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The nature of forgiveness, which is the greatest truth
that one canderive from the practice of being in your heart.

Forgiveness isthe nature of the Creator and the Divine

One of the Key aspectsof spiritual and emotional nourishment
is forgiveness. And evendeeper than that is the level of Divinity
that recognizes, states andlives the truth that there is nothing to forgive.
You cannot createthis truth: you can only discover it. Here and now you
have anopportunity to learn this truth for yourself, and our great Earth
motherhas also the opportunity to live this truth with all of us.

Manyof you have reached a place on your spiritual path where the trauma
ofpast experiences has brought you to juncture. This crossroads holdsanger,
grief, sorrow and shame on one side, and joy, wisdom, love,creativity and the
truth on the other side. . . It has been a rollercoaster for most of us in all the different
moods we find ourselvesbecause of what we think others have done to us. It's so easy to blame
othersfor our ups and downs without realizing that we are responsible for ourcreations and our well being.

Shame is the illusion that thereis something that you can do, or that someone else can do to you,
whichis wrong and for which there is no possibility for redemption orforgiveness.

You have been taught this as a society and as arace.
You have been taught this through most religious traditions andbelief systems.
But the truth is that in the past events and evennow, happened that you didn't
have the wisdom at the time tounderstand.

There are no victims!

There is no event, placeor person that has the power to add or take a iota from you.
Thepower that anyone or anything has over you is the power that you eitherconsciously
or unconsciously gave to them. . . As spiritual andpowerful being we get to choose our experiences so we can learn fromthem; For in truth every situation or experience comes
with a gift.The gift is what all of us brave Souls long for. . . The gift ofknowledge that later
turns into wisdom when applied. And thoseKnowledge and wisdom we inquired over the many
lifetimes get to staywith us forever.

You see my friends, you always have a choice.
Whena situation or people come to you with their trouble worlds as to dumpit on you;
you have the right to say no thank you. . . People walkaround all day long bearing gifts,
rest assure many gifts will beoffer to you. Your job as a responsible creator of your own
world isto choose and pick which creation you want to bring forth; don't goaround making people's creation your own. What is it and who are thepeople you are attracting in your life daily? ( Like attract Like )

Whatis the quality of thoughts, words that you speak out, actions that youtake and the
internal dialogue that you entertain within yourself "Moment by moment? "
Does it reflect what you desire. . . The questionis what is it you desire?
What are the thoughts you entertain withinyourself and focus on?
Beloved friends don't be afraid to questionand observe yourself.
Why do you do the things that you do?

Inobserving and questioning yourself you receive the gift understanding.
Nownot only you can see, but you understand why you live where you live,why you have the parents you have, why you have the friends you have,why things are the way they are in
your life. . . there are novictims and there are no accidents. You are always the one attracting
yournext fix or experience moment by moment; whether it is a moment ofheaven or a moment of hell you are always free to pick and choose.

Asweet reminder to all of you: Do not, i repeat " Do not " identify withyour experiences.
You are not your experience, you only go throughthem so you can receive their gifts or learn
from them. You are a *Spiritual Being * and you live * Forever. *
You create, youexperience, you teach and learn. . . That's what you do. And that's whatplanet
Earth is all about; she has provided a place for you to dojust that for your evolution.

Now is the time to connect again tothe pure frequency of your heart, the Heart of the Divine.
Worktogether with the Heart of the mother Earth for she has allowed youdestroy her body and
Suffer great sufferings for the sake of yourevolution. She has decided to heal herself by forgiving
you for allthe pain and destruction you created over many lifetimes.

MotherEarth invitation for healing is to you, me, all of us and her advice toyou today is to start by forgiving and healing yourself first.

Thefrequency of forgiveness
Is of the heart.
Tapping into theheart allows you
To inform the mind and the body
Of thisgift,
Not just for this lifetime,
But for all lifetimes as well.

-Eric& Adama

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Know Thyself

Know that you are perfect, young, beautiful, pure, holy, and divine
Youand i were created in the image and likeness of pure love.
We wereborn through and with the consciousness of pure love.

Know andbelieve in the power of love. . . The power of you.
It is not goodenough for somebody else to hold the belief of who
you are for you;it is something or a choice that you have to make for
yourself. . .Our beloved brother Jesus was and is a wonderful example
or a wayshower in how he chose to believe in himself as a child of love .

