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The Dance of Life Reflected


Life ... I'll take the ups, the downs, the pain, the joy, the frustration, the exhilaration...
I'll take the rain for with it comes the rainbow.  I love Life!
I'll take it all and use it to help me reflect more of what I AM - Divine Love and Light Incarnate.  

This video really appealed to me today and so I wanted to share it with all of you...

I dedicate this video to my Star Family on planet and off ....
I dedicate this video to you and me traveling together on ever expanding, eternal waves of Love and Light ...
Thank you all for joining me on the wonderful journey of Life!

We are One!


Video Credit: 

Youtube: TakeSomeCrime's channel:  My Excellence - Rain on Me

LaTonya Harrison

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8108756678?profile=originalAs I'm reflecting on the Voyage to the Stars trip, I encourage myself to make a choice - where do I stand? Is it going to happen or not?

I don't need the physical proof of this event occuring to know of the great love and existence of Star Family and my connection in oneness with them or you.

I Have a Choice

I know that we're all in this together and it is our group energy that will in a large part help this trip to happen or not. So because I know we're all creating together, I choose for my words to be reflective of that understanding of my eternal self, our Divine Power to co-create and our Oneness.

As I am eternal, I have plenty of time to be patient and visit with Star Family in the physical, as I've done often astrally or in dreamstate. As I work on self, release what I need to release and do this inner work more and more, this only increases my chances of a physical visit with Star Family occurring sooner rather than later.

I know there might be naysayers on this event everywhere - on this site, other sites, in mass consciousness. No matter what the popular vote is on this trip or what mass consciousness expresses about it, I know that as a Divine Being I can visit with Star Family anytime, planned trip with others or not. I will not be hindered individually from visiting  Star Family on the ships on my own. I already visit the Cities of Light and the starships energetically and some are even working with Star Family to beam themselves physically onto the ships right now as we speak.  So the way I see it, all is not lost due to a mere change in planning for the Voyage to the Stars trip. The more I prepare myself, the more invites I'll receive to physically visit both the Neptune Mothership and others. 

It was said that women would never get the right to vote, they did. It was said that the Wall would never fall, it did. It was said we would never have a woman as President, we almost did. It was said we would never have a Black man as President, we do. I know that it has been said that physical visits to the starships won't happen, can't happen right now. I know they can and will.  I have faith and trust in my Star Family and will continue working with them in unity.

I Have Access to Info Through my own Divine Heart

Anything I run across, whether it's this event or a channel, I always run it through my Sacred Heart to discern the truth and accuracy of the information for me. We can go within, take some deep breaths and inquire about the truth of this event for self. We can listen to our hearts on this, not the brain mind that may be subject to fears, angers and hurts of the past, but our sacred heart centers, composed of the sacred heart and sacred mind acting in tandem as one and in love....

Speak or Go Within?

I understand that, as I am a Divine Creator, what I say and share with my powerful words will be what I'm helping to create and manifest for not only myself and those around me, but my entire world.

So right now, I'm asking myself, what do I individually and what do we collectively wish to create at this moment with our outlook, words and energy? What do we choose to see, speak about and create, for not only ourselve, but our children, our parents, our neighbors, our world? I choose to use my words, energy and outlook to help create harmony, unity, oneness, peace and joy!

Focus on the Gift

I know that as hard as it may sometimes seem, if I am in fear or anger about something, it is best that I go quiet, go within and nuture myself so that I can then re-emerge viewing my world in harmony, through my heart, in balance without fear, anger or disappointment.

I know that some dear souls are disappointed the Voyage to the stars hasn't occured in the way we expected yet. For some there is great disappointment and they feel loss, pain, like they've been tricked or let down... believe me, I know... for I've known disappointment ... I've known frustration and heartache and I've known the pain of putting myself out there 1000% percent to at times feel like I've only received disappointment in return. But in all those cases, it was because I wasn't seeing the gift of the situation. My perception was skewed.

So if we want, we can choose to see the gift of this situation with the trip exactly as it has transpired so far AND FOCUS ON THAT.

I Love You, We are One

And so to those feeling sorrow and disappointment at this moment, I wrap and shelter you in my love, give you an energetic hug and kiss on the cheek and say to you... I understand... I love you... it will be okay...

