Are you a vegetarian?

Are you a vegeterian?

What do you think? What are the benefits of being a vegetarian?
Why do you still eat meat?

You arent punished by God if you eat meat, but you have a "CHOICE"
in this lifetime to choose what you eat. And therefore its good to ask questions
about what youre eating and why youre eating it.
Is it for the taste? Have you tried vegeterian alternatives?

Many questions. These are just short sentences. Join me in this discussions
if you want to.


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  • Namaste Ben! :-)

    I stopped eating red meat, around the end of 1993, I still don't know why I stopped, I think in part it was the infleuence of going to the Grateful Dead shows and so many people were doing the Vegetarian thing that I felt compelled for some reason to also stop eating it, but I think it was more of a timing thing too. Right after I travelled to California in 1994 I stopped eating most meat all together, and it fit right in with the transformations I was going through at the time and it seemed that at the time I gave up alot of things to gain something much greater, and as it turns out I did!

    I was never a militant vegetarian, but alot of people tripped out later in the 90's when I told them I was Vegetarian, so I stopped even mentioning it most of the time. I noticed that alot of people that ate meat were really sensitive to the fact that I didn't eat meat - maybe because on a deeper level they felt that I was inferring they were doing something wrong simply by my actions - maybe it was something else.... I'm really not sure...

    Around 2003 my friend talked me into eating Sushi, so ever since then I have eaten just seafood - I don't think I would ever go back to Chicken or Beef, because I don't feel I have to or want to ~

    But I do think that being a Vegetarian did help my spiritual growth, that being said, eating Seafood doesn't seem to mess with me spiritually in any way - so if it came back down to it - I could give up seafood again if I wanted, I would just need to find better ways to get protein then eating Wheat Gluten and other things that didn't seem very healthy either....

    I do sometimes wonder about eating Flesh, but I don't think it's really going to hinder anyone's spiritual transformation ~ but there is something to be said about giving up something for a higher purpose ~ but I respect the fact that was my path, and my not be everyone's :)

    If I felt that I should again I would do it in a heartbeat - but for now, this feels right and I hold no judgement for those who do eat meat, but I think it's really cool that I had the will power to stop eating it. I think in the future there will be better solutions for us on a dietary level... for now, I'm just trying to be healthy by exercising, and developing myself on a spiritual level...
  • Namaste,
    I have been vegetarian from birth. When I was leaving in my teens, to join the western world, I asked my grandfather, a Hindu Theosophist, and on the path of Sri Aurobindo's "Integral Yoga", whether I ought to learn to eat meat for convenience since I was going to boarding school. He told me that not only would I find it difficult to digest animal protein, but also the consciousness of the animal. I have survived 45 years without meat :)
    However, I have let my children make their own choice, and they have decided they want to be meat-arians like their father!
    I believe if you feel good about what you eat, you should not have any adverse affects?!
    Om Shanti
  • i am a vegetarian.. animals are friends to me and vegetables and fruits more than enough for healthy and active life..
    dead animals don't vibrate highly soo not good for my meditation and connection... i love this idea and to learn different things from each other...thanx.
  • What a great idea......I have a friend that is a vegetarian and she got me into growing my own sprouts, a simple way to get live food in me....I love fenugreek seeds for sprouting which also helps in lowering your blood sugar, something I have to do. I do occasionally have chicken or ground turkey, but seem to be waning naturally away from meat. And don't even seem to notice. Thanks for starting this.....remind to keep checking back here as I get easily distracted.
    Don't forget to laugh a lot, very healthy! Love, J
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