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Look Outside

Their ships are much more active. I remember when I had to wait for hours to see a ship (an obvious one move about and around). That gradually turned into 20 minutes and now I don't even have to wait for 2 minutes, and yes this has started since last

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This literally only took 10 seconds to sign.

"...please sign the petition, pass this link on, mention it in your letter to President Obama, write to you local and national politicians asking them to sign the petition (and ask for disclosure of the Ext

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Every day now, I can see them. Everyone mistakes them as shooting stars and planes or satellites, but I know better.

The time is getting closer and closer. I have indeed found my purpose, my mission, and I will start it.

Here's the plan I want you all

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Are you and Indigo Child?

I was am questiong indigo children and crystal children. I am questioning if I am an indigo child myself.

I understand indigo children are a bit older at this age, late 20s or early 30s; I have met and interacted with chrystal children, the youth gene

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