Also, let's also remember, the Voyage to the Stars trip hasn't been cancelled, there's just been a slight change in how it will come about. (Are we going to throw away Christmas just because we didn't get to open our presents at 10 am like we planned?)

The Important Question for Me

The important question is... how are we going to act and conduct ourselves in response to the change on this site? And does how we decide to conduct ourselves fit with how we'd like to act and conduct ourselves on the starships with Star Family? Imagine you invited 100 people to your home for an event. How would you want those guests to respond and act in response to your hospitality and gratious invitation to come to your home?

The way I feel, Star Family has been waiting a lot longer for a physical meeting with Humanity than I have with them!

So in posting my responses to this event, I have to ask myself - how do I want to be remembered about this event? We all know disclosure is indeed going to come about, whether it's tomorrow, a month from now, a year or 10 years. It is going to come for each of us. So I ask myself, how do I want to be remembered as having responded this event and any changes to it ...

I can remember that if I have anger or fear or can't believe or trust at this time, that's okay. I can just decide to get quiet, go within and ask my Divine Self, Guides, Star Family or even Creator to help me understand, process and release whatever in my outlook is not serving me and the highest good at this time.

They will respond.

I love you.

For those who are disappointed, I hear you and cradle you in my arms and love forever, for we are one.

Love, peace and blessings,


P.S. I'm not giving up my ticket and seat for this amazing field trip no matter what! I'll continue preparing myself knowing that my visit will occur at the perfect time and in the perfect way!  lol!

P.S.S. Here's a wonderful summary of some of the wider purposes and missions of this event that may assist in a greater understanding as to why the changes in how the event will be carried out were implemented.

P.S.S. Here are just 4 out of a myriad of things I can do before I make a post about the Voyage to the Stars trip to double-check if what I'm writing is actually serving me and the whole or not:

1. Inform myself - Links at the bottom to several discussions about this event are included for convenience.

2. Count to 10 and ask "Is it for the highest and best good of all that I write this post"

3. Take a walk in nature and actually talk out loud to my guides and Star Family and Creator about what I'm feeling. Then I can let them comfort, nourish and converse with me on what I can do to improve my circumstances.

4. Divine Body Check - For this, I stand up, put my hand on my heart and ask myself "Divine Self, would it be for the highest and best good of all that I write this message about the Voyage to the Stars, move my body forward for yes and backward for no" and then I can listen and feel the response.

5. Heart Check - I can pay attention to my own heart - before posting a blog or comment, I can read the message out loud to myself and then notice how it makes my heart feel (not my head). Do I feel a joy and upliftment from my post/comment or do I feel down or a sadness/

I choose and intend to be a bringer of joy and upliftment to my world and those around me in everything I do! This will help me be mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally prepared to take this awesome trip!


Written Transcript - Conference Call 2/4/12 - Part One

Audio of Part 2 - Conference Call 2/4/12

Preparation Instructions:

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Vogage to the Stars Update - [www.the2012scenario Excerpt] AAM and Grener on Voyage to the Stars Trip

Excerpt from

Written Transcript of first part of the call with Grener this morning (Part 1 of 2):

Audio of Part 2 of the call this morning:


Transcript of the Call with Grener – Part 1/2

2012 February 4
Posted by Steve Beckow

The conversation with Grener was broken into two segments. First Grener came on Linda’s regularly scheduled biweekly conference call. But Steve could not be heard among the various participants on the call when it was unmuted so the question part of the call had to be postponed.

This then is the first part. The transcript of the separate interview that Steve had with Archangel Michael and Grener will follow later today. The visual track of that call is featured on the preceding article.  Thanks to Ellen for this transcription.

Grener: I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. I am Grener. And I have been your friend and ally for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And that will never change, for it took us a long time to reach this point. If we are masters of anything, it is not intergalactic travel, it is patience. So that is what we ask of you this day, is to participate with us in a little patience.

