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Forks over knives

Despite the most advanced medical technology in the world, we are sicker than ever by nearly every measure.Two out of every three of us are overweight. Cases of diabetes are exploding, especially amongst our younger population. About half of us are taking at least one prescription drug. Major medical operations have become routine, helping to drive health care costs to astronomical levels. Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the country’s three leading causes of death, even though billions are spent each year to “battle” these very conditions. FORKS OVER KNIVES examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the so-called “diseases of affluence” that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods. The major storyline in the film traces the personal journeys of a pair of pioneering yet under-appreciated researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

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"The System" doesn't want you to be healed

"The system" doesn't want you to be healed, isn't profitable.

Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.
When Antineoplastons are approved, it will mark the first time in history a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical company, will hold the exclusive patent and distribution rights on a paradigm-shifting medical breakthrough.

Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer. Various cancer survivors are presented in the film who chose these medicines instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation - with full disclosure of medical records to support their diagnosis and recovery - as well as systematic (non-anecdotal) FDA-supervised clinical trial data comparing Antineoplastons to other available treatments—which is published within the peer-reviewed medical literature.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered around Dr. Burzynski's gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970's called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and could begin the final phase of FDA testing in 2011--barring the ability to raise the required $300 million to fund the final phase of FDA clinical trials.

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Planetary Events by David K. Miller

Hurricane Katrina

May 5, 2012 GOF Lecture
The Planetary Event Scale 

Copyright © 2012 David K. Miller
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. In this lecture we wish to look at the concept of a planetary event rating scale, and also we wish to explore how the spiritual energy is transported and communicated throughout the galaxy. First let us look at this concept of the planetary rating scale.


Now a greater awareness of the planet is growing. At this time people are finally understanding that the planet is an entity. The planet is a being and she can respond to individual events. This idea is a major breakthrough in Man's understanding of planetary existence. We understand now that what happens on one part of the planet is affecting all areas of the planet. Several recent catastrophic events have again demonstrated this profound concept. The first catastrophic event is the Fukushima nuclear power accident. This event clearly demonstrates to the world that what is happening in one part of the globe does have a dramatic effect everywhere. The radiation is being carried throughout the planet, including throughout the oceans. But this global event effect was also demonstrated in the Gulf oil spill accident, for the oil that was leaked into the ocean has gone into the worldwide ocean currents, and it has now traveled at least twice around the whole planet. There are now reports in various ocean areas of the unexplained death of dolphins. You hear reports of the dolphins coming on to the beaches and either committing suicide or slowly dying. Perhaps no one makes the connection yet between the Gulf oil spill and the effect the Gulf oil spill has had on ocean life throughout the planet.


It is time for the planet to have a way of measuring events. It is time for you, the planetary healers, to help develop this scale. You already know that there is the Richter scale, which is the scale measuring the dynamic and logarithmic power of earthquakes. This scale is accepted throughout the world, and when people hear, for example, that there was a 9.1 earthquake, then they immediately know that such an earthquake is powerful and will cause great damage, near the epicenter. Also, if the epicenter is near the oceans, then a 9.1 earthquake can cause a large tsunami.


I'm suggesting now that, as planetary healers, we need together to develop a dynamic logarithmic scale to measure planetary events and the possible power of those events on the biosphere in the entire planet. In my descriptions of the Earth, I always include this dynamic biosphere that you are a part of. I include this biosphere as part of the Earth. Yet some people will continue to say: "Well, the Earth can survive catastrophic effects; the Earth is not in danger". And truly, the Earth, as a planet, is well over four billion years old. The universe is 13.7 billion years old. So, this planet Earth has been perhaps in existence a third, or maybe a little bit longer, in comparison to the age of the galaxy and the age of the universe. There have been many times when the biosphere did not support life on this planet. There have been times where there have been catastrophic collisions with asteroids and even with other larger objects. One larger object struck the Earth many eons ago and actually caused a large part of the Earth to break away, and that part that broke away became your moon. So, during these many events over the billions of years, the existence of a biosphere supporting complex life, as you now see it, represents a small portion of the total part of the Earth.


Let's look at you as a person and compare you to the Earth. You represent yourself as a being that has many aspects. You have many spiritual energies and you have many different layers of auras. You are a complex being. You can interact with your entire being, including your higher self, your lower self and your middle self. What I'm suggesting to you now is that the Earth, which now has this complex biosphere, is representative of the Earth's higher self. The planet, the Blue Jewel, has a higher functioning and higher energy. This higher energy can be called the higher self of the planet. This is similar to what you have for your higher self. You have a higher self that is connected with the greater energies of the galaxy and the greater energies of the universe and the greater energies of the Creator. The Earth, too, has a higher self, and you are witnessing, you are seeing with your own eyes, with your own experiences, this planet's higher self. This higher self is manifested in this beautiful and complex biosphere.


You cannot or should not separate the biosphere from the Earth. So, for example, you can say that the Earth will survive no matter what happens. This does not take into the consideration the Earth's higher self. The Earth's higher self may not survive. This type of thinking does not take into consideration the tremendous achievement and evolution that is manifested before your eyes. This evolution is manifested as this complex biosphere. So, I, Juliano, am saying we will include the biosphere on the Earth, together, as one unit, so that when we measure the catastrophic events that can be coming to the Earth, then we will measure its effect on the biosphere. Because truly we know that this planet will not die, in terms of being out of existence. The Earth will not implode, nor will it explode. The Earth will not be drawn into a dark hole, black hole. Truly the predicted end of this planet will come billions of years from now, when your sun goes through its red dwarf stage and triples or quadruples its size. At that point the Earth would not be able to survive. There are stories and there are histories on other planets where the entire populations of the planets have moved to other star systems because they were able to see what was coming to their planet from the reactions of their own sun.


So let us look more closely at the rating system and what the purpose of the rating system is. I would like to compare the rating systems that are said for cyclones and said for tornados. So, if a tornado is a category one, then everybody knows that that is a lower event. A category one hurricane, for example, may have only 60-80 miles per hour winds, and it could produce a lot of rain. A category one hurricane can cause damage, of course, so it is still serious. Let's compare category one to category four, for example. If a category four comes to your area, then you know that there will be total destruction, and there will probably be no standing structures afterwards. Structures will be left standing after a category one and even a category two. But once you keep on going higher and higher, once the winds become over 120-130 miles per hour, there reaches a point where the existing standing structures cannot survive, and everything will be blown apart from this catastrophic storm. So, I want you to consider using the terminology again of categories that are used from storms and hurricanes when thinking about the Planetary Event Scale.


What I'm suggesting is that the scale that we are going to use is based numerically on ten, instead of the numeric scale or hurricane scale. However, we can retain the term 'category' for each number. The numeric '10' scale is similar to the concepts used in the logarithmic Richter scale. So, if you look at planetary events that are occurring, then we will try to measure them in terms of the following: Is the event survivable for the biosphere? Is it going to cause moderate destruction or is it not going to cause any long lasting damage to the Earth? Or is the event truly representing a catastrophic and tragic blow to the Earth and to the biosphere?


So, following on from this idea, category 10 would be considered the asteroid hitting the planet and destroying all life. Now, a 10 may be survivable by some portions of the planet, but in general the striking asteroid would destroy the biosphere and all life forms as we know it.


When the asteroid hit the Yucatan peninsula, millions of years ago, there was a tremendous amount of dust, and sunlight was blocked and most life could not survive. The process of photosynthesis was blocked from occurring; the heat was not able to be transmitted and there was coldness and darkness. So, that asteroid hitting the Earth would be considered in this scale as a category 10 event.


Remember, the idea of these categories is to measure planetary events. The scale will measure the dramatic effect to the Earth and the biosphere due to an event. Now we have an example of the 10. I'm going to look at other examples, because it is difficult to just give you numbers without saying how powerful it is. But I'm going to suggest to you that the event in Fukushima, that accident, is a number 6, and possibly a 6.5, on the planetary event scale. So when I say the accident is a 6.5, I mean that it is an event that definitely affects the whole planet. So, if a 10 is going to wipe out all life and require a long period of time for the settlement, then a 6 or a 6.5, certainly, is an eye-opening event. It certainly carries with it deadly power. Now, if you think of a 6.5 earthquake, then you might say: "Well, that is a very powerful earthquake, but a lot of the damage from that earthquake depends upon where that earthquake occurs." So, if the earthquake occurs right in the center of downtown Los Angeles, perhaps one mile below the Earth, then you would know that is going to cause a lot of damage. On the other hand, if that event occurred 100 miles off from Los Angeles, out in the ocean and five miles deep, then you would acknowledge that that may not really cause a lot of damage, but it certainly has the potential.


Well, the planetary event scale combines the idea of the power with the place. So, when I'm saying: "It is a 6.5", I'm saying that it has the power, and it also is in a location that will cause catastrophic events and catastrophic damage. When you hear of a 6.5 earthquake, you don't know, by the number, if that earthquake caused damage. All you know is that was a powerful shift in the Earth plates causing some major shifts. On the planetary event scale we are going to take into consideration the location, and we are going to say that the number is reflecting the seriousness of the event. So the seriousness of the Fukushima accident was a 6.5. The seriousness of the Chernobyl accident was a 5.8. The seriousness of the Gulf oil spill is approximately a 4.6.


Now you might be surprised, and you say: "Well, why would the Gulf oil accident be considered a 4.6, or is 4.6 that high?" Well, a 4.6 is high, and also the measurement of the power of these events takes into consideration how close it is to the Earth's meridians. We take into consideration where the event occurs, and here, in this case of the Gulf oil spill, it is close to ocean currents, and it is close to energy lines which can spread out the damage. What is also noteworthy, when talking about planetary events, is that both of these two events, the Gulf oil spill and the Fukushima power plant, have dramatically affected the oceans. Many of the planetary events are accumulative, that is, that the damage from an event is added on to damage caused by earlier events. There has been damage previously to the oceans. There have been leaks of radiation in the oceans from other events. If the oceans were totally healthy before the nuclear accident, then I could say that the Fukushima accident would not be a 6.5, but maybe only a 5.9. So, I don't want to minimize the seriousness of the accident, but if no previous radiation leaks ever occurred, then the Fukushima accident would be a lower number. Why? Because the Earth would have been able to filter and process this serious planetary event more easily.


Please understand that the Earth has a feedback loop system, which is capable of processing planetary events. The Earth feedback loop system can be compared to your immune system. You can take a hit, for example; you can take an illness; you can take certain discomforts. When your immune system is strong, then you can bounce back quickly from an illness. But if you already have an illness, and then you get pneumonia on top of that, then it is going to be more difficult for you to bounce back. An illness event which you could normally process may be much more difficult for you to process if you already were dealing with an existing illness. It is the same way with the Earth. The Earth has resiliency, and the Earth has the feedback loop system which seeks to establish a homeostasis. This ability to form a homeostasis has been very successful up until recently.


