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Know that you are perfect, young, beautiful, pure, holy, and divine
You and i were created in the image and likeness of pure love.
We were born through and with the consciousness of pure love.

Know and believe in the power of love. . . The power of you.
It is not good enough for somebody else to hold the belief of who
you are for you; it is something or a choice that you have to make for
yourself. . . Our beloved brother Jesus was and is a wonderful example
or a way shower in how he chose to believe in himself as a child of love .

He not only believed that he is a son of the light. . . He claimed his
He took Father-Mother God on His/Her words as follow:

Directly from the Heart of the Creator

As you become again Christed beings, all you will experience is the most
tender love. . .I ask you to go to your heart and feel how much I love you personally
and also every human beings. Everyone is so precious, so beautiful, so amazing
and unique! My heart seeks only to show you this, and to give you the Love
that is
your heritage. Surrender into that love, children of My Heart! That is the Christ
consciousness. For what is Christ? It is my living Love! And what are you" Love's vehicle!

The truth of Love that I am is a web of life so strong and so full, so perfect in its
nature that everything is making love with everything else. This is where I am taking you,
back to the gate of the eternal " now. " It is only when your mind is One, and your heart is
fully opened, and in your heart you see only light that you will be " Home. "

Your thoughts and your love are the two ingredients of change riding upon
the energy of your
will. Allow fully my will to be manifested in you, and your homecoming will be accomplished in
a joyous and tender way.

The " Attitude of Gratitude " will prime the pump that will get you there
with so much Grace!
Be blessed, my beloved children. . . I am now calling you back " home " to my Heart, where never again will you know
sorrow or lack of any kind, and you will feel blessed without measure.
I will lay at your feet all the Treasures of Heaven! This my Will for
you. These are the gifts that
I am longing to bestow upon all of you. "

Jesus took God the Father on his words and promise. . . Believed in himself as a vehicle of love.
He surrendered into that love. He kept the thought of God or Love in abundance always in mind.
He believed and claimed the truth of his true nature as love. And that
there was no need to continue to be oppressed by the illusion of time
and space, by human discords, limitations and by
beliefs system that did not support him as who he truly is. . . Today an invitation!

Invitation to all of you Sons and Daughters of God here, there and everywhere.
Jesus, myself, Buddha, or any others that have chosen to know and believe in
the Creator's promise. . . As much that we love you dear ones; we cannot
make the choice for you.
You have to choose and claim for yourself what is your birth right.
You have to choose and claim for yourself your Sonship.
You have to choose and claim for yourself your freedom.

You have to choose and claim for yourself to enter the
" Glory of your own Presence of Love."
Beloved, we can show you the way and even show you the door.
One thing for sure we cannot do for you even if we wanted to, is to open the door for you.
It is a choice that you will have to make for yourself when you ready just like we did for ourselves.

Have faith in God. . . The God in you. . . Have faith in yourself. . . Know

Holy Father-Mother, All That Is.
Thank you for your wonderful Love acting everywhere.

- Eric

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