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Just got off the call.  It was very inspiring and enlightening and answered alot of questions regarding this event. Rather than summarize anything here, I encourage all interested to listen to the tape or read the transcript that will be published soon at:  The end gist of it was that the visits are still going to take place, just in a different way.  Steve was not able to ask questions as was planned since when the callers were taken off mute, there was too much background noise from our voices to hear anyone ask a question!  So Steve will ask questions in a private session that I assume will be published as well asap.  The energy on the call was magnificent and I found that what was shared really spoke to my heart, so I encourage all to check out the transcript so that you don't miss out on receiving this beautiful love and sharing from our Star Family!


Voyage to the Stars - Conference Call with Archangel Michael thru Linda Dillon Sat 2/4/12!

If we'd like, we can use the opportunity of this call to group our energies in support of manifestation of the Voyage to the Stars trip! 

Call in details:
Sat 2/4 at 8 am PST, 9 am MST, 10 Central, 11 am EST:
The number to join call is 1-559-546-1301 and the access code is 534452#.

Find out More here:

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8108756669?profile=originalI would love to share my thoughts and feelings on the Joy-Trip to the Neptune Mothership discussed here on

Before I start, let me declare right up front that I do not have all the answers, of course. I don't know whether the trip will occur or not and although I have been on the Star Family ships many a time before during dreamscape and meditative journeys, I have not been contacted by Star Family in any way regarding this potential trip.

As I read the wonderful comments regarding this potential trip, I've attempted to remain connected to my heart and excercise my own discernment about this topic.  I see myself and my own thoughts and feelings on the trip magnified and reflected within the comments. Everything everyone else has said, either way, I have felt and said to myself. 

I thought it might be fun so share with you some of my own reflections during this process.  I'm just going to list them out without a bunch of editing and formating like I wouldI am one with you and thank you for the opportunity to share with you some of what has come to me about the trip.

Here goes...  Here are some of my thoughts on the Joy-Trip to the Neptune Mothership ...


Wow, I would absolutely love to go ...

Yet, at the same time, it seems old news to me as I've traveled with Star Family on the ships in my dreamstate quite often.

Yet, it would be wonderful to have the tapes of it for others not consciously aware of the presence of Star Family to see ...

Why not? Why shouldn't I get excited, within balance of course, about the possibilities?

I am so tired of allowing my pessimism and fear and desire to avoid a let down get in the way of what I'd like to co-create with the All!

Don't we create through our thoughts (along with other things?)? Haven't we been told this over and over?

If I let in the fear of a let down and expect "it might not happen" or prepare myself for "it might not happen", am I not putting out energy to create a manifestation of that very same thing?  If a bunch of us get together and keep saying, yeah that'd be great if it happened, but it's probably not gonna and I don't want to take the chance on believing in it in case it doesn't. What are we as a group creating - manifestation of the event or the lack of it?

Believe me, I do indeed appreciate the loving compassion of all those attempting to protect us by encouraging that we not get our hopes up about the trip. I'm currently in a situation where my finances have hit rock bottom, I'm not consciously aware of how I'm going to make it through this month financially for a variety of reasons. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting on the promised resolution of the economy and the issuance of global prosperity funds as promised and have seen nothing yet! I'm tired of waiting for it!

So I definitely understand our desire as humanity to not build ourselves up again for fear of potential disappointment. I understand... I get it...

But I'm tired of that. I'm tired of allowing my fears and projections about what will be and not be to hold me back!  I'm tired of waiting for Creator, Star Family, Spirit to fix up my life!  Are you?


We are Divine Creators!

We are the ones we are waiting for!

We are the ones who through our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs can create!

And when we engage in that together, with a unity of consciousnessness, my heart tells me ALL IS POSSIBLE.


I know about how we're told not to hold expectation about things. Too much expectation that this will occur in the exact way we're talking about it could indeed stifle it's manifestation. And many are making great points about that.

But let's realize, we can focus on being 100% willing to say to ourselves "yes, it's gonna happen because we as Humanity can co-create together as the Divine Creators we are" without holding too tightly onto the expectation that IT MUST happen or look just like we expect or else that'll mean X or Y and we'll be disappointed.


What if we simply focused on the joy we'll feel the moment we find out it did happen and let that joyful energy combine with the energies of others knowing that YES, WE CAN co-create this into happening?

Imagine what could happen if we all did that?