So, the planetary event scale takes into consideration other earlier events and rates that event accordingly. If there were another event involving nuclear power and nuclear energy, then another nuclear accident event would be rated higher on the planetary event scale because of the earlier events that have happened. Some planetary events are manmade, and some of the planetary events are part of the Earth's process. You can have a volcanic eruption, and that volcanic eruption could be considered a planetary event. If the eruption was producing ash that would go high into the environment and high into the atmosphere, it would have the potential for affecting the whole planet. On the other hand, if a volcano erupted, and it was not sending up high fumes of smoking ash, then that event would not be considered a high number. It might only be considered a 2 or 3, but if the ashes went 20 miles up into the air, that would be considered, for example, 5 to 6 or even a 7. Even in a higher event, even a higher number can be possible if you take into consideration everything else that is going on in the planet. Earth events are now accumulative based on where you are and what events have happened there before. This is why things on this planet are so fragile. This is why the biosphere is so fragile. This is why we talk in the movie, The Blue Jewel, that the world is hanging by a thread. That means that it wouldn't take a highly powerful event to imbalance everything.


The beauty of the scale, though, lies in the fact that you can help to lower numerically the effects of the planetary event. So, if we say that the Fukushima is a 6.8, then that high event can be modified by biorelativity. The 6.8 can be modified, for example, by some of the actions that the Japanese people are taking. As you probably know, the Japanese people have closed down all of their nuclear power plants. It has taken one year, but now it is reported that there is not one operational nuclear power plant. So, that has some effect. The downloading of the etheric crystals on this planet is raising the energy level and the spiritual energy level. The spiritual energy level can counter some of these planetary events. People working together in a positive way can numerically help the planetary event scale numbers become lower.


Any planetary event that is over 5 is serious. A 6 is very serious, and approaching 7 is very dangerous. Surely if an earthquake is 7 on the Richter scale, then you would be very concerned. Could the planet survive the 7? Could the planet survive an 8 event? The answer to that is: "Yes". The answer to that is that with the interactions and the biorelativity exercises and energies that you are using, you will be able to modify some of the powerful negative effects from major planetary events. We would like to see the planetary event scale be more precisely developed and more globally used. It is our intention and it is our hope that the planetary event scale, P.E.S., the planetary event scale, will become more widely known. By the identification and use of the scale, a great positive effect and planetary awareness will be created. We are hoping that the Group of Forty will find the means and find the method to work on spreading the knowledge of the planetary event scale around the globe.


There are many manmade events that now have become planetary events. For example, the dropping of a nuclear bomb was a planetary event, and that could be considered as serious as a nuclear power accident. Some of the events of wars can be measured in terms of their effects on the globe, on the planet. So, for example, wars such as the Iraqi war would be considered a planetary event, and that would approximately be at 3.8. Yes, the event and the damage was specific to that area, but you have to consider also the resources that are used, the results of the bombs and the pollution that was created and also what was done to the Earth's energy field. Some of these wars create holes in the Earth's energy field, and life force energy is drained from the Earth. This certainly has occurred in Iraq. So, we have to look at the effect on the whole planet now. I know that the planetary event scale needs to be more specifically refined, and I will continue to work with you and others in the Group of Forty in the more accurate design and refinement of this scale.


The planetary event scale also takes into consideration events in the solar system and events in the galaxy. So, if there was a supernova explosion that was near the Earth, by near I say 30- 50 light years, and that supernova explosion emitted a huge output of gamma rays, then those gamma rays and that explosion would cause a planetary event rating of 10 to the Earth. The Earth does not have the protection to survive a gamma ray outburst from the supernova. Fortunately the supernova explosions regularly occur outside of this galaxy, or if they are in this galaxy, they are far away. There could be a magnetic solar eruption on the Sun that potentially could damage the Earth's magnetic field. The Earth's magnetic field is already being compromised through various manmade activities, which includes the use of chemicals that have gone into the atmosphere. But it also includes some military experiments in time travel, because the military is trying experiments into traveling through different time dimensions.

A solar eruption could be considered a planetary event. A minor eruption could be a 1 or a 2 on the planetary event scale. There could be major solar eruption that could paralyze the life temporarily on this plane. The planetary event scale will also take into consideration events outside of the planet, and indeed, the scientists on the Earth have already begun the study of asteroids and the probability of certain asteroids coming to the planet. Earth scientists are studying the trajectory of these asteroids to see if they are dangerous and if their paths could be considered striking the Earth and creating a planetary event.


So now I want to move on to the second subject of this lecture which is the transmission of spiritual energies throughout the galaxy. Modern science has made great gains in understanding Man's relationship to the galaxy. I can compare this to the Earth. What happens in one part of the planet affects the whole planet. So, even the radiation that is being emitted from Fukushima or the radiation that is being emitted from Chernobyl has gone into the energy systems of the whole planet. In one way or another everyone has ingested and assimilated that energy and that radiation from these two events into their energy systems.


The Earth is interacting with the galaxy, and the galaxy is interacting with the Earth. So, the minerals and chemicals from the stars and their explosions and their throwing out of chemicals, all are reaching, or have reached, the Earth. The Earth is continually receiving different types of energy from outside of the solar system. Of course, the Earth also is receiving energy from inside the solar system. So, the Earth does not exist in a vacuum and the solar system does not exist in a vacuum. The truth is that there is a continual interaction on a physical basis of particles. Some of the particles are so microscopic that they are considered subatomic. They are not measurable by most of the instrumentation. Nonetheless we know that the particles around the galaxy and around the universe are continually interacting with the Earth and with your energy field.


So we are talking about particles that are manifested in the material world. The fact is that spiritual energy is also being transmitted around the galaxy. I want to point out to you that not only are you receiving and interacting with material particles and some subatomic particles in your energy system, but you are also interacting with spiritual energy. Spiritual energy has a force field and spiritual energy travels throughout the galaxy. It is known that particles in the universe are limited by the speed of light, so that particles in the vacuum of space can only travel, and I say "only", that is not the best term, but they can travel; they are limited to travel at the speed of light, which is 186.000 miles per second. This is a distance that is very difficult for you to imagine.


Spiritual energy travels at the speed of thought. That means that the speed of thought is faster than the speed of light. How can we measure the speed of thought? Thought waves can travel from here to Arcturus instantaneously. Arcturus is approximately 36 light years away. So that means that if you were traveling at the speed of light, it would take you 36 years to reach Arcturus. That means even a radio wave, if you were to send a radio transmission through space, would take 36 years to reach our planet. Radio waves travel at 186,000 miles per second. It would still take that radio wave, that transmission, 36 years approximately to reach Arcturus. But you could send a thought to Arcturus and then reach Arcturus instantaneously. How fast is that?! That means that you have, in your physical body, a mechanism for producing a wave that is immeasurable, that is far faster that the speed of light.


Clearly there are some parameters for thought projection. Thought projection is the ability to send thoughts to other places, and it is also the ability to send your astral energy field to other places. When you are using thought projections, then you are using the thought waves. Your astral body can ride on the thought wave, and you can project your astral energy field to many other places, including other places in the galaxy. Thought projection is used in remote viewing. Remote viewing is focused on using that type of thought projection for going to different parts on the Earth, but it also works for going outside of the solar system, and in some cases, in highly evolved specialized circumstances, it can be used for traveling into the past and traveling into the future.


All this is done with thought energy. Thought energy is that fast, because thought energy is transdimensional. That means that thoughts can transcend the third dimension. This is a very interesting subject. One of the problems in traveling at the speed of light is that when you approach the speed of light, then you change. You can't maintain your physical structure going at those speeds. Let's say, for example, Man is able to go 24,000 miles an hour. Traveling at that speed has an effect on you. Imagine now that if you were traveling at a high rate of speed, close to the speed of light. If you traveled for 10 years according to Earth into space, then you, as the space traveler, may only have aged a week in Earth time. However, when you came back to the Earth, you would see that Earth would have gone through 10 years. When you travel, your aging is slowing down, but also when you are going that higher and higher speeds, your physical presence becomes stressed, and it becomes expanded. It becomes unrecognizable, and it becomes difficult for you to reassemble once you slow down. But when you are traveling at the speed of thought astrally, then you transcend those problems.


There is required certain training; there is required certain energy work to be able to develop the power of astral thought projection. Remember that we have talked about thought power, and we used the terms arcan and arcan energy. Arcan energy is a measurement or unit of measurement of thought power. I used that term in comparison to the radio waves, and I said, for example, that you might have a light bulb of 20 watts or light bulb of 30 watts. A light bulb of 30 watts gives off more light than a light bulb of 5 watts. So, a thought energy of 5 arcans is going to be more powerful than a thought of 1.5 arcans. So you have to then ask how you can increase your thought power. Some of the ways you can increase your thought power is by meeting in groups, by joining the Group of Forty, by doing phone conferences, by doing workshops and by raising your spiritual light quotient. Another way is to use crystals and also to connect with the etheric crystals. There are many different techniques for increasing your arcan energy. Incidentally, arcan energy is also used in measuring the ability to receive energy and receive thoughts. You only think of transmission, but it takes a certain ability to receive the thoughts. What I'm suggesting to you is that there is a tremendous new amount of spiritual and thought energy being projected to this Earth. There is a tremendous amount of subatomic particles coming to this Earth all the time. In fact, the Earth is being bombarded continually by subatomic particles and also other particles. In the same way the Earth is also receiving higher spiritual energy and higher spiritual thoughts. Spiritual energy and thoughts from the Central Sun are now being greatly projected to the Earth. Many of you now are becoming more powerful and sensitive receivers of spiritual energy.


In many ways this is great news because there are civilizations like the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and the Andromedans, who are sending spiritual energy and thoughts to this planet. Incidentally, the Andromedans are in your sister galaxy, Andromeda; they are not in the Milky Way galaxy. Now, the Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away from you. That is very far compared to Arcturus, which is only 36 light years away approximately. Yet, there is a civilization in Andromeda. There are higher beings in Andromeda, and even though they are 2.5 million light years away, they can still send their thoughts and their energy fields of higher ascension to the Earth. That is how fast and how powerful thought waves are.


I want you now to activate your sensitivity to receiving the spiritual thought waves from the Central Sun and from other higher sources that are sending you thoughts now of higher spiritual energy and light. (Tones OOOOOOOO.) Use this affirmation: "I am able to receive the spiritual thoughts from the Central Sun and from the higher beings in the galaxy who are sending that spiritual energy to the Earth." (Tones OOOOOOOO) This spiritual energy can be used in a positive way to modify planetary events that may have harmful consequences.


The Ring of Ascension, which is the halo of light around this planet, has many functions. One of the functions of the Ring of Ascension is to act as a gathered power for spiritual light that is being sent to this planet by extra-solar sources, in particular from the Central Sun area and also from some of the other planetary systems of high evolution. The Ring of Ascension is like a gigantic satellite dish that gathers, amplifies and downloads these powerful spiritual thoughts to this planet. You and other starseeds have established the sensitivity to resonate with this light and energy and to transfer this higher dimensional energy into third-dimensional processes.


I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Blessings to all of you, planetary healers of light. Good day.

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"Power Of Manifesting" by William Barnett

May 15, 2012. In today's transmission, William asked Orion to speak about the process and the act of manifesting with Spirit. Below is Orion's detailed and incredible response. Read on!

(Orion) Indeed most beloved, we are happy to be with you once again and to offer to you and others our insight into the divine process of spiritual manifestation. We call this spiritual manifestation because, indeed, it is through Spirit that one manifests. All creation comes directly from the light, the heart, and the love of God.


