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Here are 2 beautiful meditations from the I Am University
Summarized Hyper-Link:

with Love
Esta Lior


11:11:11 Ascension Activation Meditation



11.11.11 A Crystal Ascension Energy and Activation Meditation

Join us in this extraordinary and unique Ascension Activation Meditation, as we travel in an interdimensional merkabah of Light to the Platinum Crystal from where the Crystalline Platinum Flame is anchored. Here we will meet Lord Metatron and the Cosmic Crystalline Masters who will be activating within each of us the omnipotent codes and geometric forms, as well as activating the Cosmic Crystalline energies heralding in the new Golden Age upon Planet Earth.

The 11.11.11 Earth date is a Master time frame in the Ascension process, whereby there will be a massive flood of Cosmic energies activated within the Planet as well as within Humanity! This will help to transform mass consciousness and the Ascension process enabling Humanity and Planet Earth to move more deeply towards the Fifth Dimension of reality!




Capricorn Full Moon Group Meditation


The full moon is a very powerful time for meditation. This is why for eons of time, Masters and aspirants have come together in groups to take advantage of the unique energies which are pouring forth during this high time of the moon cycle.


The soul's meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in its nature as is all else in the cosmos… The rhythmic nature of the soul's meditation must not be overlooked in the life of the aspirant. There is an ebb and flow in all nature, and in the tides of the ocean we have a wonderful picture of an eternal law... the idea of a cyclic response to soul impulses lies back of the activities of a morning meditation, a noonday recollection, and an evening review. A larger ebb and flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moon and the new moon… The moon itself has no influence on the work; but the fully-lighted orb of the moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar centre, the energy source for all life on Earth. At such times we can make a definite approach to God, the Creator, the centre of life and intelligence. - Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey


To help you attune to Spirit during this powerful time, we have created a series of 12 Full Moon Group Meditations for you.


In this powerful meditation:

  1. You align with your Mighty I AM Presence, with humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa, by this way taking initiative to step out of mass consciousness and to hook up with the group mind of the Masters.
  2. You train your creative visualization and imagination skills, build your Antakarana, and strengthen your ability to concentrate your mind and focus your energies.
  3. You intensify the magnetic vibration of the Chakras in your head, by this way anchoring more and more light in your body through the Chakra-gland interplay.
  4. You meditate on the keynotes of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac as given forth by Djwhal Khul.
  5. You help to strengthen the link between the Three Spiritual Centers - Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity – by this way helping the Divine Plan to formulate on Earth.
  6. You are being of real service to Spirit. All minds are joined. By using your mind as a channel for world service, you are raising the consciousness of all of humanity.


Each meditation includes the Monadic Mantra, offers insights and inspiration shared by an Ascended Master, and closes with The Great Invocation.

This meditation is perfect for groups. However, even if you are meditating by yourself, you will be Spiritually connecting with the group mind and heart of all life. As recommended by Djwhal Khul, we suggest that you work with this meditation for at least five days: two days prior to the Capricorn Full Moon, on the day of the Capricorn Full Moon itself, and two days after the Capricorn Full Moon.

Perhaps some of you may get increased light upon the usefulness of the attempt if I tell you the interesting fact that—at the time of the full moon—it is almost as if a door suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands closed. Through that door, ingress is possible; through that door or opening, energies can be contacted which are otherwise shut off; and through that door approaches can be made to the planetary Hierarchy and to reality which are at other times not possible. – Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey

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Avatar Training 2012 ~ Children of the Sun

Here are the New Meditations from Children of the Sun
Summarized Hyper-Link:

nb. There is no time restraint on performing the meditation; they can be performed at any time.
Peace & Blessings
Esta Lior

The 2012 group momentum facilitated through Children of the Sun Foundation will be carried out through a focus referred to as the I AM Avatar Yoga. We are exercising this yoga within the New Earth Crystalline Matrix during the Planetary Grid Transmissions.

Our goal this year is to reach total clarity of consciousness and Divine Union with our Source of Life. This concerns the realization of the whole, re- aligning us as one into a resonant rhythm within the universal ascension spiral through single pointed focus in union with our inner Sun Presence and the Group Soul.

~ Our 2012 Transmissions ~

These are timeless presentations to help YOU build and sustain momentum.
Please repeat as often as you desire.

JANUARY: Firing the 2012 Momentum

Audio Support Here
listen with headphones (highly recommended):
Download Mp3 Here (right click the link then save as...)

Information: Raising_A_Planet_Newsletter
Upcoming Grid Transmissions ~ Monday, January 23

Expanded DNA Code Activation

Audio Support Here
listen with headphones (highly recommended):
Download Mp3 Here (right click the link then save as...)
Further Information & Audio Meditations: Hall_Of_Records

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the year 2012. This year has been anticipated, worldwide, in almost all cultures for decades, if not centuries. And through her grace, we are entering it on the coat tails of our beloved Divine Mother. She has scooped us up and held us in her loving embrace as we cross this threshold into 2012. What more could we ask for? All of the anxiety that many on Earth are experiencing, as we enter into 2012 has been removed for us by Mother and replaced with love, compassion and eager anticipation for the wonders that lay ahead of us in this coming year and decades.

To begin this year, Divine Mother is giving us a special Grid of Light. This Personal Grid of Light to for 2012 and Beyond calls on the presence of Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Goddess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers. Quan Yin has been given a dispensation to bring new heightened energies of Compassion which will be imbued within this Grid along with the Powerful Divine Feminine Light of Great Silent Watcher. Divine Mother recommends that we perform this Grid of Light throughout the year 2012 and beyond.

Portal Days in January:1/1/12, 1/2/12, 1/3/12, 1/10/12, 1/11/12, 1/12/12, 1/20/12, 1/21/12, 1/22/12 & 1/23/12.

Sirian Portal: From 1/9 to 1/19 we go through an 11 day Portal where the Sirian/Egyptian Energies of Goddess Isis and Thoth are open to Earth and everyone who tunes into them. Call upon Isis and Thoth for guidance and assistance during these 11 days; for personal and global growth and for peace on Earth.

Full Moon is on 1/9 and New Moonis on 1/23.

All of us at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School send our prayers and blessings to Divine Mother and each other for the greatest achievements in service to Light and the Divine Feminine in 2012.

Blessings to all,


There will be NO Gateway Portal Channeling Event in January.
The next FREE Live Gateway Portal Channeling Event will be in February.

Date: Thursday 2/2 at 7:30 PM ET.


Personal Grid of Light for 2012 and Beyond

with Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Goddess of Victory,

Great Silent Watcher, Silent Watchers, and Angelic Watchers

Excerpts adopted from 12/12/11 Gateway Portal Day Channeling;. Divine Mother Channeled by Nasrin Safai on December 12, 2011. Divine Mother recommends that we perform this Grid of Light throughout the year 2012 and beyond.

For your convenience, we have created a step by step summary of the Grid at the end of the text. Divine Mother recommends that we perform this Grid of Light daily throughout the year 2012 and beyond.

My children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.


Visualize that you are standing in the central Core of Mother Earth – inside of the Crystalline Structure. Breathe the Amber Light – the Golden Amber Lightthat is in the center of the Earth. Feel that your beloved Deities and beloved Spiritual Masters are holding hands with you. You can see their faces. You can feel their presence. Keep this image in your mind’s eye.


I will set up a Grid and then I will tell you what to expect in the year 2012 and in the decade that begins with 2012. It is important that you know ahead of time what to expect. By giving you this Grid, I am helping you accelerate yourselves, remove karma and karmic entanglements and receive extra guidance and assistance.


Setting up the Grid of Light


Envision yourself standing in the center of a circle with Divine Mother. I call the Great Silent Watcher, who created this entire Solar System. She is the most significant Cosmic Being in our Hierarchy. Envision that the Great Silent Watcher is standing directly in front of you sending her Turquoise Blue Light into your Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart Chakras.


Great Silent Watcher places a huge Turquoise Blue Cocoon of Light that is constantly replenished by two Seven-Pointed Stars located above your head and below your feet.One Seven Pointed Star is located above your head & one below your feet. These two beautiful bright Stars keep replenishing the Turquoise Blue Light. See that a Bubble or Cocoon of Turquoise Blue has formed around your body. It begins at the Seven Pointed Star, approximately 12 inches above your head and wraps itself around your body and ends approximately twelve inches below your feet with another Seven-Pointed Star. The entire Turquoise Blue Cocoon is emanating Turquoise Blue Light and it forms around you, as it is receiving Light from the Cosmic Heart of the Great Silent Watcher. The Cosmic Heart is located directly over the Thymus Gland. It is between your Throat Chakra and your Personal Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest.


Remember yourself inside this Turquoise Blue Cocoon and the two Seven Pointed Stars at all times throughout this entire year. This is not something you will do for seven days or nine days, twenty days, thirty days and you forget about it. This is something that you do for the rest of your livesand maybe into your future lifetimes. Something you will take with you into the future. Something you will take with you into parallel realities, alternate realities – whatever you are creating. We want to make it so etched into your psyche that even when you are sleeping you see yourself inside this Cocoon.


What is the significance of this Cocoon? It protects you. It removes karma and karmic entanglement. It raises your vibrational force field. In other words, it raises your Light – your Quotient of Light. It frees you from leakage and drainage. It frees you from draining your life force. It is like a binding substance that binds your own Light and energy inside of you, preventing it from leaking out, preventing it from being drained out of you. When you go to places that are lower vibrational force fields, places where the energy is dark – the energy is dim – the energy is sticky and gooey; that is when you want to reinforce this Cocoon and you want to call upon the Great Silent Watcher; when you are exposed to energies of gossip, lying, cheating, deception, envy, jealousy, anger, pride, ignorance, failure and most importantly when you are exposed to fear – whether it is your own fear and doubt or fear and doubt that you have picked up from someone else. And there is a lot of fear and doubt being picked up from many someone else’s at this present moment when various planetary bodies are exposing Planet Earth, bombarding Planet Earth, to energies that will make Earth and all souls experience these energies and release them. So when it is released, what happens? It still is in the atmosphere. It takes a while for these types of lower energies to be freed into the atmosphere and then to be absorbed.


Clearing your Energy through Nature


This is why taking a walk by a stream of water is extremely helpful. Taking a walk in the woods is extremely beneficial. In the same way that the trees absorb the carbon dioxide and breath oxygen into the atmosphere, they also breathe in and release negativity – lower vibrations, fear and all those other qualities I stated before – anger, jealousy, envy, mental – emotional clutter. So in this year and every year after that, whenever you feel you are burdened – whenever you feel your body, your energy field is burdened by too much clutter, too much heaviness, too much gossip, too much fear – go take a walk by a stream of water. The salty waters of the Oceanare extremely beneficial to clear your auric field, to clear your Five-Body System, to clear these energies from around you, within and without.


A fresh water stream is equally good. There is something to be said about salt water and something to be said about fresh water. There is a level of nurturance that you receive from going to a river, a stream, a lake. Fresh water brings a level of nurturance. It is life force. It enhances those qualities that are missing and clears your energy. While the salt water is literally rubbing off the dross, the fresh water is washing it away with great gentleness.


Then walking in the woodsor sitting – if you do not like walking too much, find a nice pristine part of a woodsy area and sit to meditate. It does not have to be a mile wide forest. It can be six or ten lovely trees – even one single tree that has a lot of life force, that attracts you – your favorite tree is good enough. Go sit and lay your back on it. Lay your body on it. Put your third eye, the palms of your hands on it. Take your shoes off and put your feet on it. Hug a tree.


Then as you clear your energy, renew this Grid of Light with Great Silent Watcher. Envision the Cocoon with a Seven-Pointed Star on top of it that is a bright, bright, bright Turquoise Blue Light. A Seven-Pointed Star in the bottom that illuminates the same Turquoise Blue Light. You will raise your own energy and also clear the environment. You will clear the Crust of the Earth and the atmosphere wherever you walk.


Goddess of Victory


To this Grid, I add the Energies of Victory. Take Goddess of Victory with you wherever you go. Let Victory walk ahead of you, walk behind you, walk to your left, walk to your right, walk above you, walk below you, walk within you. Let Victory’s Light resonate in your heart. Let Victory’s energy create a Bubble of Light that will make you victorious in all that you do.


Call the Angels of the Four Directions (Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel) and see all four of them inside of Goddess of Victory’s over-lighting presence.Then place an aspect of Victory in front of you, an aspect of Victory to your left, an aspect to your right, an aspect behind you, one above you, one below you, one within you and see that each aspect carries all four Angels of the Four Directions.


Lady Quan Yin (Kwan Yin) & Divine Mother


I would like to request that you call upon Lady Quan Yin to walk with you throughout the year 2012 and beyond. Quan Yin has received a dispensation to bring the energies of Compassion in two forms; a very Specific bandwidth of Compassion and a general spectrum of Compassion.The Specific aspect is for the Collective Consciousness of humankind,

a) to let go of their feelings of pride – the ‘I am better than you are’ and

b) to get rid of the feeling that they are alone and that they are disempowered, that they are separate and rejected and abandoned.

That bandwidth of Compassion will clear all these fears. The general Spectrum of Compassion is carried by all the Buddhas, male and female, and Bodhisattvas, male and female, and is a Dusty Pink colored Light.


Ask Quan Yin to constantly send you that Dusty PinkSpectrum’ of Compassion as well as all layers of Compassion that are relevant to what you need in each given moment.


Say, ‘I ask Quan Yin to hold my left hand and I ask Divine Mother to hold my right hand.’

This is your basic Grid for the Year 2012. Let Divine Mother hold your right hand, Quan Yin take your left hand and see Victory walk with you in the Seven Directions– as the natives and aboriginals believe in Seven Directions, not just four. Above, below and within are the three that are added to front and back, left and right (or the Four Directions).


If you love Goddess Hecate, Goddess Athena, Goddess Venus or Liberty or Glory or any other Spiritual Teacher, Master or Avatar – call on them as well.


Silent Watchers & Angelic Watchers


To make your Grid even more potent, invite the Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers. Silent watchers carry the gifts of the Great Silent Watcher. They step down the energy so that it is brought to you in bite sizes because the Great Silent Watcher is an enormous Being.


The Angelic Watchers magnify the potency of the Turquoise Blue Light and provide you with protection. Envisioncircles upon circles of Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchersstart forming around our circle. Each of you can call upon thousands of Angelic Watchers. Remember the Watchers are the Guardians of Earth and humankind. You can call to a hundred thousand Angelic Watchers. You can call to a billion Angelic Watchers and each time you call these hosts of Angelic Watchers, you do yourselves and your loved ones a favor, you are doing the world a favor because these Angelic Watchers need to be called to task. They need to be called to service as guardians of humankind. They are created for your benefit, yet they need you to call upon them before they can begin serving you. They need to watch over and guard everything, from the tiniest particles of subatomic matter to the entire planet and its Five-Body System to the entire Solar System and the entire Galaxy.


