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  • Yes I at this point have fairly good memories of who I was during the final days. My specific task with my group of 13 was to try to secure the great crystal which was the main power source for the continent and was being misused by the dark scientists and elite though they were warned misuse could lead to the continent's destruction.

    We got close but we got caught in certain fields they set up. Nevertheless the Sons of Light were a small network I'm sure we knew each other. Also the Temple of the Sun would have been one of the main temples with the Solar and as you say Central Sun focus.

    Thank you for sharing the Atlantean ceremony you should include some of that in your book.

    I will ask for dreams but I don't think I've ever had a visionary dream, lol.

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    Hi Valana, just wanted to send you and Val my love....and send best wishes on your new book. I will surely buy a copy when is released. It's fascinating to hear that Donn and Jill are from Aldebaran. I was on Atlantis, I was part of a group working under Thoth called the Mighty 13 Adepts. When Thoth initially told me this data I didn't believe him. But I have come to accept I was part of that group.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to fully explore my akashic records but the Temple of the Sun feels very familiar. I know that the Atlanteans worshipped the Logos through the focus of our sun. I am sure that is where I know you and Val.

    I was around when Atlantis sunk...I don't know whether I survived, but the pledge you refer to about how the Atlantean Sons of Light would come together during the Great Shift rings true.

    We tried to save that continent, but the dark scientists controlled the great crystal and we were unsuccessful in our attempts to secure it.

    This time we will succeed in ushering in the Great Shift because the cycle is right and is divinely ordained.

    Your eternal friend,


  • Valana I see both of my January Youtube vids on Eagles Haven and if you would like, you have my permission to post a third one, dated 21st February.....It's actually a summary of our discussion about the Beta Centauri lady and allows me to describe how it is that some humanoid ETs are not "nordic" blondes and may be darker skinned and also how the Atlanteans fit into the story of multiple waves of ET migrations to earth, over millennia, during the Atlantean civillisation.

    I made a comment on the ACC vid page, so just follow the link to get to it.....

    Cheers, Drekx

    Here's my latest video, posted on my behalf by the Family of Light Youtube account and extending full credit to me at AshtarCommandCrew .net.....It is based on my recent discussion with Valana Thor about her experiences concerning a lady ET from the Beta Centauri star system....and how that ties in with the Atlantean civillisation, as it was...

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  • Thanks my friend and as always, you provide some interesting data anent Altair.....
    Indeed, the triangular scoutship designs are used by several star nations, for ground survey analysis sweeps, so are often considered to be active over USAF and RAF bases, worldwide...
    The Sirians use them too, as do the Pegasians and Altairians....Yet, in a secondary capacity particular to the defence fleets.....So deployed for military intel work....

    As I said earlier, the artwork depiction for the sacred Atar bird requires a special holographic rendition, as a two dimension presentation is forbidden.......

    As for Altair Command, there are several excellent artists here you could approach, including my friend Luke Skywalker.........I have also noted that member "John Artist" has talent that you may seek......
    Kind regards, Drekx

    P.S. Have you seen my latest youtube vid...?? ;-)

  • Dear Valana, I have been asked to make this point of clarfication, with regard the insignia of the Altair Command and a similar, though totally unrelated insignia, used by the Sirian order of Atarmunck...

    Blessings, love and light....Drekx

    We have noted the need for clarification, surrounding the Altair Command eagle insignia and the here confirmed, unrelated insignia, of the Sirian order of Atarmunck, which uses the symbol of an "Atar" bird in flight, which is man-sized and golden.....There is no two-dimensional rendition of this Atar insignia, as it is always presented in holographic form only, as considered a sacred emblem of the Atar clan of spirit warriors....The Ummac Dan insignia is also considered sacred, YET an exception to this rule has been allowed, in service to the official First Contact mission, for Earth....Noting that this emblem is also mostly depicted in holographic form, aboard SIRIAN ships...So not all Federation ships.


    I would add that the Altair eagle is an American bald-headed eagle, particular to Earth......So the emblem is designed by earth humans, who seek to represent Alpha Aquilae, as they see fit....From an Earth observational perspective, the constellation of Aquila appears somewhat akin to an eagle and thus it's prominent star, given such a designation.


    So a reminder that Altair has nothing to do with the Atars of Atarmunck, nor the clan of that same name, in Sirius.

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  • Thanks Valana....several star nations also and secondarily use the triangular types, for slow ground survey work, Sirius and Pegasus, included.....But this was a standard scout,

    The event was photo/videoed back in 2011 and demonstrates some technological similarities to Sirian tech used at Rendlesham, for comparison notes....

