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Angels Saved ME

It happened only about 20 minutes ago, as it is about 6:23 AM. Allow me to explain this miraculous event that has taken place to me in great depth and detail~!!

I've been waiting for my room mate, Sara, to return home, as we jog every morning around 3:00 AM when she returns from work (We are taking the ASVAB test Wednesday to enlist in the military). I figured she would go out with a friend or maybe her about-to-be-boyfriend because she still hadn't returned around 5:50 AM. I decided to exercise myself alone, taking a ride on my mountain bike.

On my ride I noticed 3 UFOs, and one more to the east of them, blinking and unblinking, hovering and pausing above the trees in the neighborhood. I felt such joy as I watched that one disappear. But the other 3 UFOs, which formed an isosceles triangle, lingered still. One of them were as bright as the Northern Star in Bethlehem on the night of Christ's birth. Now, I admit here that what I did was quite foolish, so please do not criticize me: I felt satisfied with my ride and decided to return home round 6:13 AM (I know not much of a ride, but I was extremely sleepy, and besides, I road the bike home hours ago from my job at an animal hospital). I kept looking back in the sky behind me to make sure I was still seeing the UFOs, and then that's when it happened. Well, I flew. Literally, I flew. Okey, let's rewind <<<<<<<<

>>>>>Before I left the house to ride, I had a strong urge to take the helmet. I didn't. Now usually, when my first thought, or instinct, tell me to do something and I don't, I face the consequences. I am still learning to listen to my higher self, as I learned that these "instincts" are what it is, but I forget to do that because one of my big habits is second-guessing myself; When a teacher tells you to go with your first answer because it is usually right. So anyway, I didn't take the bike helmet. I never wear one. The last time I fell off a bike was at age 6, taking off the training wheels myself, to teach myself (parents had no time). Okey back to the topic. Now, when I don't listen to my higher self, I have a vision of my consequence right before it takes place itself, and it always happens. It's like a glimpse of the future. Now forward

>>>>> I turned around one last time to the UFOs behind me. I turn back around and I find I had drifted too close to the edges of the lawn on my right. I saw a mailbox a foot away. I swerve. Not far enough. Here is my vision::::::

The right handle bar of the bike hits the mailbox. It smashes into it, the mailbox vibrating from the impact, stopping the bike right in it's tracks abruptly. I dive to the left, the bike crashing underneath me. I saw myself hitting the ground with the front of my face planted into the street, my hands and arms folded underneath me, and something sharp on  face where I hit the ground. Now here is what really happened:::::::

I turn around and see the mailbox. Of course I try to swerve. Of course I misjudged and my perception deceived me. The right handle bar hits the mailbox and the bike stops abruptly, shaking the mailbox at contact. I dive to the left as the bike crashes and then, slightly like a skipping stone that only hits the water twice. I land with the left side of my face to the ground. Besides my face, I scratched my inner thighs, my left ankle, and bruised my left shoulder, as well as above the slight of my left breast partially where my heart should me. And one other thing: my hand, which was pierced by a sharp rock. That was the only thing severely injured, that truly hurt like HELL. A car was passing by up ahead, heading horizontally straight at an intersection, and stopped when the person, or people, saw me fall. I got back up after a several seconds, picking the bike up with me, and the car ever so slowly continued straight. I stood there gripping the bike, shaking. Can you piece it together? My head was supposed to hit that rock, not my hand. The person(s) in the car was supposed to rush to my aid and assist me (maybe call an ambulance). I was supposed to be greatly injured.

I can't really describe it, the miraculous thing that happened when I hit the hard, cold street. Just before I hit the ground, it was like a force, a strong energy keeping me lifted and slowing the impact of my fall. I don't want to sound exaggerated, but I swear it was like 3 points were underneath my body: two on my upper body and one at my legs. Just like my vision, I still had my hands and arms folded underneath me. Here's the thing, it's like I was being tilted diagonally, something shifting, turned my head sideways to the left so that the side of my face was exposed. And the effect like a skipping stone, I hit the ground once, where in my vision I saw my head hit, but it was like I "bounced" and landed a distant away and landed on the sharp stone at my left palm. 

It's miraculous, I say! The side of my head where my left temple is, only has a scratch and only has the pain amounting to that of an annoying mosquito-bite-like sting. My pride was more hurt from the audience in the car, so I know I was fine. I ride home as fast as I can (no longer looking over my shoulder), dismounting the bike to sit on the porch and smoke a couple of cigarettes. The 3 UFOs were still there, and it wasn't until I watched Them for the longest, thanking them for Their rescue, that they faded away one by one, the brightest being last.

It is now 7:05 AM, and as you can see it, it took me about 45 to 50 minutes to types this up, carefully in complete detail of my dangerous, little adventure. Why, not even my vulnerable abdominal area has a single scratch or pain. And no, Sara is not even back yet. I'm very tired, exhausted, but sleepy no more and in fact, awake more than ever.