Why is it important that you carry these Grids and you carry this many millions and billions of Angelic Watchers?Because we are moving through an important time in the history of Earth and what you do in the next few decades impacts the next few thousands of years. Right now where we stand at the juncture of entering through the Portal Gateways of 2012 provides a plateau. By the time we reach the end of 2012, you would have built yourself a plateau. The higher the elevation of this plateau, the stronger the foundation of this plateau, the greater the leap that you can take through this Portal into the Higher Dimensional Octaves – retrieving aspects of your own soul, gaining momentum and being of service, accomplishing in this lifetime what you have come to accomplish, as well as the ability to do more on behalf of your Soul Lineage of Light, on behalf of your beloved Teachers and Masters, on behalf of Divine Mother.


I ask you from the bottom of my heart to allow me to love you, to allow me to guide you, to allow me to be your Mother, to allow me to be intimate with you. Let me hold your right hand. Let Quan Yin hold your left hand. Let Victory walk with you. Let the Great Silent Watcher guard you, guide you, protect you and elevate you. Carry this Grid of Light with you.Let the Silent Watchers and millions and billions of Angelic Watchers illumine the path for you, for your loved and for all those who are as yet to awaken and for all the generations who will inherit Earth. The merits that you will earn – from leaving behind this level of Light – will carry you through many lifetimes yet to come.


The seeds that you sow throughout this year of 2012, throughout the decade to 2020 and 2022 and the decades that follow accelerate your entire Soul Lineage and fulfill your Divine Mission. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to walk you through accomplishing your Divine Mission, the Divine Mission of your Soul Lineage and then more – more than you could ever dream of and more than what was allotted to you. This is my resolution for this year– to help you gain more than what you thought you were able to gain – to help you achieve above and beyond limitation, certainly above and beyond your own expectation.


When you align your will with Divine Mother, then your own Soul Mission and the Soul Mission of your entire spiritual family, your Soul Lineage, is accomplished because you are serving the Divine Feminine and the Divine Feminine is the future of Earth. The Creative Force of the Divine Feminine is what sustains the Earth. That level of sustenance will accelerate the Earth on its journey to greater Light and you will be the spearheads. You will be the ones who hold the torch and show the path for Earth and humankind to follow.

I hold you in my own heart with great love and gratitude. I carry you through the highest and brightest of Light. I am your very own Divine Mother.

So it is. It is done. Amen.

Summary of steps to set up the Grid of Light for “2012 and Beyond”


  • Envision yourself standing in the center of a circle with Divine Mother. She is beaming you withCopper Gold Light.
  • See that the Great Silent Watcher is standing in front of you, sending her Turquoise Blue Light into your Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart Chakras.
  • Visualize that a Bright Turquoise Blue Seven Pointed Star is illuminated in your 8th Chakra (located just above your head) and another Turquoise Blue Seven Pointed Star illuminated in your Earth Crust Chakra (located just below your feet).
  • Visualize that a huge Turquoise Blue Cocoon of Light forms around you by Great Silent Watcher. It is constantly replenished by the two Seven-Pointed Stars and Cosmic Heart of the Great Silent Watcher.
  • Call Goddess of Victory and place an Aspect of Victory in the Seven Directions around you; in front of you, behind you, above you, below you, to the left, to the right, above you, below you and around you. You may also see that each aspect carries all four Angels of the Four Directions.
  • See Quan Yin holding your left hand and Divine Mother holding your right hand. Ask Quan Yin to constantly send you that Dusty Pink Spectrum’ of Compassion, as well as all layers of Compassion that are relevant to what you need in each given moment.
  • Now we invite the Silent Watchers and thousands upon thousands of Watchers, emanatingTurquoise Blue Light. Envision circles upon circles of Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers forming around our circle.
  • Finally, see a Turquoise Blue Bubble placed around this Grid by the Great Silent Watcher to seal it.


Divine Mother recommends that we perform this Grid of Light daily throughout the year 2012 and beyond.

© Nasrin Safai 2011

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December 2011

Dear Friends,

Happy Holiday Season to All!

For our December Newsletter, we present excerpts from the 11/11/11 Stargate Gateway Portal Day Channeling with Divine Mother. The gifts that we received from Goddess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher, the Female Elohim and many Aspects of the Divine Feminine are a wonderful way to complete the final month of this calendar year and prepare us for 2012.

For the Gateway Portal Day, 12/12/11, Divine Mother will reveal her plan for all of us as we embark upon the all important, much prophesied and documented, year of 2012.

Portal Days in December: 12/1/12, 12/2/12, 12/11/12, 12/12/12, 12/20/12, 12/21/12, 12/22/12, 12/29/12.

Full Moon is on 12/10 and New Moon is on 12/24.

To all of you from all of us at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School,

Have a great loving and compassionate Holiday Season.


These are Amazing Times

We are incredibly fortunate to be alive at this juncture in the history of our world and to be spiritually awake and conscious of events as they unfold in both the sublime and mundane. Because of this awareness and through the grace of Divine Mother and the Masters, we are given the remarkable opportunity and solemn responsibility to participate in building our world anew by setting the pace for our entry into the Seventh Golden Age, the Age of Itza (or Knowledge), as prophesied by the Mayan Calendar.

The Stargate Portal Day of 11/11/11 is the penultimate event which brings the cumulative impact of the critaical12 year period of escalating energies, which began at 01/01/2001 and ends on 12/12/2012. Performing ceremony and offering prayers and invocations at a Landmark Point such as this, yields enormous benefits.

At this momentous time, Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters are preparing us and our world to move through the Gateway Portal of 12/21/2012 and land in the most advantageous layers of the 5th Dimensional Octave. What we sow this year, spanning from 11/11/11 to 12/12/12, will be reaped during the next decade, which brings us to 2020, the year for the attainment of Mastery at Global Scale. Further, the cumulative effect of what we sow in that decade will be felt throughout the entire century to follow bringing us to the year 2112. From this plateau, the energies will build again, as the next century passes to bring us to 02/02/2222, another Double Mastery Year. While that date is more than 200 years away, everything we set in motion now will continue to be magnified over time. What we do at this critical juncture, builds up over the next few centuries to become the Reality for thousands of years into the future, benefiting the generations upon generations of souls who follow us.

This is the immensity of the task at hand and the magnitude of its impact on our Earth and Humankind. There are no coincidences. We have traversed through many physical incarnations to prepare ourselves and our world for this moment in history and we will earn the merits and reap the harvest of what we sow now and have sown for eons of life times, in service to Divine Mother, the Masters, Earth and Humankind.

Please join us to expand our luminous Grid of Light and perform the following guided meditation every day, if possible, for an extended period of time. Allow it to gain momentum, as we move through the final phase of this year and enter the much speculated and prophesied year of 2012. In love and in celebration of all we have and will achieve together, we thank you for your selfless service.



Guided Meditation with Divine Mother


My Children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.

I hold you in my own heart with great, great gratitude. What we have accomplished together is boundless. You would not believe the enormity of what we have been able to achieve together if you were able to see through my eyes. You have offered a tremendous service to allow us to anchor energies on behalf of Earth and humankind. We can do great things together. This is why many Cosmic Beings offer you gifts of their gratitude.

Goddess of Victory and the Energies of Victory

Goddess of Victory is the Cosmic Being who carries the Quality of Victory. For more than 300,000 years, she has been victorious in every project that she has embarked upon.

She saw how much you were doing on behalf of humankind and she came to offer you her gifts.

Envision Goddess of Victory standing before you. Look into her eyes. She will make certain that whatever project you embark upon, from this moment on, you will be victorious.

Focus your energy in the center of her chest at her Heart Chakra and see a series of Sacred Geometric shapes begin to be illumined. This is her sacred gift – the gift that carries the Signature Energy of Victory – specifically fashioned for your use.

It matters not if you are incapable of seeing the Sacred Geometries emanating from her heart. What matters is that you receive the gift that she gives. If you wish to receive this gift, tell Goddess of Victory that you accept it. This translates to making you successful in all your spiritual, as well as mundane, endeavors – making you victorious in all that you do.

The Sacred Geometries form an emblem inside a Sphere to be placed inside of your Heart Chakra. It will be absorbed by the Flame of God Unity that is illumined in your heart. It will be absorbed into the Sphere of Remembrance; that is the Sphere that carries everything that you have ever done – past, present and future. It will become absorbed into the DNA structure of every cell of your body and being. It will permeate your entire Five-Body System. Goddess Victory has specially fashioned it to match your Signature Energy. This is a unique gift. You may feel a sensation of throbbing or tightening in your chest. As you fully absorb the energies it will magnify its impact and the throbbing will subside. Goddess of Victory’s Gift Continues throughout Your Lifetime to energize you and to pull the energies of Victory to you

Great Silent Watcher – Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power

Goddess of Victory now stands by your side as I invite the Great Silent Watcher.

It takes an enormous Being such as the Great Silent Watcher to help you overcome your fears because you live in such density – where you feel the fears and pains of everyone around you. The dilemma that you face is that, on one hand you have to expand your energies to be able to reach to the Higher Realms but on the other hand, this process of expansion means that everyone’s fears, worries, thoughts and concerns are energetically brought into your auric field.

For this reason, I request Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power for you from the Great Silent Watcher, as her gift to you. The Great Silent Watcher creates a Grid of Protection to empower you to become fearless. One of the signs that people receive when the Great Silent Watcher communicates with them is the image of an enormous eye. Focus on the Great Silent Watcher’s Third Eye. See a Shaft of Turquoise Blue Light beaming from her forehead to your body. This Turquoise Blue Light carries the vibrational frequency of Fearlessness, Protection from all harm and Divine Empowerment; the Signature Energy of the Great Silent Watcher.

You may get a sensation of tingling or itching in your Third Eye. Feel it in your forehead but know that it is penetrating into every Chakra of your body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Feminine Aspects of Seven Mighty Elohim

The Great Silent Watcher stands by your side. I now call upon Lady Amazon, Lady Minerva, Lady Angelica, Lady Crystal, Lady Diana, Lady Pacifica and Lady Star Astreya.

These are all Cosmic Beings. I ask the Seven to stand in the formation of a Seven-Pointed Star around youbeaming their specific Light – the Light of Manifestation, Illumination, Organization, Abundance, Divine Love, Divine Power and Divine Order. Each of these Lights has their own bandwidth and their own frequency. Each of these Beings sends their own Signature Energy and aligns their own Signature Energy with your Signature Energy so that the Lights that carry these specific Qualities will always be with you:

• Manifestation of your desires,

• Illumination of your thoughts,

• Organization of everything that you choose to do,

• Abundance to flow in your lives,

• Divine Power to imbue all your decisions,

• Divine Love to imbue your heart,

• Divine Peace and Surrender – that is also Divine Order.

Carry this Seven-Pointed Star Grid formation with you from this moment on and absorb their energies. The Seven-Pointed Star carries the Divine Feminine. Seven is a number for Mystical Fulfillment. The Seven-Pointed Star is the container that helps you receive permanent flow of the Divine Feminine into your lives and your bodies without obstacles, without blockages.

More Gifts from Feminine Beings of Light

While this Grid is in place, I call upon

Lady Quan Yin to bring you Purity and Innocence,

Goddess Hecate to bring you Power, Passion and Action,

Goddess Isis to bring you Sacred Magic,

Goddess Athena to bring you her Wisdom and her Power to Choose to Fight, when necessary.

Goddess Pele to bring her Fires to Blaze the Trail on your behalf and to Remove the Obstacles,

Mother Mary to imbue your heart with the energies of Divine Love,

Lady Nada to help you Serve and to be Successful in everything you embark upon, and

Goddess Gaia to give you of the Abundance of Earth. Your Earthly Mother is Goddess Gaia. I ask her to remove all the obstacles from your path and to see to it that Abundance and Prosperity, Peace and Harmony, Love, Joy, Celebration and Fun permeates your life, the lives of your loved ones and the lives of everyone you touch.

Goddess Victory will hold her Torch of Victory and Scepter of Victory over your head. The Great Silent Watcher will wrap her Turquoise Blue Bubble of Light to protect you, to imbue Divine Power and to free you of all fears. I send you my Copper Gold Light, my Devotion, my undivided Love and Attention.

May this century bring you Glory, may your Glory be sung throughout this entire Universe. I shall sing the song of your Glory wherever I go and I shall bring you in my heart. I hold you in my own heart.

I am your very own Divine Mother. So it is.

© Nasrin Safai 2011



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The uniquely sublime 11:11:11 Stargate Portal Channeling Meditation


click here: 111111_Stargate_Day_~_Divine_Mother_&_Offering_Gifts_at_Her_Throne.mp3


Peace & Love




Meditation: Thanksgiving offering at the Throne of Divine Mother and Stabilizing Meditation with Amber Light


Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!


November begins a new Spiritual Year. The spiritual year is an annual cycle which relates to the soul and soul growth. What has been contracted to take place in each spiritual year comes to its conclusion at the end of October and November brings new contracts and intentions for achievement in the year to come.


This month, we offer a Grounding Meditation with the Amber Light Root System and a Meditation of Thanksgiving at Divine Mother's Throne. Grounding ourselves through the Amber Light provides great help in stabilizing Earth's Five Body System. In this time of Thanksgiving, we want to give back to Mother Earth for all she has provided for us. We also wish to kneel at the feet of Divine Mother and pour over her the great love and gratitude we hold in our hearts for all that she has done and is continuing to do for Earth and Humankind. This is our opportunity to bathe her in our love.


I wish only the very best for you and yours in this New Spiritual Year and I thank you beyond words for all that you are and all that you do for Divine Mother, the Masters, Earth and Humankind.


With Great Love,




Other Portal Days in November are:

11/1/11; 11/2/11; 11/10/11; 11/12/11; 11/20/2011; 11/21/2011; 11/22/2011; 11/30/2011.


Moon Calendar
Moon Calendar

In November, Full Moon happens on the 10th and the
New Moon on the 25th.



Meditation: Thanksgiving offering at the Throne of Divine Mother and Stabilizing Meditation with Amber Light

Monthly Messages

Visualize standing on the surface of Mother Earth. From the tailbone and bottoms of the feet, you are growing very strong roots that extend into the crust of the Earth, spreading around the crust of the Earth and growing further into the depths of the Earth until they reach to the Core Crystal, at the central core of Mother Earth.