What if every thought I have on this topic focused on that joy and not going over the possibilities of what if it doesn't happen?


So I am at a crossroads. I have a choice and only I can make it.

Only you can make yours.

I choose to go 100% all out in full faith, belief, trust and knowingness that this trip is not only possible, but WILL OCCUR should we as Humanity decide for it to!

Really, it doesn't matter to me if it happens or not this Saturday, because just giving myself the experience of putting my whole heart, faith, belief and trust behind something that resonates in my heart as beneficial is worth it to me!

Even if the trip doesn't occur, that experience I gave myself, the opportunity I gave myself to approach my world with the innocence and trust of a newborn child will be worth it!  For me just giving myself that opportunity to joyfully envision and dream again like I did as a child when I thought all was possible will be worth it - even if not a dog gone thing happens this Saturday.


Another thing that came to me is that...

What if the holdup with Star Family on this trip has nothing to do with them or humanity and instead only has to do with US?

What if Star Family is waiting on US - the lightworkers, lightbearers, the conscious, the ascending, the aware - to get off the pot and stop pretending we're less than the Divine Creators we are?

What if they're just waiting for us to gather the positive energy together in a balanced way without expectation and make this thing happen - by CREATING IT AND DREAMING IT INTO BEING AND MANIFESTATION - without dobut, without fear, without hesitation, without worry and with joy, with openness, with trust, with faith?  Together we can create ... we can make the seeming impossible possible... we can bring change to our planet instantaneously in all kinds of areas ...

Maybe Star Family brought the potentialities of the experience to our awareness so that we could make just such choices... so that the lightworkers on planet Earth could MAKE THE CHOICE to participate in manifesting something so grand, so bold, so unheard of, so seemingly impossible in today's times, that our combined joyful energy and dreaming pushes everything over the top in just the right ways?


What if Star Family and those on the Neptune Mothership are waiting for us - like we think we're waiting for them?

Let's do it!

I'll add my input by joyfully dreaming on the trip and feeling the joy, excitement and wonder within as if its already occurred...

Wow, I'm so I'm glad I took the time to write this out for myself. My choice is made.

Should such be for the highest and best good of all, whether I'm on the ship or not, whether anything happens or not... I look forward to the Joy-Trip on the Neptune !!

Love, peace and blessings to all!


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Are you one who can't stop thinking? Are you tired of thinking negative thoughts that just drag you down? Have you had enough of constantly reliving the past and fearing the future through your thoughts? If you’ve tried everything but still can't stop thinking, read on for 4 real-life approaches you can use to stop the thinking and start living!


The Question: Help! I Can't Stop Thinking!

questionmark-150x150.jpg?width=150It can be challenging to calm the mind and stop thinking so much.  Constantly being in the head and thinking too much results in mind-centered living.  Try as we might, during these challenging times, it can take alot of work on our part to move from mind-centered living to the more beneficial heart-centered living that leads to greater joy, peace and fulfillment out of life.

Living through the heart connects us with our Higher Consciousness, Divinity and Ultimate Wisdom. More and more of us are realizing that being in the head and constantly thinking too much is not the most productive way to live.

For example, do you resonate with the recent question listed below? Perhaps you find yourself running around in circles just like this?

Question: I'm frustrated by the yo-yo between the mind and the heart. I'm so much in the mind and then I choose to go to my heart and then my mind immediately yanks me back out, whether it's my mind or mass consciousness... How can I stay more in my heart because I feel like my mind is really limiting me?[1]

That's the question and challenge of the millennia, is it not?

In fact, this very dilemma is one of the main things we've come here to explore and learn about time after time after time. Our ability to live life through the heart is one of the reasons the beings from other off planet worlds are so interested in us! They’re looking for more information on how to live through the heart when presented with mass consciousness or external stimuli that encourages us to let the mind lead our life instead.

It’s easy to stay centered within the heart when we don’t have a lot of data or disinformation or mass consciousness beliefs and other pressures coming at us from our environment. Many other civilizations throughout the cosmos do not have these same pressures we do here on Earth.

