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  • Please God and Sananda and Masters of light.Protect from physical,emotional,mental and spiritual harm the lightworkers of the Ashtar Command.Bless you. Agnes.
  • I pray to all the parts that make up the one. Watch over my step son.
  • I pray for Health, Peace, Truth and Wisedom... not only for myself but for ALL mankind... 

  • I pray now , not because I'm low on options, but because of a crushing loss, in my abltiy to show a 19 year old kid how to stop living in fear. all I could do is sit with him in the dark. oh I've been humbled, now may I have some guildance :)

  • Wish every creatures get to know the Truth and find right way to fulfil their dreams. To be kind and wise.

  • I wish for world peace, unlimited health & abundance for all :)
    & Universal Love
  • Thanx for the invite,many blessings to all.
  • Dear brothers and sisters of the Prayer Temple,

    I would love to invite you to a global Prayer Project of spiritual teacher of Konstantin Kaysharov. Please feel free to unite with each of the hearts praying for Vdahovenie for everybody.

    This is the link from the project:


    May all of our hearts sing together in Divine Prayer for the betterness of our days. 
    Much Love and Light brothers and sisters

  • I ask that All are Blessed in the Universe and that we All rise and Grow together as One...

    Aloha With Love
  • I pray for all man's Healing as well as my own. I pray for Total Peace on Mother Earth, that man will one day be able live along side man for all time. I pray for ALL Wars to cease & all countries of this Beautiful Plant...OUR HOME till it is our time to move on... can agree & live in Harmony...AS ABOVE...SO BELOW...God Bless
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