  • Visualize that these roots feed off the Amber Light - the Golden Amber Light that is permeating in the Core Crystal.
  • Pull that Amber Light to become sap from the depths of the roots to come to the surface at the crust, holding and stabilizing the crust of the Earth, connecting the crust of the Earth to the core of the Earth.
  • The Amber Light Life Force of Mother Earth continues up through these roots to reach the bottoms of both feet.
  • The Amber Light comes up both legs simultaneously and reaches the hips, enters into the torso, moves through all organs, irrigates all the organs with the Amber Life Force.
  • It moves through the muscles, tissues, blood circulation, cells - all the way up the body, all the way up the Chakras, coming up to the head and entering the Antahkarana Cord.
  • The Amber Light continues up along the Antahkarana Cord through the Hierarchies of the Thrones, all the way up to the Throne of Divine Mother in 122nd Dimension of Reality and further, into thePool of Creation.
  • Imagine that your entire Antahkarana Cord is inside of an Amber colored tree trunk and when it reaches to the Pool of Creation, it branches out to become a beautiful tree extending into the Pool of Creation.
  • Through the leaves and the branches, pull into the tree trunk the Amber colored Cosmic Life Force that is permeating inside of the Pool of Creation.
  • Pull this Heavenly Life Force Energy into the branches, through the branches to the trunk, the Antahkarana Cord, and let it shower down, cascading inside of the Antahkarana Cord, through the Thrones to the top of the head, down into the body - permeating every organ, every cell, tissue, muscle, blood circulation, every Chakra and back down to then pour from the tailbone and from the bottom of the feet to go into those roots.
  • We are bringing the Heavenly Energies down to Earth and imbuing Earth with the Heavenly Energies.
  • See the Heavenly Amber Light all around the root system that is spreading on the surface, into the crust and then to the root system that goes deep into the core of the Earth and around and inside the Core Crystal.
  • The Heavenly Energies are brought in to the Core Crystal, mixing with the earthly energies.
  • We pull the Amber Light up again from the Core Crystal, the mixture of the Heaven and Earth Energies, through the roots that are deep in the core all the way up to the roots that are around the crust, all the way up into the bottom of the feet.
  • Pull the Light up the nervous system, spinal column, irrigating the body again, providing Life Force to all of the organs, cells, tissues, blood circulation, moving upward through the Chakras to the top of the head into the Antahkarana Cord.
  • Now move your entire consciousness up into your Antakarana Cord inside the tree trunk.
  • Move with the Amber Light all the way up, reaching to the Throne of Absolute.
  • Stand before the Sacred Altar and see that Divine Mother is standing next to you, holding your hand.
  • Make your offerings to the Fire. Express your great gratitude to Divine Mother and to this Sacred Altar for all that has been bestowed upon you.
  • Now Divine Mother takes you by the hand and you walk with Divine Mother to her Throne.
  • As she sits upon her Throne, kneel before Mother and lay your head on her lap.


Say your prayers of thanksgiving. Tell Mother how much love and gratitude you have for her. In this time of Thanksgiving let us offer our gratitude for all that we have received through the grace of Divine Mother in this year. Let us pray and set our Personal and Global intentions. Ask Mother for her guidance and assistance in manifesting all of our intentions for the spiritual year that is beginning. In your own words, express to her your desire for your involvement in your daily life, her guidance and assistance in all your endeavors. Pray for your family, your loved ones, for Earth and humankind and set your intentions that all of Divine Mother's desires and her Divine Mission be successful in this coming year beyond limitation and beyond expectation.

So it is, it is done. Amen.

Please repeat this meditation throughout the month of November and on to the end of the calendar year, as many times as you wish.


© Nasrin Safai 2011


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October 2011

Dear Friends,

I offer my love and gratitude to Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia and all of you for your great love, patience and fortitude during these great times of Earthly transition toward Light. Earth continues to go through turbulent times, as she rids herself of more and more dross. This month we bring to your attention urgent work that Divine Mother and the Masters have brought forth.


Also this month we continue our work with St. Germain, bringing his energies to the forefront. This month’s meditation is a potent and timely one in which St. Germain works with your Flame of God Unity and Spheres of Remembrance and Illumination. St. Germain also takes you to Divine Mother’s Throne to receive the Seed of Perfection.

Other Noteworthy Dates in October are:
10/1/11, 10/2/2011, 10/10/11, 10/11/11, 10/12/11, 10/18/11, 10/20/2011, 10/21/11, 10/22/2011, 10/30/2011 and 10/31/2011.


Halloween is on Monday, October 31. This is Beloved Hecate’s day and feast of Sowen. Please remember Goddess Hecate on this day by burning a candle in her honor and by bringing her a gift in her favorite color, Red. A red rose is always a good idea. We send our love and blessings to Goddess Hecate for all that she does and has done on our behalf and on behalf of Divine Mother and Mother Earth.


Full Moon: Wednesday, October 12th is the Full Moon with very prominent and impactful energies. Goddess Venus, Goddess Hecate and Goddess Selene (Selena) are all involved with this phase of the moon. Call upon all three Goddesses to help you manifest both your personal and global intentions.


New Moon: Wednesday, October 26th is the New Moon, a time to open up new projects, plans and programs. During the time of the New Moon, ask the Great Cosmic Being Venus, the bringer of good fortune to assist you with these intentions and help you fulfill your Divine Mission.


I wish you a great and wonderful Fall season and month of October,
With great love,



Free Gateway Portal Channeling Event

is featured in the next post.




Spheres of Remembrance and Illumination and Seed of Perfection

for Soul Lineage of Light


In this exercise, St. Germain guides us first to form the Sphere of Remembrance and illuminate it to become the Sphere of Illumination and then to clear all chakras above the body with the help of Violet Flame and Violet Ray. He then takes us on the journey through the Thrones calling for the Blueprint that restores our Original Divine Plan and weaves it into the tapestry of our lives.


We then retrieve the Seed of all perfection from various alternate realities to become our Divinely Ordained and fully Perfected Ultimate Reality. The Spark of Light from the core of the Great Silence is then called to illuminate the Seed and complete this amazing journey.


My Beloved, I am St. Germain.


Visualize you are standing face to face with St. Germain. His left hand is over your heart and your left hand is over my heart. St Germain’s right hand is over your left hand and your right hand is over St. Germain’s left hand creating a loop of infinity, the symbol of Eternal Life Force. Bathe in the Light and feel the energies emanating from my heart to your heart and from my hand to your hand.


The Purple Sphere of Remembrance begins to form inside your Heart Chakra. At the center, the Flame of God-Unity is illuminated. The presence of the Flame is a reminder that there is no separation. You have taken physical embodiment in bodies of matter, as incarnate souls. The Spark of Light held in your heart is the symbol of Oneness which has its source in the heart of the Undifferentiated Source.


When illuminated, the Sphere of Remembrance becomes the Sphere of Illumination. The ignition and illumination leads to greater awakening and acceleration of spiritual energies within the person. The Sphere of Illumination vibrates a Golden-Platinum Light and the Flame of God-Unity emanates Pure White Light throughout the Sphere.


Focus your attention on your heart and visualize that the Sphere of Remembrance has become the Sphere of Illumination, pulsing in rhythm with your heartbeat, beating in rhythm with mine.


Every morning upon awakening, ignite the Flame of God-Unity and activate the Sphere of Remembrance. In this way you can directly connect with that consciousness which is God, the omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresence all pervasive consciousness of all that is. Illuminate your Sphere of Illumination and say,


“In the name of the Divine Mother, the Creative Force for this entire Manifest Creation, I ask to become the embodiment of my Divine Mission on Earth. I ask this through St. Germain and the energies of the Violet Ray and Flame. I ask for freedom from dross in my physical and all energy bodies. I seek to become the perfection of the Light of my Soul Lineage and to anchor this Light on Earth in accordance with the Perfected Original Plan.” Take a moment to pause and receive the energies.


Visualize that a Pillar of Light is illuminated all around us. You and I stand inside the Pillar and begin to spin clockwise. The Sphere of Illumination begins to spin in our hearts. We spiral upward inside the Pillar of Light all the way to the Throne of Absolute, the Throne of Divine Mother.
Visualize standing before Divine Mother at her Throne in the presence of the Seven Lords of Light. We ask Divine Mother for the seed of this intention,


“In the name of the Divine Mother, the Creative Force for this entire Manifest Creation, I ask for the power and might to become the embodiment of my Divine Mission on Earth. I ask this through the Throne of Absolute and the Presence of Divine Mother. I ask for freedom from dross in my physical and all energy bodies. I seek to become the perfection of the Light of my Soul Lineage and to anchor this Light on Earth in accordance with the Perfected Original Divine Plan.” Take a moment to pause and receive the energies.


We ask the Seven Lords of Light to sanction this intention and bless the Seed. We ask Divine Mother to seal it. We merge into this Throne and receive the sanctions of the Seven Lords, the Maha Lord and Divine Mother. Mother takes your hand and beckons you to accompany her to the Throne of Creation, the Abode of the Pool of Creation; the Quantum Pool where all thoughts are created and take form. We move into the depth of the Pool of Creation to the Throne of Feminine Principle where the seeds for all thoughtforms and all actions are held. Divine Mother will retrieve from the fabric of that Throne, the creation of the idea, design, and thoughts for the formation of a Golden Seed. That Seed will be placed inside the Sphere of Illumination in your Heart Chakra. We repeat our intention as she is creating the Seed.


“In the name of the Divine Mother, the Creative Force for this entire Manifest Creation, I ask for the power and might to become the embodiment of my Divine Mission on Earth. I ask this through the Pool of Creation and the Throne of Feminine Principle. I ask for freedom from dross in my physical and all energy bodies. I seek to become the perfection of the Light of my Soul Lineage and to anchor this Light on Earth in accordance with the Perfected Original Divine Plan.” Take a moment to pause and receive the energies.


We receive the Seed from Divine Mother. She places the Seed inside of the Sphere of Illumination over the Flame of God-Unity. Sit with her while she puts her right hand over your heart. Take a moment to express your love to her and offer your prayers while you receive the Seed. Take a deep breath.


We will carry the Seed in our hearts to the Seven Lords and the Maha Lord of Light. We begin with the First Lord of Light. Merge into the First Lord of Light who is emanating Blue-Green Light. We ask this Lord of Light for the power and might to illuminate the Divine Spark; igniting the Divine Spark into the hearts and minds of multitude and masses; illuminating the Seven Rays and Seven Lights within their being.


We move to the Second Lord of Light. His Light begins in a Peach-Pink color and stabilizes in a bright Yellow Light. We merge and unite in this Light with the Second Lord of Light. We ask for the sanction and seal of power and might to illuminate the Divine Spark; igniting the Divine Spark into the hearts and minds of multitude and masses; illuminating the Seven Rays and Seven Lights within their being.


We move to the Third Lord of Light. Bright Red Light is emanating everywhere. The Third Lord of Light carries the Life Force of all Manifest Creation. We ask this Lord of Light for the sanction and seal of power and might to illuminate the Divine Spark; igniting the Divine Spark into the hearts and minds of multitude and masses; illuminating the Seven Rays and Seven Lights within their being.


We move to the Fourth Lord of Light. Aquamarine-Blue is emanating everywhere. We ask this Lord of Light for the sanction and seal of power and might to illuminate the Divine Spark; igniting the Divine Spark into the hearts and minds of multitude and masses; illuminating the Seven Rays and Seven Lights within their being.


We move to the Fifth Lord of Light. Emerald-Green is everywhere. We ask this Lord of Light for the sanction and seal of power and might to illuminate the Divine Spark; igniting the Divine Spark into the hearts and minds of multitude and masses; illuminating the Seven Rays and Seven Lights within their being.


We spiral to the Sixth Lord of Light. Bright Orange is emanating everywhere. We ask this Lord of Light for the sanction and seal of power and might to illuminate the Divine Spark; igniting the Divine Spark into the hearts and minds of multitude and masses; illuminating the Seven Rays and Seven Lights within their being.


We move to the Seventh Lord of Light where Purple Light is emanating everywhere. We ask this Lord of Light for the sanction and seal of power and might to illuminate the Divine Spark; igniting the Divine Spark into the hearts and minds of multitude and masses; illuminating the Seven Rays and Seven Lights within their being.


From there we go to the Bubble which is abode of Maha Lord of Light. Aquamarine-Blue Light with Platinum Light is shimmering everywhere. We stand in front of Maha Lord of Light. We ask the Maha Lord of Light for the sanction and seal of power and might to illuminate the Divine Spark; igniting the Divine Spark into the hearts and minds of multitude and masses; illuminating the Seven Rays and Seven Lights within their being. Take a moment to pause and receive the energies.


We spin and spiral back down, bringing the Seed into every Throne and finally into the consciousness of the body. The Flame of God-Unity is now impregnated with the Seed. The intentions are sanctioned and sealed in your heart. The Seed is carried from this day on in your heart and anchored on Earth for the benefit of all.


I stand by your side and serve to bring this intention into manifest reality. In the Light of the Violet Ray and Flame, I hold you with great love.
I am your very own St. Germain.
And so it is.

© Nasrin Safai 2011

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Here is the 10.10.11 Portal Channelling
click here: 10.10.11.mp3

Time Stamp:

0-8 Grounding Meditation with Jim Foster
Connecting through the Thrones, from the Earth Crystal Core to the Pool of Creation of Divine Mother
11-13 Throne of Absolute of Divine Mother
All participants past, present, future present surrounding the sacred-fire of Divine Mother

13+ Invocation to the Thrones
Asking all present to send the energies of Divine Mercy to Mother Earth & each one's personal signature energy & to the sacred-alter with the sacred-flame
Prayer for Success of Divine Mother's Divine Mission for Earth & Humankind
Prayer for self

21 Nasrin speaks of her personal experiences during Navaratri
Requesting to Divine Mother to place her energy around the Planetary Grid

28 Divine Mother Channelling
29 Who is Divine Mother + Explaining the Dimensions & Universes

41-47 Gift for 5-Body System for Personal-Grid & Planetary-Grid
Copper-Gold Light of Divine Mother ~ Physical Body
Platinum/Yellow/Pewter Triple-Layered Light of Goddess of Victory ~ Etheric-Body / Auric-Field
Vibrant Pink Light for Protective Layer of Mother of the Universe ~ Emotional-Body
Amber Light for Protection & Healing of Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos ~ Mental Body
Turquoise Blue Light of Protection of Great Silent Watcher ~ Spiritual Body

Entire Light Body {5th dimensional} Containing You & Earth Running Vertical & Horizontal Lines of Copper-Gold Light of Divine Mother

47-1:08:44 Recap & Understanding
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Esta Lior's X Blessings

In this post i have compiled 10 Essential Blessings
1. Interactive Meditations & Activations
Rites of Passage Series ~ Children of the Sun
11:11:11 Angelic Higher-Self Link Activation ~ Solara An-Ra ~ Goddess of Light
The Universal Underworld ~ The Melchizedek & Pleaidian Light Network
Merging Your Multi-Dimensional Selves Attunement ~ London College of Spirituality
2. Alpha-Omega Healing Session
Chris Comish
3. On Healing & Prayer with/ 
J.J. Hurtak
Judi Satori
4. Metatrons Grid of Light
~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai
I hope you enjoy the harvest
with Love
1. Interactive Meditations & Activations
*New* Rites of Passage by The Chiildren of the Sun
Rite of Passage 1 Rite_Of_Faith.mp3
with planetary service transmission from Jerusalem
Rite of Passage 2 Rite_Of_Balance.mp3
with planetary service transmission from Iran
{transmissions to heal & bring peace to the Middle East}
11:11:11 Angelic Higher Self Link Activation by Solara An Ra
chakrasinbody2.jpg   lightbody3.jpg   geometricbody8.jpg
Entering the Universe Underworld by The Melchizedek & Pleiadian Light Network
entering the universal underworld night 6:
extra interactive material: 
Further Information on the Nine Underworlds of the Universal Underworld
Merging Your Multidimensional Selves Attunement ~ London College of Spirituality
2 Healing Session
ΑΩ {Alpha-Omega} Healing Session by Chris Comish:
A Very Powerful Healing Session
3 Healing Or & Praying
with J.J. Hurtak
Why Prayer
On The Path of Peace Visualization
Transforming Life on a Changing Planet
Seventy-Two Names of the Divine in Hebrew-Aramaic:
Twenty-Four Divine Expressions in Greek:
Seventy-Two Names of the Divine Mother in Ancient Literature:
with Bashar
On Healing Modalities: A Clarification
with Judi Satori
free activations: 
Ascension & You ~ World Puja Classes:
4. Metatronic Grid of Light
This Grid is a Classic
A 5-Layered Grid relating to the 5-Body System {Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual} to help heal, nourish, rejuvenate & restore.. 
for health, wholeness & protection & much more..
5. Amen
source materia: star light
In The Name
Esta Lior

אֶסְתֵּר לִיאוֹר

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Grounding Meditation Grid for 9/11 ~ Waves of Bliss


This is the 9.9.11 Gateway Portal entitled Grounding Meditation Grid for 9.11 by Jim Foster.