Learning how to center into our hearts IN THE MIDDLE of such large amounts of external stimuli is what makes us as humans on planet Earth so special! In fact, soon many of us will be visiting other star systems and planets teaching others who haven’t had the benefit of an Earth incarnation how to do just this – how to stay in the heart and live through the heart when extraordinary amounts of information exist that trigger and encourage living life through the mind and what the 5 senses imprint upon it.

PART 2: 3 Things to Remember tips-150x150.jpg?width=150

Here are a few things to remember as we release needless thinking and move into heart-centered living.

First, recognize that the path of achieving this will vary by individual. What do youneed to do to release the pattern of endless, needless thinking? Ask yourself this very question. Ask your heart this question. It will answer. And then do that. And do it again and again until heart-centered living free of needless thinking becomes second nature. We’re all moving towards this. It’s our most natural state of being!

Second, remember that the pattern of letting the mind lead is a simply matter of mind-programming that we’ve allowed in the past and can release.[1] Are you one who feels it’s just impossible to keep the mind from repeatedly thinking and thinking and thinking? Ask yourself? Why is your mind then playing this game?

As Adamus Saint-Germaine so beautifully shared through Geoffrey Hoppe in the recent Crimson Circle Shoud:

Part of us likes this constant thinking – even enjoys it. It’s important to know that we’ve given permission to our minds to do this and so that's exactly what it's doing. The mind is not your enemy. It's been programmed by us to do what it does and does an excellent job of doing what we’ve given it permission to do. [1]

In reality, there is no battle between the mind and the heart. We just have to step in and deprogram the mind from the previous programming we’ve given it. In the end, only we can do this deprogramming individually for ourselves. No one else can do it for us. Others can send you love and light energy, the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command members can certainly assist us globally, but no one can release your mind programming but you.

Third, know that stepping out of the mind into the heart is simply a matter of choice.

We can recognize that we are already in the heart always, for we are each love incarnate on this planet, and, in truth, there is no real battle or competition for where to live our lives from.

The mind only appears to be dominant or to present a challenge to heart-centered living because we've allowed that. In fact, many of us have encouraged for a variety of reasons… maybe so that we could have the drama, the intrigue, the struggle, the mission and feel like we've accomplished something.

Yet, there is no struggle besides the one we allow. It is our most natural way of being to express and live through the heart. We've taught ourselves out of that and can reclaim it through our intention and choice to live though the heart and reside within a knowing of that which we truly are.

So remember, if you’re ready for less thinking and more heart-centered living, simply CHOOSE IT!

Love, peace and blessings to all,


Go to Parts 3 & 4 of this Article

Sources/ More Information: 

Link to full article:

[1] Crimson Circle, December 10, 2011 Shoud, “Life Designers”.

[2] Message from Archangel Michael ~ 1.12.12 ~ CREATE!

[3] Hilarion's Weekly Message - Marlene Swetlishoff - January 15, 2012

[4] The Violet Flame of Transmutation is a wonderful tool to use to transmute lower vibration energies, thoughts and feelings (anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, etc.) into higher vibration energies (joy, peace, compassion).  Google it to learn more or if you’d like a private session working with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Contact Me Here.

[5] The 15Chakra Energy Blast System can help you activate your Sacred Heart Center (includes several chakras) and connect with your own Divine Wisdom for more heart-centered living.  Learn More Here.

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PART 3:  4 Easy Ways to Release Needless Thinking

Are your thoughts having their way with you? 

In Parts 1 and 2, we discussed remembering that the process for releasing needless thinking will vary by individual, but basically comes down to understanding that wayward thinking patterns are just past programming we’ve allowed to go on long enough and can easily choose to release.

Below are 4 real-life, technical approaches that you can use to stop thinking too much.  I invite you to try one or all of the approaches that resonate with you.

Moving from the needless thinking of Mind-Centered Living to the joyful freedom of Heart-Centered Living is as easy as choosing, course-correcting and connecting.  Remember, you and your I AM Presence are one.  You, as your I AM Presence are the navigator of your ship though life.