In our last channeling to you, we remarked that, because you come from Source, you, indeed, are Source. Honor that connection. Honor who you are as creator gods yourselves. All of the power and the light of the Universe is contained within you - indeed, we say that the whole of the Universe is contained within your consciousness, meaning that there is absolutely no separation between you and every other aspect of the entire unfolding universal creation. You are a multi-dimensional microcosm of the entire Universal spectrum of life, of all that has already been and already will be. This information, brought forth as light, is contained within the heart of your consciousness. It is wisdom and information known to you already, although it may be hidden from your everyday human awareness. If you can simply accept the above as fact and be done with it, you are already several steps ahead of all that you need to know to begin manifesting, bringing forth, all that you need in this life.

By and large, you, in your human state of being, are influenced and shaped by the internalized programming of lack. It is a part of your collective experience and your ancestral heritage. It always has been since the fall of the human consciousness. At one time, it was widely known among the peoples of the planet that all one must do to bring forth abundance was to focus your God-energy with purposeful intent and your needs would come forth from the place of All That Is. However, in order for the planet to achieve her ultimate rising into the frequencies beyond duality, she had to experience duality first. This means, of course, that humans have chosen to experience duality first in order to transcend beyond duality. Because you came forth upon the planet at this time, you are joined together with the earth in this process of Ascension. This is the lesson before all of you now. You are being challenged to remember who you are and acknowledge that there truly is nothing that separates you from the joy and the miracles of God, because you are God, as is the whole of creation.

You are all that stands in the way of achieving and receiving all that you desire from this life. It is your narrow focus on the good that life has to offer you and the broad focus on all that life takes from you that keeps you in a perpetual experience of lack and "un-receiving." If you learn to adjust your perception just slightly, this begins the shift in your consciousness that opens the flow of energy through you. This energy is the energy of creation... it is the energy of the All That Is. Your belief in lack and struggle is what continues to restrict the flow of All That Is through you and into your life. When you become fixated upon that which you do not have, you only receive more of the not-having.

qt3.jpgNow is the time for you to know yourselves... this is the lesson before you. To know yourself is to accept the idea that you, indeed, are creator gods, a living part of the whole that is never separated, never disconnected from the Source of all creation. The very force of God moves through you in each and every moment, filling you with the energy of All Possibilities, of All Realities. What you choose to do with that energy is entirely up to you as you have chosen to live in a reality in which you truly are a sovereign creator of your own life. You were sent to earth to remember that you are creator beings... creator gods. You were sent here to discover through the haze of the third dimensional malaise that your life is exactly what you make of it, both good and what you would judge to be "bad." This is how powerful you are! Have you realized yet that you are creating in every moment? Indeed, we tell you that this is true.

You must now resist the temptation to blame others or outside circumstances for your station in this life. Even if another person appears to be at blame for the circumstances in your life, you created the circumstances that enabled this person to appear in your life to teach you whatever it is that you are receiving from them. But we also say that you must not be consumed with the act of "figuring things out." It is not necessary for you to examine each and every decision that you believe might have led you to the point that you are. All you must do is acknowledge that you are the creator in your life and that creator energy is flowing to you at all times. You can create at will.

What shall you do with this creator energy this day? Shall you decide, once again, to block the flow of this vital energy into your life? Shall you surrender to the gloom of believing that your life is not successful and all that you wish it to be? Or shall you shrug off these notions and accept that you are connected, at all times, to the origin of this creator energy? And because of that connection, all things are possible in this life as they are in all of your lives of every place and every time.

We tell you to stop allowing yourself to become consumed in what you consider to be the reasons of why you experience lack and dissatisfaction. If you feel that it is truly necessary to know yourself in this way, then by all means, experiment with taking the time to fully examine each and every reason that presents itself to you, for you are here to learn, after all! We are simply telling you that it is not necessary to do this to begin creating the life you desire. You may simply choose to begin creating something different for yourself... and then trust in your ability to do so.

Learn from those decisions that have brought you to the place of lack in your life and simply choose not to take that same action again. For in repeating the same actions, decisions, and thoughts, you are only recreating the same experience. Simply ask for the higher creator energies to flow freely through you and into the life around you. Ask specifically for what you believe you need... and then take action as required and presented to you for we cannot do it all for you. Finally, and importantly, be thankful for what you receive.

Place yourself in the energy of understanding that there is no limitation to God. There is no limitation in Creation. Everything that is needed by every being in every place and in every time is in great supply. There is never any risk of running out what is needed. But you must believe, truly believe, that you are a creature of no limitations. You know this and believe this on the other side - and it is time for you to awaken and realize, remember, this in this life.

Know ye that you will always be supplied with that which you need to accomplish exactly what youspiritual%20abundance.jpg were meant to in this life experiment. Know ye also that anything you wish for that might interrupt a specific lesson in this life will be intentionally kept from you - not from a selfish expression of your guides or the misguided will of the Creator, but by your own Soul Being's direction. Yes, you have provided for the learning of some lack in your own life chart. It is by your designation that certain experiences will be a part of this journey for you and, often, that includes the experience and lesson of lack. But we tell you that this is not the purpose in your coming to this planet. So do not be discouraged if everything that you desire to draw to yourself does not manifest. Be thankful for what does and ask yourself, "What am I learning," in the experience of not receiving.

To manifest with the force of Spiritual Life Energy, you must be first in a place of gratitude, not lack. This is absolutely critical to the act of creation. Be thankful for what has already come to you, for who you are, for what you've experienced, for all that life has already offered to you. Be thankful for what you have already created! This acknowledgment is seen by the Universal Consciousness as an acceptance that you are a creator being. It is seen as an acceptance that you truly can create all that you wish to receive.

You must train you mind to cease its focus on lack. We know that this sounds more simple than it is to do. But be mindful of how often you place your awareness and attention upon that which you do not have. Being in thankfulness is one of the ways in which you step out of the energy of lack. Being thankful is one of the ways in which you open the flow of creator energy into your life.

Once you cease the inclination to always focus upon what you do not have, begin to train your entire being to receive what it is that you wish. And then ask. As you ask, you create a contract between yourself and Source. Through your statement of request, you open yourself up to the initiation of the Creator energies that come directly from Source. Ask, and ask often. Ask, and be specific. Ask, and be grateful even before you receive a confirmation that you are receiving that which you have asked to receive.

And then you must let your life continue on. In other words, you cannot become fixated upon that which you believe that you desire because this fixation only serves to lesson the free flow of energy to you. You, indeed, must remain focused upon creating that which you wish to receive, but do not allow yourself to become obsessed in the act of creation. Let go of "how it is supposed to happen," or "what it is supposed to look like." Simply hold a regular and intentional focus upon what you will feel in receiving and how the experience of receiving will transform you. Do not be discouraged if all that you wish for doesn't come to you instantaneously. Simply allow for the heart of the Creator to open to you at the appropriate time. Be mindful of the lessons you are learning in the moment.

Once you have seen movement toward completion of receiving that which you have asked to receive, celebrate and affirm this! Acknowledge whatever movement you see in the energy around a request, for this only opens the flow of energy more fully. If you have asked for a large sum of money, celebrate and affirm whenever you receive money, no matter how small. If you have asked to be free of physical pain, celebrate any moment in which you become aware of less pain or a healing of one part of the physical body. Be thankful! Acknowledge the creator within and the Great Creator in those moments. Do not dismiss what comes to you just because it may not be in the shape, color, and size that you wish to receive. In other words, we are asking you to begin reversing the ancestral pattern of being demanding and ungrateful. Yes, this has been necessary in order to experience the lessons of lack upon the planet. But that lesson is coming into completion and it is time to let the old notions go.

15.jpgDear ones, all of creation is within your grasp if you not only believe, but begin to release and surrender any and all of the "un-beliefs" surrounding your ability to manifest in this life. As children of light, the experience of lack is one that is uncomfortable for many of you because this is not how life is experienced in your soul's reality, your soul's home on the other side. Reconnect to the wisdom of that soul part of yourself and ask the higher self to give to you all that you need to know and understand in order to begin creating a life of abundance and joy. Be grateful. And yes, be generous. For in receiving, one must be willing to give. This is the natural flow of energy in all life. Whatever you hoard, whatever you choose to keep to yourself, will be kept from you. Open your heart to receive and then allow the energy of receiving to flow from you to others. This is another critical idea to adopt if you are truly to be in the energy of manifestation.

And so, we leave you with one final thought... As you continue your journey toward the light of the Fifth Dimension, know that everything that you have every known is shifting. This includes lack and "un-awareness." The time is coming, dear ones, in which the questions to the mysteries, the lack, the challenges of life will be answered with clarity. In this critical time, we ask you to align yourselves indeed with the energies of the Ascension - live in a state of love, gratitude, peace, and joy, honoring everyone and everything around you for its place in the unique whole that is Creation. Allow yourselves now to begin to separate from the spiritual child that you have been in this life journey and align yourselves with the true spiritual beings you always have been... creator beings of light, love, and the whole of creation.

We bid you love always. And we let it be.

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Solar Storms: Tom Kenyon HATORTS

Entering the Solar Storms

Note: This message deals with the KA body (a term from ancient Egyptian Alchemy), and discusses how you can utilize this unique energy-body to draw to yourself ascension-energies from increased solar activity. For those unfamiliar with the KA—your KA body is an “invisible” second body that is the same shape and size as your physical body. This energy body both envelops the physical body and interpenetrates it. This body is sometimes referred to as the etheric double or spiritual twin. The KA shares similarities with what is called the Chi body in some traditions (Taoism) and with the pranic body or etheric body in certain yogic traditions. By its nature, the KA can draw to itself and then into the physical body, highly benevolent energies that accelerate one’s spiritual evolution.

As we indicated in an earlier message on January 3, 2011, you have been entering a period of increased solar activity for some time. We strongly urge that you read that message, Partaking From the Solar Winds, in order to understand the deeper levels of what we will be discussing.

You are now entering a more heightened period of solar and galactic activity in which the magnetosphere of your Earth is being struck by erratic and increasingly strong streams of solar energy.

You will be seeing an ever-increasing number of solar flares and fluctuations that are highly unusual. These fluctuations in the sun are being driven by internal forces, as well as by streams of energy from the central sun of your galaxy. Adding to this complexity of interactions are high intensity streams of energy from deep space. The magnetic field of your sun is being affected, and in point of fact, it is being twisted, contorted, and all of this is having an effect upon the magnetic field of your Earth and the magnetic fields of your bodies. With increased solar activity of this type, you will see an ever-increasing intensity of weather anomalies, as well as increased earthquake and volcanic activity.

The focus of our message here is not on the physical aspects but the emotional and spiritual aspects of this solar activity. As we said in our message, Partaking From the Solar Winds, these types of solar fluctuations increase emotional volatility and irrational behavior. Many of you are, no doubt, finding yourselves irritable for no particular reason. Sleep disturbances are also a common aspect of this change in solar activity.