    Just posted it here:


    Cheers, Drekx

  • Hello dear sister Valana....

    In my own forum,which describes Sirian technologies utilised in Earth missions I utilised a comparison with our tech and those of Altair.....I'm being prompted to raise this photographed example as a fully-fledged forum in it's own right and have been given Altairian permission to proceed, by Commander Thor, who only asked that you also give the go ahead to do so....

    Two Altairian scout photos show a landed craft with crew, disembarked in a snow covered field in Siberia and another photo, the same craft above the location....

    I have described the special Altairian plasma foil propulsion regulators and the landing procedures, as a comparison with Sirian scouts and probes....

    Would you be happy for me to make a new forum describing these two photos of Altair personnel and their liason mission in Siberia....??


    In contrast to Sirian scoutship landing procedures, these photos of an Altairian scoutship, taken in Siberia, show that they will retain a full plasma flow, even after touchdown, in preparation for a speedy exit, (like T-Mat) if needed......The Altair ship's charge is retained by the landing legs preventing earthing, and there are four spindly silver metallic legs, barely seen in the photo....invisible against the snow backdrop....


    As the crew are standing close to the full ionisation field, they will be wearing protective goggles to prevent opti-retinal burns, as experienced by unprotected human eyes, in similar events, such as Rendlesham...


    Note that the landed ship's crew are wearing the standard silvery-grey jumpsuits, which blend in with the snowscape backdrop, of the liason rendevouz field.....where they later met Russian GFL Ground Crew personnel of Irkutsk sector and Russian politicians.

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  • @Valana
    "as he won't put up with trolls but perhaps the problem has been solved"

    It has. There aren't any trolls left on this site, except for 2-3 payed ones (or just simply unemployed, bored and crazy) I've still been able to spot.
    I won't tell you who they are though, as it is a great advantage for me to be able to observe them in action while they think they're still stealthed. ;)

    "She said this site ws taken over by Cabal"

    Well, the Cabal do dominate when it comes to the active posting here, but that's only because they have unlimited resources to do so.
    Personally, I'd boot those posters on sight but then I wouldn't have a site that pulled much traffic either. I suppose it's an evil we will simply have to learn to live with, if we want to keep free speech up to the extreme (it's the best way to speed up evolution btw). :)

    "I'm sure she copied to others did you get a copy?"

    I have no idea. I stopped reading her emails long ago. To be frank: There was simply too much d@mn information in there to handle in the time she used to continously send new pieces of it. Quite frankly, those letters could have given anyone a psychosis if they were to actually immerse themselves in it. ;)

    "What Im waiting on is Jesus to return in his war clothes"

    Yes, that is a prophecy I've been keeping my eyes on, since there's a lot happening in the world today that could favor the likelyhood of that scenario. :)

    "This is my 7th computer since 1997 is that good or bad for someone in my online career?"

    That depends on how good you are at repairing them and eliminating viruses that have been specially coded just for You.
    I'm on my 4'th computer since 1991 but I am also an expert in both repairing them as well as manually hunting down and destroying infections. :)

    "I don't believe I ever said I was filing a libel suit"

    I searched and, no you didn't. I have no idea of where Cmdr got that suggestion from.

    "Actually I have found in past when some psychotic person takes a shot at me publically my website hits double and my royalties go up so I'll let you know next month and you can tell him to do two or three more if it worked like my website hits used to work I'll give him an advertising commission. Cheers!"

    Lol :)
    I experienced something similar when I once ran a controversial little corner-shop that the newspapers loved to hate, often. :)
    Sales and visit statistics quadrupled every time there was an article about it. :)
    Like the Newmodern Nazi's used to say in the 90's: All publicity is Good Publicity.

  • Accouterments hun I now have an idea of the other websites affiliation. Thank you and behave yourself so Santa will bring you presents not coal lol
  • Lol, if you attack that other website with a libel-suite for what's being said there, I suspect that you'll quite soon get to deal with a great number of hackers that will be focusing on nothing but Your site until it is no more. ;)

    Just let it go and focus on what's important instead. Dwelling on bad things is never good (yes I know, I'm hardly the right person to say that but.. Noone else did so, I had to). :)

    Personally, I enjoy reading your stuff still, Valana.

    I do however have some trouble finding your site. I'd like to read the Val-thor stuff and since you've advertized that you won't post any more of it here, I no longer know how to find it.

    (googling for Eagles Heaven just renders a great number of Hotels, Resorts and Spa's)

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