Henot only believed that he is a son of the light. . . He claimed hissonship.
He took Father-Mother God on His/Her words as follow:

Directlyfrom the Heart of the Creator

As you become again Christedbeings, all you will experience is the most
tender love. . .I ask youto go to your heart and feel how much I love you personally
and alsoevery human beings. Everyone is so precious, so beautiful, so amazing
andunique! My heart seeks only to show you this, and to give you the Lovethat is
your heritage. Surrender into that love, children of MyHeart! That is the Christ
consciousness. For what is Christ? It is myliving Love! And what are you" Love's vehicle!

The truth of Lovethat I am is a web of life so strong and so full, so perfect in itsholographic
nature that everything is making love with everythingelse. This is where I am taking you,
back to the gate of the eternal "now. " It is only when your mind is One, and your heart is
fullyopened, and in your heart you see only light that you will be " Home. "

Yourthoughts and your love are the two ingredients of change riding uponthe energy of your
will. Allow fully my will to be manifested in you,and your homecoming will be accomplished in
a joyous and tender way.

The" Attitude of Gratitude " will prime the pump that will get you therewith so much Grace!
Be blessed, my beloved children. . . I am nowcalling you back " home " to my Heart, where never again will you knowsorrow or lack of any kind, and you will feel blessed without measure.
Iwill lay at your feet all the Treasures of Heaven! This my Will foryou. These are the gifts that
I am longing to bestow upon all of you."

Jesus took God the Father on his words and promise. . .Believed in himself as a vehicle of love.
He surrendered into thatlove. He kept the thought of God or Love in abundance always in mind.
Hebelieved and claimed the truth of his true nature as love. And thatthere was no need to continue to be oppressed by the illusion of timeand space, by human discords, limitations and by
beliefs system thatdid not support him as who he truly is. . . Today an invitation!

Invitationto all of you Sons and Daughters of God here, there and everywhere.
Jesus,myself, Buddha, or any others that have chosen to know and believe inthe Creator's promise. . . As much that we love you dear ones; we cannotmake the choice for you.
You have to choose and claim for yourselfwhat is your birth right.
You have to choose and claim for yourselfyour Sonship.
You have to choose and claim for yourself your freedom.

Youhave to choose and claim for yourself to enter the
" Glory of yourown Presence of Love."
Beloved, we can show you the way and even showyou the door.
One thing for sure we cannot do for you even if wewanted to, is to open the door for you.
It is a choice that you willhave to make for yourself when you ready just like we did for ourselves.

Havefaith in God. . . The God in you. . . Have faith in yourself. . . Knowthyself.

Holy Father-Mother, All That Is.
Thank you foryour wonderful Love acting everywhere.

- Eric
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Beauty and Perfection 2

Beauty is the natural state of all created things.

Everyone speak of beauty, some of us even spend
thousands and millions ofdollar in the name of beauty.
Beauty of self, a beautiful wife,husband, kids, house ,
car and everything else that we desire orchoose to have.

A short story i wish to share with you my friendson the
subject of beauty and perfection.

I work at a tireshop in beautiful mount Shasta, CA
One day like any regular day i'mthere working with my co-worker,
we were putting four new tires on avehicle. The rule is whenever we
have new tires going on a car, newvalve stems are also required.
As i was working i keep noticing howmy co-worker for every
new tire would put a new valve stem with oneof those used caps we have
instead of the new cap that came with thevalve stem, i said what are you doing?
why don't you use the same capthat came with the new valve stem, he said;
it does not matter if iput the new or a use cap with the valve stem because
people don'tcare, people don't pay attention to little stuff like that, i saidreally,
how would you feel if you go to a car dealership and you buy abrand new car after
all papers are signed and the car is brought outto you with four used tires, how would
you feel, he said that'sdifferent. As i continue working the word Beauty stand out in my
mindfollow by those messages:

Beauty does not just happen, it takesall the pieces or particles of a car, of a house, of a flower,
of apicture, of a person or whatever that may be beautiful to you playingtheir roles and coming together to create beauty. . . I was standingthere in gratitude and i said to myself i got it.

