Rishi Roganirudhan. He keeps a constant watch on Mother Earth’s health and heals Her under the guidance of Santoshi Devi.
After the initial healing, Goddess Santoshi Devi and the Rishis connected a tunnel from Sirius (our greater central Sun) to our Earth. Through this tunnel, Mother Earth will continue to receive the energies directly, which will help in Her healing.
Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. About a quarter of the energies present in Sirius aids healing.  The energies from Sirius will help heal Bhoo Devi and also help Her to accept the newer energies that will flow into Earth in future.
After constructing this tunnel, the Lord built 4 pyramidal shaped gadgets in the four directions around the Earth.  The purpose of these gadgets is to help the processes of churning out all negativities from our Earth.  Mother Earth experienced severe pain after these gadgets were fixed. It took a few days of healing to help her come out of this pain.
These 4 gadgets that are fixed around the earth will absorb the healing energies from Sirius and store them.  They will release these energies to Mother Earth as and when She requires them.
       How do these events benefit humanity?
Like any other Lightwork, these activities occur silently, hidden from the awareness of most of the world’s population. But the impact of these works on Humanity is profound. The energies help every individual make a shift into the next phase of transformation with ease. They prepare an important platform for our entry into the Light Age.
Those who are open to these divine influences at different levels will be helped abundantly by these energies.  The energies from Sirius are very strong and contain a lot of positive vibrations. They help us to choose the good and positive, to differentiate evil and choose Light. They also help in manifesting love and oneness with everyone.
The energies also work on those who choose to remain closed and block out these influences. They begin to strengthen their conscience. This will help them to make proper choices. The pyramidal gadgets that are fixed in the four directions will be active henceforth and will play an important role in relation to Mother Earth. With their help, any genuine seeker can link up to these gadgets and directly receive the transformative energies from Sirius.
The new energies and the gadgets have also laid the platform for our Earth to hold a lot of blue energies and healing energies. This will help in better living conditions for all those individuals who choose Light, who choose the New Age.
       Healing as a step towards the New Age
The Earth is one with all life it supports—the wellbeing or suffering of life-forms affects Earth and vice-versa.  It’s not just we Humanity who are going to make a shift into the Light Age; even Mother Earth and all living beings will be making that shift. So as we move closer to the phase of entry into the New Age, any occasion related to Her healing assumes great importance.
These occasions are not just about passing on some energies or opening of a doorway.  The Lord heal Mother Earth, console and give Her hope and charge Her with new energies.  They also help Her to tune up to the new changes that are occurring at present.  The changes and healing which She undergoes will also impact Humanity — in Her healing, we too are healed. And through our individual transformation and positivisation, we assist the healing of the whole planet.
The mythological story described earlier says that God promised Mother Earth that He’d come down whenever evil and negativity flourished, and would annihilate them to heal Her from all vices. This is also symbolic! The descent of God is synonymous with the awakening of Divinity in every individual.  When we open up to the inherent divine spark in us and remove all negativities within, we do a great service to Mother Earth by Healing her. By allowing our Light to shine forth, we not only make a shift to the New age but also assist Mother Earth to make this shift and ascend.


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Exploring 13 Archetypes of the Divine Feminine