As you enter this heightened solar storm phase we have two suggestions that will allow you to navigate through these increased levels of energy. The first is the simplest and is thoroughly discussed in our message, Partaking From the Solar Winds, so we will not discuss it here. A second method allows you to soothe your physical body through the water element. We are referring here to another previous message, called Medicines of Light. In this method you charge water with intentionality from your BA or Celestial Soul. The original message dealt with protecting yourself from viruses, bacteria, and radioactivity. We would refer you to that message so you understand the method clearly.

In this use of the Medicine of Light, you will charge the water with the intention of soothing your physical body, so that it is able to adjust to the erratic nature of the solar energies more efficiently and with greater grace. An ideal time to create this type of Medicine of Light is just before going to sleep. Then the Medicine of Light, through the water element, will communicate with the intracellular and intercellular fluids of your body, which will impart a calming and balancing effect.

Introducing this Medicine of Light before your rest cycle will have a very beneficial affect upon you while resting and during the next cycle of activity. We are saying “rest cycle” rather than sleep because for many of you, sleep is a highly questionable activity, as it is increasingly disturbed or disrupted. We suggest during these resting cycles you let go of your attachment to sleep as you have known it. As you become more at peace with the situation, you will find that you can regenerate yourself in shorter periods of deep relaxation.

When you awaken at night, or whenever you are resting, we suggest you use the method we suggested in Partaking from the Solar Winds to charge your KA body. Since you are awake you might as well take this opportunity to charge your KA.

As you work with this you will find that you can regenerate and re-energize yourself in shorter periods of time than you have been able to in the past.

There is a third method we would like to offer those of you who have an advanced understanding of your KA.


Your KA body interpenetrates your physical body and is the same shape and size as your physical form. There is no part of your physical body that is outside of your KA, and by its very nature when you charge your KA body with energy, the overflow of excess energy goes into the organs of your physical body, which increases your health and vitality.

Your KA body is composed of innumerable particles of etheric light, and within this body of light there are nexus points. These nexus points within your KA link to the mitochondria of your cells. Mitochondria are the energy producers, the power plants in the nuclei of your cells. The only cells that do not have a nucleus are your red blood cells. It has been estimated that you have more than one trillion cells in your body, thus there are over a trillion mitochondria. These mitochondria are linked to your KA through a multitude of micro-wormholes.

It is possible to bring your awareness into this level of your body so that you are aware of your mitochondria and can sense the wormholes into your KA. These wormholes are intracellular portals into the higher vibratory nature and reality of your KA. By opening these portals through intention you can greatly affect the flow of excess energy from your KA into your physical body.

This allows your physical body to more easily attune itself to the more rapid vibratory reality of your KA. It is through your KA that you ascend into higher vibratory realities. Through the portals of your mitochondria you can assist your physical body to adapt more easily to this rapid acceleration.

We now wish to turn our attention to the emotional quandary of your situation. By its very nature, both the acceleration of time and the increase of vibratory realities purge your unconscious mind.

As we said previously, you will note a general increase in emotional volatility and impulsive irrational behavior. If you are not experiencing these effects yourself, you have, no doubt, noted this occurring among your fellow humans.

You are living in a paradoxical duality. As the old energetic realities fall apart, new energetic realities are being birthed. But it is human nature for people to be attached to the way things used to be, to the ways they expect. Yet much of the way things have been is coming to an end. The world as you have known it, is ending. And a new world is being birthed.

The Quandary of the Human Heart

One of the greatest casualties in this process is the human heart. We recognize and sense a deep sadness and despair in the collective human heart. Part of this is due to the disintegration of realities and your attachments to them. After all, what do you build your dreams on when the foundations of your world are crumbling?

Another aspect of this difficulty in the heart has to do with the toxic nature of your planet’s emotional atmosphere. As the solar energies increase, the tensions between polarities become ever more apparent. The polarization of human consciousness between those who would imprison and those who would free the human spirit are becoming clearer and clearer.

We would offer two suggestions as a means to deal with these challenges to your heart.

It is through your heart that new realities are birthed—by this, we mean realities worth living. Our first suggestion may seem overly simplistic, and yet as is often the case, the simplest things are frequently the most powerful. However you do this is not important. What is important is that you create an emotional antidote in yourself to the toxic poisoning of your planet’s emotional atmosphere.

As hatred and intolerance increase, you must find a passage through this darkness. The simplest and most efficient way we know is for you to find the smallest things in your life that you appreciate, and to take a few moments to dwell on these feelings of appreciation throughout your day. It does not matter how small these feelings of appreciation may be. From the tiniest seeds of appreciation great things can arise. The vibratory state of appreciation, or gratitude, is an extraordinary antidote to emotional poisoning. We strongly suggest you cultivate this ally as you move through this next cycle of solar storms.

Finally, we are offering a sound meditation based on the heart chakra. This is from a previous Hathor Intensive. The first phase of this sound meditation rotates and activates energies within the heart chakra for the purpose of clearing. The second phase of the meditation is calming and nurturing. We believe you will find this sound meditation to be another helpful ally.

As you enter this new phase of solar storms understand that they are extraordinary opportunities for evolutionary advancement. They are also, paradoxically, fraught with dangers for devolution due to their intense nature. If you resist the energies of acceleration, you will experience great difficulties in this passage. If you embrace these energies and master them—finding a way to navigate through them with appreciation and a good dose of humor—you will find greater freedom. This freedom of which we speak is a freedom of the human spirit, mind and heart. It resides in a level of consciousness untouched by the dualities of your earthly existence.

The Hathors
April 1, 2012

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

First of all, I would like to acknowledge that there has been quite a bit of time between the last two Hathor messages. Whenever I went to them and inquired about the lack of a new message they said that they had already communicated everything that needed to be said up to that point. And when the time was ready—meaning poised for another shift—they would give a new message.

The fact that they have come forward with a new message at this time indicates to me that the proverbial shit is getting ready to hit the fan—yet again.

Medicines of Light

I have found their method for creating Medicines of Light to calm and balance the physical body during sleep, or as they call it, sleep cycles, to be quite helpful. And the more I create these Medicines for myself, the better I get at it. I suspect the same will be true for many of us. The method is definitely worth the effort, and if I am reading the Hathors’ tone correctly, this Medicine of Light will become increasingly important as we enter more deeply into this next phase of the solar storms.


I was quite intrigued by their comments about the existence of micro-wormholes between the mitochondria of our cells and the nexus points of light in our KAs. I asked them about this after the channeling session, and they said that this was a very complex and rich field of information, which they planned to discuss in future messages.

I, however, wanted more information about this sooner than later and suspected that many readers would want the same. When pressed, my mentors said that these micro-wormholes are bridges between dimensions of vibration, meaning between the density of matter (our bodies) and the less-dense light realms of our KAs.

The Hathors experience all dimensions as one continuum. In other words, the lower vibratory realities of our physical bodies are intimately connected to the higher vibratory realities of our consciousness. The demarcations between matter and consciousness are largely a self-limiting concept according to them. By working with our own mitochondrial micro-wormholes, we can more consciously bridge dimensions as they express themselves in our bodies.

Finally, according to the Hathors, holding an awareness of these mitochondrial wormholes while residing in a state of appreciation or gratitude will greatly amplify their energetic effects.

The Quandary of the Heart

I often find myself in the midst of many conflicting emotional states during the course of a day, or even in the passing of an hour…sometimes within minutes to be honest.

One minute I can be surfing the waves of cosmic energy with a detached amusement and at times, even bliss. The next moment I can be falling head over heals into the “waves” of self-created emotional turmoil.

I have noticed that my emotional “wipeouts” occur when I have lost my center, and it has become crystal clear to me that it is not so much what happens around me as it is my reaction to what I “think” is happening that determines my emotional state.

The point that the Hathors make regarding the increasingly toxic nature of our planetary emotional atmosphere is right on in my opinion. Their simple recommendation for cultivating an emotional antidote to this collective toxicity by taking time to appreciate the small things in life is disarmingly effective. I have tested this suggestion on numerous occasions, and I can honestly say that it works exceedingly well.

The Heart Chakra Sound Meditation

The heart chakra sound meditation that they refer to is posted in the Sound Gifts section of the website (

When you click on any of the sound links below, you will be taken to the Listening Agreement in the Sound Gifts section of the website ( After you read and click on the Agreement, you will have access to all the free audio files in the Sound Gifts section. By the way, I have added three new lecture excerpts to the Sound Gifts section including one titled My First Experience With the Hathors.

The meditation the Hathors refer to in this message is titled Heart Chakra Sound Meditation: A Shamanic Hathor Sound Exploration. There are some listening suggestions in the main body of the text, and at the end of that copy there is a link to the audio file, which you can listen to and/or download.

For those of you who have been following the Hathor Planetary Messages for some time, this sound meditation is energetically quite different from the Heart Dimensional Attunement, which they gave in a previous message (see Sound Gifts). That Heart Attunement was created to “attune” the Heart to future possibilities and timelines.

However, this particular Heart Chakra Sound Meditation was created to bring into conscious awareness patterns of emotional response that you hold within your own heart. From this perspective, emotional freedom arises out of clarity, not denial. Thus the first part of this sound meditation is quite catalytic in that it vibrates and rotates locked energy patterns within your heart chakra. For some people this phase can be a little like breaking through armament while for others it can be a fairly gentle process of letting go. The last phase of the sound meditation imparts calming, healing and restorative energies to the newly cleansed heart. I personally find this sound meditation to be a helpful ally, and I listen to it on a somewhat regular basis especially when I feel emotionally overwhelmed or blocked.

If you have the time and the inclination to explore your heart chakra more deeply, you might experiment with listening to this sound meditation two or three times in the same listening session. I have personally found that listening to it a second or third time in succession often reveals deeper levels of insight and, at times, deeper levels of healing as well.

According to my Hathor mentors, it is not generally a good idea to listen to the two meditations (the Heart Chakra Sound Meditation and the Heart Dimensional Attunement) in back-to-back listening sessions unless you are prepared to deal with major emotional and energetic phenomena.

Links to the previous Hathor messages mentioned in this posting are also noted below. If you are reading this online you can just click on the link. If you were forwarded this message or you are reading it in some other format, you can find the Hathor Postings in the Hathor Archives of the website ( The audio files are on the web site under the Sound Gifts section.

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2012 Earth changes

April 10th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, according to many sources, including yours, 2012 is supposed to be the year that will bring major changes in life as we know it on Earth. We’re approaching the end of the first quarter of the year and I personally didn’t notice any major change or shift in the way we’re living, nor any of those major natural events or upheavals that were forecasted for this year. Could you please explain what is going on right now on planet Earth? When are the first noticeable and major events supposed to happen? ~Riccardo, Italy

ANSWER: Changes are occurring all over the planet, you have just become used to them since they started a decade ago and are just intensifying. These variations we are referring to are in climate as well as finance and areas of conflict. Take a look at the weather in your country and elsewhere. Unseasonal bouts of heat, cold, wet and dry weather are everywhere.

The financial economy is in a shambles. Governments are going bankrupt, banks are failing, gold and mineral values are going up and down the scale. Oil prices are being used to hold countries hostage. This is more prevalent than it has ever been. There is talk of the European Union feeling some fractures in its structure. More conflicts are ongoing than ever dotted the planet before. High officials who used to consider themselves untouchable are being ousted, arrested, and held accountable for their actions.