Follow was theword perfection,
that it is perfection in seeing all the pieces thatcame together working in perfect harmony and knowing even before thepieces came together they decided or chose within themselves to love, tounderstand, to agree to play their roles and see that they all areequal to one another and without one another the picture or the carwould not come together.

For example a flower is not beautiful byaccident, it took the love, the
understanding and the agreement ofeach particle coming together playing their parts.
In the valve stemcase or the brand new car without the pieces doing their part by comingtogether we would not have a beautiful car.

Beloved friends itdoes not stop here. The world we live in. Our beautiful Mother Earth.
Sheis not beautiful by accident; it takes all the particles, elementallife beings, the angels,
spirit nature, the invisible ones, the onesbehind the scene doing their part.
It takes me doing my part, youdoing your part, they doing their part, us doing our part.

Itstart with each one of us doing and bringing our own life, our ownthought, our own body/health, our own house, our own family in order. . .Stop saying i don't care or the little things don't matter because theydo. Start by paying attention to the details of your life because thosedetails or particles of your life they what create beauty andperfection.

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The attitude of gratitude
Open the doors to miracles,
Andthe multiplication of your blessings!
If you feel a lack ofblessings in your life
Or desire to expand your blessings
Toa greater level,
Practice this ancient art,
to improveall areas of your life,
Including your abundance.

- Adama

Visit: for more simple truths, yet powerful.
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Return To Full Consciousness

To return to full consciousness,
As divine beings,
It isimperative that you now begin
To turn the leadership over
Tothe heart,
And allow again
The heart to rule,
Ratherthan the mind.

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The child within

The child of innocence you once embodied
Is now longing to come out to play again.
The return of magical lives.
Time for a life of magic and wonders.
It is time to let go of the rigid structures
of the world and start playing like a beloved
child of the universe.

The love and grace that is accorded by the Creator
at this time can melt the barriers rather quickly if
you ignite the fires of love from your heart with enough
desire, enough passion, with enough determination and willingness
to heal it all, knowing that it is not finished until completion.

It is time for a " Divine Union " and " Oneness " with all of life.
In the realms of light, one simply could not create for one selves any
type of magic lives unless one becomes totally unified with whatever one
wants to create.

This means you have to become the embodiment of love
and oneness, and you radiate only love, all of life becomes connectedwith you as " one. " From this viewpoint, you can createanything at any time.
You can have it all and do it all, whatever it is. All kingdoms unitealso with
you as one and all elements and nature spirits are at your command everyinstant
to assist you to fulfill your desires. It is their great joy and serviceto life.

This is, my friends, the great partnership
of love and brotherhood for all.
One for all and all for one.

Time to embrace and reconnect with the wondrous aspect of us thatembodies the pure
child of love and innocence.

- Antharus, the Blue Dragon.

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The Veil 2

Give yourself permission to feel again

And to rediscover theheart's vibration.

Where you are now, behind your veil,
Yourfears often feel like they will
Cause your heart to stop, orbeat faster.
And the sorrows and the sadness
You holdwithin it cause the heart
To feel as if it is breaking.
Offerto God your broken heart if you may,
And allow the Divine

Withinyour Sacred Heart

To bring a healing.

- Adama
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The Veil

To lift the " veil " the mind

Must open to all possibilities.

To" know " the secrets that exist
On the other side of the veil,
Onemust experience through
The vibration of the heart.

Onemust simply listen

To the frequency that exists
Within allof us,

Throughout every instant of creation.

- Celestia
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Life is breathing through loving

There is a constant flow in breathing which is giving and receiving.
Withinand, all around us are clues on what life is truly about.

Giveand Receive, Give and Receive, Give and Receive.

All of us arealready doing it; Either we are conscious of it or not.
We constantlyare giving and receiving.
The question is what is it that we aregiving daily to ourselves, family, friends, Mother
Earth, Herchildren and the world around us?

The law of "giving andreceiving " states what you give is what you will receive.
In otherwords whatever you are putting out there, whether it is love, hate,conflict, etc.
It does not matter the form, the how, the when that itwill come back to you; rest assure
that your creations, the energiesthat has left your being will find its way back to its owner.

Beconscious and responsible for your giving because the world will mirrorback to you exactly
what you have been giving or releasing.