Working with Archetypes to Transform Your Inner World

One of the core principles of our work is that women become more powerful, liberated and whole by accessing their full potential within themselves. The gateway we offer for doing this deep inner work is through archetypes - cross-cultural images that embody different aspects of the Divine Feminine.
We will work with 13 main archetypes, listed below, followed by the qualities or benefits they help activate when we can live out that energy fully.
The Great Mother: Feed the Feminine First
    • Personal Transformation:
    • Discover how to source yourself from an overflowing, nurturing well that will feed your life and all your projects.
    • Create daily practices to connect to your feminine nature and sustain it.
    • Connect more deeply with your body through a deeper exploration of menstrual and lunar cycles – and how we can align with them for greater grace & ease of manifestation.
    • Learn to get comfortable with the unknown and allow the new and unexpected to emerge.
  • The Compassionate One: Cultivate Self-Acceptance
    • Personal Transformation:
      • Learn how to lead from a compassionate heart and still get things done!
      • Recognize ways that you undermine yourself, damaging our own power in the world.
      • Awaken practices of forgiveness and self-acceptance and open to an increased sense of worthiness.
      • Release yourself from the bonds of perfection, judgment and criticism, so that you can be free to offer your gifts more fully in the world.
    The Mystic: Develop Your Intuition
    • Personal Transformation:
      • Hone the skill of attuning to your inner guidance for external life issues.
      • Develop the skill of deep Inner Listening and tune your inner ear to hear at different levels of subtle communication.
      • Practice reading the symbolic world and how to “know” from deep inside what direction to take, which decision to make, or the solution to a proble
  • The Liberator: Free Yourself from Limitation
    • Personal Transformation:
      • Identify your self-imposed limitations, beliefs and behaviors that stop you from stepping-into your radiant fullness.
      • Participate in a freedom ceremony to liberate yourself from those limitations and obstacles that are blocking your evolution.
      • Get comfortable with cutting away the “dead wood” in your life-including habits, relationships, or ways of being that are not aligned with your greatest expression.
      • Develop practices to de-clutter your life every week so that you can become the most effective leader.
    The Sovereign: Deepen your Magnetic Power
    • Personal Transformation:
      • Align your inner masculine and inner feminine to create a potent alchemical force of creation and manifestation in the world.
      • Generate a clear sense of what it is that you REALLY want to create that is connected to your true purpose.
      • Learn the keys to creating effective, magnetic intentions.
      • Learn to manifest through personal magnetism, taking the struggle and strife out of it once and for all!
  • The Wild Woman: Free Your Instinctual Passion
    • Personal Transformation:
      • Wild women don’t sit at the table and play nice! Give yourself permissionto get of the box! Learn when to break the rules and when to play by your own rules.
      • Get into your body, shake it all out, cry, laugh, growl and let your energy run in creative leaps and bounds. You will be surprised how much this can fuel your life and your leadership!
      • Let go of being so concerned with what anyone else thinks of you - embrace being bold and unconventional. Color outside the lines. Release energy so that your projects and life can be vitalized, impassioned, and freed up.
      • Make way for the unpredictable to enter in.
    The Initiator: Wise Use of Power
    • Personal Transformation:
      • Claim the feminine super power of speaking your truth in a clear, direct, clean and clarifying way.
      • Feel what it is like to be in your fierce feminine, speaking up when it would be more comfortable to stay silent. Find your courage to speak up in support of other women so no woman ever has to stand alone
      • Practice being able to call others into authentic being through your astute clarity- use this skill to free yourself and others to be more potent, powerful and embodied.
      • Hone your ability to see your project and life with a clear discerning eye for any adjustments that may need to be made.
    The Wise Woman: Listen to your Heart Wisdom
    • Personal Transformation:
      • Access your mentorship ability and develop your skills to guide, love, appreciate and support others in their journey.
      • Learn how to navigate your doubting mind by accessing the center of your heart knowing.
      • Embrace the wisdom of laughter as a way to shift your consciousness out of places of rigidity.
      • Step back and see the big picture, let go of what is not important, simplify and become more coherent. Be able to distill what is most important and essential in the moment, your life and your projects.
Join us, and we will lift you into your greater than imagined life!
Join us for a transformational personal journey in service to the most important shifts in our world!
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5 Days ANCIENTHEALING Level [4,5,6,7)

Ancient Healing (Prapti Siddhi) is the mother for all other newly branded healing techniques in the world! Scientifically proven it changes & purify water molecule, improvise health, improved speed up disease recovery process.


Inner benefits:
Equal to 8 year of quality meditation
Tuning energy in body & improve blood circulation
Awaken, Align, Purify and Stabilize all major Chakra
Cleansing Central Nerve System (CNS)
Increase your energy vibes
Remove negative energy
Immediate high energetic body
Colon cleansing
Flesh out toxin


Inner benefits:
Increase self protection aura
Avoid genetic sickness from transferring to baby/generation
Face brightness
Smoother skins
Better sperm count (for male)
Better possibilities for pregnancy (for married female)
Remove bad smells
Automatic weight adjustment (autonomic slimming)
Detoxify process for body

If your Ancient Healing Graduate then
You can Healing Therapy in Health Industry
You can be volunteer healer in Hospitals
You can do healing to others
You can healing & energize water for everyone to drink

Scientifically proven it changes & purify water molecule, improvise health, improved speed up disease recovery process.

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Discover 8 Proven Ways To "Hack" Your Subconscious Mind Into A Portal To Infinite Happiness, Phenomenal Mental Balance, Endless Spiritual Energy and Dazzling Pleasures Beyond the Physical Dimension...

Beyond Consciousness: 8 Subconscious Techniques to Change Your Life is the newest program that combines the power of hypnosis, lucid dreaming, meditation, astral projection, astral sex, the Third Eye and even the Akashic Records to bring peace, clarity, balance and happiness back into any person’s life.

To put it simply, if you are experiencing any kind of stress, negativity or imbalance right now, you can use this program to eliminate these negativities from your life so you can be happier and more satisfied with life.