On the weather side alone, mysterious booms are being heard from within, on, and under the surface of the Earth as things shift. Tornados and hurricanes are popping up where they have never appeared before. In the United States, the northern areas have experienced temperatures warmer than the southern areas. Unseasonably warm weather in the east has been offset by continued dumping of large quantities of snow on the west. Parts of Europe not known for much snow have been buried this year. New temperature records for high and low readings are springing up in Australia, South America, Europe, and the U.S.

If you are looking for an “event” that will be reported worldwide like a volcano going off, an infestation of locusts, a tsunami washing away a coastline, or an economy bottoming out, just hold on—they are out there.

Where are the memories?

April 10th, 2012

QUESTION: In a hypnotic regression, when do all the past lives that are being called up appear and link through the heart or through the mind? Is a person’s soul or subconscious in the heart? When a person follows the heart to pursue a passion like an interest or hobby that passion may be overdone and it becomes a pain or a hurt to the finances. Then if a person needs to use the heart to make a good decision, won’t that be congesting the truth in knowing a life lesson? Which then is the truth? ~Larry, Singapore

ANSWER: The human body is the speaker system for the soul’s memories to come into consciousness. They are not contained in any part of the body. They are energy and can be accessed by intention. It is the mind or head that frequently tells what is happening or has happened to a person in other physical situations. It is the heart or emotional system that allows the person to feel the effect an event created.

Ideas, thoughts, and the recording of historical events are not physical; they are energetic. Energy may be contained within a closed system, but most of the energy of the universe is free-flowing and available at any time to anyone who knows where to look. People have an unconscious connection to everything that was previously experienced by their soul. They merely “call up” the records and they may re-experience the happening with their heart, mind, and body if they either are open to it or, as you mention, have a past-life regression.

The soul is everywhere. It is not contained. It is needed to activate the human body, but some portion of soul energy remains with Source at Home, and some wanders seeking new experiences. The soul does not dictate what the body does. If a person overdoes a hobby, obsession, or interest, it is part of a life lesson that deals with restraint and discipline.

Life lessons are recognized by dealing with fears and doubts. Frequently the heart is needed to begin the process because the mind is unable to face that which it fears. The heart must answer the question “why do I feel this way?” The truth is what each person accepts as reality. There is no one absolute truth shared by all.

Religions and women

April 10th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about religion. All three of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, very clearly advocate the persecution of women, the idea that sex is evil, and the subsequent loss of feminine values. In my study of religion, I have struggled to find the origin and motivation behind this doctrine, apart from the obvious militarization of these three societies. I do know that this was not a part of the Pagan religions that preceded them. How far back does this go and who dreamed up this destructive idea? ~Jamie, USA

ANSWER: Control, control, control—that is the motivation behind the rules and regulations of any organization, whether it be religious or militaristic. Women are feared by the Abrahamic religions, whose writings are replete with sayings that the man is the one to be obeyed at all cost. The writings all originated from men and kept women ignorant of anything but what the men, particularly the religion’s leaders, proclaimed to be the women’s duty.

All these religions are monotheistic: one divinity, a man. Women were not worthy of anything but to produce more men to rule. Women were not allowed to learn to read and write. Only men from ruling families or high religious leaders were literate. They had a dynasty they wished to maintain, so they proclaimed rules that mirrored what they desired.

Corporations and governments do the same thing when they begin their existence. They restrict what a sex, nationality, or body type can be given permission to accomplish. In many countries women, or those not born in that country, even if they have lived there their entire life, are not allowed to participate in elections or hold government offices.

Pagan religions honored all life and nature. The planet is considered to be more feminine in nature because it nurtures and comforts those upon its surface. Women recognized this energy and were generally the ones who set about honoring the Mother. Because of their concern that all the children of the Earth would be taken care of, there was no need for control—just thanksgiving.

Religions of any type are simply belief systems. The soul has total freedom of choice in how to live its life. Take every belief currently in your life, examine it carefully, and see if you want it to remain as part of your identity. If not, thank it for the experiences it has allowed you, and send it on its way.

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Thought Fields - Group Of Forty

March 3, 2012 GOF Lecture
Thought Fields 

Copyright © 2012 David K. Miller
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Thought fields are an important aspect in understanding the dimensions, in understanding the relationship between dimensions and also in understanding your soul and your soul history. The thought field is like other fields which are present in the third dimension. For example, you have electromagnetic fields; you have gravitational fields and you even have quantum energy fields. The fields in these instances are interacting with each other. You have all seen the demonstration of how magnets interact with each other. There are many other examples in the physical world of the field energies that exist in the third dimension.


Perhaps you have not considered that thought and the process of your thinking also creates a field. Your thoughts create a field just like the electromagnetic energies create fields. The fields of thought have similar properties to the electromagnetic fields. In fact, the thought fields also have similarities to the quantum energy fields.


I think it is helpful to begin the discussion of thought fields by discussing incarnations and discussing eras that you incarnate into. A good example would be the era known as the Renaissance when there was great openness to new ideas, and new discoveries were being made, and the arts and the sciences were beginning to flourish. New discoveries were being made. This era was destined. This era had an electromagnetic force and had a thought field force. Souls who are progressive souls, souls who were inventors and souls who were great thinkers, became attracted to the energy of that era. Therefore, many of them congregated and began to incarnate at that time. You can say that the thought field of an era is so strong that souls who are attracted to the field will begin to incarnate in order to experience that field of light, the field of energy, that in this example, was known as the Renaissance.


This idea has a significance for this era that you are now in because this era is an era of ascension. This era also includes the energy of the 2012 force field. There is a 2012 field of light. There is a 2012 field of energy that exists now in the third dimension in the Earth. You and others have become attracted and incarnated in order to experience this field of energy.


Every era has a unique field of energy and a field of thought. Your soul is attracted and decided to come at this time to be here. One of the factors in that decision was focusing on experiencing this energy and light of ascension. Why do people incarnate? Each incarnation provides different possibilities for specific soul advancement that can be experienced and that can be digested in the third dimension. That is to say that each era can provide possibilities that exist in the third dimension that will help the soul evolve.


You might think that being in the higher dimensions would mean that there is no need to come to this dimension. From your perspective, the dimensions are on a hierarchy, one being more advanced than the other. From the other perspective that we have, each dimension has an advantage in experience and has certain gifts and certain lessons that can be learned and experienced. This means that the thought fields that exist on this planet now offer the ability for soul evolution, and that you have decided to come here to experience that.


One advantage of the third dimension is the ability to resonate and interact with the thought field of this time. Your thought field is an energy and a pattern that you take with you when you leave this planet. Your thought field becomes part of the imprints on your soul and becomes part of the imprints on your astral body when you leave this planet. That is a good thing. There are certain patterns contained in the thought fields that you can experience in the third dimension that are precious. There are patterns in the thought fields on the third dimension that will help you to ascend. There are thought fields in the third dimension that you can experience that will assist you in your soul evolution. This means that what you are experiencing on the third dimension is a part of your soul evolution. This means that there are important energy fields here that you are attracted to.


Another aspect of the thought fields has to do with the soul families. People are always asking about their soul family. They always want to know where their soul mate is. I think that when we talk about thought field energy, then we are able to understand that soul families have certain common thought fields and thought patterns. These common thought fields and these thought patterns are attracting each other. They are attracting each other just like magnets. You are attracted to those souls that are sharing a thought field force energy similar to what you have. Sometimes there are souls who have a stronger thought field. You become attracted to those people so that you can increase and expand your own thought field.


Think of the soul family as sharing in common thought fields. Also look at the idea that you can use your thought field as an antenna. The thought field is a pattern of thoughts that create a field. It is a field that has properties similar to electromagnetism. It is similar to radio waves. Radio waves are an electromagnetic force, and the signals from radio waves can be transmitted over great distances in the planet. There are certain properties which assist the radio waves in traveling fast or greater distances. This has to do with the amplification of the signal, and it has to do with the type of antenna and also the time of the day or night when the signal is transmitted.


Those propagation properties also exist in your thought fields. You can transmit your thought waves. You can transmit your thought field. The transmission of the thought field is also dependent on the amplification of the signal, the type of antenna that you are using and the time you are transmitting. There is an etheric antenna on top of your Crown Chakra. You are able to transmit thought waves from your thought field over and through the etheric antenna that is in the Crown Chakra. Some people are also able to transmit energy in their thought field through their Third Eye. The Third Eye is also a great receiver of thought energy from thought fields. We know that the brain, the mind, is the holder and creator of the thought force field. We know that the thought force field can both receive and transmit energy.


Thought field communication also includes the transmission of healing energy. It is possible to transmit healing thoughts and healing energies through your mind. This is also known as remote healing. You can transmit signals of reaching out to others, for example. Maybe you want to call out to your other starseed brothers and sisters. Maybe you want to send out a calling to the other Arcturian starseeds that are in your area.


Yes, you can go on the internet, or you can put an advertisement in the newspaper. These are other third-dimensional ways of letting other starseeds know that you are here. You can also use the etheric method I just described. You can use your etheric antenna from your Crown Chakra, or you can use your etheric antenna from your Third Eye, and you can transmit a calling to the starseeds that are in your area, and you can ask them to contact you. The spiritual energy in the thought fields is so interesting and so beautiful because the thought field force field can arrange, through the laws of attraction, a meeting.


This technique is also similar when you are talking about meeting your soul mate or somebody from your soul tree or your soul family. You can also send out this calling. Please remember that the timing on the third dimension is not always the same as on the fifth dimension. Don't always expect that the answer will come instantaneously. In some cases it will; in some cases it won't. There are time patterns and spaces that are part of the third dimension that do not exist in this higher dimension.


In the fifth dimension we do not have space like you have space. We do not have time in the same way that you have time. Please remember that when you are sending out a calling from your thought force field the manifestation may take longer than you would want. I also can tell you that as you become more developed and as you become closer to your ascended mastery, then you will learn ways of accelerating the thought fields so that what you are trying to manifest will manifest quicker.


I will go over just some of the ways to do that. One of the ways to improve the speed of manifestation has to do with using the Omega Light and the Omega Energy. The Omega Energy and Omega Light is a fifth-dimensional light that has quantum healing properties. We define quantum as an energy force and even an energy field that transcends cause-and-effect and that transcends the third dimension and the rules and laws of the third dimension.


We use the quantum energy to accelerate the thought fields. An excellent example of that is in using affirmations. Everyone knows and has studied by now the laws of affirmation on the third dimension. From a third-dimensional perspective, there are people such as Dale Carnegie who advocate the repetition of certain thoughts in order to change one's attitudes and change one's position in life. A good example is when you want to be rich. Most people want to be rich. In using this technique you can repeat the affirmation over and over again that you will become rich, and it is the belief in this approach in the third dimension that eventually this affirmation will happen.


I know there are many people who repeat these affirmations and they do not get rich. There are many people who repeat other affirmations and don't have the immediate effect.


The idea in the quantum light and the quantum healing is to use the affirmations and also to have the affirmation interact with the thought field energy from the quantum light. The interaction of the quantum light with your own thought becomes powerful. You are then able to merge the thought with the quantum energy in your subconscious, where your thought field energy will assist and maximize the power so that what you are asking for will manifest.