It can be performed at any time to assist in grounding self & healing mother earth.

It is a short & powerful 40:31 audio.

Peace & Many Blessings
Esta Lior

0-3 intro with jim [update on Waves of Bliss]
3-4:14 prayer request for those in need of shelter, support & our love
4:14-5 importance of grounding :: 'we are antennas on mother earth'

6:20-9:31 Grounding Meditation

9:31-13:31 current events of earth's catastrophes' inc. 9.11
'bring the energy back to neutral {or better}'

13:33-22:22 Setting up a Grid around us

Divine Mother
St. Germain
Sanat Kumara

Goddess Hecate
Lord Buddha
Mother Mary
Quan Yin
Master Jesus

Angelic Forces of Violet Flame
Angelic Forces of Violet Ray
Angelic Forces of Violet Light

Hecate's Angels of Light
Lord Buddha's Angels of Peace & Non-Violence
Mother Mary's Angels of Healing Light
Quan Yin's Bodhissatva's of Compassion
Master Jesus Angels of Divine Love

23:00-28 taking the Grid of Light to Lower-Manhattan [9.11.01] or to where you wish to place this grid and at the point you wish + Jim recalls his experience of 9/11

28:00-40:31 Grid Visualisation to Actualize

Goddess of Victory
Goddess of Liberty

Great Silent Watcher

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7 Chohans of the 7 Rays Workshop


Welcome Planetary Light Servers

In this post:

I. An Introduction to the 7-Rays
II. 7 Planetary World Service Meditations on each Ray by the I AM University
III. Planetary Rays Attunement with Manual by Chris Comish
IV. The Great Invocation
V. Esta Lior

Spiritual light is very unique. It has consciousness. The ancients discovered long ago that white light separates into seven rays and each ray has its own frequency, color, and distinctive qualities to it. The seven rays are very mystical. They are seven pathways back to God. An Ascended Master is appointed by Cosmic Hierarchy to serve as the Chohan of one of the rays. These masters, being imminently qualified, guide and teach us how to use the light-energy of their ray and give us our initiations. Having a degree of self-mastery on each ray plays an integral part in our own spiritual development. Although your first teacher is always your Higher Self, following the path of the masters provides you with a way to make significant progress on the sacred path. Through the path of initiation we acquire the discipline and self-mastery that helps us to spiritually accelerate and raise our consciousness to higher octaves.

excerpt from Chris Comish' Planetary Attunement PDF Booklet {see III.}

Prior to 1960, this planet for the last 3.1 billion years basically dealt with the seven major rays. These seven rays are:

1. First ray: power, will and purpose (red)
2. Second ray: love/wisdom (blue)
3. Third ray: active or creative intelligence (yellow)
4. Fourth ray: harmony (emerald green)
5. Fifth ray: concrete science (orange)
6. Sixth ray: abstract idealism and devotion (indigo)
7. Seventh ray: ceremonial order and magic (violet)

Then in approximately 1970 a most extraordinary event occurred on this planet. There was a special dispensation to this planet of five new rays. These five new rays are:

8. Eighth ray: higher cleansing ray (seafoam green)
9. Ninth ray: joy, attracting the body of light (blue-green)
10. Tenth ray: anchoring of the body of light, inviting soul merge (pearlescent)
11. Eleventh ray: bridge to the new age (pink-orange)
12. Twelfth ray: anchoring of the new age and the Christ consciousness (gold)

The twelve rays are the twelve planetary rays that exist on this planet. Each is a stepped-down version of the original cosmic rays at the Creator levels. This does not mean they are not powerful, on the contrary they are perfectly powerful for all of us here on Earth. Each human being is created from many of these rays, which give us our attributes. Each of us are stronger in some rays and weaker in others. That is why it is important to call on the rays to balance oneself.

If you want personal power, call on the red ray. If you want cleansing, call on the eighth ray. If you are doing scientific work, call on the fifth ray. If you want devotion, call on the sixth ray. If you want transmutation, call on the seventh ray. If you want pure Christ consciousness, call on the twelfth ray. If you want to attract your body of light, call on the ninth ray.

The Ascended Masters have worked with mankind throughout the centuries. Most of the time in the past the Ascended Masters have worked in the background. Each of the
Ascended Master is “Chohan” or Master of a particular ray.

II. Planetary World Service Meditations brought together for us by the I AM University

Planetary World Service believes in the power of group consciousness and in the need of the hour to focus and channel our collective energies towards a joint goal and greater vision in order to truly effect positive change in the world.

Ray 1: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Politics and Personal Power

Ray 2: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Education, Love and Wisdom

Ray 3: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Finance, Fair Trade, Economics and Intelligence

Ray 4: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Arts, Sociology, Culture, Harmony and Beauty

Ray 5: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Medicine, Science and Concrete Knowledge

Ray 7: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Societal Restructuring and Freedom

Ray 6: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Religion and Philosophy, Idealism and Devotion

Since there is a personal and a planetary aspect to each of the Seven Rays, we have recorded a "Personal and Global Thought Focus and Vision" for each of the Seven Rays, and we have further dedicated each of the Seven Rays to a day of the week.

It follows that:
Ray 1
Monday is Power Day.
Monday is Politics Day.
Ray 2
Tuesday is Love Day.
Tuesday is Education Day.
Ray 3
Wednesday is Action Day.
Wednesday is Business Day.
Ray 4
Thursday is Harmony Day.
Thursday is Culture Day.
Ray 5
Friday is Knowledge Day.
Friday is Science Day.
Ray 6
Saturday is Idealism Day.
Saturday is Religion Day.
Ray 7
Sunday is Transformation Day.
Sunday is Nature Day.

By dedicating each day of the week to a specific inner and outer thought, energy and overall global issue, we can take advantage of the power of group consciousness and coordinate the consciousness of all Consciousness Workers around the world in an organized, disciplined and powerful way. Join the vision today and become part of the Planetary World Service Team!
in honor & in dedication to Joshua David Stone

III. The Planetary Rays Attunement by Chris Comish

Feel free to share with others.

LW Planetary Rays 1 (Chris Comish).pdf
LW Planetary Rays 2 (Chris Comish).pdf

Master Qan Melchizedek

Many blessings to you,




I accept no responsibility for the direct or indirect results from the use of information or material provided on this page.

This attunement is not meant to be a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, treatment or care.


IV. The Great Invocation by Djwhul Khul channelled through Alice Bailey

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men-
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


Peace & Many Blessings
Esta Lior
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source website: //
September 2011

Dear Friends,

Our love and prayers extend to everyone who was impacted by Hurricane Irene. We ask everyone who reads these words to take a few moments right now to send Golden Pink Light to the affected areas and set up whirlwinds of Violet Flame Tornado for the transmutation of all struggles, pain and suffering here in the US and everywhere in the world. We send our prayers to Mother Earth and all Souls.

September brings us to the final quarter of the 2011. As this Spiritual year comes to a close in November and the calendar year comes to an end in December, we make preparations to enter the auspicious year of 2012. Divine Mother and the Masters wish to bring us safely through this time of turmoil into a high and stable plateau from which to move into the decisive year of 2012. St. Germain, the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, will be the driving force to accomplish this task. Although he has been waiting patiently in the wings, it is now his time.

St. Germain is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, the Ray of Transmutation and Divine Order and is also known as a Master Alchemist. In previous lifetimes incarnated on Earth, he was St. Joseph, the father of Jesus and Comte Du St. Germain, an 18th Century French nobleman. He has been deeply involved in the Constitution of the United States of America and the anchoring of the I AM energies on the American continent. He has channeled important materials called the I Am Discourses of St. Germain to Godfre and Lotus Ray King. He is also known as the Master Alchemist. To read more about St. Germain,click here.

Since St. Germain has been in physical embodiment, as recently as 200 hundred years ago and is theChohan of the Seventh Ray whose time is now, his energy has already been assimilated to some degree, into the Five Elements and our 3rd Dimensional Reality. This gives St. Gernmain a powerful and tangible presence. Because of this, we will be working very closely with St. Germain, through Divine Mother, as we enter the critical Portal leading up to 12/21/2012 and beyond.


In this month’s newsletter, Divine Mother has brought a special Grounding Meditation to help us connect with greater closeness to Mother Earth during this important and unpredictable time and St. Germain offers a new Grid of Light with the Angels of Violet Flame, Ray and Light and Goddess of Victory. This special Light Grid brings the energy of St. Germain’s own Purple Light and the Signature energy of Sanat Kumara the Planetary Logos to cocoon you within the Light of the Seventh Ray in all its Aspects; as the Masculine, Feminine and Child Aspects (as the Angelic Forces of Violet Flame, Violet Ray and Violet Light, respectively). Goddess of Victory further magnifies this Grid by offering to hold you, St. Germain and Sanat Kumara and the Enegies of the Violet Ray in her Light.
Perform these meditations every morning as you arise and every evening as you go to sleep to bring the energies of St. Germain, Sanat Kumara and Goddess of Victory close to you for protection and to bring you through the coming months with ease and grace.

I wish you a great month of September and concluding quarter of 2011.

Noteworthy dates in September: Full Moon falls on 9/12/11 and New Moon on 9/ 27.

Portal Days in September are: 9/1/11, 9/9/11, 9/10/11, 9/11/11, 9/18/11, 9/21/2011, 9/22, 9/27 and 9/29.
Grounding Meditation with Roots
and Amber Light from Earth’s Core Crystal

This Grounding Meditation is appropriate, at this time when so many natural disasters are hitting us. You may have heard or witnessed that Hurricane Irene uprooted many trees. This particular grounding meditation will help to focus attention on stabilizing Earth and abating natural disasters while it provides you with a deep, grounded connection to Earth. Every time you perform this meditation, you receive great benefits and you also provide a beneficial service for Mother Earth and all souls whose life depends on Earth.
Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Sit with back straight and feet flat on the floor. You may lie down if you wish.

• Take a gentle, long deep breath.
• Visualize the Earth Core Crystal, at the center of Mother Earth, beaming bright Golden Yellow Light.
• Visualize sending roots down from the bottoms of both feet and from your tailbone. See these roots move down into the Earth. See them going into and wrapping around the Earth Core Crystal. See this root system strong and large, as if it were the root system of a huge oak tree.
Now visualize that this huge Root System is pulling up a vibrant Amber Light from the Earth Core Crystal. This is pure Life Force Energy. Amber is the color of Life Force Energy of the Cosmos. Pull the Amber Light, as if it were sap moving up a tree trunk.
• See the Amber Light fill the root system and move up through the bottoms of your feet and up through your tailbone.
• Let the Amber Light continue to move up into your body. See your entire body and energy bodies radiate this Vibrant Amber Light.
• Feel the Amber Light begin to pulse.
• Feel the pulse begin to align with your heart beat.
• Feel the pulse of the Vibrant Amber Light in alignment with your heartbeat and the heart beat of Mother Earth. Breathe and bathe until you feel yourself fully grounded and rooted to Earth. This exercise will also help you connect to Mother Earth and pull from the Abundance resources of Earth. After all, everything we own and all that we desire comes from Earth.

Grid of Light with St. Germain and the Angels of Violet Flame, Ray and Light and Goddess of Victory

Like the Grounding Meditation, this meditation with St. Germain is greatly needed during these turbulent times. The presence of these Guardian Angels will make your life easier and smoother because it is their job to provide protection and to clear the Five Elements. Every time you perform this guided meditation, you will enhance the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether), which in turn enhances the living conditions on Earth for all souls and for the Body of the planet as well.

Visualize that you are standing in the center of a Grid of Light. You are standing on the surface of the Earth, facing north.
• Visualize that St. Germain is standing in front of you, slightly to the right. He is enveloping you in his Purple Light. and St. Germain stands in front of you slightly to the right.
• Visualize that Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, is also standing in front of you slightly to the left, beaming Fuchsia Pink Light.
• See that you are encased in a cocoon of Purple on the inside and Fuchsia Pink on the outside. Now see that the Purple of St. Germain and the Fuchsia Pink of Sanat Kumara combine to create a Magenta Light where the two overlap.
• Establish yourself inside this cocoon. Purple on the inside, Magenta in the middle and Fuchsia Pink on the outside.
• Visualize that Cosmic Goddess of Victory has come to place 3 aspects of herself in this Grid. These Cosmic Beings are capable of manifesting themselves in more than one place at one time. Each aspect is a manifestation of the same whole.
• One aspect of Goddess of Victory stands directly behind you, one directly behind St. Germain and one directly behind Sanat Kumara. She holds her Scepter of Victory in her left hand and her Torch of Victory in her right hand. She is beaming Lemon Yellow Gold, Platinum and Pewter Light.
• Visualize that there are three circles of Angelic Beings that are forming rings around you.
• The Angelic Forces of Violet Flame, the Male Aspect, are forming the outermost ring and they are beaming a Deep Violet Blue colored Light.
• The Angelic Forces of Violet Ray, the Female Aspect, are forming the middle ring and they are beaming a Violet Pink colored Light.
• The Angelic Forces of Violet Light, the Child Aspect, are forming the inner ring and beaming a Lilac colored Light.

Now visualize that beyond these three rings, the Angelic Forces of Goddess of Victory are forming three more circles around this Grid.
• In the first circle, the Angelic Forces of Victory are holding the Scepter of Victory. In the second circle, the Angelic Forces are holding the Torch of Victory and the Angelic Forces of Victory forming the third circle are holding both the Scepter and the Torch of Victory.
Now visualize that the Archangels of the Four Directions are coming forth to take their positions around this Grid beyond the 6 circles of angelic Forces with you St. Germain, Sanat Kumara and the three Aspects of Goddess of Victory in the center.
• Archangel Uriel stands in the north beaming Yellow Light.
• Archangel Raphael stands in the east beaming Pink Light.
• Archangel Michael stands in the south beaming Aquamarine Blue Light. His Sword of Mercy is held high above his head.
• Archangel Gabriel stands in the west beaming Emerald Green Light.