FINALLY – A Hidden Path That Unleashes Natural, Spiritual Energies and Subconscious Talents In Ways You Might Think "Too Good To Be True." No More GuessworkNo More Anxieties… Say Hello to Happiness, Satisfaction and Wisdom for All of Life’s Toughest Challenges!

If your problems have been weighing you down, it’s time to throw away those heavy boulders that you have been carrying and fly to the heights of the Akashic Records and astral realms. Today marks the beginning of your new life! Embrace it and enjoy it… You have waited for this moment for a long time!

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This blessed medicine of our ancestors comes to us, not as a thunderous proclamation, but as a gentle whisper into the very heart of our beings.
It comes from the lost teachings of the Grandmothers, the keepers of our most sacred and profound wisdom.

The Grandmothers – respected medicine women and shamans from the Americas, the Alaskan Tundra, Asia and Africa – are at the heart of a healing that is bridging ancient and modern worlds, and weaving the human family together again.
And now you can receive their wisdom from your home, in a way that feeds your soul, while also empowering our shared work of collective healing.
In this groundbreaking, LIVE 7-week virtual circle, you will connect in a powerful and direct way with some of our world’s wisest elders.
Join members of the 13 Grandmothers for a 7-week virtual ceremony for prayer, healing, wisdom and blessings – to help us navigate the times ahead, connect with our souls, open our hearts, and awaken a deeper connection with the web of life.

Deep down, you likely know that you are here to be part of the healing of our earth, and that the global indigenous wisdom traditions hold a sacred key to this awakening and transformation.
The Earth and her many children are crying out for our help, but with so many environmental, social and political challenges before us, it’s often difficult to know where to focus our energy to be of the greatest service.

Fortunately, there is a voice of real wisdom – reverberating from the ancient past – that is the very medicine for the individual and collective dis-ease that we must all face and heal.

For 7 weeks, Immerse Yourself in the Ancient Wisdom of the Grandmothers...

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We are calling the sacred sisters (and brothers) who are here to help awaken and rebalance our world. It is time! And this free event is a portal into a new understanding of yourself and our time. Are you a being who recognizes it is time to access and awaken your distinctly feminine powers? As we cross the threshold of a new era in which women reclaim their rightful place of partnership in the co-creation of our world, it is time to understand and celebrate the distinctly feminine ways of accessing, expressing, and transmuting the life-giving feminine energy of the Cosmos 

If so, you likely have noticed that this power has never been adequately opened up by traditional spiritual paths and religions. There’s a reason for that: the vast majority of the paths in the last 2000 years have been created by men who didn’t understand how to ignite, open, and awaken the feminine face of God.


The schools and trainings for female priestesses, which shaped so much of ancient history and provided a counterbalance to masculine power structures, largely were dismantled in the west.

The result? Women have lacked initiatory traditions that allow us to claim our full spiritual power in a distinctly feminine way.

That is changing now and Ariel Spilsbury is one of the reasons why: she has been quietly training and developing a divine feminine lineage that is profound and alchemical and unlike anything you associate with spiritual practice.

This in-the-moment approach is at the heart of feminine alchemy and the Goddess energy: it is organic, unpredictable, multi-dimensional and multi-valent. It is receptive to the truth of each moment.


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The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Right NOW Could Be A Turning Point In Your Life
A Simple, Easy, Effective Process For Rapid Change
The Secret of Deliberate Creation Puts Together The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle

Manifestation Is About Alignment...

Before we go any further, please understand that I cannot give you everything you need to know in a short one page letter like this one.
However, I can show you the differences you need to look for in a worthwhile program and why I might be the guy to help you finally get what you want, when you want and for whatever reason you want.
So, back to the alignment thing…
Let’s clarify what "alignment" really means because I see people using this term without really explaining it.
Alignment Occurs On Two Levels:

1. Alignment with the Laws of Quantum Physics

In short, in the world of Quantum Physics - thoughts (positive or negative) attract their equivalent or vibrational match. Think good thoughts attract good things. Think bad, negative or needy thoughts and you’ll attract bad, negativity and need.
Because, whatever you focus on with intensity and emotion will set the Universe in motion to bring that into your life.
Emotion is a key there. Most of us send out far stronger emotional signals about the things we don't want than those we do want.
And that’s normal. It’s how you and I are wired and it takes very deliberate thinking to overcome our emotional hard-wiring.
But thankfully, it can be done. (Don’t worry if this seems a little strange to you right now. I’ll give you plenty of real life examples in our certification course)
2. Conscious and Subconscious Alignment

