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Channeling Erik

This is by far one of the most accurate and truthful channels out there today, that is, because it is 100% legit and true. If you have never heard of Channeling Erik, you are in for a surprise and an awakening. There are many videos and blogs to read

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The Monroe Institute

Below is a link to Robert Monroe's Explorer Series Tapes. Basically these are recordings of people that are in a deep meditative state in isolation chambers. Different entities talk through these people about many subjects.

These IMO will give anyone

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Is Obama a Racist?

All of this is true and comes right out of his Books that he wrote.About Obama.......This is written in his books....no kidding. And to think that no one even mentions it. Now if a white man wrote the same about black people, it would be all over the

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Allies Of Humanity

Has anyone read this book? It makes a whole lot of sense and I pretty much believe that this is exactly what is happening to us now (just as the Book says). There is a link below to the site. It does not take a Rocket Scientist to see that this is ha

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