Visualize that three Silent Watchers stand around each of the Archangels of the Four Directions. One stands behind each Archangel and one Silent Watcher stands on either side of each Archangel. These 12 Silent Watchers are great Cosmic Beings brought by the Great Silent Watcher to offer support and protection to this Grid and to you.
Now see the Turquoise Blue Bubble of the Great Silent Watcher encase this entire Grid, sealing it in her love and her purifying and protecting Light.
Breathe and bathe inside this Powerful Grid of Light.
Place this Grid around you every day as you arise and every night as you go to sleep. Ask Goddess of Victory and her Angels watch over you and help you become Victorious in all your actions. And ask St. Germain and his Angelic Forces to help transmute all negativity and ask Victory and St. Germain to take you to the highest Realms in dreamtime and teach you the Mysteries. Finally ask the Angelic Watchers to watch over you t all times, day and night.

© Nasrin Safai 2011
Moon Calendar
Moon CalendarFull moon is on the 12th and new moon is on the 27th.
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Palace of Peace


Dear Friends,


When we first started working with the energies of Vietnam and Cambodia in 2008 this channelling was delivered. Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene have asked me to share these with you, because our trip in September 2011 forms the next level of what these activations initiated. There are two more that follow this one. Don't worry about dates mentioned in this channelling, just focus on attuning to the new paradigm of consciousness and energy being presented.


Much Love






Vietnam Channelling - One


All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders


Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 18 June 2008


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of peace, tranquillity, healing and surrender. Greetings beloved ones.


And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.


Beloved ones, as we begin the activation of this next series of initiations we bring you the opportunity to integrate a divine quality that your fully mastered self already holds within the light of your energy field, what we mean by this, is this particular trio of initiations is offering you an opportunity to integrate a mastered aspect of yourself, something that will enable you to understand the greater purpose of your life and how it is that this divine purpose is leading you in the direction of your sacred destiny.


Many people have been experiencing visions of what lurks within the shadows; aspects of themselves they have rejected as a result of interpreting these parts as negative, unacceptable, and realising that to be a part of that shadow self is not only uncomfortable, but will also challenge other aspects of their reality. With these initiations you are going to be faced with the authentic self - the wild and authentic self and the wounded self. What will happen is that your authentic self will be there in full essence and in its full presence to take the wounded aspects of your self and pull them into the light of its authenticity. This is not limited to a few people following these initiations, this is a planetary shift in awareness and consciousness.


There are in total thirty-one thousand of the "new children" as they are referred to who will be holding this energy. They will be held by the energy of Lord Ra, Thoth, Horus, myself Kuthumi, Master Jesus, El Morya, Hilarion and St Germain. Our energies will be there to facilitate this deep inner transformation that the children of your planet are initiating. These thirty-one thousand children have already undergone personal journeys of remembering their truth and reconnecting with the inner spirit, their inner divinity and that which fuels the light inside of them. Many of these children have either recently awoken to their gift of being able to see that which cannot be seen by others, or will step into that realisation and acknowledgement in a very short space of time. The children we refer to are the key guardians of the sacred world of the inner child. The inner child for adults is the consciousness of your child self, and it is this consciousness that you are being made more aware of so as to understand what it is from that time either inhibiting or limiting you in one way or another.


There is going to be a major shifting of energy, the energy will first be anchored on the 6th of August 2008 in Namibia specifically, Windhoek and in Hanoi, as these two energies connect so there will be a portal of light which opens within the heart chakras of these thirty-one thousand children. As their hearts open so a new consciousness, a fluid consciousness, pours forth which will automatically act as an activator of that same portal within the heart of every receptive human being on the Planet Earth. When these two heart centres activate; Hanoi and Windhoek, there will be an influx of energy coming directly from Venus, which will be projected through the Lion Heart and Sun Chakra, activated for the majority of humanity some years ago already, and will undergo the next phase of its own amplification. For those of you who do not know, the Sun Chakra is located between the base and sacral chakras, as the fire of this particular chakra grows in strength so the ability to draw power from the base, the sun and the sacral chakras up into the heart chakra strengthens, and the Tantric Tube becomes stronger in its ability to root itself not only within the consciousness of human beings, but within the body and the reality of that which is being experienced, and it is this Tube, this golden flow of energy, that roots the consciousness of light within all receptive human beings.


The turning points that were offered to humanity from the month of May 2008 already, and those that were linked to the Grand Canyon activations, increase and penetrate another level through these particular initiations, and the children are the key element in this one. In the activation of the White Fire Element, and the opening of the Golden Heart Chakra in Egypt in April 2008, a lot of preparation was done for these activations happening now in August 2008. The purpose for bringing the authentic self and wounded self together is far greater than you can imagine, for when the authentic self trans-parents the wounded self you are omitting "the middle man" so to speak; let me call it the "Chiron influence" for now. The "Chiron influence" is linked to the planet Chiron, which is the planet of the wounded healer. We are not using the wounded healer aspect in this sense, it is actually coming from the authentic healer aspect, which is why it cuts out a lot of unnecessary projections right now. Most healers on your planet are wounded healers, and now all wounded healers are going through this process of stepping into the authentic self and ascending from the position of being a wounded healer into the position of an authentic healer. The old paradigm of the old world needed wounded healers, where you are moving to at this time the authentic healer is needed, no more wounded healers, for the wounded healers are becoming authentic within themselves, therefore we call them Authentic Healers. A wounded healer cannot give fully of themselves, because they are wounded. Healed wounds deliver the gift of authenticity.


Therefore, the inner child consciousness that carries the wounds are often "mistaken wounds," because all it is, is the shadow holding a treasured aspect of self which was rejected, it is not necessarily a wound, and as a result of this realization you will witness rapid changes taking place. Those of you who choose to walk this triple initiation, you will find that within hours of the process beginning it will have already ended. The authentic self is a raw power beloved ones, it is wild, it is uncompromising to a degree, this is the part of you that knows exactly what your truth is, you could consider this part of you the claircognisant self, the self that knows your truth, however, the authentic self is a part that can fully operate in the third dimensional world and in any other dimension, for there is no need for it to be detached, distracted or separate from anything it is, because it is at one with all it can operate and function from more empowering perspectives.


You will see that during this time children will within themselves already begin to face their own wounds and experience the power and presence of their authentic self, that in itself is an incredible gift, because never before have children of such young ages been able to step into their power, especially within a third dimension in which there is so much deceit, deception, illusion and abuse. These children are creating a powerful bridge between the dualities of these two worlds, and it is these thirty-one thousand specifically who are building the first bridges. These bridges will facilitate the crossing over of every other child who is ready to embrace their authentic self and serve and walk as catalysts within the lives of their parents, peer groups, teachers and other family members. These are the ones who have walked the gauntlet many times before, children who have within them an immense capacity to understand; a wisdom that many adults have not seen before.


At this particular phase of the triple initiation you are introduced to the Dragon Energy. The Dragon Energy is the fire inside of you, the voice of fire and this precious ones is part of the White Fire Element initiations. Embracing your fire element is a very important part of your journey and keeping that flame balanced is vital. The Dragon is the inner aspect representing the ability to move forward with power, with courage and wisdom, with knowledge and pure intention, and bring into physical being that which you desire. You will be accessing Universes eight through to eighty-eight during the totality of the August activations from the 6th to the 22nd of August 2008. Anybody working with this energy after that particular window period will still access certain energies, but not the exact blueprint that is being presented at this time, because a new blueprint will have developed.


This is where you are going to step into a greater awareness of what your life force is and what it means to be motivated by the element of fire, anger is brought into balance, passion is brought into balance and those who do not set their boundaries, those who do not express their anger will find themselves having to face that. Those who are overly angry, those who find themselves reacting to everything most of the time; that will have to be tempered, brought into balance, so you could imagine the first activation being a lesson in moderation. Understanding your own temperament is vital - do you react, behave and believe in what you do because of external forces pushing you, pulling you and influencing what it is you want or don't want? This is something all children are dealing with all the time, children are at the receiving end of the instruction of the adult world, which is not necessarily an instruction of wisdom or of truth.


With the thirty-one thousand "new children" there will be thirty-one thousand females, and thirty-one thousand males, who in their light body will stand on either side of these children and serve as their guardians as they walk through the dimensional portals into the power of their authentic self, and help them bring this energy back into the root of their heart chakra and all chakras beneath it and above it to anchors this sacred plan. This new plan coming forth is one that is linked to the Ruby Red Ray. The Ruby Red Ray is held by Master El Morya, however, at this particular time this Ruby Red Ray will be held by Lord Buddha, Archangel Michael and Master Jesus. These three beings will ensure that this Ruby Red blueprint, is securely rooted within the heart chakra, securely rooted within the base chakra and on Mother Earth's body, and link it to the thirty-one thousand children and the sixty-two thousand adult guardians. What this does is create a collective grid which brings the heart and base chakras into a level of balance where both can communicate wisely, truthfully and with pure intention. This creates a planetary Tantric Tube through which this golden energy will flow.


Therefore, between Namibia, Windhoek specifically, and Hanoi, this Tantric Tube will first be erected and the energy will flow. There will be other energies transported from those points to bodies of water in both locations. These bodies of water will absorb the energy and filter it out into the emotional body, first of the thirty-one thousand children and then the sixty-two thousand adult guardians. Once that has been activated, it can absorbed into the planetary emotional body, and only then will it be fed into the emotional bodies of the rest of the population of your planet, regardless of whether they are receptive to it or not.


This will create a new frequency within the consciousness of the crystals of water specifically. The waters of your planet will hold this consciousness, which is where the wounded and wild self will merge within your emotional body, therefore be aware of how your emotional body processes that which you will experience, so giving your body vast amounts of liquid will be important during this time.


The Lion Heart is a vibration which Lord Ra, Horus and Thoth are fine tuning and there will be a series of recalibrations that will take place every one hundred and sixteen hours for the next eight months. This recalibration is vital to ensure that the voice of the authentic self is expressed through this new heart portal, which we call the heart chakra of the authentic self. It can only be activated through the heart of a child, for it is that one must become like a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and in order for you to enter your own Kingdom of Heaven within, you need to be able to be in touch and understand the child within, become that child within. Then your authentic can stand fully empowered fearlessly, unconditional and strong, guiding you all the way, and who better to trust than your most empowered self, the part of you that knows absolutely everything about you and cannot ever let you down. The authentic self will ensure that you grasp the knowledge you need right now and will help you discern what are true wounds and what is simply a strength lurking within the shadow you have come to mistakenly believe is a wound. Thus the authentic self pulls these powers into your light, by that I mean into the conscious mind so that you can implement it and use it.


The children I speak of are located all over the world, however there will be a group of them who will travel physically to Vietnam and Cambodia during this time. These children are the physical anchors and key activators of this new level of awareness and ability to love self and life. The adults accompanying the children in the physical will be the ones who draw the light in through their bodies to serve as guardians and protectors of these children. These children will reveal to the adults accompanying them how important is to be centred within the heart and the miracles that authenticity can manifest.


Being in your truth, speaking your truth, honouring the truth and the awe that lies within the eyes, the mind and the heart of the child is what will bring about an immense amount of healing. On the 8th of August 2008, there will be eight hundred and eighty-eight female beings of the light and eight hundred and eighty-eight male beings of the light, whose energies create a powerful system which will allow the consciousness of humanity to draw within being another level of their abundance in relation to their creativity, bearing in mind that creativity is an unlimited world full of potential. It is also upon that day that the Sun Chakra integrate another level of its geometry, drawing in patterns of light and sacred technology through Universes eight to eighty-eight which will be absorbed into the DNA and cells of the body and this divine print. This sacred fluid tapestry becomes a mechanism from which you can access information.


So pay attention to the inner child aspect of yourself. The way that you will do this is by paying attention to your own reactions, your feelings and emotions. Give your authentic self space to show you what is a true wound and what isn't and bear in mind that the wounded healer is no longer the one from which you will receive your support, it all comes now from the authentic healer.


From this moment forward, and for the rest of your days, you will be operating from a very different level of awareness, your ability to draw information from the super conscious is going to increase immensely and the way it filters into the unconscious, subconscious and into the conscious mind will be very quick, you may find yourself at times wondering where the information has come, where the knowing has come from, it is simply because you are accessing it a lot easier. Allow the free flow of energy to move between your heart and base, between Earth and Heaven, for Heaven is held within your heart. Look at the children of your world, look into their eyes, look into their soul, look into their spirit and allow them to counsel you, because many times the authentic healer is in the form of a child.


This is a time of learning valuable lessons, a time where the water bodies of your planet must undergo this alchemical change in order to bring humanity into the understanding that love, emotions and truth is what will keep your earth growing, moving and ascending. This is the time for the adult world to learn from the world of little people, their bodies might not be that of an adult, but their mind, spirit, and inner cognisance is finely attuned so pay attention. Rejoice in knowing that this first initiation is showing you the power of the wisdom of the Masters through the power of the wisdom of the children, for they are masters, masters of truth, they have generally not been exposed to the level that adult humans have when it comes to extreme manipulation, deliberate deceit and deception.


Between the time of the 9th of August and the 14th of August 2008, it will be a time of integrating and digesting everything that has been brought forth from the 6th to the 8th of August. During that time you may find that your body is extremely sensitive, your mind very sharp, pay attention, listen and be gentle. Enjoy this time of familiarising yourself with the authentic self, understanding the difference between the wounded healer and the authentic healer. During this time understand that the energies that come from the geographic locations we speak of are energies blessing your world with the opportunity to understand the grander instruction which comes through the great orchestra of life. Each directive that comes through your truth is one that you can trust in it's totality, look at the source and know that it speaks a language your heart understands, one that does not buy into any of the manipulations of the lower ego, it is raw, it is straightforward, it is wild, sometimes wacky, and above all it is pure authenticity, nothing more, nothing less, what you see is what you get.


As the life force inside of you increases you will find that your golden consciousness; your golden awareness increases, and that is how the life force inside of you strengthens bringing more balance and greater understanding.


Surrender, trust and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the true you that is, and always was, is ever present, you will get to know a lot more about this part of yourself in the not too distant future. All of this is preparing you for that which shall come post 2012, not that your world is going to end, please do not think along those streams, it is the consciousness, awareness and ability to create beyond 2012 which is your main priority. May the light of that truth be with you in all your thoughts, your decisions, whatever action you may take and whatever words you speak, and may you be at peace knowing that who you are and where you are going is perfect, and you are the change. Let us celebrate the children of your planet, celebrate the inner child inside of you who once was and who is still buried beneath many of the perceptions and projections of the old paradigm, but certainly surfacing a lot quicker than you realise. May peace, harmony, healing and happiness be one with you.


I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.


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Dear Friends,

August is an extremely important month, as there are many landmark dates where the energies are intensified. We will gather on 8/8 Portal Day to raise the energies and create a platform for the special portal days in August and the remainder of 2011. 8/12 is a special landmark point each year where Divine Mother and the Masters pour down energies to achieve critical mass for whatever the intentions for that year may be. Harmonic Convergence on 8/16 is yet another major Landmark Point. Please see more on these dates below.