Remember that your thought fields also include your subconscious, your unconscious and your superconscious. People make the mistake of thinking that the thought field only is in the conscious mind. Actually, the thought field is in those other areas I mentioned - the subconscious, the unconscious and the superconscious. That means that when you want to work with the Omega Light and you want to work with affirmations, you will need to work with all three of those levels. It is also extremely important to understand how your thought field includes the subconscious and what the effects of your thoughts are particularly on the subconscious. Another way of saying this is that your subconscious also affects your thought field. I want to point out that the thought fields exist in you individually. The thought fields also exist in your family. The family has a certain thought field that you might be attracted to. Or you may expand and want to reject the thought field of your family.


Your country has a thought field, and it relates to why you were manifested or why you incarnated into your country. The human race, the human species that we call the Adam species, has a thought field also. The thought field of the species also includes the collective subconscious. I know you may have heard of the collective unconscious, but there is also the collective subconscious.


What is important to understand is the relationship between the subconscious and the thought field. The subconscious responds almost like Pavlov's dog. There is a stimulus and there is a response. There is an input and then there is an output. That is something that we have been interested in studying. That is, how the subconscious of the species is affecting the actions. You see how the subconscious works in particular among the animal world. The animals are living in nature, and they are responding without any intervention of consciousness. Right now on the Earth the programmed subconscious energy that has accumulated over the many centuries is still the determining factor in the overall actions and functions of humanity. You see this repeatedly because of the duality, because of the violence, because of the domination, because of all the things that attract duality and polarization in the third dimension. All of Man's actions that manifest are contained in the universal collective subconscious.


Many of the programs in the universal subconscious are not advantageous for humanity now because humanity is in a crisis on this planet. Humanity must learn to transcend the more primitive thought field patterns that are contained in the subconscious.


You are able to transcend your subconscious. You are able to participate in a more advanced, more evolved thought field, thought force energy. We, the Arcturians, are working to assist in creating a thought field of higher energy. We are working to create the necessary tools so that you can experience an expanded thought field force. This is one of the main reasons why you came to this planet. You came to this planet because you wanted to help create a thought field force energy of higher light and the fifth dimension.


Another way to accelerate manifestation using the thought field principles is using sacred energy and going into sacred areas. It is well known that going into sacred areas and thinking and repeating sacred thoughts and repeating affirmations in those sacred areas carries a power that accelerates manifestation. You can transmit energy from your thought field more effectively from the sacred areas.


You might have an experience of going to a vortex or going to a sacred area and then having a particular thought. Later you could find that that thought would manifest rather quickly. You have used one of the principles of thought field technology which is: in order to improve the effectiveness of your affirmation or request, then focus on going to a powerful place in order to use that energy to accelerate your thought field. Also it could be true that if you wanted to attract certain people, then it would be helpful for you to go to the powerful place and use that sacred energy to transmit the energy for that request.


The other factor in thought field work for manifesting is time. Remember, the effectiveness of normal electromagnetic energy and radio waves is also dependent on time (such as time of day, or time of year). There are different conditions in the ionosphere relating to the transmission of certain signals which affect the transmission of radio waves. This is intriguing because that there are certain types of energy and certain types of thoughts that you can transmit and you can work with at certain times of the day or certain times of the year. This may sound complicated, but it is very intuitive. For example, you know that the springtime is a time of renewal. You know that the wintertime is the time of maybe being more withdrawn. The summertime is the time of more activity. This is a simplified way of reviewing energy transmissions. It is more complicated because there are different aspects to consider when speaking of time. For example, there are seasons; there are different months; there are different phases of the Moon; there are different planetary alignments. So, for example, at this time (March 2012), you would find that Mercury, Venus and Jupiter have a particular alignment with the Moon. This is an indication of also a power of manifestation and a power organization. Mars is also part of this alignment. You know there are also times, for example, in the Summer and Winter Solstices that are powerful. We have worked with you continually on different numerical times, such as 11-11, 10-10, 9-9, 8-8, and now we will be working with you on 12-12-12. These again are examples of times when there are particular energies that make your thought field stronger.


The idea of the Ascension can and will occur when there is the proper alignment with the cosmos and with your thought fields.


We have established the etheric crystals. The idea of the etheric crystals is also to enhance the thought fields on the third dimension. We want to make the thought fields in the third dimension attract our thought fields on the fifth dimension. This is one of the keys of our mission, that is, to create a thought field force that can be transmitted and can be experienced by you on the third dimension. In order to do that there must be certain magnetic energy fields in place that will bring down our energy and light. We have established those attractor forces through the 12 etheric crystals, through the Planetary Cities of Light and through the Ladders of Ascension. These are all newer force fields that have been established particularly to work with the thought force field energy.


On a planetary level we are working with you to create and strengthen the thought force field light and energy of the Ascension. We are also working with you to create an attraction to the fifth dimension. Connecting with the fifth dimension will create a transformation through a higher consciousness and help provide humanity with a higher state of evolution. One powerful way of increasing the thought field is through group interaction with starseeds. When you look at the planet in general, then you can easily say that lower thought fields are now in existence on this planet. These lower thought fields are strong and so powerful. These older thought fields are still filled with older masculine energy. This masculine energy has to do with domination, control, aggression and polarities.


The thought fields of higher energy from the lightworkers are strong enough to counterbalance the older type of thinking. Some may think that the planet is doomed if the older thought field patterns persist. That would be the simple conclusion. This type of thinking, that the planet is doomed, contributes to the older thought field and creates an attractive force that is not healthy.


This is a free will zone. That means that you have the power to work with any thought form and any thought field you want. You can gather and work with those beings and those people and those friends who you are attracted to. You can work with the energy of ascension, and you can work with creating sacred spaces, and you can work with holding the light for new thought field energy. You will be able to accelerate and use this thought field light in your evolution and in your astral work and in your ascension.


You will be able to take this thought field energy with you when you leave the planet. We are talking about your soul travel. We are talking about your soul evolution. The work towards your thought field that you are doing now is going to go with you. You are going to take it with you. The progress and the evolution and the newer higher attractive forces that you are creating will stay with you. They will be imprinted with you. They will be assisting you in your soul evolution. Try to look at the thought field energy work from this perspective. The soul works on principles that transcend normal logic.


There is this attractive interactive force of thought that create the fields. I want to speak also about the quantum field because we are now in an era of quantum light and quantum energy. We are now in an era where mankind is open to the thought fields of quantum interaction. Most people are not able to understand the quantum energy. Earth scientists are not able to adequately describe quantum energy and the laws of it when they look at the physics. But, the laws of the quantum energy are easier to discuss when we are talking about the thought fields.


Basically, when I am talking about using quantum force fields in the thought field, I am referring to a certain method and a certain principle. It goes something like this: visualize and conceive of your thoughts as creating a field of light, a field of fifth-dimensional light and see the thoughts as having a magnetic quality. You can even look at your thoughts as sentences that are existing on screens above your Third Eye. You can also visualize that the thoughts are existing in your aura. The thoughts you are visualizing are higher thoughts. You want to put the high thoughts in there. One higher thought, for example, is: "I am an electromagnetic being of attractive light and electromagnetic force. I am working with the ascension energy."


In the quantum thought field energy, you have a foundation of certain thought energy. That thought energy has a field. The thought field from a logical standpoint may not be strong enough or may not be able to produce the effect. You might think that you would need 10,000 thoughts or maybe 10,000 people to think a thought in order to have an effect. But, in the quantum thought field, you work with the field and send quantum light into the field and then think "quantum." Remember one of the powerful tones for accelerating thought fields is the word "Omega Light." The Omega Light is a fifth-dimensional quantum light. When that light is brought into a thought field, it is makes the thought so powerful that it can transcend the normal logic and cause-and-effect. Therefore, your thought field can make things manifest more quickly. Use the field of thought to attract an energy. Then you can add as one of your ingredients the light of quantum thinking and quantum healing. Quantum healing and quantum thinking can magically help create a manifestation of higher intention and higher healing on the third dimension.


Using quantum light can work for you personally, and it also can work on a planetary basis. On a planetary basis, we can say that we will use the same principles, but we will have to really accelerate and amplify the thoughts. In order to amplify healing thoughts for the planet, we need to have participation of the people who can connect with the etheric crystals. We may want to have people who are meditating strongly send out a light from the etheric crystals. People can use the quantum light and the Omega Light in their planetary healing thoughts. They can send the quantum Omega Light into their thoughts, and that would help to accelerate and make the thought field more powerful and more influential so that greater planetary healing can manifest.


Here is an exercise now to work with a thought in your thought field. Create an affirmation that is especially important for you personally. Try to find an affirmation that is going to help you in attracting the energies that you want for yourself. It could be the energies of health. It could be the energies of abundance. Remember, when you ask for something to come to you, always say that as long as what you are asking for is in your highest good. You don't want to attract something that is not in your highest good.


We have created a powerful thought field in this lecture that is supporting a thought field among all of us. Our energy is connected. Whatever you are thinking in this experiment is going to be benefitted by everyone else who is thinking the same thing. They don't have to think the same thought as you do, but you are sharing the thought field energy of everyone that is participating in this lecture. There may be over 100 people participating in this lecture


Think that affirmative thought that you want to use to attract certain energies or bring people to you now. I will now bring down the quantum light known as the Omega Light to each of your thoughts. (Sings OOOMEEEGA LIIIIGHT.) Let the quantum light of the Omega Light reach your thought field, accelerating the attractive force of your thoughts so that they manifest.


So, rest assured that this exercise will help to attract your statements and wishes in your affirmation. We will go into a meditation now briefly for you to hold this Omega Light with your thoughts.


We are working with you to create a new thought field for the entire planet. Part of that thought field is contained in the etheric crystals and in the Ladders of Ascension and in the Planetary Cities of Light. This has already significantly created a force of energy. Certain things have already manifested on this planet. Some of you have already experienced the power of this manifestation. Some of you have already experienced this power of manifestation and seen this in your Planetary Cities of Light work. Let the Omega Light that we are now working with be activating the Planetary Cities of Light so that they can become stronger holders of this thought force field energy. Let the Omega Light that we are working with activate those cities even stronger that are holding the Ladders of Ascension. Let the Omega Light work specifically with the 12 etheric crystals. Let those etheric crystals become strongly activated to additionally create a new force field, a stronger force field of ascension energies, of transformational energies, of evolutionary energies for the entire planet.


Finally, let us recognize the beautiful Arcturian Temple that is now in existence in Santa Fe. Let us recognize the mobile Arcturian Temple that is in South America. Those two projects, those 12 etheric crystals and the Arcturian Temple that was built in Santa Fe are also contributing strongly to the power of the thought force field of us, the Arcturians. We, the Arcturians, are helping you to transform this planet. The thought force field energies that we are working with together are affecting the fields of the whole Earth. We will be working specifically in helping you to understand the thought field light and energy that is working in biorelativity. In biorelativity, you begin to interact with the thought field energy of the Earth.


