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Greetings from sweden

My spiritual name is Ayanna Healingbear. I am a 27 years old airelemented witch with some shamanic traits. 


I was so delighted to find this site cause this made me realize that I was not alone <3


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new member

hello from auckland new zealand it was an awsom exciting feeling finding this site on the web it is full of every type of info on spirituality it caters for any and every one of any beliefs my twinflame is not happy with me at this time as i wont get

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Hello fellow travellers

I'm glad to be here amongst and within this earth experience.  I guess like many  I felt I did not really belong here so I set out on my spiritual journey many years ago seeking the TRUTH and meaning in this life.  Finally I feel like I am getting so

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Greetings from Quebec !

Ferraù Fenzoni - Anjo tocando alaúde

hey all,

i am a former software engineer turned indie prog rocker turning sci-fi author... i am based in the beautiful province of Quebec...

i began studying and practicing Buddhism in the mid-nineties, and immediately felt a connection with the philos

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Planetary changes

Hi everyone. I am new here and love this site.

I am a metal artist living the dream in Nelson, New Zealand. I am a level 3 Reiki Practitioner and have so much desire to learn about everything spiritual, the changes and the Pleiadeans.

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Hi all

Just joined and saying hello. I'm a reiki practitioner(level 2), and I'm looking to learn as much as I can about pleiades..I strongly suspect that's where I originated. I look forward to learning as much as I can, and interacting with you all.


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Hello Everyone
I am a new member and very glad to be here. I watched the PAO vids and was getting positive  feedback from the experience. I was contacted by light beings back in the 70's and was shown
a vision and many wonderful and amazing things. For

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Organiziing a gathering

Hello All.

I am a lightworker and have just stepped into being so...
I live in Utah and am currently trying to reach others to perhaps have
a physcial gathering sometime this summer.
I believe that if all states could organize a summer meeting then even

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Who wants to go on amazing travels, hunting for your past lives and where your D.N.A. takes you.…
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":)love and lightXxXI2 got caught in the web but have now can see the light."
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