This month’s meditation is with St. Germain. Although he has been absent from our newsletters for a while, he is making his presence know in this month of August. In fact the he will become much more present as we move toward the end of 2011 and into 2012.

With Great Blessings,

Noteworthy dates in August: Full moon is on the 13th and new moon is on the 29th.

Other Portal Days in August are: 8/1/11, 8/8/11, 8/11/11, 8/12/11, 8/18/11 and 8/22/11.


Meditation: Igniting and Recalibrating

the Sphere of Remembrance and the Flame of God Unity

with St. Germain and Sanat Kumara


In this exercise, St. Germain begins by the igniting the Sphere of Remembrance within our Heart Chakras.  Then, clad in our Ceremonial Robes, St. Germain leads us to the Palace of Shamballa to receive the blessing of Sanat Kumara and illuminating the Flame of God Unity inside the Sphere of Remembrance.  We kneel before the presence of our beloved Sanat Kumara and ask him to engulf us with his Signature Light of Fuchsia Pink and help us to become the instrument of his presence on Earth and the conduit for receiving and spreading his Signature Energy to Earth and the consciousness of all souls. The Great Silent Watchers, the Silent Watchers and the Angelic Watchers are called to spread the Light of Sanat Kumara around the Globe.

Monthly Messages 


Beloveds I am St. Germain.

Visualize yourself standing before St. Germain. I place both my hands over your Personal Heart Chakra. I ask you to visualize a Purple Blue Light emanating from my hands to your Heart Chakra. A sphere begins to form at the center of your chest over your Persoanl Heart Chakra. Visualize that the sphere begins to expand. When it reaches to the size of a basketball, a flame is ignited at the center. This is the Flame of God-Unity. Every human being carries this Flame in their hearts. This is your connection with God. This Flame begins to dim and ultimately extinguish when the memory of Oneness is forgotten and the Divinity that you have carried in your heart fades.

The Sphere of Remembrance will help you recall the memories of that Divinity and the Flame of God-Unity will reignite the Oneness. Breathe and bathe as you feel that the flicker of the Flame begins to create a pulse that beats in rhythm with your heart beat. Pause for a moment to allow the Sphere and the Flame to be fully established.

We will journey to the Palace of Shamballa in Venus to receive the higher aspect of this Flame from Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logo and to reconnect with his Signature Energy. This energy which emanates a Fuchsia Pink Light is the prana or spiritual life force which feeds all souls and the soul of the planet. When this Light is missing, all souls are left to their own accord without guidance or protection. We will petition Sanat Kumara to allow us to become the emissaries of his Light. We will bring the Fuchsia Pink Light, the Life Force of the Planetary Logos back to Earth with the help of Divine Mother and Great Silent Watcher.

Visualize yourself inside the Purple Blue merkaba field of St. Germain. This is a large sphere that forms around you and I. We merge into Oneness inside of this merkaba field. The Sphere of Remembrance in my heart will awaken the memories of your soul’s experiences in service to the Light and bring it to your consciousness. We now call the Pillar of White Light to form around us. Inside the Pillar, we travel to the Palace of Shamballa in Venus.


See yourself inside Sanat Kumara’s inner chamber. There is a circular altar in the center of this room.  Sanat Kumara is standing at the altar. He will take a spark from the Flame and place it in the center of the Sphere of Remembrance, reigniting the Flame of God-Unity in your heart with his own Flame. He places both hands over your Personal Heart Chakra. Fuchsia Pink Light is pouring out of his hands into your body to form a cocoon around your entire body. Breathe and bathe.

Visualize kneeling before the presence of Sanat Kumara. Say,

“My Beloved Sanat Kumara, I ask you to engulf me with your Signature Light of Fuchsia Pink which is the Life Force to nurture the Soul of Earth and the Souls of humankind.  Shower your grace and blessing upon me to become the instrument of your presence on Earth and the conduit for receiving and spreading your Fuchsia Pink Light and your Signature Energy to Earth and to the consciousness of all souls.”

Pause to breathe and bathe and see Sanat Kumara intensify the beams of Fuchsia Pink Light pouring over you.


Sanat Kumara’s Fuchsia Pink Light creates a cocoon around you that spreads to encompass your entire Five Body System. You are now fully imbued with the Signature Energy of the Planetary Logos. He has charged you to spread his energy to all souls and to fully anchor his essence on Earth.

To magnify the impact, the Great Silent Watcher, the Silent Watchers and the Angelic Watchers are called forth. The Great Silent Watcher will place a bubble of Turquoise Blue Light, her Signature Energy, around the Fuchsia Pink of Sanat Kumara to protect and magnify Sanat Kumara’s Light within you. The multitudes of Angelic Watchers will take what you have received and spread it throughout the Earth; to the hearts of all souls who are receptive to Sanat Kumara’s Light.

Now visualize that the Earth is receiving and absorbing the Fuchsia Pink Light of Sanat Kumara’s Signature Energy. This Light will stabilize Earth’s energetic matrix. Imagine that 10 Billion crossing points of longitudinal and latitudinal grid lines are now illuminated with the Fuchsia Pink Light of Sanat Kumara, encased inside the Turquoise Blue Bubble of the Great Silent Watcher. An enormous bubble of Turquoise Blue Light is now enveloping the new Earth held within the Signature Light of Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos. This bubble is made of the Life Force of the Great Silent Watcher, many Silent Watchers and many Trillions of Angelic Watchers.

Hold this image in your minds’ eye and keep repeating this exercise for 33 days to fully anchor it. I thank you for this enormous service that you perform on behalf of earth and Humankind.

I am your very own St. Germain.  So it is.



Moon Calendar
Moon Calendar
Full moon is on the 13th and new moon is on the 29th.




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In the following post:

A. 6/6/11 Gateway Portal Meditation [Audio] entitled: Creating & Receiving Personal-Silent Watchers & Silent-Watchers for Earth

B. July's Meditation [script] entitled: Angelic Guardians and Watchers to help fulfill your Divine Mission and Bring you Abundance, Health and Wealth


A. This is the 30-minute gateway portal channelling 6/6 2011 entitled:

§ Creating & Receiving Personal-Silent-Watchers & Silent-Watchers-for-Earth

To Download Click Here : 110606Portal.mp3

Invocation from Jim Foster

These silent watchers are here in your service!

Issued specifically from the Great Silent Watcher & Divine Mother for these unprecedented times.

Order them to transform your world & our world for the better.
You can make a change by asking & commanding them to affect & resolve our Earth or any personal situation & they will work according to the Divine Will.

Intention & Integrity are Key in making our world a better place & our lives a more fruitful endeavor.

In this meditation: Witness Each Silent Watcher being created & imbued with Divine Will so all intentions & commands will be done only in alignment with the Divine Will
infusions & integration of further Templates for the Watchers:
the Template of Purity & Innocence
the Template of Divine Order
the Template of Divine Wisdom

This can be performed at any time you wish & you will automatically be connected to the energies embedded within the channelling. Repeating the exercise will have cumulative effects upon their energetic-influence with you & the world.

I hope you enjoy.
Peace & Blessings
Esta Lior


This month Divine Mother offers a meditational Grid of Light, bringing more assistance and Light to all. Divine Mother calls your Personal and Cosmic Guardian Angels to build a bridge to connect from their Heart Chakra to yours. She also calls on many Legions of Guardian Angels and Angelic Watchers to become your constant companions and to shine their Emerald Green Light of Prosperity, Abundance, Truth, Hope, Health and Healing to you permanently.


This is to prepare us for the remaining months of 2011 and to glide through the upcoming year of 2012 which promises to be an extraordinary year, especially for all of us who have been blazing the trail of spiritual growth and service to the Light. Divine Mother wants all of us to be ahead of the tide and gain momentum, succeeding in all our endeavors. Enjoy the love and embrace of your Personal Guardian Angel and your own Cosmic Guardian Angel, assigned by our own Divine Mother.


Portal Days in July are 7/1/11; 7/2/11; 7/7/11; 7/11/11; 7/17/11, 7/18/11, 7/22/11.

In July there are 2 New Moons. The first is on July 1st and the second on July 30th. The Full moon is on July 15th. Take advantage of the double full moon to set your intentions for whatever you wish to manifest for the rest of the year.


Please note: There will be no Gateway Portal Channeling in July, 2011.


Enjoy the meditation and the month of July,
With Great Love,


B. meditation for July:

Angelic Guardians and Watchers to help fulfill your Divine Mission and Bring you Abundance, Health and Wealth


My Children of Light I am your very own Divine Mother.


On this auspicious occasion, I will appoint Special Guardian Angels and Angelic Watchers to work with you. These angels will help you in every aspect of your lives from this day on. Their first task is to help you feel comforted and connected to members of your own Soul Lineage, your spiritual family, and to fulfill your Spiritual Contracts. A Divine Contract can span over many lifetimes. Each lifetime you accomplish parts of your Mission and set the pace for the future lifetimes to finish the job. You need to have perfect Health and wholeness and Wealth and abundance in your worldly life before you can fully focus your attention on your Divine Mission. This is why I bring you this Grid of Light to help you accomplish all these projects simultaneously.


Personal Guardian Angels. We begin with your Personal Guardian Angels. This Angel has been with you throughout your life. Each person has one Personal Guardian Angel who attends to all your daily needs and appoints other Angels, Guides and Guardians to attend to you. Your Personal Guardian Angel is your best friend and closest confidant. If life on Earth was in full alignment, all your needs and desires would be met at all times with the help of your Personal Guardian Angel and you would live in a constant state of peace and harmony.


Cosmic Guardian Angels. I appoint Cosmic Guardian Angels to take form to help your Personal Guardian Angel. These Cosmic Guardians would add strength and stamina to carry out your needs and desires and to help your Personal Guardian Angels. The Cosmic Guardians create a bridge with the personal Guardian Angels to help your personal needs to align with your Spiritual needs. When your daily needs are met, you are in a better position to attend to the needs of your Soul and your Spirit. Your Cosmic Guardian Angel will help your Personal Guardian to bring you the attainment of your Divine Mission and to help you succeed in daily life.


Legions of Guardian Angels and Angelic Watchers, your Celestial Guardians. Finally I invite Legions of Guardian Angels to become your constant companions and to shine their Emerald Green Light of prosperity, Abundance, Truth, Hope, Health and Healing to you permanently. Angelic Watchers are Celestial Guardians who will become your constant companions watching over you and paving the path for your success in both your worldly and spiritual pursuits.


Grid of Light Meditation to connect Personal Guardian with Cosmic Guardian


Visualize yourself standing in front of your Divine Mother. I am beaming my Copper Gold Light to encapsulate you. Feel the Copper Gold Light envelope you. Pause and breath in the Copper Gold until you feel fully enveloped in the Light.
See your Personal Guardian Angel come to stand in front of you. Look into the eyes of you Guardian Angel and strengthen your connection. She is emanating a beautiful White Light. You receive and absorb the Light and your vibration becomes harmonized with your Personal Guardian Angel. Now, step into your Personal Guardian Angel. Feel yourself fully encased inside of the body of your own Personal Guardian Angel. Pause and absorb the Light and feel the love of your Angel engulf you.


Now see that a huge Angelic Being has come forth. This is your Cosmic Guardian Angel. She is emanating a profusion of bright Lights. The Lights change in range of colors based upon your need as each color heals and provides a specific quality of healing and strength to you. Pause for a moment to absorb the lights and receive healing.


Now visualize that you are encased inside your Personal Guardian and pulled into the bosom of your Cosmic Guardian Angel. Breathe and bathe and feel yourself expanding. Feel the rhythm of your heart beat with the same pulse as your Personal and your Cosmic Guardian Angels.


Breathe into your heart and expand the space of your Heart Chakra. Visualize that I connect your Personal Heart Chakra with the Heart Chakra of your Personal Guardian Angel to build a bridge between your heart, your Guardian Angel's Heart and the heart of your Cosmic Guardian Angel. These two will work together and help you achieve your goals and accomplish your soul's mission. The Personal Guardian Angel and the Cosmic Guardian Angel will begin to constantly bestow love upon you, expand and protect your energy field and release and remove dross, bringing health and wholeness to your body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit and open up the pathways for prosperity and abundance to flow into your life; material possessions and financial gain to move through your hands and your being; Sacred Magic and healing to emanate from your body to others and to the Five Elements.


There is a heart to heart connection between you, your Personal Guardian Angel and your Cosmic Guardian Angel. You are receiving the energies from your Personal Guardian Angel, as well as your Cosmic Guardian Angel.


I now call forth the Angelic Forces for Prosperity, Abundance, Truth, Hope, Health and Healing. These Angelic Guardians are now assembling around you in a circle, emanating bright Emerald Green Light which penetrates into your body. Truth and Hope are needed for completion of your Mission and so are Prosperity and Abundance. The Emerald Green Light shines from the bodies of these Angelic Forces, to help the Life Force move through you without blockage, without dimness, without obstacles. Magnified by your Personal and Cosmic Guardians, this healing Emerald Green Light becomes even more vibrant and refreshed, renewed and plentiful. Natural organic Emerald Green Light provides Life Force to all living substance. Breathe and bathe.


Circles of Watchers, the Celestial Guardians of Divine Mother's Light. Visualize a Circle of Celestial Guardians forming around you. These are the Watchers. As beacon of my own Light, they magnify and extend my own Copper Gold Signature Light to you. Feel yourself receiving a magnification of Copper Gold Healing Light from the Watchers; a magnification of the Light of abundance, wealth, health, wholeness, prosperity and healing from the Angelic Guardians and a magnification of Healing Light from your own Cosmic and Personal Guardian Angels. Love and Healing flows through you. As you practice receiving these healing Lights, you will come to a place of permanent calm and peace.


All of these Angelic Guardians are here to magnify your intentions and be in charge of prosperity on Earth. It is my intention that prosperity and abundance, health and wholeness be retrieved and returned into your hands and your bodies because you will be the great beacons of these qualities. In your hands and your hearts, these qualities will blossom and bloom. You will share these qualities with others. You will be fair to others. You will stand in truth. You will be just. You will use what is given to you in righteousness, in fairness, in goodness and in Light.


You have been incarnating on Earth to rescue your brothers and sisters in Light who are still stuck and as yet unawakened, and to bring them back to the Realms of Light. Together we must clean up the Energy Bodies of Earth. We are issuing dispensations for these newly appointed Angelic Forces to take their position of guardianship of each of you, to clear and cleanse the atmosphere of Earth from all those grooves and etchings that caused the dimness.


This is why these newly appointed Angelic Forces are so important. I want you to remember to call these Angelic Forces always. Remember to summon these Angelic Forces and call upon their help, not just for yourself but for other people, places, countries and continents in need. Where there is flooding, where there is rioting, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, blight, wildfires, wherever they may be, it is these Angelic Beings who need to be called upon. See these Angels illuminating the Emerald Green Light which stands for truth, hope and wealth- for natural organic life and material abundance. Breathe and bathe.


