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  • Today I'm praying for my best friend, she is suffering from (Chrones Disease) and her meds have stoped working. If she cannot recieve healing she may pass away which has me deeply concerned. Please keep her in your prayers Her name is Kristy and she's like family to me!?~_~
  • Today, now, I am praying for clarity and strength within the Universal Mind that makes all creation one. I pray that creation faint not out of fear as it moves through the spiral of creative force, love. May every soul choose love over fear. Hang in there my brethrens of light!
  • I'm requesting prayers and good intentions. I'm fearing myself and being home. I am glad I came here, to see my Mom and my niece and nephew and rest of my family, but it's just that I'm falling into a deep dark despair.

    The vibrations here are horrible things. If I had the money and the will power, I would leave again. I unfortunately cannot.
  • To allow the Presence work and triumph in all my affairs
  • Let us all light a candle daily to show respest to all Light Workers on the planet who are working hard to get Mother Earth and her inhabitants to 5th Dimension and The King Of The World who is on a mission here to clean out the Planet for Ascension 2012
  • ~today i pray for mother earth~ may her shifts of movement & the trembling of all her tiny parts (us, & the animals of land & sea) be soothed in the knowing that everything is unfolding precisely as it should. ~in faith & the sometimes violent beauty of birth & death, her perfect cycle~ the spirit eternal!~ peace~
  • ~hallelujah.~ today i pray for a bit more nudge in the expedition of all souls along their personal paths of transcendence & evolution. i pray for a more universal mindfulness & that each human awakes to find their outward gaze cast into a reflective mirror of truth. i pray that we can overcome so many fears & obstacles, withstand the sometimes~pain of dissolutionment & just be 'ok' with authenticity. i humbly pray that we can do this ~sooner rather than later~ hallelujah~ loves ~
  • thank you...
  • I wish for Christman to be healed, cleansed, to send away all of his negativity around and in him. That is a very important wish and prayer for me to see resolve, Others can pray also.
    Thank you God.
  • bless you O.S.B.! and honor to your warrior~spirit!!
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