The thought field energy of the Earth may not be expressed in words. It may also be visualized as certain waves. You have to understand that your thought fields also are not in words. You may phrase your thoughts in words, but words are a description of a thought experience. We know that the basic energy of a thought is in a wave. It is like when you are talking about quantum physics and light. You can ask the question: is the photon in light a wave or a particle? If you say that the light photon is a particle, that is like saying the thoughts are words and sentences. But if you say, no, the photon is a wave, then suddenly you are going to experience things differently. Thoughts are both waves and thoughts are words. We want to move you to the point of the thinking that higher thought frequencies are waves. Thought waves can travel far distances. Thought waves emanating from your thought field are powerful and can travel quite far.


I, Juliano, say let each one of your thought fields now strengthen so that you have a great ability to emit strong thought waves - thought waves in your personal life and thought waves for the planet.


Use the Omega Light to strengthen your thought field. Remember, much of what you are seeing on the planet now, and I am referring to the violence, the destruction, is caused by a breakdown in the thought fields. When you see somebody act violently or when you see somebody act irrationally, then you can know that their thought field has broken down and become disorganized.


You, the starseeds, you who are the seekers of the Ascension Light, are able now to strengthen and hold in a unified way your thought field so that it will continue to attract fifth-dimensional energy. You will continue to radiate and emanate fifth-dimensional energy. You will learn continually new techniques for amplifying your thought fields. I am Juliano. Good day!


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The Sacred Triangle

February 11, 2012 GOF Lecture
The Sacred Triangle 

Copyright © 2012 David K. Miller
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We want to explore in greater depth the concept of the Sacred Triangle. The Sacred Triangle is a paradigm that is representative of a unity. The Sacred Triangle is representative of a unity of consciousness that comes from three separate forces. These are forces that, when united, become powerful beyond each individual separate force.


In quantum thinking, the sum total of the unity is greater than each individual part. When we look at the Earth situation, we can say that one force alone does not seem to provide the strength or energy to implement and activate the new balance and new healing that is necessary for bringing this planet into the fifth dimension.


I can look at each side of the Sacred Triangle and say that that side alone is not strong enough or does not have the capability by itself to implement this new balance. If we can find a way through this project to unify and teach the energy of the Sacred Triangle, then we can accomplish and influence the Earth in a far greater way than anyone could imagine.


To begin this analysis of this new paradigm, I want to look at each side of the triangle. I want to discuss each side, and then I want to see how each side can become stronger when it is unified with the other two sides. Then I want to talk about how the teachings of the Sacred Triangle can be transmitted throughout the world and how that teaching will be able to influence people to act. In fact, the biggest challenge in this project is to activate as many starseeds as possible. Activation means that there are people who are waiting to do their planetary healing work, but for a variety of reasons, do not have the energy or the knowledge of what to do.


When they, that is, these people who are not awakened yet, hear about the Sacred Triangle, then this will activate them to act. One of the goals of the project is to awaken the starseeds. Not all of the starseeds on this planet are awakened. This is especially true of the age group between 20 and 25. There are many starseeds in that age group who are just waiting for their instructions and waiting for their information and waiting for the correct stimulation to open their minds and their thoughts and their energy fields to this teaching and to the fifth dimension.


The activation for these young starseeds is similar to the concept of activation for the fifth dimension. We know that there are Codes of Ascension, and that these Codes of Ascension help to unlock the inner workings of the mind and the greater mind and the greater superconscious so that each of you will have the necessary tools and knowledge to work towards your ascension.


There are also activation codes for awakening the starseeds to this work and to the fifth dimension. Many of the codes and the stimulation are present in the teachings of the Sacred Triangle.


Let us now look at the first side which we have figuratively represented by the beautiful face of Jesus/Sananda, whom I will now refer to as Sananda. The idea of this side of the Sacred Triangle is representative of the higher teachings from the religions on this planet. Each religion has been based on a revelation or a direct contact with the fifth dimension. Each prophet that has come to this planet has found and experienced a unique intervention, a unique direct experience with the fifth dimension. That has given each of them a knowledge base and tools for assisting others in the sacred work of ascension. Each religious experience, from this side of the Sacred Triangle, eventually is focusing on the ascension to the fifth dimension.


People are making the distinction between the revelation and the higher spiritual energy that these prophets experienced versus the structures that developed after their revelation. Often, structures developed by their followers attempted to create a process that would allow others to experience the same revelation - the revelation or the spiritual energy that was the primary experience. Then there was the structural part that followed. This structural part sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't work. The structural part sometimes created great unity and great brotherhood, and in other times, the structural part created divisions and were used for political purposes.


When we, the Arcturians, are looking at this side of the Sacred Triangle, we are not looking at the structures that followed. Rather, we are looking at what we call the mystical interpretations. The mystical interpretations represent, as close as possible, the direct revelation experience that each of the prophets had. There have been many different revelations on the Earth and throughout the Earth's history which lead to the fifth dimension. The beauty is that each time period often has a different perspective on how or what is the best way to reach and experience the fifth dimension.


We, the Arcturians, are also noting that each planet that we have visited also has a different perspective on spirituality. One perspective is not better than the other. One revelation is not better than the other. Each revelation, each direct mystical contact, carries a unique perceptual experience. Because of its uniqueness, direct revelations have a universal appeal. We say that the mystical sides of each of these prophetic experiences are centrally united and are important to use as tools and keys for accessing the fifth dimension. They are also important for using these revelation experiences to provide links to the two other sides of the Sacred Triangle.


There are many religions, and we cannot list all of the religions on this planet. I can only say that this planet is unique, and one of the uniqueness things about the Earth is the number of religions. Most of our visitations to other inhabited planets have shown us that most of these planets do not have the numerous religions that the Earth does. Most of the other planets do not have the different revelation experiences and the different prophetic experiences.


On the other hand, the Earth is a free will zone. The free will is expressed in many different aspects including the ethical, the actions, behaviors and also in the mystical and religious choices. It is natural to assume that because the Earth is a free will zone, then there are many different choices and many different perspectives for the revelation and prophetic experience that lead to the fifth-dimensional portals.


This side of the Sacred Triangle has to do with this prophetic experience and the mystical experience. We believe that the prophetic experience that links people to the fifth dimension is available now. It is available in 2012. In fact, one of the powers of the energies of 2012 is the fact that there is more prophetic energy available. The prophetic energy that comes to different time periods is linked to the energies of each particular century. For example, you know that there was a period in your European history known as the Dark Ages. There were generally not many, if any, revelation prophetic experiences in Europe at that time. There may have been some. The Dark Ages is not known, obviously, as a time of great mystical light or prophetic light.


2012 is going to be and already has become a time and a period in which prophetic energies and links to the portals of the fifth dimension are becoming plentiful. This is a powerful mystical time. I know that there are other teachings that say that the prophetic powers have stopped and that those prophetic powers were only available to Man during a certain time period. However, you are living in a high-vibrational active period where unique energies are now available - unique energies which will help many of you have greater prophetic, or mystical, experiences. We are defining prophetic experiences as the ability to link and to directly experience the fifth dimension. As great as all of this energy is from this side of the Sacred Triangle, we still have to note that there are many limitations. This side of the Sacred Triangle by itself is not strong enough to provide the healing and the balance for the Earth that is necessary.


Many people may find this a controversial statement. Many people who are into their religious , spiritual and mystical energy may think that this energy and this practice is strong enough to create the new balance and the new light that is necessary to bring the Earth into the fifth dimension. The fact is, from our observations, that this side of the Sacred Triangle has some serious limitations. For example, the idea of the Earth, and the place of the Earth in the galaxy, usually is not mentioned. The second thing is that this side of the Sacred Triangle, which is focusing on mystical and spiritual light, does not provide a strong basis for implementation of any actions towards protecting the Earth.


We have not found that any of the major religions, which are involved even in the mystical sides, have programs or plans in place to create a new balance on the Earth. In fact, most of the religions and most of the spiritual energies that are on this side of the Sacred Triangle don't even talk about the Earth as a spiritual being. The concept of the Earth as a spiritual being is really found more directly in the Native teachings. Because of this limitation, this side of the Sacred Triangle by itself is not strong enough to implement directly by itself the energy necessary to link this planet directly to the fifth dimension.


Let us look at the Native Peoples and the Native energies. One of the great strengths of the Native energies has been that they, the Native Peoples, have developed a close relationship with Earth. We are particularly linking ourselves through this channel to the Native Americans who are living in North America. There are many other Native Peoples throughout the world in different areas. We are not saying that one is better than the other, but we will just say that there are certain tribes in North America and also in Mexico, such as the Mayans, who have direct experiences with the Star Family.


These Native Peoples throughout the world, and in particular in the North American area, have a direct experience with the spiritual energy of the Earth. They speak of the spiritual energy of the Earth. They speak of the spirit of the Earth. They refer to the Earth as their Mother, and they are often seeking to find a way of being in harmony and balance with the Earth. Also, the Native Peoples don't separate their spiritual energy or their religion from the Earth. In fact they link it all together in a unity. Unlike the European or Western mind, the Native thinking does not separate their spiritual work and their religious work from their Earth life. That is because they are always living with the Earth. They are always breathing with the Earth. They are linking themselves with the Earth. They have a profound connection to the Earth.


This is beautiful and we acknowledge their connection to the Earth. We always like to point out one of the greatest truths in the Ascension. This truth is that the Earth is the basis for your ascension. This is a rather complex statement because so many of you are anxious to leave the Earth. So many of you are tired of experiencing the many different energies of the Earth. Yet, the truth is that when you are connected to the Earth more deeply, then you can have a greater foundation for your ascension.


I am aware of the feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood energies among the Native Peoples. The White Brotherhood and Sisterhood is a group of fifth-dimensional Ascended Masters and is directly connected to the energies of the mystical religions of the world. I also want to point out that the Native teachers also have fifth-dimensional masters. We should also acknowledge that the Native teachers, such as Chief White Eagle, have their fifth-dimensional Ascended Masters that are working with this planet.


One of the unique aspects of this side of the Sacred Triangle is that the Native Peoples feel a commitment to the Earth. Their commitment is so strong. Their commitment to the Ascension is especially evident when we speak of the Ascension. For most starseeds, there is a great desire to leave this Earth and ascend to the fifth dimension. Some of the starseeds don't want to come back to the Earth. Only a few of the starseeds say that they want to come back to the Earth. Many of the teachings that we, the Arcturians, have given are focused on this point. We are recommending that you not make the decision about whether you are going to come back to the Earth until after you ascend.


The unique energy of the Ascension does offer you the opportunity to return to the Earth as an Ascended Master. At the same time, some of you have soul missions that are directly related to other planets. Some of your soul energies and work on the Earth are a going to be finished when you ascend. You will be finished with the Earth. You are going to graduate from the Earth. You will not have all of the information about your soul and where you are supposed to go until you ascend. Do not make your decision about where you are going to go after the Ascension until you ascend.


Native Peoples often have made a strong commitment to the Earth. Many of them as a group will agree to return to the Earth. Remember as I explained, their whole spiritual practices are tied into the Earth. They are guardians over many of the Earth's energies. But, unfortunately, their energies and their strengths are limited. They have not been able to establish international links and provide the power to implement the change around the Earth. In fact, the 20th century, the 19th century and even the 18th century have been periods in which these Native Peoples have lost their ability to direct the Earth and to direct the teachings so that the Earth can be protected. The powers that have come to dominate this planet can be referred to as the Western civilization. The approach of that civilization is focused on using the Earth for capitalism and business. Many of those practices for capitalism have all been in direct conflict with the beautiful spiritual teachings of the Native Peoples.