To stop the needless thinking, we can step up to the helm, take control of our ship (of which thinking is just one part) and navigate to a greater connection with our Hearts and Divine Wisdom – which will in turn give us greater joy, empowerment, fulfillment and freedom out of life.


choice-150x150.jpg?width=150TIP 1.  Choose

Exercise your Divine Power and Make a Choice to Release Needless Thinking

We’re in charge our life and attract to ourselves experiences that match up with the vibration of the energy we put out through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings.  Spirit stands by at the ready (just like the crew on ship) to support us in changing and uplifting anything in our experience of life - but that process can’t and won’t start until we decide and choose for it to do so!

The good news is that we are divinely powerful creators and making the choice to release needless thinking from your life is easier than we might think!

Remember, needless thinking is just past-programming we’ve let go on long enough.  We can set our intent and make a choice to release the repetitive thinking that’s not serving us and our I AM Presence that is us will step in and manage the process for us?

Try this:  Just say to yourself as often as possible “I am enlightened and live through my heart.”  Then just breathe and allow the deprogramming of your mind process to occur without a doubt of its success in your mind. [1]

By residing within that knowing and by stating "I am enlightened" with no doubt, our experiences automaticallybegins to match up with that inner knowing.  Remember, the perceived battle between the heart and mind is just that – a perception.

Our I AM Presence joyfully steps to the forefront when we allow it.  We can step into our Power by exercising the power of choice and allowing our I AM Presence to manage the mind deprogramming process for us. If you’d like to release needless thinking, try this choosing-it approach.  Let’s accept and love ourselves to freedom from needless thinking!

shiphelm-150x150.jpg?width=150TIP 2.  Course-Correct

Notice your Thinking Process and Reshape It. 

Course Correcting is about noticing your thinking process and reshaping, or course correcting it, to serve you instead of dis-empower you.   

Here’s an example of the course-correcting approach to reduce needless thinking, this time from beloved Archangel Michael:

Consider each moment what you are focusing on. Is it what you are afraid will happen? If that is so, immediately infuse those thoughts with the light and love in your hearts and wash the fear away with your new perspective and inherent knowing that you are now leaving that illusion behind you. Bless it and fill the space with an abundance of love energy. Take it one step further and create in that newly cleared space your image of what is burning in your heart to be a Reality.”  [2]

So, to summarize, for the course-correcting approach to reduce wayward thinking, we would:

  • Pay attention to what our thoughts are focusing on – our perceived past… the feared future… what we DON’T want or what we DO want.
  • If you find yourself focusing on fear or what you don’t want – send Love and Light energy to those thoughts, bless them and release them (the Violet Flame of Transmutation is great for this  [4] ).
  • Invite more Love and Light energy into your being.
  • Focus on envisioning what you do want as if it’s already occurred.  Be sure to allow your thoughts, feelings, emotions and senses into this love and light sacred space of imagining and this can help bring what you’re envisioning into manifestation more easily and quickly.

Remember to be easy on yourself during this process.  Many of our thoughts are not even ours.  Did you know that?  As we’re all raising our vibration at this time, many are now able to telepathically pick up the thoughts of others, whether those other people are immediately around us or halfway across the world.

So if you find yourself having thoughts that are not yours, ask yourself “is this thought mine” and, if it’s not, drop and release it like a hot potato.  It’s that easy and simple.

Also remember that many of our thoughts are also carryovers from other lifetimes buried within our genetic structure simply awaiting release during this most special time of ascension on Earth. [3]  These thoughts are merely energy packets and we can easily release them by persistently following some of the approaches listed herein.

nature-150x150.jpg?width=150TIP 3.  Connect with Nature

Allow Mother Earth and Nature to Help You Release Needless Thinking.

Another easy way to step out of the mind rule and into heart rule is to take long walks, preferably out in nature.  Spending time in nature around the trees, grass, dirt and other elements of Mother Earth will enable us to release stuck energies and incorporate more high vibrational light energy into our bodies.

The process of incorporating more New Energy into our being automatically re-aligns our energy bodies in ways for our highest and best good.

Discuss your problems with Spirit

As you walk, you could try actually speaking out loud to Spirit and your guides and discuss a problem or situation that’s been bothering you.  Open your heart to the answers and guidance you receive and then take action on the guidance received that feels right to you.

 Resolve to release the thought energy that’s no longer serving you

If you have a particular nagging set of thoughts rumbling around in your head that you’d like to release, set your intention for that release to occur on your walk. Then ask for help from Spirit, open your crown chakra during your walk and envision the nagging thought energy being lovingly released from your head out into the air through your crown chakra as you walk.