I would love to hear your opinions and if any of you had experiences like this. I must clean up my injuries now >_<

I just feel so grateful to not have a head injury, to be saved by Them. I encourage listening to your higher self. I definitely know that, that happens to everyone all the time, like, "Damn, I knew I should have did/done this/that!" lol Seriously though, our higher selves know best, and I will try my hardest best for now on to pay more attention.

Thank you for reading~~ I love you <3 <3 <3 


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Increasing the Sound of Love

I want to take a moment acknowledge the newest members.

On ACC, for as long as I've been here (which is only a few or 5 months), new members only pop up occasionally, not even everyday. But now, recently, the amount of newbies have grown and is continuing daily; amazing evidence that the number of awareness has been inclining, thus raising our vibrations. I am proud truly. 

I also feel like the Galactics are waiting to take real and obvious actions for us as more are becoming aware, this way people are not as shocked and instead are expecting it.

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Who is Drake?

So. Who is Drake? Am I late, well probably, but I have only followed the ETs' messages and nothing more. They have never mentioned Drake. And I keep stumbling upon these posts and how he is a liar and a fake, so that means the GFL and ACC (with others) are too. What is the link? Does Drake mention the ETs by specifics??? Is Drake the one who gives out false hopes by handing out predictions by dates? Because I have never stumbled upon a date given by the GFL other than July 4th. In their past messages they had refused to give out any dates until the time drew nearer, which is now. And I know I can just google this Drake guy, but I want to hear what you guys have to say about him, my family and friends. I want opinions from the believers and the skeptics. Only two more days after all, and even those who shun the truth are anticipating to see what will happen in just two and a half days! Excited myself. Oh yes, links are appreciated, might you all be so kind to provide evidence or proof whether it is of the GFL or Drake. <3

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Criticism to Those who Criticize

Skeptics keep saying that the dates keep changing or that nothing has happened. And for those who are feeding off these lies, letting these negative vibrations pull you down, shame *tsk tsk* The messages have NEVER even given a date for the mass arresting, until now, July 4th. And it hasn't even begun yet. July 4th is the beginning, up until now it has only been preparation. Has nothing really happened? Just because you can't see it and haven't heard it on your television (yet). Does anyone else have dreams every night of UFO, triangles, ect? Does anyone besides me constantly stare at the skies at night and watch THEIR ships in your neighborhood??? They are every where, not just ships, but the ones residing in the Earth? Am I the only one who can recognize these "behind the scene" actions? lol the GFL has given me nothing to disbelieve yet. And until they do, I continue to support and back them up.

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      I have finally seen my share of a UFO two nights ago. It happened so quickly I saw it only for about five seconds because it spun and spiraled behind the trees -_-

But there, it was a triangular shape, lights of many colours and HUGE. Then yesterday, a friend and I were at a gas-station. I watched something in the sky: a disk as it hovered over the city like a hawk. My friend didn't care because he is one among many of skeptics who deny, deny, DENY. I do try to explain to him, yet even if he believes, his answers and replies are always arrogant and hostile, saying he would have to carry an AK gun if he saw spaceships landing. Maaaaan, people are soooooo ARROGANT. But many of friends are exactly like that. As a friend, I must try and persuade them to see from anther angle: the LIGHT. Then, I got visited last night in my sleep. . .can't really explain that one, but I requested to contact Ashtar Command and had a very vivid dream. . .

     The beautiful weather in Fayetteville, NC this year is unusual. Spring is usually skipped as Summer rolls in early when Winter has gone. I'm not complaining, but the opposite actually: enjoying myself. I can feel the changes in the air, in the vibrations and I'm not the only one. Many of you say you "feel" it too :) So I know it's not just me. But I too hear the callings of nature to come out and play too!!

     In a short amount of time, before even concluding any information about Ashtar Command or the Federation of Light, I had put together puzzle pieces of historical events and theoretical conspiracies, along with the Bible and the many religions from diverse cultural origins. Need I mention the stars and the moon: Astrology and time?

     What I mean is EVERYTHING connects to EACH OTHER. All is one, and one is all. We are God, and God is we. That's how we know God exists, because we exist. Like a King without his people, and people without their King, one simply cannot exist without the support of the other: light cannot be without darkness, good cannot be without evil. YING AND YANG, the dark side of the moon, ect.

     Every being, including animals, have a sense of a higher being above: the SOURCE from which all is created from, including bad. Even Lucifer came from God. In the end, returns to God. And most of you know this, but many on the "outside" don't because ignorance blinds them.


-sigh- IDK what I'm rambling about. I guess I needed to sort my thoughts or catch them before they leave my mind. Wonderful things are happening with more to come. Do not dismiss any possibilites of casualties though.






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