Native Peoples have not been able to develop the power to hold their sacred land. They have not been able to develop the power to hold their sacred teachings. They have not been able to develop the power to protect the sacred corridors. They now need to unify. They need to unite with the other sides of the Sacred Triangle. Their power and their connection to the Earth are unique and their power and connection to the Earth need to be taught and needs to be spoken about.


The third power of the Sacred Triangle is the galactic forces. I, Juliano, am representative of the galactic energies. Actually, we link Sananda to the galactic energies because the name Sananda is representative of his galactic energies. We know that Sananda has visited many other planets. The Earth is not his sole planetary mission. The galactic energies are important, necessary and are key for rebalancing the Earth.


Let us look at what it means to be a galactic teacher. What does the galactic energy have to teach mankind? The galactic masters and teachers on our level are fifth dimensional. There are other planets in this galaxy that have ascended and gone into the fifth dimension. When a planet goes into the fifth dimension, that planet loses, or shall we say, drops off its third-dimensional coat. This is similar to you. When you ascend, you take off your body. Not only do you take off your body, but you also take off part of your astral body which is connected to reincarnation on this planet. There is an astral body, an astral etheric level in your aura that is connected and links you to reincarnation on this Earth. When you ascend to the fifth dimension, you take off that coat as well.


The Pleiades is an example of a planet that ascended to the fifth dimension. Arcturus is an example of a planet that ascended to the fifth dimension. Each of these two planets contains or possesses many Ascended Masters. These Ascended Masters are actually on the level of the Archangel energies that are also connected with the first side of the Sacred Triangle which we link to the White Brotherhood, White Sisterhood.


The galactic energies are linked to a group of Ascended Masters called the Galactic Council, which is overseeing the spiritual development of planets in this galaxy. That is to say that there are many spiritual energies in this galaxy. There are also other third-dimensional planets in this galaxy. There are other third-dimensional planets that are somewhat similar to the Earth. Not all of the planets come to the evolutionary point that the Earth is coming to.


There are different levels of evolutionary planetary development. We travel around the galaxy. We have seen other planets that are in the same phase of planetary development as the Earth. One of the teachings and one of the perspectives of the galactic energy is to acknowledge these facts: 1) there are other planets that have life forms just like the Earth; 2) there are evolutionary stages in the planetary life; 3) that these evolutionary stages must be successfully accomplished for the planet to continue to evolve and ascend; and 4) if the planet does not successfully complete its stage of development, then the life of the planet and the life forms on the planet may terminate.


One of the most powerful teachings from this side of the Sacred Triangle that is the galactic energies is to acknowledge that there are planetary stages. It is also important to acknowledge that there are other masters and teachers like the Arcturians who have witnessed these planetary stages and who know what the stakes are and who know how to help a planet avoid the pitfalls of self-destruction. (Tones OOOOOOHHHHHHhhhh.)


We have visited planets in exactly the same evolutionary state as the Earth is now in. We have seen planets successfully resolve their conflicts. We have seen other planets that did not. We have seen both sides. We have seen those planets that did not destroy themselves and we have seen other planets self-destruct. We have looked at the history of the galaxy and the history of the many different species and evolutionary processes. Long before Earth, there have been other advanced species. The Earth is not the first evolved species in the galaxy. I know that seems simple and obvious to you, the starseeds. Yet that concept is so revolutionary, that if it were to be integrated into the teachings of the religions and spirituality, then it could dramatically create an upheaval in the thought processes of the world.


There were other beings in the galaxy before mankind. Some of those beings were very advanced and successfully evolved into the fifth dimension. One example of those evolved beings is the Pleiadians. They are human in their appearance, and they were able to ascend. Even they had problems with their planet at one point. They needed an intervention from the Galactic Council to help them. They were stuck at one point in a scientific, astronomical space experiment. That experiment was miscalculated by some of their scientists. Because of that miscalculation, their planet was placed in an interdimensional zone which created total energetic chaos and electromagnetic disruptions. If those disruptions continued, a planetary catastrophe would have occurred.


But, the Pleiadians at that time had many advanced souls and because of their advancement and because of the spiritual work that they been doing, the Galactic Council recommended and helped to implement an intervention so that the planet was brought out of this interdimensional zone. Their planet was allowed to move into the fifth dimension. This transition occurred successfully. The Pleiadians then were able to evolve at a much higher rate after this, and they became committed to other human beings, and they also wanted to help in the evolution of the Earth.


One of the missions of the fifth-dimensional beings in the galaxy is service. That service takes the form of providing non-karmic intervention in the planetary evolution. You will see that there are many higher dimensional beings on this Earth who are Pleiadian based but actually incarnated onto the Earth. There are also Pleiadians on the Earth who are walking on the planet who are fifth dimensional but assume a third-dimensional form. They have become so skilled that they know how to live on the Earth without making mistakes that lead to karmic problems.


One of the basic problems of the fifth dimension and fifth-dimensional intervention on the third dimension is incurring karma. A fifth-dimensional being must be careful not to make strong interventions that bring them into karmic situations. Here is a question that many people have asked: "Why don't the Arcturians, why don't the Pleiadians just come down to the planet and solve all these things?" The answer is that by directly intervening in the third-dimensional Earth, then we and others would be taking on the karma of the Earth. There are, as you know, certain types of possible interventions. Remember that there was an intervention that allowed the Pleiadians to continue on into the fifth dimension. That intervention was done with the support of the Galactic Council. There are exceptions and that is related to the overseeing of positive shifts.


There are other evolutionary histories of higher beings on other planets that are noteworthy. For example, some beings come from planets around Sirius, and there are also planets that contain people that have an insect or reptilian-like appearance. There are planets containing beings called the Grays. There are other planets which have been unsuccessful in resolving their problems and have actually sought galactic assistance. Sometimes the assistance was granted and other times it wasn't.


There have been many discussions about the Grays or the Zeta Reticuli. These are beings that developed without an emotional body and without an emotional energy field like humans. The Grays have developed high levels of technology, but they live in a world that does not have free will. They did not develop the heart energy. They do not have the Heart Chakra that mankind has. Even though Man has so many problems and even though Man has so much violence, there still remains a uniqueness and a God-like energy of Man. Part of that divine energy lies in his Heart Chakra energy.


These beings like the Zetas do not have the heart energy. There are other energy beings like the Sirians and the Reptilians who have advanced to high in technology. However, these beings also are lacking in the Heart Chakra energy. You cannot go into the fifth dimension unless you have the Heart Chakra. One of the requirements to enter the fifth dimension is the opening of the heart energy.


The Zetas, or the Grays, came to the Earth looking for this link in their genetic systems that would allow them to evolve with the Heart Chakra. They made some serious mistakes when coming to the Earth because they directly intervened into the third dimension. They directly intervened and took people through such methods as abduction and genetic manipulation of the Earth species. This intermingling represents a karmic intervention. Because of the karmic intervention, they have been unsuccessful, and they will not be successful in propagating their race. Their species will have difficulty developing their Heart Chakras. That means that they are in fact limited, and they have also been castigated. They have been punished by the Galactic Council because the intervention that they were attempting to do was karmically unjust.


The galactic energies because the galactic energies are such an important part of unifying the Sacred Triangle. The galactic energies are important for you to understand because of some of the other planetary situations that have occurred. That is, some of the planets were destroyed and other planets were involved in wars with other species. Remember that we are also aware that the Earth technologically is close to being able to access the dimensions. By being close to accessing the dimensions, that means the Earth is close to doing interdimensional travel. The Earth is close to bringing their weaponry and their mindset of dominance into the interdimensional realm. When you travel in the interdimensional realm, then you can also use that interdimensional corridor to go to other third-dimensional planets.


Traveling interdimensionally means that you can go to the fifth dimension (if you have evolved spiritually), but it also means that you can go to the third dimension. I know that once the Earth develops the technology to go interdimensionally, then they will want to travel to other third-dimensional planets. We know that other planets in the Earth's situation did do that. We know that those planets brought weaponry. We know that that process led to more intragalactic wars or wars within the galaxy.


We believe that this galactic side of the Sacred Triangle brings so much perspective and so much wisdom to the Earth. Galactically, there are evolved beings like the Arcturians who have seen all this, that know about the other dimensions, that know of the conflicts and the destructions that have occurred in planets. We know that it is possible to resolve these problems, and also we know that there is a Galactic Council that oversees and wants to help this planet. There reaches a point of self-annihilation and that point is unnecessary. We know that the galactic energies can be integrated into your other teachings.


That knowledge of the galactic energies united with the Native teachings and united with the spiritual teachings of the White Brotherhood/Sisterhood or the mystical people is a unity that is opening up a code. It is a paradigm that activates ancient memories in your consciousness. The Adam energies, the energies of Man, contain the galactic memories. We talked about the subconscious, the conscious, the superconscious, or the higher conscious. There is also a galactic conscious. There are archetypal memories. There are archetypal dreams. There is archetypal information that each of you have about this galactic history that I briefly touched upon in this lecture. There are archetypal energy solutions within your mind and within your spiritual body that can be unlocked.


Some people have said that the Earth is an experiment. Some people have said that there has been downloading of newer energy and newer light on this planet that will help to unblock and help to remove this primitive part of Man and move Man to a greater unity, a greater light. That light is already contained in the teachings of the Archangels, and it is already contained in the teachings of the prophet. It is also contained in the wisdom of the Native Peoples who are related to the Earth. This wisdom is also contained by the Galactic and Ascended Masters who are working with this planet.


If you work with and unite those three energies in your own self, then you also will gain a new perspective. You also will gain a new power because you can take the energies from each side and unify them within yourself and provide links to the fifth dimension. The galactic link to the fifth dimension is powerful. The Earth link to the fifth dimension through the Native Peoples is powerful. The link to the fifth dimension through the prophets is powerful. When you can unite all three of them, then you are representing a new evolution within yourself for the Earth.


Let us spend a minute meditating on the unity of the three sides of the Sacred Triangle and bring that paradigm directly into the reticular activating system, which is the perceptual valve also referred to in some areas as the assemblage point. Bring that image of a perceptual valve into your subconscious and your superconscious now. We will go into silence as we focus on that. Let that image of the Sacred Triangle be emblazoned in the screen above your Third Eye. Now, with the Omega Light, let the image become bathed in light. All you need is the image. You don't need all of the words I just said because they all are now contained in the image. Let that image be emblazoned by the Omega Light. (Tones Omega Light...OOOOHHmega Light.) Let this image of the Sacred Triangle with the Omega Light drop into your subconscious, activating within you a new code of inner wisdom, inner power and inner healing now. Let it drop into the subconscious with the Omega Light.


You are teachers of the Sacred Triangle, and with this power you have new tools of energy to aid the Adam species in its evolution. You can access new powers of protection for yourself and new powers of healing for yourself and new powers of connecting with all sides of the Sacred Triangle. In the light of the Sacred Triangle, I bless each of you. I am Juliano. Good day.

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