Next, envision golden, love and light energy gently flowing into your head (and entire body) filling the empty space just vacated by your thoughts.  Before you know it (and most likely before the end of your walk as so often happens with me), you’ll have a creative solution to your problem and no need to continue repeatedly mulling it over in your mind.

De-Stress by Moving and Stretching the Body while you Walk

Often stress comes on when we have stuck energy to release from other parts of the body and our mind can start churning unnecessarily as it tries to find a logical reason for the discomfort we’re feeling.  So you could also try stretching as you walk or doing a walking meditation to release old, stuck energy from your entire body.  This reduces stress and increases the feeling of peace within the body, which will often thereafter result in reducing the trivial mind chatter going on in the head.

These walks in nature can help us get out of the rut of needless thinking and will, instead, help our minds to actually expand into greater expression of our true, Divine Nature – that of a joyful, peaceful, calm and loving energy and nature that easily connects with creative solutions to any problem we might face.

sacredheart-150x150.jpg?width=150TIP 4.  Connect with your Heart

Connect to your Sacred Heart/Sacred Heart Center daily to reduce needless thinking.

We can set aside the time to practice going into and connecting with that deepest part of ourselves, our Sacred Heart, and then ALLOWING that to express in our lives.  We can give our Sacred Heart our time, focus and attention and intention.

As you connect with your Sacred Heart, whether through meditation or conscious intent, know that this part of you will always answer and provide you with helpful guidance and suggestions for the next most beneficial step on your path.

[NOTE:  If you’d like help with learning to meditate or connect in with the Sacred Heart or Violet Flame of Transmutation, just ask your Divine Self for guidance on this, Contact Me and I'll help you, or simply Google “connecting to the Sacred Heart” or “violet flame of transmutation” and your Divine Self will lead you to lots of online information on these topics. [5] ]

My experience with this connection approach, both in my own energy work and with clients, is that when we make a practice of consistently connecting in with our Heart, our Sacred Heart eventually begins to energetically connect in with our Sacred Mind, not the brain mind, but our Sacred Mind.

Thereafter, our Sacred Heart Center is activated and the Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind begin a magical process or working together perfectly in tandem, naturally, like they were meant to do all along.

One way to find joy out of life is by living as a true expression of That Which We Are!  Our Sacred Mind is connected to the One Mind, All That Is and when we work through the Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind together, that’s working through our Divine Wisdom and we’re unstoppable!

All of the approaches listed here for releasing needless thinking come down to choosing to consciously course-correct our thinking patterns for greater connection.  In fact, you can apply this same process to any area of your life you’d like to improve upon, in addition to using it help you release needless thinking.

Achieving this greater connection to our Sacred Heart, Divine Self and ultimately Creator, can help us accomplish magnificent, real-life change in your life and I encourage you to spend time working with any of the approaches that resonate with you.

joy6-150x150.jpg?width=150PART 4:  You Can Do It!

We are each Divine Creators living a divinely unique and personal experience on this planet.  If we’re faced with needless thinking that just brings us down and dis-empowers us, we can recognize that we’ve previously allowed our minds to rule and decide through choice and intention to course-correct and go a different route – one that connects us back to our truest nature where the Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart work in tandem through a fully activated Sacred Heart Center for truly conscious, joyful and empowered living.

If you’re tired of the endless circling of the brain mind, consider trying one or more of the 4 approaches listed above to allow your I AM Presence to take control of the mind deprogramming process for you and release circular, endless thinking with ease.

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Feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences with either the approaches listed here or other approaches you’ve found helpful in managing the thinking process for more joyful, conscious and empowered living.


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[4] The Violet Flame of Transmutation is a wonderful tool to use to transmute lower vibration energies, thoughts and feelings (anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, etc.) into higher vibration energies (joy, peace, compassion).  Google it to learn more or if you’d like a private session working with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Contact Me Here.

[5] The 15Chakra Energy Blast System can help you activate your Sacred Heart Center (includes several chakras) and connect with your own Divine Wisdom for more heart-centered living.  Learn More Here.

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