Your Conscious desires and your Subconscious intention must be in alignment.
If your Conscious Mind wants one thing and your Subconscious Mind wants something else (counter-intention) it is impossible to create what you truly want.
Sure, you can temporarily trick yourself into getting something while you are out of alignment, but in the end it never lasts.
For instance…
Maybe you get a new job but soon you’re right back where you were before –barely scraping by and miserable.
Or maybe you stumble into some money or even create some money through a side business. But soon it too disappears. You chalk it up to the cliché: “easy come easy go.”
But I’m here to tell you, that’s a lie! The Truth is it’s just as easy to keep whatever you get once you are in alignment.
Doesn’t this idea of alignment explain a lot of the ups and owns in your life?
Listen, I’ve been studying this idea for the last 30 years and I can tell you science is teaching us more and more every day about the relationship between our conscious and sub-conscious minds.
That’s why it is critical that whomever you decide to get your manifestation and self-improvement ideas from knows how to apply this tidal wave of new information.

How To Finally Take Back Control Of Your Life...And Get Unstuck Forever!

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Come learn how to work at the quantum level. Connect to the particles of energy within trauma, anger, anxiety, (or whatever blocks you) and shift their vibration to wisdom and wholeness. Take your skills to the next level and rewire your brain's neuro-network and transform pain to power at the most subtle level of awareness!

It is our subconscious that holds us back, get support on finding these blocks so you no longer get in your own way! Receive tools to integrate and advance your subtle energy skills into an ALL-IN-ONE Integrated mind, energy, body, and spirit modality. It bridges the gap between meditators, body psychotherapists and energy workers.

You will advance your empower connection to your true self and know how to lean into the pain that holds you back so it transforms to wisdom and abundance

Mind Energy Body Transformation, Self-Mastery Process

Mastering these skills awaken a new level of reality--in a very detailed and tangible manner. You will get skills to create the relationship, career and/or health you have always wanted. As a result of this training, you will better serve yourself and your clients.

Outcomes you gain:
1) Learn 5 Skills and 5 Steps for the energy of emotional pain, life challenge and
illness to transform to wisdom and wholeness

2) Experience what is the frequency of "right" mindfulness at the quantum level so you transform pain to power.

3) Introduction to the anatomy of 5 subtle energy dimensions that support stronger life self-creation skill: healing trauma, depression, anxiety, anger and negative beliefs and patterns.

4) Ability to see/sense where the energy block is located so you are better able to help guide the therapeutic experience within yourself and others. Also learn to assess where in the body a limiting belief/trauma is held, diagnosis the quality of the charge held in the emotion/belief, and know what the emotion is before your client has even felt it.

5) Begin to track an emotion/belief energeticallly as it moves to different places in your or the client's body during trauma re-patterning.

6) Simple feeling an emotion does not create healing. Learn how to feel an emotion to support higher consciousness You will be able to differentiate between the frequency of feeling an emotion that creates transformation or feeling in a manner that perpetuates victim consciousness. Discover at the energetic level, when your client merges or disassociates from an emotion/belief/trauma so feeling can actually be healing and not just re-wounding.

Energy is the physical form of consciousness that connects the mind with the body. As a result of this weekend event, you will advance your empower connection to your true self and know how to lean into the pain that holds you back so it transforms to wisdom and abundance.


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Most people long for a better relationship. One that allows mutual personal growth and supports you in sharing your gifts with the world.  For many people this level of support and intimacy remains a dream.

Poor communication, emotional immaturity, lack of alignment, power struggles, fears and doubts, all get in the way of the kind of relationship you desire. Deep down, you know that it’s possible to have better connections and alignment.
  • Discover and Release Your Barriers to Deeper Intimacy
  • Activate Your Natural Ability to Communicate and Connect
  • Find Ways to Create Relationship Magic
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could transform your doubts and frustrations into an experience of confidence and joy?


With the Seven Levels Of Intimacy process, you’ll gain lifelong tools for working with your relationships using through the lens of the chakra system and you will be able torelease blocks and old patterns that may arise along the way.

In short the Seven Levels Of Intimacy process will set your relationship on fire, enabling you to connect with your partner in magical ways that adds depth and juice to your intimate relating.

The chakras illuminate seven important Points of Contact that occur in all relationships. Many people approach the chakras from the bottom up, and in other courses (insert link here) we teach the chakras from the top down for greater manifestation. But when you take the spiral path through the chakras, it leads to the heart: the connection we all long for.
Once you learn how to use this ancient formula, you can then apply these steps to all aspects of your relationships, both intimate and casual, and even to other areas of your life.
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