I say to you, may your reward be multiplied a thousand fold and may you receive in goodness and love from eternity to eternity. I hold you in my own heart with love and gratitude. I thank you again and again and again. I am your very own Divine Mother.


So it is, it is done, amen.



© Nasrin Safai 2011

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source material: How to Teach Ascension Classes by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D.

"To all Healers, Silencers, Transmuters, Channels, 

Light Wielders, Rainbow Warriors, Sword of Truth Carriers...."

This will work wonders when repeated regularly.  You may wish to print this up.

Please, share your experiences.

In Faith-Wisdom!

Peace & Blessings 
Esta Lior 

§ Fifty-Point Cosmic Cleansing Meditation ~ Joshua David Stone

Close your eyes.  Let us begin by all taking a deep breath.  Exhale.
The meditation we are about to do is quite deep.  It will foster an enormous ascension
acceleration, so completely relax and be like a sponge, letting the masters do their 
divine handiwork.

We call forth the entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy for help in implementing this meditation
for the entire group.

We call forth a planetary and cosmic axiatonal alignment.

We call forth Lord Michael to establish a golden dome of protection for all present.

We call to Vywamus and the archangels to bring forth their golden hands as a net to cleanse all negative energies in our energy field individually and collectively.

We call from Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron the anchoring of the Platinum Net to cleanse the energy fields of each person even more deeply.

We now call forth to the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians for the anchoring of the prana wind clearing device both individually and in our group body.

See this prana wind clearing device as a fan anchored at the solar plexus, blowing and clearing all unwanted energies out of the etheric body.

Feel the prana wind clearing device now being lifted out of your field by the Lord of Arcturus and the beloved Arcturians.

We now call forth from Djwhal Khul, the seven chohans, Lord Maitreya, Allah Gobi, Lord Buddha and the cosmic masters to anchor the core-fear removal program.

See this as a latticework of light anchored into the four-body system, highlighting any negative energies or blockages in your energy fields.

We now call for the removal of all fear programming and blocks from every person in this room so they may achieve their ascension at the highest possible level.

See this fear programming as black roots intertwined in your energy fields, now being pulled out like a vacuum cleaner through your crown chakra by the masters.

Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, please now remove all separative thinking from the four-body system.

Please also now remove all judgemental programming from the four-body system.

Please remove all lack of forgiveness from the four-body system.

Feel these negative aspects again being pulled out of your energy fields and through the crown chakra like unwanted weeds being removed from a beautiful garden.

Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, please remove all impatience and negative anger.

Please remove all negative selfishness, self-centeredness, and narcissism.

Please remove any negative thought forms, feelings and emotions and imbalanced archetypes from the four-body system.

Please remove all superiority and inferiority thinking created by the negative ego.

Please remove all aspects of guilt and shame consciousness created by the negative ego.

Please remove all negative-ego and fear-based programming in a generalized sense.

Please cleanse and remove all harmful extraterrestrial implants and negative elementals.

We call forth the cleansing and removal of all unwanted astral entities.

We call to Melchizedek, the Mahatma, and Metatron for the cosmic viral vacuum to remove any clinical or subclinical viruses currently existing in any of our energy fields.

Please also remove all negative bacteria with the cosmic bacterial vacuum program.

We call to the archangels and the elohim to remove all disease energy from the physical, etheric, astral and mental vehicles.

We call forth each person's personal inner-plane healing angels to now heal and repair any irritations, spots and/or leaks in the aura.

We call forth to Melchizedek, the Mahatma, Metatron, Archangel Michael and the archangels for the removal of all improper soul-fragments.

We also ask for the retrieval of all the soul fragments from the universe that belong to us in divine order.

We call forth each person's etheric healing team, and we now request that the etheric body be repaired and brought back to its perfect blueprint.

We call forth the anchoring now of each person's perfect divine monadic blueprint body and/or mayavarupa body, to be used from this moment forward to accelerate healing and spiritual growth on all levels during the rest of this lifetime.

We call forth a complete cleansing and clearing of our genetic line and ancestral lineage.

We call forth the Lord of Arcturus to now bring forth the golden cylinder to remove and vacuum up any and all remaining negative energy in our collective energy fields.

We call forth a clearing and cleansing of all past lives and future lives.

We call forth now the integration and cleansing of our 144 soul extensions from our monad and mighty I Am Presence.

We now call forth a clearing and cleansing of all karma.

(As you know, we need to balance 51 percent of our karma to take the beginning phase of our planetary ascension.)

We ask for the greatest possible cleansing of our karma now.

We call forth Melchizedek, Mahatma, and Metatron to anchor a matchstick worth of cosmic fire to very gently burn away all astral, mental and etheric dross and gray clouds from our fields.

We now request a complete clearing and cleansing of our entire monad and mighty I Am Presence itself.

We now call forth the greatest cleansing process ever known from Melchizedek, Mahatma, Metatron, Lord Michael, the archangels, the Elohim Councils and from God.

We now call forth the ultimate cosmic cleansing and clearing all the way back to our original covenant with God at our original spiritual creation.

We will take a few moments of silence to receive this blessing and grace.

We now call forth from all the cosmic and planetary masters gathered here a downpouring and light shower of core love and the Christ/Buddha/Melchizedek attributes to replace all that has been removed and cleansed, by the grace of God and the Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy.

We call on Archangel Sandalphon, Pan, and the Earth Mother to help us become properly integrated and grounded back into our physical bodies.

We call forth our personal inner-plane healing angels to perfectly balance our chakras and four-body system.

When you are ready, open your eyes and enjoy the sense of well-being and crystal clarity in your energy fields.

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This is gateway portal channelling 5/5 2011 entitled:

§Divine Mother & Christ Maitreya Bring Angels & Elementals 

To Download Click Here 110505Portal.mp3

Invocation from Jim Foster & Channelling by Nasrin Safai

What will the Masters address in the Group Session?

Unique to the 5/5 Channelling: New Protection Grids for Civil Wars & Middle East to Clear Corruption & Help Stabilize Earth from All the Dross that is Clearing & Dampen Future Natural Disasters & Clearings

  1. The awareness of what is going on from the greater perspective. This will not only keep us informed and involved in the loop, but also provide a framework for understanding our role.
  2. Healing for our weary bodies, minds, emotions and soul and prepare us to lead others into the Light as greater numbers begin to awaken to their spirituality. Clearing and cleansing to our energy bodies from the dross and pain we are picking up from Mother Earth and the sadness and depression experienced and expressed by the Multitudes and Masses throughout the Earth.
  3. A way in which we can use our Light and our service to raise the quotient of Light for ourselves and the planet to establish greater peace and harmony and to free us from all the negativity which is the outcome of the lower vibration.

Topics & Time Stamps for 5/5 Channelling

Divine Mother and Christ Maitreya bring Angels and Elementals

00:00 to 13:52 – Christ Maitreya’s 6 Pointed Star Grid of Light
13:52 to 18:50 – Nasrin’s Prayer
18:50 to 25:30 – Divine Mother begins
25:30 to 39:40 – Angels and Elementals
39:40 to 46:50 – The Story of Mother Earth
46:50 to 58:30 – Sai Babba and Christ Maitreya
58:30 to 1:10:00 – Standing before Christ Maitreya
1:20:00 to end – Setting Intentions
This can be performed at any time you wish & you will automatically be connected to the energies embedded within the channelling.

The energies & the groups-energy are powerful.
I hope you enjoy.

May is The Month for Lord Buddha & The Wesak Festival
& for Mother Mary & Mother's Day

Peace & Blessings

Esta Lior
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Beloved Presence of God, YHWH, Mahatma, Council of Elohim, Metatron, twelve mighty archangels, Cosmic Council of Twelve, twenty-four elders that surround the Throne of Grace, Melchizedek, Lord of Sirius, Lord of Arcturus, Sai Baba, Vywamus, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, Djwhal Khul, Babaji, El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Master Jesus, Sananda, Saint Germain, Ashtar Command, Melchior & Helios


With all my heart and soul and mind and might I now call forth from the Throne of God, the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek, and Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos, a two- to five-year ascension activation program for my personal and cosmic ascension.  I also request ascension activations for my core ascension group and for all sincere ascension seekers on the entire planet.  I also request ascension activations for the Earth Mother if she would like to receive this blessing.


As I go through this prayer, I ask that these activations be given as I request them and that they also be programmed into the ascension seats and Light quotient building program with which I am involved and which I am officially invoking now.


I request that this program, once invoked, continue twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year, until I achieve a 99% Light quotient, the anchoring of my fifty chakras, completion of my seven levels of initiation, the anchoring of my twelve strands of DNA, the anchoring and activation of my twelve bodies, and full God-Realization on all levels.   I request that this take place at night while i sleep, also.  It is now time for all of humanity and the Earth to fully complete their ascension.  I invoke this now!


Metatron & Melchizedek, please completely anchor and activate this day and over the next two years until fully complete, the following seventy-six keys, as stated in The Keys of Enoch and in the inner-plane Book of Knowledge.


Anchor and fully activate the sixty-four Keys of Enoch on solar, galactic, universal, multi-universal, and cosmic levels in all five sacred languages [Hebrew, Tibetan, Egyptian, Chinese & Sanksrit]


Anchor the Deca Delta Light emanations from the ten Light Superscripts of YHWH.


Anchor the fifty chakras, the twelve bodies, and the Melchizedek diamonds and crystals.


Anchor the Nogan shells of YHWH on a permanent basis.


Anchor the divine template and the Light grid of the elohim permanently.


Anchor YHWH's Tablet's of Creation.


Anchor the the cosmic Torah Or of YHWH


Anchor the scriptures of Melchizedek


Anchor the scriptures of Metatron


Anchor the elohim scriptures


Anchor the Light packets of the higher Kabbalah of YHWH and Melchizedek


Anchor the cosmic Tree of Life permanently; open all Sephiroth


Anchor the seventy-six sacred names of Metatron and YHWH


Anchor YHWH's living energy Codes


Anchor YHWH's Book of Knowledge


Anchor the gifts of the Holy Spirit as described in The Keys of Enoch


Anchor the scrolls of weights and measures


Anchor the the keys of the Melchizedek priesthood


Anchor the highest triad of Sephirothic knowledge


Anchor the divine seed of the elohim


Anchor the keys to the Father, Son, and Shekinah universes


Anchor the biological codes for the Christ race


Anchor the scriptures of the luminaries


Anchor the codes of the luminaries


Anchor the hidden divine word of YHWH


Anchor the image of the elohim permanently


Anchor the flame of YHWH on a permanent basis


Anchor the knowledge of the next universe as described in The Keys of Enoch


Anchor the ten pictures of the Light of YHWH as described in Key 64


Anchor the entire treasury of the Light of YHWH on an ongoing, nonstop basis for the next two years until the twelve dimensions and bodies and fifty chakras have been completed


Illuminate permanently the seventy-two areas of the mind


Anchor the complete Yod spectrum


Anchor the permanent Teleshift Light Field for divine protection


Anchor permanently the Father's Eye of Creation


Anchor permanently the Garment of Shaddai, the Lightbody of Metatron


Anchor the superelectrons and microtrons so they can replace all existing electrons.


Anchor the biostratus, the genetic superhelix, and the twelve strands of DNA


Anchor Light frequencies to spiritualize our blood chemistry


Permanently anchor Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Or


Bestow an ordination by the spirit of YHWH


Anchor the celestial marriage of our twelve bodies


Please anchor the star codes of the Melchizedek universe


Anchor Light geometries to permanently energize our etheric and physical vehicles


Anchor divine recorder cells as described in The Keys of Enoch


Give us a permanent infusion of Shekinah life force


Let there be a baptism by the Holy Spirit


Please open all mind locks


Open all seven seals so we may be directly linked to the Cosmic Tree of Life


Complete the opening of the Gates of Light all the way up to YHWH and his Treasury of Light


Anchor the cosmic pyramids of Light on a permanent basis


Active our Messiahship within


Anchor the Robe of Power of Djwhal Khul


Anchor the Robe of Power of Melchizedek


Allow the permanent anchoring of the sword of Lord Michael


Remove at this time all veils of Light


Remove all veils of time


Allow a permanent anchoring of the tetragrammaton upon our inner minds


Allow a permanent anchoring of the Divine Plan of YHWH


Anchor the Light pyramid of the next universe of YHWH


Anchor and activate all living energy codes so that our nucleic membrane can attach itself to the larger membrane of the universe of YHWH


Anchor the scriptures of luminaries to come


Anchor the sacred geometries and color codes to transform our chromosomes into the blueprint of YHWH


Anchor the Light packets of information from the Nag Hammadi codices and scriptures so we can develop a greater understanding of the twelve Light bodies


Anchor on a permanent basis the electromagnetic body, Epi-Kinetic body, Eka body, Gematrian body, overself body, Anointed Christ Overself body, Zohar body of Light,  higher Adam Kadmon body , and the Lord's mystical body


Permanently anchor our overself bodies (the elohisitic lords, the Paradise Sons, the Orders of the Sonship, and the Christ overself body, and the overself body as described in the Keys of Enoch)


Permanently anchor the twelve foundations of the heavenly Jerusalem


Anchor and activate all pertinent Light packets of information from the Melchizedek Dead Sea Scrolls


Anchor and activate the structural pattern of Living Light


Anchor the quanta mechanical corpuscles of Light


Lastly, by the grace of God, anchor the entire Treasury of YHWH


We request that our crown chakras be directly connected by a cylinder of Light with this treasury, under the guidance of Metatron and Melchizedek.  We also request that the acension columns in our ashrams be connected with this treasury if that be in harmony with God's will


We now pray with all our hearts and souls and minds and might that these seventy-six activations we have invoked continue now on a nonstop basis for the next two-years or until the twelve levels are fully realized.  We are 100% serious about what we have invoked and ask, by the grace of God and if we are deemed worthy, to be given the cosmic blessings we have asked for.


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsabayoth!


Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts!


Our beloved subconscious minds, we hereby ask and command that you take this thought form prayer, with all the mana and vital force needed and necessary to manifest and demonstrate this prayer, to YHWH and the Cosmic Council of Twelve, the Elohim Council, and the archangelic councils through Melchizedek and Metatron.




Beloved Presence of God, Melchizedek, Metatron, and Archangel Michael, let the Rain of Blessings fall!