Knowthat you can only give what you have; always check within and givewisely. For example
if you let the energy of hatred out of your beingwhat happen next is that same energy goes out into the world, ( likeattract like ) and look for all the matching energies of hatred comebackin full measure to its rightful owner. . . Since you are going to giveanyway either conscious or unconscious, give only what you will love toreceive.

Life is breathing through loving. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . Breathe wisely.

An invitation i send to all of you. . .Join with me, the harmonious whole of the infinite body of
creationsin living to love.
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Meditation vs Contemplation

The practice of " Being " that is different from those practices that
many of us follow,
which are primarily mind techniques.
Allowyourself to " contemplate " rather than to meditate, one can reach with
very high levels of heightened awareness.

Thispractice is not based on visualization or imagery techniques either,
which still require
mental efforts, and place the emphasis onsomething you are not rather than something you
are. For example,you can contemplate on the infinite aspects of your divinity in order to
your vibration at higher levels and integrate those newdiscover truths about yourself.

Start by becoming silent andstill enough to listen to your own heart beat.
Lighten the attentionof your mind and let the mind talk to itself for a while.
Then allowyour receptivity to expand to all that is around you. Don't tune out
theworld around you, but instead tune in with all of your senses by
becoming one
with the flow that is around you and within you.

Ifyou need to, physically place your fingers over a pulse point on your
body until you
can feel the rhythm. Then enter into the rhythmic flowuntil you feel at one with the center of your being. . .Practice,
practice, practice my friends. Let us all come together and practice a
of being that is different than the way that has not been workingfor us.
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Being, Doing And Having

BEING. . . Be the presence of the love that you are.

DOING. .. Give and share yourself with all that is.

HAVING. . .Receive more of yourself from different aspects of you.

Onlyby being your presence can one truly do and have.

We havebeen taught by society, our parents, and the world around us.
Inorder " to be " we must have first,
in order " to have " we must dofirst.


We have been doing it backwardsfor generations after generations because we did
not know better, noone could tell us otherwise; it was and still is a way of life that isslowly
changing back to the original way. . . The way that wasintended from the beginning.

From true Beingness come Doingnessand from true Doingness come Havingness.
It is in each one soulmatrix;
Be your presence,be love in action,be who you were created tobe and the doing, the having will be added unto you... I want to remindeach one of you: You are loved, loving and lovable forever.

Father-Mother God calls you the Beloved.

In theeyes of our creator
Each one of us are so precious, sobeautiful, so amazing and unique!
That the He/She, the IS, our Sourceseeks only to show us this, and give us the love that
is ourheritage. Let's all of us come together and surrender into Love.

Everythinghas been giving to us freely;there is nothing we need to do in order tohave, nothing
we need to have in order to be. . . That's the old andthe way that was taught to us by the world.

Stop trying to make aliving by doing so much so you can have. . . Start by being first andeverything else will follow or fall into place
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Being, Doing And Living

The inspiration and the passion of the heart are bonded
to theinspiration and passion of the " Universe and Mother Earth."

Theinspiration and the passion to want to be, to want to do , to want tolive
an inspirational and passionate life is found within the heart.

Nowhereday we find so many people with no desire to live and why is that?
Becausemost of us live in our head instead of our heart where the desire for
livingresides. . .
Remember the head or the brain attach to the ego analyzes,
judges,separates us to one and other and put a label on all things; while the
heartconnects us all, create a space of coolness and sweetness where one is
receptiveto all that exists and open to all possibilities.

The true actof " Being, Doing and Living " is where one chooses daily andconsciously
to make their living from the heart which informs one'sdaily activities.

Practice being and living from the heart and allowyour consciousness to connect you
with the " Heart of the Universe,Mother Earth, Her children and all that is.
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Living is Loving

Living is loving. . .It is through loving can someone truly be living.
My friends it is that simple. It is an illusion for anyone to think that they can do one without the other.
Next time you want to know how well you are doing in life check how much you are loving and remember
start with yourself first.

Come and be a part this newly blog and let your voice be heard ( the voice within ) around the world.
Share your love, your presence, your truth with the rest of us.
Lots of interesting and simple truth that i share on my blog: LivinGisLovinGlife.BloGSpoT.COM
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