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Brought forth is a very powerful gateway portal channelling for empowerment & to assist in one's service in love & accelerate spiritual growth; aligning free-will to divine-will.


file download: 110404Portal.mp3


Peace & Blessings






invocation to & assistance from:

Pillar of Pure White Light from Divine Mother's Throne

The Group Pillar of Light

Goddess Gaia

Angelic Forces of Goddess Gaia

Goddess Isis {Energies of Transmutation, Power, Passion & Compassion}

Angelic Forces of Isis {Energies of Sacred Magic}

Goddess of Victory

Angelic Forces of Victory {Sceptor & Flame}

Goddess of Liberty {Torch of Liberty to Illuminate our Path}

Angelic Forces of Liberty

Goddess of Glory

Angelic Forces of Glory

Lady Vega {Abundance}

Angelic Forces of Vega {Prosperity & Abundance}

Lady Venus

Angelic Forces of Venus {Empowerment: Leadership: Power in Integrity}

Personal Guardian Angel

Cosmic Guardian Angel

8th Chakra: Abode of the Soul

9th Chakra: Abode of the Oversoul: 33 Members of our Soul-Lineage

10th Chakra: The Monadic Council

11th Chakra: Council of 12

Throne of the I Am That I Am with Your Perfected I Am Presence, Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus

Throne of YHWH with Christ Maitreya & Quan Yin & the 24 Elders

Throne of God Source with Lord Melchior & Lady Melchi

Throne of the 7-Heavens with the 7-pairs of Celestial Guardians

55th-dimension: Throne of the Maha-Elohim with Lord Sananda & Elohim Star Astraya & The 7 Might Elohim

Throne of Undifferentiated Source with the Ascension Flame, Lord Melchizedek & Lady Malak & Guardian of the Ascension Flame

Throne of Paramatman

Throne of the 7-Lords of Light

Throne of Maha-Lord & Maha-Lady of Light

Throne of Divine Director, Master Thoth & Lady Vega

Throne of Divine Mother

Cosmic Mother of the Universe

Throne of Creation: The Pool of Creation & Ionic Matter of Metatronic Source

Throne of Absolute


source material:

more at:


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Dear Friends,
February is the month that we celebrate our anniversary with Metatron. As the Guardian of all Elemental Beings, Metatron plays an enormous role in reconnecting us with the Elementals, fairies, divas, gnomes, leprechauns and all nature Beings who are responsible to restore our bodies, the 5 Elements and the Body of Mother Earth to perfect health and Wholeness.

For this month’s newsletter, we have picked a beautiful exercise where Divine Mother asks Great Cosmic Being, Goddess of Victory to bestow the Flame of Victory upon us. This is a great gift to accelerate us into 2011.

The Gateway Portal Channeling of this month is on 2/2/2011.
Click here to register for this powerful energy day event.

The other portal days for the month of February are
 2/102/112/122/20 and 2/22.


New Moon: Feb. 3 is the New Moon, a time to open up new projects, plans and programs. During the time of the New Moon, ask the Great Cosmic Being, Goddess Venus, the bringer of good fortune, to assist you with these intentions and help you fulfill your Divine Mission.

Full Moon: Feb. 18 is the Full Moon with very prominent and impactful energies. Goddess Venus, Goddess Hecate and Goddess Selene (Selena) are all involved with this phase of the moon. Call upon all three Goddesses to help you manifest both your personal and global intentions.


I wish you all a beautiful month of February.
In Love and Peace,

Meditation with Divine Mother and Goddess of Victory
to receive the Flame of Victory

My beloved children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.
I am deeply happy with all that you have done and I am even happier that I have a great plan unfolding before each of you – a future of peace and joy and harmony and love. You have gone through many a hardship and it is time for the doors of joy to open to you.
I call upon Goddess of Victory to give you the Flame of Victory. The Flame will make you Victorious in every endeavor that you embark upon. You’ve heard ‘like attracts like’. When you are vibrating the energy of Victory, you will pull to yourself only the thoughts, ideas and impressions which lead you to Victory. You will not pull to yourself the energy of defeat. Many of you have been in the pursuit of Light for a long time. You may feel tired and weary because you have been doing this work for a long time. You look around you and see natural disasters, you see deception and greed, you see fear and worry about the future, you see people struggling and you say to yourself,

“Is this what I, myself, have been struggling for in service to other souls and the Earth; is this why I have been making so many sacrifices?”
I want you to stop and remember: allowing that thought process would be accepting defeat. You are to place your one pointed focus on victory and let go of disempowering thoughts. When you are looking at the world through the Flame of Victory, you will see yourself victorious, you will see those you touch victorious, you will see natural and even manmade disasters, the greed, the corruption, the fear, the slow economy as signs of wizening up, finding strength, gaining spirit. It is ironic that when people come to hard times they turn to higher power but it is one of the fastest and surest ways for the acceleration to a spiritually awakened state.
I want you to be victorious in helping others turn to Higher Power, in helping others turn to Higher Light; I want you to be in a place where you do not see defeat, you do not seek defeat, you do not accept defeat, you do not invite defeat. How do I ascertain that defeat will not be your choice or your destiny? By asking Goddess of Victory to imbue her Light of Victory upon you; the Light that raises your vibration above and beyond the energy of defeat, fear, failure, ego, arrogance, insecurity, uncertainty.
Meditation to receive the Flame of Victory
Goddess of Victory will reach into her own Cosmic Heart with her left hand and bring out a fistful of the Flame which is burning bright and tall, nestled in the palm of her very large hand (remember that she is almost 40 feet tall). She will hold this Flame in front of your face. As she blows her own breath of life into the Flame, see the formation of symbols and hieroglyphic encryptions which are especially encoded into the Flame for you.

These symbols are encrypted with exactly what you need to let go of the scars and grooves and fears and uncertainties of your own past and everyone that you touch.
With her right hand she will take a pinch of this Flame and place it in your Third Eye. From this point on you will see the world through the power and perspective of Victory. What you perceive, what you absorb and what you observe will make you victorious because I have willed it for you and Goddess of Victory has bestowed it upon you. This Flame will sit over the Flame of Inner Sight which has remained active and is always illumined in your Third Eye. Now you will perceive the world through this Flame of Victory and you will perceive the Inner Realms and commune with Great Beings of the Higher Realms through this Flame.
She will take another pinch of the Flame and place it in your Throat Chakra. It will be absorbed into that chakra. From this moment on, when you speak, when you communicate, whether through spoken words, written words, thoughts, or telepathically – tangibly or intangibly – your communication will be through the Flame of Victory, the Flame that will make you fearless, the Flame that will make you wise, the Flame that will make you release your ego and arrogance, the Flame that will instill the same three qualities for everyone you touch. The Flame will help you teach others. Even those who would not hear you before will now hear you, because they are now hearing you through the encoding of the Flame of Victory.
She will also put a pinch of the Flame into your Cosmic Heart. Whatever you absorb from the cosmos, whatever you absorb and transmit from and to the environment will now be filtered and impacted by the Flame of Victory. In this way, you will only retrieve victorious thoughts, victorious ideas, designs, concepts, plans, programs, projects from the environment, even in dreamtime, through the cosmic channels from the Higher Realms to the Lower Realms, from your Cosmic Heart to those you touch. The Flame of Victory is now absorbed into the Eternal Flame that resides in you Cosmic Heart.
Finally, she will put a pinch in your Personal Heart Chakra. You will connect from your Personal Heart to all people, places and things. You will be able to maintain that state of victorious wisdom, victorious love, victorious compassion, victorious power. The energy of the Flame from your Personal Heart will trickle down bathing and creating a bubble, a Golden Bubble around your Soul in your Seat of the Soul Chakra directly below your Personal Heart Chakra. In this way your Soul is united in the Flame of Victory. Your Soul can then communicate with the souls of every person, place and thing that you come in contact with.
Breathe and bathe as you absorb the final pinch of the Flame of Victory into your Personal Heart and it will be absorbed and send its illumination of Light into the Seat of the Soul Chakra bathing the Soul and creating a cocoon of Light around the Soul.
Let this Golden Light of Victory go through the presence of your own Soul, seated on its Throne in the Seat of the Soul and seep into the stem of the Peony Flower, illuminating the entire peony thereby illuminating your Solar Plexus and bathing the Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra with this Golden Light. There is a sense of joy and euphoria, a sense of upliftment. Your entire body is now bathing in this energy. Pause for a moment and enjoy this love filled experience.

While you bathe and breathe, I ask Goddess of Victory to clear your energy field of any beliefs or behaviors that allow you the acceptance of defeat. Any energies of lower vibration that would ever give you the idea, the thought or the impression that you might want to throw in the towel and call it a day must be eradicated from your mind, heart, body and Soul. It is the mind that causes you to believe that you lost the race, that you have been defeated. When Goddess of Victory imbues the Light of Victory upon you and illuminates the Light of Victory you will never allow the energy of defeat to come near you. She will see to it that the vibration of defeat will not be attracted to you. She does this by simply raising your vibration through the Flame of Victory.
So now, Goddess of Victory will take another fistful of this Flame from her Heart and this time she will rub it from the top of your head all the way down your entire body, front and back. As she rubs it on your body, you begin to become fully aflame with the Flame of Victory, as if the surface of your skin begins to illuminate the Flame, as if every pore of your body is adding fuel to the Fire of Victory. You become fully aflame and the Flame turns from a bright Yellow-Orange to a Deep Purple Light. Then the Purple Light begins to spiral and spin from the bottom of your feet all the way up to the top of your head like a whirlwind.
As it continues spinning and spiraling it transmutes all fears, acceptance of defeat, insecurity, and all choices that are vibrationally low. The Violet Flame will release the energy of defeat and uproot the thought, the idea, the concept of throwing in the towel. It will hold you in the vibration of Victory. The Violet spins and spirals like a whirlwind all around you, going faster and faster. Sparks in the fire crackle and burst as the Violet Flame imbued in the Flame of Victory pulls the energies of defeat, failure, fears of being less than from your Five Body System and from the environment around you. It crackles and burns until all finally comes to rest in a beautiful Peach-Pink and Gold Cocoon of Light. Pause and bathe in the Light.
I especially ask her to engrave three qualities into the Flame of Victory that she has bestowed upon you:
1: Freedom from Ignorance - This quality will help you become victorious in the face of ignorance. Dogmatic and outdated belief systems can cause humankind or societies at large to act ignorantly. Cultural and religious beliefs can add to the dogma that comes from ignorance. As highly illumined initiates on the journey to fulfill your Divine Mission, it is important that you carry the aspect of the Flame of Victory which removes, transmutes, releases and uproots ignorance from within you and empowers you to remove the same from within those that you touch.
You can offer the highest wisdom to people but if they are stuck in the darkness of ignorance they will not be able to hear your words of wisdom. To instill the wisdom, we must first raise the vibrational frequency for earth and for all souls. Then we will be able to help them see the greater truth, see the world from the higher perspective. This is what I mean when I say I want all of you to be leaders and teachers.
2: Removal of Ego and Arrogance - This quality will help you to be victorious in the face of ego and arrogance; to be victorious without adopting arrogance within yourself, or promoting it in those you serve.  The Flame will allow you to be victorious and unaffected by others’ egotistical behavior.
3: Removal of Darkness of Fear - This quality, encoded into the Flame, will bring you acceleration on your path removing fears, doubts and uncertainties. This aspect of the Flame will remove the darkness of fear from within you. I ask Goddess of Victory to illuminate the Flame and to encrypt it, encode it with the removal of fears – fear of unknown, fear of the future, fear of leaving a relationship in case a better one doesn’t come about, fear of leaving a job in case a better one does not come about, fear of stepping into the unknown, fear of failure, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of falling apart, all fear that may cause you to remain stagnant, all fear that may cause you to stay in situations that are detrimental for your growth in the spiritual realms and your success in the world.
You are the spearheads for my mission on earth. I want you to be victorious in the face of all uncertainties. I want you to be able to hold space for everyone that you touch. I want you to be in a position to administer healing and wholeness wherever you go and whatever you do.
Your 5-Body System, your Brain system, your Nervous System, your Body Electric, your Body Magnetic and your Light Body are fully imbued in the Peach-Pink and Gold Flame now. Allow your Light Body to extend and expand as Goddess of Victory takes her position behind you. She will hold her Scepter of Victory above your head. The moment that the Scepter of Victory is positioned above your head the Flames jump higher and wider and more brightly. The Scepter of Victory will protect you and empower you to do every act and be victorious, to anchor every Light and be victorious, to touch every Soul and illuminate the power, the might and the joy of being victorious.
Do this exercise for 30 days to fully clear all dross and to fully embody the Flame of Victory. Don’t be surprised to see another round of Violet, another round of whirlwind and crackling each time you repeat the exercise in the first few days. After a while all that needs to be removed will clear from your 5 Body System and it will settle itself in that Peach-Pink and Gold Light which brings you Victory.
Repeat the exercise. If there is a need for further clearing and in case you pick up some unwanted thoughts or energies, it may go into the Violet to bring clearing and cleansing and you may notice the Violet crackling, clearing, spinning until it settles itself into the Peach-Pink and Gold again.
Remember that we begin a new decade with the year 2011.
Walking into 2011 from this plateau will allow you to keep ascending into higher and higher Realms and events. This entire decade is about Divine Mother and the Return of Magic. I will stand by your side and walk with you through this entire decade and beyond.
I am your very own Divine Mother, so it is.

New Courses in February

St. Germain’s Violet Bubble of Protection Group Channeling Event.

There is still time to serve Divine Mother and register for this Special Project Awakening Event. It will be held live – via conference call – on Sunday, Jan. 30 at 3:00 PM ET.  
Tuition is $35.00. 

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Meet your Guardian Angel

is a 3 session course. You probably know that your Guardian Angel guides and protects you and is always standing by your side. What you may not know is that your Guardian Angel is in touch with a host of other Angels and Elementals with a myriad of expertise. This course will help you connect with and establish a long lasting relationship with your Guardian Angel and all the angels called on your behalf.

This course will be given on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 11 & 12 at 7:30 PM ET, and Sunday, Feb. 13 at 3:00 PM. Tuition is $99.00 until Saturday, 2/7 at midnight ET and $110.00 thereafter. To read more and register, click here.

Hear Thy Soul 

This 3 session course is geared for Scholars and advanced Society Members. In this course, you will build a direct connection with your own Soul, who is connected to the Masters and your Guides. This course will be given on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 25 & 26 at 7:30 PM ET, and Sunday, Feb. 27 at 3:00 PM ET. Tuition is $299.00 until Saturday, 2/7 at midnight ET and $355.00 thereafter. To read more and register, click here.


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PTE Mystery School
Special Project Awakening
Group Channeling Event
St. Germain’s Violet Bubble of Protection
Sunday, Jan. 30 at 3:00PM ET

Your help is needed. From time to time, there are circumstances that require immediate attention. We have an opportunity at this critical point in time and space to make a great impact.

During this event, Divine Mother will be guiding us through a meditation to clear the energy field of Earth of negative energies and to create a Bubble of Protection for all souls, especially the Indigo, Star Children and Crystal Children. We will be guided to call upon Lord Buddha’s energies of non-violence and Quan Yin’s energies of compassion to join forces with St. Germain’s Violet Flame, Violet Ray and Violet Light.

Our focus is to establish a Bubble of Protection around the souls, age 17 through 35, most of who are on the Seventh Ray. Divine Mother has been requesting our attention specifically on these souls, as they are more vulnerable and are the reason for the creation of Project Awakening. Since these are the souls who will take us into the New Age, it is in our best interest to provide as much protection and guidance as we can.
Join us on Sunday, January 30th and help make a difference! 

To sign up for this global event, please visit: 
Project Awakening: St. Germain's Violet Bubble of Protection
Thank you.
Waves of Bliss & PTE Mystery School 
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